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‘Young Ukrainian Democracy’ & Its Fruitless Attempts To Terrorize Russia

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On December 4, Russian border guards prevented an attempt by 3 armed men to cross the Russian border from Ukraine. The gunmen resisted detention and opened fire on Russian personnel. As a result of the armed clash, one of the gunmen was eliminated, while two others fled back to Ukraine.

So far, the Border Service of the Russian FSB has provided few details of the incident. However, the intercepted group was likely a subversive reconnaissance unit affiliated with the Ukrainian (and thus Western) intelligence services. The neutralized unit was well equipped and, according to reports, received fire support from the territory of Ukraine during the incident. Over the past years, Ukraine with help from its ‘’democratic partners” has repeatedly tried to stage terrorist and sabotage attacks in Russia.

Russian media revealed some details of the armed clash indicating that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces continue to  plan and conduct active operations (even if they are not very successful) on the territory of Russia.

In particular, according to the version shared by Russian media, the armed clash erupted during an attempt by the Ukrainian unit to kidnap a Russian citizen from the territory of Russia. The report claims that the target of the operation was a former member of the self-defense forces of the region of Donbass – Denis Kharitonov.

The kidnapping attempt was reportedly a continuation of the SBU provocation that led to the temporary detention of Russia-linked private military contractors (some of them were previously members of the forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) in Belarus. At that time, the SBU staged a provocation luring this group of people onto the territory of Belarus, as a supposed transport point under a fake security contract to protect Rosneft facilities in Venezuela. At the same time, Kiev informed Minsk that these people were allegedly preparing to stage an armed coup in Belarus and after their detention, requested their extradition. The operation failed, when the entire SBU plot was revealed due to multiple contradictions in the version of events provided by the Ukrainian special services.

This development was just one of an entire series of SBU attempts to kidnap or eliminate people on the territory of Russia. Just in August 2020, the FSB already prevented an SBU plot to kidnap one of the leaders of the Eastern Ukraine’s people’s militia in Russia and to take him to the Kiev-controlled part of Ukraine.

Additionally with multiple other reports about the increase of SBU attempts to conduct aggressive actions on the territory of Russia, these developments demonstrate the new trend. The special services of Ukraine with support from their NATO partners are not even hiding their active planning and employing of sabotage and other activities against Russia. This activity has slowly but steadily become a permanent factor of life in the Russian border regions. So far, SBU-sponsored plots have successfully been repelled by Russian special services. However, in the long run, this threat will continue to grow.

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When the Russian Bear bites back, the Ukies and their NATO handlers will be rushing to get out of Ukraine.

NO country will put up with Western terrorism for ever.


Above all Russia must re-enforce frontier with Ukraine. Which should be considered “war zone” by any standards. Put electronic sensors along the Russo-Ukrainian border, with lots of land-mines also. And equip FSB border guards abundantly with all kinds of night vision equipment including long range snipers. If those retards from Ukraine get caught or killed every time they try, they will receive message eventually.


That would bankrupt Russia :D no, seriously, the smugling mafia is too strong on Russian borders, on noth sides. EU is paying Ukraine for 30 years to secure its borders with Russia and they didn’t. Wonder why =)


When compering the level of corruption and disarray no European country can compete with Ukraine, not even close, maybe African countries only. I know that sometimes Russia might have serious problem with corruption but never that much to be compared directly with Ukraine. Ukraine is failed state par excellence If Ukrainian I would be ashamed of my country.

Jens Holm

Seveal estimates are done. I just take one and You can see the other ones Yourself.

Here Russia is even more corrupt then Ukraine or sometimes the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75698fecc5a6faa2afecd1c467af4c5d15b5cde5c7217480322f997bbd78527c.png

You just lie having NO factcheking even its easy.

I see the same again and again for Russia. The last one was the unimplyment rate. Russia was relative low compared to others, but it was forgotten, that so many Russians(maily women) are in their homes and byy that pr Yor definitions dont count as unimplyed.

Normal statistics says ALL from 18 to 68 and the %s are made from there adding and subtracting fx people under education and handicapped.


Ukraine is number 1, Russia number 2 at corruption in Europe.


Russia is number 2 because that list is created bu EU assholes, Russia haters. While they do not have info on Russia on level of corruption since they don’t have police and FSB files to see the statistics… They sure know for fact that Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria , Cyprus, Croatia are extremely corrupt countries. But they put forward those they dislike. They know jack s*it on level of corruption in Russia since they have no official data (apart from Western -Soros paid NGO “estimates” which is only Western-anti Russian propaganda in disguise) .

The corruption of your failed state Ukraine is abysmal. Comparing to any European country so you better shut the f*ck up bacon !


I’m not speaking from statistics, I have relatives that work for companies that have businesses in ex soviet states so I heard a lot of stories :)


Is that why they are present in Russia because you pretend to be “corrupted” and not in “rich” law respecting EU? Fuck you and your bigoted relatives !! If Putin, I would not let single Ukrainian that is not ethnic Russian origin, to work and live in Russia. You are all anti Russian back stabbers and no good comes to Russia from people like you, ever!

Go back to African standard country called “Ukraine” and stay away from Russia that looks like PARADISE comparing to Ukrainian shit*hole !


Why is Russia so weak, Soros haunts it in every country? He should have dissapeared by now.


If “Russia is so weak” why are you all NATO rats and COWARDS so scared to attack?


Because we have a life and we enjoy it, unlike you :)


Yeah with riots on the streets, announcing collapse of EU and global economies and Christmas COVID 19…sure.


Wishful thinking. USSR collapsed without riots on the streets.


Pears and apples… USSR collapsed within…with inside betrayal and CIA help. Wile EU (another type of USSR) is collapsing with popular revolt and riots, economic precarious situation-crisis, uncontrolled immigration and insubordination of some member countries…


I wouldn’t mind. But it won’t. Hoping some popular revolution in EU is nonsense foe now. Maybe in 10-15 years.


Now know where you live in EU …in Laponia (total North of Sweden and Finland ) with rain deer and polar bears… Only that can explain why you have never seen riots or demonstrations in EU


I participated whenever I had a chance, I’m one of those that throw stones and run :)


I agree.

If Canadian or French covert terrorists were invading the US/UK, the US/UK would declare war.

Perhaps that’s what the loonies in the US/UK actually want?

Jens Holm

Thats not comparable at all. The Ukrainians was forced by hard weapons and all other methods to give up themself as a sovereign state – anything but Bolsjevisme.

Aftre that they were punished and all land was confiscated by the Goverment and many was shot, deported and jailed for many years or could never move back.

I see none of that in US/France and UK.

You could compare some with USA taking the nprthern parts of Mexico, but it was a war against the colonial Spanish Empire.


Except, and rather obviously, Ukraine has been an independent state since 1991. The report is of present day armed Ukrainians attempting to illicitly enter Russia, and who when confronted by Russian authorities, reacted with armed aggression and violence. Suggesting criminals or saboteurs – or both.

Jens Holm

Nice people send soap, so all can wash hands.

Nicer people send HCl, so the have no hands.

Shlomo Shekelstein

You need a soap for your mouth. And a toilet brush.

Shlomo Shekelstein

“USA taking the nOrthern parts of Mexico, but it was a war against the colonial Spanish Empire.” No it wasn’t you dumbass, Mexico was already independent. You are utterly clueless.

What “sovereign state” so-called “Ukrainains” had in history? None whatsoever. Even the name is fake – it means military frontier, nothing else. The real name is Malorussya (little Russia) They never existed before 1917. when Germans armed some psychos and traitors from russian army, and created a worthless puppet ‘country’ in order to occupy it easier and fight against guerrillas (Germans never intended to respect that fake shitty ‘country’ either). After german capitulation bolsheviks actually supported ‘ukrainain nation’ and gave them russian land enacting forceful ukrainization of Russians living there. Khruchev gave them Crimea. Ukraine was rebuilt twice by commies, they invested more in Ukraine than in Russia. Lenin was a german agent and staunch anti-russian. Ironically so-called Ukrainians should worship Lenin and Russians should burn his fucking remains and send them to Ukraine or Germany (or Tel Aviv).

You retard seriously ask when the UK/US terrorized someone? The list is waaaaaaay too long. Immediately after Pearl Harbor Americans gathered entire japanese civilian population living in America, every man, woman and child, every american citizens of japanese origin, and sent them to concentration camps for no other reason but being japanese. If someone attacks american territory today they would nuke him. Waste of time explaining you anything, you are too dumb and way too indoctrinated with anglo lies.

Jens Holm

I remind You its both ways. So I hope the Ukrainiens are adviced to do same thing.


The thing that will stop them is when Russia inflicts some damage in Ukraine.


You are just jealous, if not green with envy, b/c Russia doesn’t have ultra-secure elections of excellence like the United Statsian ones!


Here we go again. Russia will not start WW3 over removing neo-NAZI and CIA influence in Ukraine. Red line for Russia was and still is, to start WW3 if Ukraine becomes NATO member. Only that would start WW3 and not situation in Donbass or Ukrainian small provocations. Any ethnic Russian citizen of Ukraine has fast access to Russian citizenship. Russia has her doors wide open for them

Jens Holm

We dont want Ukraine as well as Belarus.

We want them between us, so we at least cant smell You.

But we could make a wall with soldiers, menefields, automatic machineguns, dogs, barbed wire and like that.


You and Your dirtbags made the rules – didnt You.


We dont (sic) want Ukraine as well as Belarus.’

So, who exactly are the (royal), ‘…we…’, then?

Jens Holm

Thats right, because there is no such terror.

USSR alså made this mistake by putting in a part of Russiam så they think they can come back and defend its own russians and take over agin by violence.

It has been a normal procedure for USSR as well as for the Tzars for most states accupied by the Russians.

Its exact the same for Belarus and fx Estonia. People in Russia are not learned those hard facts and therefore believe, what they learn in school.

Its very visile at the Beleruss comments from Russia and several others. The have not Learned Belarus most of the time in the past has been Polish. They have not learned Belarus is moved west. They have not learned the many poles there was displaced to Poland and the many Jews was killed. They have not learned Russia just as Tartu in Estonia made an industrial zone there with only Russians from far away.

As a minimu they should decide themself.

And for Ukraine its same thing. Those few Russians should not decide for the whole Ukraine and shoud blame Russia for forcing them intp jobs there Ukrainians never did that. Uts fine to create jobs but as many other places there are risks in plus and minus.

It makes me laugh Russians and Mr Florian really think Nato attacks. If anythink Nato defend the right for the Ukrainians no matter so many ot them are nazis semilars. They have exact the same dirty rats as Russia, beause they are same thing in EWngells and Uncle Marx on speed and worse.

Dont blame us for that.

Jihadi Colin

Russia bite back? How precious that you think the Putinist regime, which could have easily overthrown the Ukranazi coup regime in 2014, will ever “bite back”.


Russia in 2014 was not in a position to combat NATO without the use of nuclear weapons. Today they can.

Jihadi Colin

Rubbish. Russia in 2014 would not have to combat NATO. The Ukranazi coup regime did not have NATO war criminals in the country. NATO would not have dared take on Russia any more than it did in Georgia in 2008. It’s a brain dead “argument” I keep seeing Putinoid apologists keep vomiting out and is the easiest of their vacuities to refute.


NATO war criminals WERE fighting in Ukraine. Mainly Polish, Canadian, US and Brits. There is evidence of this if you care to look. I cannot be bothered to do your research.


Jihadi Colin

Typical of Putinoid apologists. You won’t differentiate between NATOstani citizens and NATO forces because it would force you to acknowledge the criminal culpability of your god Putin in permitting Ukraine to fall to Nazis and become a staging ground for anti Russian action. You’re moral cowards of the worst sort.


Dumbocracy at it’s finest,congratufknations eu-epp,to think eventually to ritual same sex marriage? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3d00f85e1097e3b2fc97b47e83fb243220ae754324f6963e933a0899b50effab.jpg

Jens Holm

You are correct. Do You think such a big USSR collpase dint make those Nazis and they will remain big as long as the alternative are the deformed Russian bolsjevisme.

And the corruption is exact the same kind as in Russia and several other countries. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75698fecc5a6faa2afecd1c467af4c5d15b5cde5c7217480322f997bbd78527c.png

You actually can see where the money we try to help up Ukraine comes from. Money is green. I see Your version well. Its partly true, but replacing it with collpased Russia probatly is worse. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c5c0d2e8c3fbf0682a8d65bf10804377e98d870b03341f6a49f49ad4b6f89be.jpg

And whats wrong in helping people up from an Empore collapse and try to create soemthing new for and with them. We do that by EU and partly by protecting them from the Putin agressions. We will never allow Russians taking over Europe all the way to west of Berlin. NO WAY.

Finally I love homoes. If they are treated well, they are good taxpayers and makes no children as well.. The only change in Russia seemes to be they now drink less vodka and by that less are in jail and dentist have less to do.

Shlomo Shekelstein

“Finally I love homoes.” No surprise that you love them, you’re one of them… but you somehow managed to misspell them as well coz you’re a total retard. “no children” typical sick degenerate who love homos and hate children…. don’t worry, muslims and other migrants will make children in rotten Denmark while you play with your boyfriend.

No surprise either that degenerate nations like Danes will be extinct soon. They deserve no pity.

Al Balog

I always thought Jens was just a cucked Swede ?


Jens Holm

We inveted this and 50% of Our electricity is made by them:

And Our GDP is 57.000 doallars because women and sexual minorities educate and work hard paid by hour


‘We’ invented what exactly? You do realize wind turbines are glorified contemporary windmills – harnessing wind patterns for power is hardly cutting edge news. However, contemporary wind turbines are notoriously inefficient at actually transmitting the generated power down the grid-line into storage capacity – losing notable percentage along the wire transit. That is before even addressing perpetual issues with gearing control, and subsequent electrical over-heating, resulting in wind turbines’ propensity to catch fire from blade over-rotation in heavy winds, and likewise, the dire environmental impact on aquatic bird life, sucked into the rotational vortex of the blades, particularly when turbine farms are laid out across waterway flight paths.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3063b86e4c60a504d674a3e0a3a7866ac6ebb379eb5ea734e4eecff79f580d52.jpg Pict


Individuals with an extreme, obsessive, and fixated, anti-Russian/ anti-Slav/ anti-Orthodox prejudice are generally kinda easily identifiable.

Jens Holm

All maps and statistics says how things are. They are not as You insist.

I try to tell how things are here, becaue Ypou are not allowed to know and mpost information most of You have is lies and bias of the worst kind.

I try.

But YOU see my entlightniong as an attack. How stupid.

I again and again tell how we are and why we are so productive and You at least should copy the good parts in our systems.

But OH no. You even wrote Nato will attack Russia. Whats to steal in Russia . Russia has only one problem and thats too many unstructured lazy bum russians and so many not even have a low paid job.

They makes no cars. They hardly can efford to ue their own handmade Armatas.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b52edc71c490fafa89b64f550717c38ecc99c799544db25ee241631a3fc7968c.jpg Ha ha – 3 men. Wasnt it 3 men and a camouflaged dog :)

NATO attacking mother and father russia hard. One of them had a knife too. People in Vladivostok all are in traumecenters and the cat will kill Oligarc rats and the Putin Russia wil collapse again.

Jihadi Colin

Yet another consequence of Putinist restraint in 2014, when two battalions of Spetsnaz airlifted into Kiev could have eliminated the Nazi coup regime, reinstated Yanukovych, and withdrawn with the explicit statement that if there were any more Maidans Russia would be back and this time to stay. It is also totally predictable that Ukranazistan, being a NATO outpost in all but name but not officially part of NATO, would be used by Amerikastan as a staging ground for attacks on Russia. After all, Amerikastan can’t attack Russia from NATO territory without risking a world war. But Ukranazistan, right in the Russian underbelly, with people familiar with the language and of the same ethnicity (even though they try to pretend otherwise), is ideal for that.

Ryan Glantz

sounds like the USA deepstate faction that backs biden was the culprit once again in Eastern Ukraine.


US Mulls Leasing Polar Icebreakers From Finland to Compete With Russia, Coast Guard Says https://sputniknews.com/military/202012091081403217-us-mulls-leasing-polar-icebreakers-from-finland-to-compete-with-russia-coast-guard-says/

Jens Holm

Plutnik is made by PropanGandalf.

recommended by poor dentists and bakers as bread with stone in them. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9939803d606d1dff1dcb12caaaa59bedc1a0807e8dc5250601110c85faa7c11.jpg

Neo Onh

Sooner or later Russia will (have to) liberate Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river from the Kiev nazi regime.

Jens Holm

This weel the American dollar didnt collaps as well as it didnt do last week.

Even Hesbollah and Teheran use dollars.

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