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JUNE 2021

Yemen’s Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Military Base in Ma’rib Province

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Yemen's Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Military Base in Ma'rib Province

Photo: almasdarnews.com

Yemen’s Zalzal 3 ballistic missile hit Al-Tadavin military base, which is under Saudi Arabia’s control, the FARS news agency reported on July 13.

The military base is situated between Ma’rib and al-Jawf provinces in the Northern parts of Yemen. According to FARS, the forces loyal to former fugitive president Mansour Hadi were also present in Al-Tadavin military base at the time it was hit by the missile. The Yemeni missile strike resulted in dozen of casualties.

Earlier, on July 13, the Saudi Forces attacked the Yemeni rebel positions in Yam Benham region in Western Ma’rib for the fourth time. However, army and popular forces repelled the attack. Several armored and military vehicles of the Saudi forces were also destroyed by rebels in the counterattack.

Currently, a tough battle is underway between the Yemeni rebels and the Saudi forces in Ta’iz, the FARS news agency reported, citing an unnamed battlefield source in Yemen. Nawaf Adnan also confirmed this information.

Yemen's Ballistic Missile Hit Saudi Military Base in Ma'rib Province

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On July 12, the Saudi forces attacked the Yemeni positions in Yam Benham region for the third time. However, the attack did not bring any results.

According to the same unnamed source of the news agency, the arms and ammunition depots of Saudi-led forces were hit and destroyed by the Yemeni rebels missiles in the city of al-Hazm in al-Jawf province on July 11.

The Saudi-led forces sustained heavy casualties as the Yemeni missiles precisely struck their arms and ammunition depots.

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FARS News again?
More like Iran’s top “Farce” News agency?

John Whitehot

right, we should really listen to cnn

Random guy

Whoever uses nuke on civilians is the agressor, clearly.

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