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Young Hawk Trained For Hunting: South Korea Rolled Out New Advanced Supersonic Jet KF-21

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Young Hawk Trained For Hunting: South Korea Rolled Out New Advanced Supersonic Jet KF-21

A view of South Korea’s first prototype of the next-generation fighter, officially dubbed KF-21 Boramae, being revealed at the Korea Aerospace Industries Co. facility in Sacheon, South Korea on Friday.

On April 9, South Korea unveiled a prototype of the its first next-generation indigenous fighter jet. The new KF-21 Boramae, or “young hawk trained for hunting,” jet was showcased at a rollout ceremony held at the Korea Aerospace Industries headquarters in the southern city of Sacheon.

South Korea has begun its $7.9 billion-won program in order to replace the Air Force’s aging fleet of F-4 and F-5 jets in late 2015. The new prototype was created by Korea Aerospace Industries, or KAI, in Sacheon. The project has an estimated total value of $7.4 billion. Indonesia has promised to fund 20 percent of the total development cost, in exchange for 50 planes, as well as technology transfers.

President Moon Jae-in called the rollout an “opening of a new era” in independent national defense and a “landmark” moment in the history of the aerospace industry. South Korea joined an exclusive club of military aviation giants, becoming  the world’s eighth nation to develop an advanced supersonic jet with its own technology.

“The prototype rollout is a major step in the development process as it means we are entering the phase of testing the fighter’s capabilities after actually building what we only had in drawing,” the arms procurement agency said in a release.

Young Hawk Trained For Hunting: South Korea Rolled Out New Advanced Supersonic Jet KF-21

Source: Yonhap

The newest twin-engine fighters will come in single- and two-seat versions, depending on the missions. Once operational, the KF-21 jet is expected to be armed with a range of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles — and possibly even air-launched cruise missiles.

The jet is aimed to fill the gap between the F-35 and the F-16, in terms of capabilities, but is cheaper overall than the US F-35.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration calls the KF-21 a 4.5-generation fighter jet because it lacks, for instance, an internal weapons bay that increases stealthiness. At the same time, it may be able to fly higher and faster than the newest US-made fifth-generation fighter, the F-35, and still carry a robust weapons load.

The KF-21 does exhibit some specific features, like the canted twin tails, fuselage shaping, and edge alignment, among other features, established by the F-22 and F-35. However, reportedly, it does not provide the kind of all-aspect stealth offered by these U.S. fighters.

SouthKorea plans to sign its first KF-21 production contract in 2024. The Korean military has a goal to put 40 units into operation by 2028 and another 80 jets by 2032.

According to the country’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration, six KF-21 prototypes are expected to be produced for testing and development, the first three to be completed by the end of this year and the next three in the first half of 2022.


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johnny rotten

Call the fake 35 as a brand new must be a misleading or better a euphemism, better would call him abortion given the disastrous conditions in which this failure verses. Many doubts remain about the real possibility of occupied Korea of Building an efficient aircraft without a historic industrial background, specially in so small numbers.


Come on, they used to manufacture a lot of para gliders! If that doesn’t count as experience, I don’t what does?

But seriously, I see a mock-up of F-22. Turkey did the same thing with many mock-ups, and the latest was the UK’s Tempest. We also did the same thing a few times (thanks to Rohani the F-313 project’s funding was completely cut off but it may be revived in the next admin. we just lost 8 precious years and the best years of our best and brightest). Despite all setbacks and treason, at least our boys could build 2 serially produced not fancy looking jets which actually fly.

johnny rotten

The bankruptcase projects of Western invisible aircraft, including the fake-22 that had to be produced in almost a thousand specimens and instead was abandoned almost immediately, were the fruit of the deception that the Soviet KGB played them in the 70s, when they captured a spy that he passes projects to the CIA, they obliged him to continue passing fake projects, including a type of design based on an algorithm, which established the forms with which it was more difficult to be detected by radar waves, this project had been abandoned by Soviet in the 60s, but became the base of all those stupid failed projects with whom the American industries are still doing the count today. Maybe it’s a story you already know but still remains very funny.

Simplekindof Man

Any aircraft enthusiast with a keen eye and an entry level knowledge of aerodynamics could see the so called F313 was nothing more than a prank for kindergarten kids. If it really was a project Rohani did Iran a favour.


If only we didn’t hear the same things about Iran’s other defence programs, like photoshopped missiles, decor radars, mock-up air defence, grounded and cannibalized fleet of F-14s and other aircrafts, Iran’s space program, Iran’s vaccines, Iran’s inability to produce tanks, laughable boats, drones and many, many other “pranks”.

I hope you are aware that there’s a big difference between an aircraft “enthusiast with keen eye and entry level knowledge of aerodynamics” and an aircraft designer with FULL knowledge of the subjects related to aircrafts.

Here’s what an actual military jet designer has to say about that “prank”.

The most amusing part is, at the same time that the “experts” believe Iran can’t do any of the above, they freak out about Iran’s missiles (which they say are photoshopped) and nuclear program. Make up your minds!

But I’m sure you know better than an aerospace engineer. Thank you for your valuable input.

Simplekindof Man

You’re confused,good luck and if the Iranian people think like you then…good luck again.

Proud Hindu

50000 mu$lim migrants dispatched 2 h€££ while crossing to Europe


can’t be worse than the disastrous f35 from the disunited states of A – not only did they export their industry to China they also seem to have exported any kind of intelligence as well.

Kenny Jones ™

Target for HQ-9 air defense

catalin zt

ERASE the anglo-jewish paedophilic,genocidal,perverse&pervert, capitalist Fascist SCUM races from baby monster to adult vampire from the face of Earth and we will have peace and prosperity FOREVER!


What difference does it make. The strategic depth of south korea is almost non existent. It would take about 4 hours to go from one end of south korea to another end. south korean military dictators took about 2 hours to control the colony. With absolutely no natural resources to speak of, it entirely depends on export of its manufactured products to survive (China accounts for about 35 percent of south korean annual trade volume). All US bases in south korea are well within the ranges of NK’s MLRs and that thing and any other aircrafts can’t even take off. NK has one of the largest sub fleets in the world with about 85-90 subs including nuke subs. In case something happens there, NK subs can effectively blockade south korean coast. There won’t be any supplies from anywhere with NK’s ability to vaporize US continent.

Fog of War

Strangely all new these planes coming out resemble the f-22. Even the new Chinese ones. Does this mean the US designers actually had a good concept ?

Simplekindof Man

I’m no expert but I think yes. Nice “clean” designs. Don’t forget many Chinese scientists/ engineers of their newer Aircraft were previously employed by the west’s biggest contractors and some even in “sensitive” programs as rumours say…

Tommy Jensen

America welcome this progress amongst its freedom Allies. Freedom-Korea now has its visible F-35 version and US has its invisible F-35 version. Together we will fight all hostile neighbour dictatorships who want to make harm to America and its Allies on America’s own soil! Make no mistake about it!

Pave Way IV

Twin-engine mini-Raptor. They will deliver a stripped-down, minimum capability engine/airframe quickly. Let’s see how successful they are at avoiding the death-spiral of expensive upgrades it will need to make it useable and fully mission capable. The current KF-21 has only one narrowly-defined mission (that it can’t perform now): supersonic cruise circuit air-to-ground attacks against North Korea. $60M is already pricey, but I want to see what the Block XIV KF-21s will really end up costing some export customer.




Takedown LH AR-15 7.62×59 parts kit.

The only thing missing from the original build specs is the 30mm gun camera. It’s being shipped from China. And 8 boxes of Tula 122 grain fmj ammunition. FedEx says that it was delivered to my mail service. But it wasn’t included with what I picked up today. So they probably misplaced it.

I’ll drop the kit off to the gunsmith Monday. And hopefully it will be ready for the super soldier training and ET contact ops in the US SW later this month.


Mars German military and Draco reptilians.


– Interdimensional Light Beings –



I don’t have any experience with these lifeforms. But they’re about the same size as a very large bigfoot. Which I do have experience with. If they get along with me, I’ll get along with them. If they don’t, I’ll deal with it as I think is appropriate under the circumstances. I’m open minded and will deal with contact on a case by case basis.

Fog of War

The Germans had technology to get to Mars but couldn’t defeat the Allies ?


I’m not sure they even made it to Mars during the war. The reason that I’ve seen is that the war era tech was primitive. They didn’t get it weaponized until after the war to secure their Antarctic base.

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