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‘You’ll Bury Everyone Involved’: Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Former Biden insider Tony Bobulinski allegedly has a recording of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet, or he will “bury” the reputations of everyone involved in Hunter’s overseas dealings.

According to The Federalist‘s Sean Davis, Bobulinski will play the tape on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday, when Carlson will devote his show ‘entirely’ to an interview with the Biden whistleblower.

As The Federalist notes:

The Federalist confirmed with sources familiar with the plans that Bobulinski, a retired Navy lieutenant and Biden associate, will be airing tapes of Biden operatives begging Bobulinski to remain quiet as former Vice President Joe Biden nears the finish line to the White House next week.

Bobulinski flipped on the Bidens following a Senate report which revealed that they received a $5 million interest-free loan from a now-bankrupt Chinese energy company.

According to the former Biden insider, he was introduced to Joe Biden by Hunter, and they had an hour-long meeting where they discussed the Biden’s business plans with the Chinese, with which he says Joe was “plainly familiar at least at a high level.” 

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Text messages from Bobulinski also reveal an effort to conceal Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, while Tony has also confirmed that the “Big guy” described in a leaked email is none other than Joe Biden himself.

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

Of course, aside from the corruption allegations, Hunter Biden’s laptop allegedly contained child porn, which the FBI sat on for nine months after a Delaware computer repair shop owner turned it over to them, only to approach Congress – and finally Rudy Giuliani, when nobody else would take action.

And while we take no position on the “Q” phenomenon – we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the MSM is panicking to cover up what appears to be yet another elite pedophile who may have had an incestuous relationship with his niece – whose mother (his brother widow) Hunter was ‘intimately’ familiar with.

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved': Bobulinski Recorded Biden Operatives Begging Him To Stay Quiet, Set To Release Tues

What’s going on with these people?

Imagine if Donald Trump Jr. was smoking crack while getting footjobs from potentially underage family members, whose pornographic photos were found on his laptop.

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Potato Man

You know it might most likely be BS as the timing is just sooooo goood right now.
What’s with sex tapes…all of them love CP as they suck Wahhabis Sunnis and Zion both the same time.

Mr. Saddam

Kamala is destined to be president, not the dead worthless evil shell of Biden.

They are willing and unwilling sacrificees.

(They knew they’d be exposed, but not this much)


Biden has so much dirt on him, he candidates just to avoid prison, same as Hillary.


God I hope this slimy do-nothing prick and his son go to prison. There is so much evidence now, but I just can’t imagine a former VP or even his son going to prison in America. The rules don’t apply to the liberal elite.


Not an election but a masquerade.

Peter Jennings

The fbi sat on the laptop so long, they couldn’t get off it. That’s the problem with porn. By now everyone in the office must have a copy, for analysis of course!

I’m glad that it’s Tucker who is going to nail this last nail home.


So it seems all is true. SF is clearly on the side of Russia. SF and Russia both want Trump to be re-elected. So Trump can just stay away from the international affairs and leaves Russia to do whatever Putin likes. Trump is very naive with international affairs….

Harry Smith

Last presidential when Hillary f*cked up, Russia was to blame too. But special prosecutor found nothing. This time you’re trying same algorithm despite the fact it not working. In fact it worked with Hillary emails as nobody mention them now. So whom you try to cover now by blaming Russia?

cechas vodobenikov

2 1/2 shriveled asteroids afraid Gulen will ruin your shashlik

AM Hants

Slightly off topic, but, same crowd involved. I do like this article over on RT.

Bellingcat DID take UK Foreign Office money, open logs show, directly contradicting Eliot Higgins’ claims…. https://www.rt.com/uk/504694-bellingcat-foreign-office-higgins/

Integrity Initiative
Open Information Partnership
77th Squadron
Atlantic Council
General Harding Porn Trolls
White Helmets
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Burisma Holdings
Open Policy Society
etc, etc, etc

AM Hants

Another article from RT, which links into the above.

Leaked papers appear to show UK ran secret training & PR op for Syrian militants costing millions, despite knowing the risks… https://www.rt.com/uk/504673-leaks-uk-pr-syria/

Peter Jennings

Cheers AM.
Such a big list, he must be minted. They must all be minted because they simply pass the grants around between each other.

He must also be thrilled, at the honest and investigaive journalism.

AM Hants

Atlantic Council Member, Eliot Higgins and doesn’t he get his money back from the tax payer, courtesy Government funded Non Government Organisations? So Orwell, so ‘double speak’. Not forgetting how much $oro$ and Google, allegedly hand over to Belingcat. That is before you get to $oro$ and his ‘Prop or Not’ Team, that are heavily involved with Facebook. Didn’t Nick Clegg, the Leader of the UK Lib Dem Party, who ended up Deputy Prime Minister, when Cameron took him on board, during the coalition period, also run a section of Facebook, post political redundancy? Forget which Department he runs, but, no doubt, linked into his good mate $oro$’s ‘Prop or Not’ Wing of Facebook and who they decide is and is not ‘fake media’. Why do so many Atlantic Council Members flock to Facebook and various social media and technology corporations, linked into the main media? What happened to the children and grandchildren of Operation Paperclip and where did they all end up, courtesy the kinder fuehrer farm of Allen Dulles?

With regards being ‘thrilled at the honest and investigative journalism’, cheers Peter for wonderful sarcasm, which made me spit out my coffee. How does a lingerie sales rep, who ends up providing housing for asylum seekers, when made redundant end up? Who encouraged him to take the ‘Google Software Course’ to run a Bell Pottinger style operation?

Talking of Bell Pottinger, how much did the Pentagon provide Margaret Thatcher’s Special Adviser, the late Timothy Bell, to spin the Iraq War, on behalf of Bush and Blair?

Why did Blair make him a lifetime peer?

How closely did he operate with his brother David?

Who set up Common Purpose, and is the Head of the Cambridge University Press Group, plus, Head of Media Standards Committee?

How ironic, and I wonder how Billy Bro*der fits into the friendship and partnership? Must admit, I so like the ‘Stop Common Purpose Site’ and also opening up the links regarding all they are involved in, together with just a few of their members. So many politicians, including ex-Prime Ministers, such as Blair, Brown, Cameron and no doubt Thatcher, Major, May and not sure about Boris, when you look closer. Why are they are covert organisation, when they run the Shadow Government?

Peter Jennings

I see that Hill + Knowlton are up to their old tricks. The WHO have hired them to “ensure the science and public health credibility of the WHO in order to ensure WHO’s advice and guidance is followed.”

AM Hants

Cheers, I am going to find out more.

I have just been reading the Saker article on SF, just after reading a brilliant article over on Sputnik. Both sent my head down memory and waffle lane, but, they so link in. Going back to 1991. Whilst going on my waffle, remembering that I was heavily pregnant back in those days, was the fact that Reagan was gone, Bush came in. Thatcher was gone, Major came in. Soviet Union was gone and Yeltsin came in. Warsaw Pact was gone and NATO turned from a bi-polar, defensive union, to a uni-polar, totalitarian offensive. Chenie came in with Bush, who went on to be CEO of Haliburton, and also cut down the US Military, in order to bring in the privatised military and intelligence community.

Gosh, 1991, so much was happening, or laying down the foundations of how things were expected to play out. The article on Sputnik, is a student of Eastern European and Latin American Studies, over at the NY University. It seriously is worthy of reading, with regards all she comes out with, concerning events in Belarus.

What grabbed me, was the Opposition female, and her roots. Bearing in mind, my maternal side is Irish and I was Christened a Catholic, since following events, I do believe the IRA was one of the original regime change terrorist groups, going back to 1917. The irony that the Irish relatives of the White Helmets and friends, shriek about the English and how they were treated, whilst ignoring how they are funded by the crowd running the City of London, Washington DC and even in charge of the Vatican Estate. Anyway, that is besides the point as I ramble. However, the housewife opposition, over in Belarus was sent to Ireland, as one of the children given assistance post Chernobyl. So much links into everything and I just wish I was on top of it all, rather than learning something new, each and everyday. Which is also nice, but, so much more to learn.

Peter Jennings

Have fun.

AM Hants

Cheers and you. Take care.

cechas vodobenikov

epstein ghost for US president, Zelensky for VP—Biden prez of Ukraine; Boris/Natasha to manage SBU/CIA

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