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Your Daily Dose Of MSM Propaganda: 3D Rendered Vladimir Putin To Be BBC Two’s New Show Host


Your Daily Dose Of MSM Propaganda: 3D Rendered Vladimir Putin To Be BBC Two's New Show Host

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Meet BBC Two’s new chat-show host: a poorly rendered 3D Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Tonight, With Vladimir Putin is a semi-scripted comedy chat-show format – with a significant twist. In a television first, ground-breaking live VFX, created using performance capture technology, developed by creative studio Framestore, enables a 3D digital cartoon of Putin to walk around and sit behind the desk, interviewing real human guests in front of a studio audience, all in real-time.”

According to the BBC’s announcement, “everybody’s favourite bear-wrestling global strongman” Vladimir Putin finally reached his goal to be a comedy show host on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s second channel. He was also mockingly called “the leader of the free world.”

Two pilot episodes are to be aired in June.

“The first guest in episode one is Alastair Campbell, whom Vlad warmly thanks for his part in making such a mess of things, and then June Sarpong discusses her career highs and lows… after which Vlad forces her to play a game of Diversity Challenge.”

In the second episode, he struggles with attempting to understand Feminism, with Guilty Feminist podcaster, Deborah Frances-White.

“It’s fair to say his grasp of the concept remains patchy.”

This is another attempt by British media in particular to milk the narrative of “evil Russia” and its leaders and people being completely unable to “understand what feminism is,” among other things.

Surely, some of the further episodes, if the show makes it past the pilots, would show some new propaganda. Unlikely as that is, expect to see 3D Putin try to possibly reform the Soviet Union, to attempt to invade Ukraine on British TV.

The possibilities to repeat and rehash old propaganda narratives is endless, the producers may even tackle a topic that the UK media refuse to let go – nerve agents and chemical weapons.

The very low-brow humor and the repeating narratives and prejudices are bound to, at some point, get too old, even for MSM. But when would that happen, who knows, really?

It is possible that they may claim the show is aired from “evil mastermind Putin’s” secret military base off the coast of Finland.

Still, it is marginally better than being blamed for schemes to start a racial war in another country.




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