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You Think Extreme Weather Is Bad? Wait ‘Till The Russians Come: U.S. Scrambles To Shift Focus Away From Failed Infrastructure

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You Think Extreme Weather Is Bad? Wait 'Till The Russians Come: U.S. Scrambles To Shift Focus Away From Failed Infrastructure

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On February 19th, the US began finding excuses as to why critical infrastructure in Texas failed due to bad weather conditions.

It wasn’t due to bad weather, poor planning, faulty equipment, lack of proper safety protocols or foresight.

It was due to Russia and China.

State-funded US outlet USA Today published a piece by Jim Cunningham, former president of the Pennsylvania Electric Association and a former senior vice president of the New York Power Authority, is executive director of Protect Our Power. Not to be confused with former US Ambassador to Afghanistan.

“The massive electric power outages in Texas may seem puzzling to many: How can a state so rich in energy resources be brought to its knees by a winter storm, leaving millions of households without electricity and many without water?

The early blame game has elected officials pointing the finger at renewable energy resources and “green energy” policies, and calling for the heads of power companies and the state’s electricity regulators. The governor announced he is launching an official investigation, and judgment should be reserved until an unbiased process has been completed.”

Finger-pointing is useless at this point, but if it should be done – the finger should be pointed at Russia and China, nobody else.

Currently, extreme weather is the issue, but soon it would be the Russians and the Chinese.

“Today the culprit in Texas and several other states is extreme winter weather, but the greater threat we face is not weather related. It is the daily bombardment of cyberattacks on our nation’s critical infrastructure — most notably on the electric sector that provides the power upon which the rest of that infrastructure relies to operate.”

He reminded of the SolarWinds hack that was allegedly carried out by Russians, but no evidence has yet been provided.

Upgrades are needed to increase safety, not because people are dying or are left hungry or in the cold, but because the Russians and Chinese are coming.

“This quiet but unceasing barrage of sophisticated cyber intrusions by Russia, China and others, similar to the more high-profile situation in Texas today, highlight the fact that upgrading the U.S. electric grid needs to be a national priority, and the cost of doing so should be shared equitably by federal and state governments, electric utility companies and consumers. Such a program could include grants, low-interest loans and other incentives to dramatically improve and modernize the grid.”

And immediately, on February 18th, the U.S. government issued a cybersecurity alert to operators of critical infrastructure, outlining “immediate actions” that should be taken during a “time of heightened tensions” to avoid being compromised by a cyberattack.

Recommendations include disconnecting from the internet any operational systems that do not need connectivity for safe and reliable operations, and planning for “continued manual process operations” should the industrial control systems (ICS) become unavailable or need to be deactivated due to hostile takeover.

Security experts say it is significant that the National Security Agency (NSA) joined the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on the alert, and that the alert was not related to a specific incident. The warning could be a nod to tensions with several adversaries of the United States, they said, including Russia, China and Iran.

“Civilian infrastructure makes attractive targets for foreign powers attempting to do harm to U.S. interests or retaliate for perceived U.S. aggression,” the alert said. While the utility sector was not specifically mentioned, the alert does reference a 2015 cyberattack in Ukraine that caused more than 200,000 people to lose power.

“Although I am not aware firsthand of any significant increase in attacks targeting utilities, the fact that the US [Computer Emergency Readiness Team] released that briefing at a strategic level, without any specific indicators of compromise, heavily implies that there is a rise in these attacks and that multiple groups are targeting industrial control systems,” Bill Swearingen, a cyber strategist at IronNet Cybersecurity, told Utility Dive in an email. “This is a ‘trend attack’ that we’ll likely continue to see.”

The alert warned of attacks “at this time of heightened tensions.” That could mean tensions with several nations, said Jamil Jaffer, senior vice president of strategy, partnerships and corporate development at IronNet.

“We know the Russians have sought and gained sustained access to American critical infrastructure, and we know the Iranians have tried also,” Jaffer said in an email. “Given all this, while it’s not clear what specific heightened tensions the alert is referring to, certainly there are plenty of potential challenges globally at this time.”

So yes, stay safe and warm – the Russians, Chinese, Iranians are coming, and they are using the weather and one’s own incompetence against them.


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There would be no hesitation by the rat-pigs who run what’s left of the US to use such an event as a false-flag to drag US into another war for corporate profits.


Oh yeah. The Russians. They eat ice cream in such weather.

Hasbara Hunter

Muricans having trouble starting their vehicles…Hahaha


Arch Bungle

In Russia, they set their cars on fire, then drive them.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

In Alaska, they let the engine run all the time and have no problem with the cold. Is when you turn off the engine you may have starting problems.

Zaphod Braden

The Russia hate is another manifestation of Jewish control of America. The Jews HATE Putin & Russia because Putin stopped their looting of Russian assets under the drunk Yeltsin.
Just as they did during the Wiemar hyper inflation in Germany the Jews had money shipped in from overseas and were buying up assets at pennies on the dollar.
That led to huge resentment of Jews in Germany and again in Russia.
From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990
“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”


Well said.

Jihadi Colin

What? Nazinyahu spends more time by Putin’s side in Moscow than he does anywhere else!

johnny rotten

The USA and for this reason also the West have become a case study for high-level psychologists, the supremacist and victimist psychosis has broken them, the incessant delusion based on inconsistent imaginary threats has already led them clinically to madness, and from here on then it will only get worse.

Freemon Sandlewould

Geebus I get tired of such stupid lies! It was weak infrastructure. The Deep State has been trying to set up a internet false flag since December. You would have to be retarded to believe such tripe.

John Brown

They are the conquered slaves of the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship, it is their Zio empire which created this phony white supremacist and victimist psychosis to break their slaves. Its really Jewish supremacism and Jewish privilege in America and all of the global empire.

Lazy Gamer

To be fair, that is what a political competitor or others with vested interests would do given difficulty of attribution. What would be unusual is if there was no probe or attempt or at least a feasibility study.

jade villaceran

never ending blame game for their own failure of usa


The natural elements point to significant shortcomings within the US electrical grid, something the Russians and Chinese cyber warfare units noticed and digested.


Essentially, the US can send billion dollar toys to Mars, but the US cannot afford to replace its largely 60 to 80 year old civilian infrastructure :)

Like all equipment if it is not maintained it will eventually fail in adverse conditions and is worth nothing but scrap value.




Allegedly the natural gas pump lines and the nuclear power plant supplying electricity were not winterized.


I am not surprised, as in the climate change mantra the climate is warming up :)

It is true to say that the earth will have had millions of climate differences, caused by a myriad of reasons that are unstoppable.

In todays madhouse such change has beem moneytised by the Khazars who essentially control everything today.
The indecent haste for the taxation of the people suggests that the current khazar gang want to reap their rewards before they die :)

Concrete Mike

Thats what happens with the private sector taking over utilities .

This is a symptom of runaway capitalism. The executives of the utilities will still receive their cash bonus at the end of the year.

And the taxpayers will foot the bill, no way the utility, who is 100% responsible. Will pay for that.

Its disgusting!

Jihadi Colin

My Brazilian friend Fabio was only yesterday joking that Amerikastan would blame Russia for this. Apparently you can’t make a joke about Amerikastan these days without it coming true.

cechas vodobenikov

Russians control amerikan weather….historic paranoid examined by Hofstadter in his 1965 Oxford lectures: ‘The paranoid Style in American Politics’


Heres where diesels absolutely destroy electic car concepts,imagine all the musk fanbois in their
digestive fkfest,trying to find a way to keep themselfs warm eg the fkwits trying to blame china etc!

Tommy Jensen

Same thing I have been saying for years.
Putin had Trump on his payroll because of the golden shower case, he had access to all American infrastructure and what did Putin used American naivety to?

Secretly he let Corona virus into the gas pipes to Europe, hacked American utilities, left all Americans in Texas freezing outside their own homes in tents, shitting on the streets, and access only to soup kitchens with free Chinese noodles. This is what Putin did!

Hasbara Hunter


Lone Ranger

Pathetic Crumbling U.S. Empire…
U.S. govt should have spent that $14trillion on upgrading Infrastructure and people not on wars, coups and bankster bail-outs…

Arch Bungle

Are there people alive who actually believe this garbage?

cechas vodobenikov

miserable 4th world nation needs engineers from civilized nation to teach them about electricity…if amerikans beg nicely and pay for nordstream completion costs Texas can apply to be Russian oblast


Value of US bases around the world is falling. Soon we’ll be able to buy an USA base for just 500 Yuan!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Outages Morph Into Outrage As Texans Slapped With “Mind-Blowing” Power Bills
“… and in case you were wondering, OilPrice.com ran the numbers of how much it would cost to charge a Tesla in Texas earlier this week. While a regular charge costs around $18 using a Level 1 or Level 2 charger at home, estimates showed that the surge in power prices would have cost $900.”

thomas malthaus

Perhaps it could be attributed to Washington’s geoengineering efforts.

They might be practicing on Americans before they take the weather weapons show overseas.

They might already have.


iran has the right via chabahar to occupy large parts of the south pole if it seeks and iran might invite russia to the southpole if russia doesnt find an access

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