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Yemeni War Report – June 26, 2018: Saudi-led Coalition Facing Setbacks Near al-Hudaydah

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The Saudi-UAE-led coalition and its proxies are facing hard times in the battle for al-Hudaydah in western Yemen.

So far, they have not been able to exploit their advantage in firepower, military equipment and manpower and have not captured even the al-Hudaydah airport.

At the same time, airstrikes of the coalition’s airpower have been slowly destroying infrastructure of the port city itself, but without a ground advance, this can hardly help the coalition to retake it from the Ansar Allah movement, also known as the Houthis.

In turn, the Houthis have cut off a supply line of the coalition’s assault force involved in the al-Hudaydah operation in the areas of Nakhila, al-Jah, Mashikhi, Majiles and al-Faza.

The Houthis have not enough manpower to control these areas for a long time, but their mobile groups destroy equipment and convoys heading along the western Yemeni coast on almost a daily basis.

According to Yemeni sources, the Houthis have deployed reinforcements, including a number of sniper units, in the area of al-Hudaydah and along the western coast.

The coalition responded with a similar move sending more military equipment, including battle tanks, and fighters to participate in the battle.

It is unlikely that the sides can reach any kind of long-term ceasefire in al-Hudaydah. So, the coalition is preparing for another attempt to deliver a decisive blow to the defenders of the city. The strategy of the Houthis is to exploit overstretched supply lines of their opponents and to carry out cross-border attacks on Saudi targets drawing attention of the coalition from al-Hudaydah.

On June 24, the Houthis launched Burkan-2H ballistic missiles at the information center of the Defense Ministry of Saudi Arabia and other military positions in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Pro-Saudi sources claimed that the attack was repelled releasing a video of at least one interception.

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Houthis is fighting like Hezbollah vs Israel in 2006… where 3000 took on 30000 Israeli soldiers plus planes, tanks etc.

Small teams with ATGMs and snipers are powerful ways to face overwhelming odds. …and practically invisible to the air .

Houthis are fighting in their own homes and land ….




read IDF report 2010…….30.000 IDF soldiers participated in that war….either you´re stupid or a satanic jew cock sucker….

Augsta “Augsta”

Potcracker2588 I’m more than a 1000% sure that it was over 110,000 Israeli soldiers against 5,000 Hezbollah Fighters. Spectacular wasn’t it the Dirty Zionist scum had their asses handed to them crying like little fagots.Zionists are brave only when killing old men women and children.They can’t fight real Fighters…Death to the Zionist Bastards…


Told you they weren’t 30,000 Israelis


still crying that your jew pricks got your asses kicked LOLOL… pathetic jews…cant even lie properly…asshole


Just tell me.. why are you such an imb€cYle? WhereTF have you ever seen be being a Zion-fan? Idy0t, your PERSONAL vendetta looks more 8important than goal to f*ck the Zionism.

S Melanson

Siegfried deserves our respect for what he did and he was obviously not lying – he believed at the time what he was saying.

You seem quite passionate about these topics so how about channeling into more positive directions like adding substantively further to this debate. We are all ears.

Wise Gandalf

30 001


Well… I looked again to see how it was, and I have to admit that yo have RIGHT on almost all ( except the 30,00 they were “only “15,00 reservists and 2,000-3,000 elite-troops (Golani-Brigades and paratroopers) But taken all-in-apiece, YOU ARE RIGHT.

The Hezbollah had all the time ONLY 3,000 men there.(OK fresh trained by Iranian advisors and very disciplined, using a good North-Vietnam-tactic, of bunkers and 3-men-hit-and-run groups to destroy tanks.

Sorry I was wrong, you were right

S Melanson


Wise Gandalf



as usual siegfried the satanic jew prick is full of nonsense..lol… IDF report 2010……30.000 IDF soldiers participated in the war…LOL stop bs satanic jew cocksucker…..


A##hole, don’t eat sh*t immediately, I’ll take a new look at the problem. So don’t dro dead and yell like a theatrical footballer that wants a penalty.

Hisham Saber

Actually, the 33 day clash between Hezbollah and Israel, IDF, was 4500 Hezbollah ‘regulars’, who faced off and routed 75,000 IDF soldiers and two armored battalions. The IDF lost 42 out of around 400 MBT Merkava’s. Hezbollah at the time had stationed its elite commandos and, special forces north of the Litani Line, and they saw no action.

The much vaunted IDF Golani Brigades failed to capture a small border town, in effect getting bogged down and much resources rushed in to rescue them when they were outflanked, outmaneuvered and surrounded.

Hezbollah used a military tactic called ‘ hugging your enemy ‘ , which you deploy when your enemy has complete control of the skies, and has an airstrike advantage. You see, it was the Soviets that coined the term, by getting up so close to the Germans, as to negate Stuka dive bomber atatcks, and tactical bombings. Hezbollah got up close and personal with the IDF, using out-flankings, tunnels where they would pop pu right behind the IDF etc, as to make the Israeli Airforce ineffective totally and reduced to its usual role of bombing civilian targets, with south Beirut being the case then.

On the recent Al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) parades being celebrated in occupied Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, with huge military parades and highly dedicated , hard nosed fighters from across the region , in the millions, showcasing new weapons and equipment, on the very same day Tel Aviv, Israel had the largest ever LGBTQ Parade with 250,000 participants. Israel has the second largest Gay Pride Parade in the world, per ratio.

So who’s going to stand up to fight when the time comes.

Kenneth Hammond

Who’s going to stand up……250,000 gays &lesbians in thongs, armed with handbags of course.


yes i salute them that’ s why i call all Yemeni fighters holy warriors!!


The Houthis are fighting to defend their homes and families, the Saudi army are all mercenaries, supplied by the CIA. If you are fighting for money, you won’t voluntarily risk your life, but many a man will willingly give up his life to save his family.


That Yemenite MISSILE-unit that shoot them intoi Saudi-Arabia, couold spare some for the FLEET in front of the Yemeni coast and 2-3 would do good into the FRECH tanks-unit and UAE mercenaries.

Wise Gandalf

See you, HammuRabbi, when i wrote the same, all ruskie haters attacked me. I will se, what will be your fate, big zionist. :)))


Yeah because it was a silly unthinking comment.

Wise Gandalf

Ah, here is one of those sillies! :DDD


How would they aim the missiles, how would they know the exact location of the ships? and even if you did, by the time the missile got there, the ship would have moved. The moment there is trouble, ships put to sea, because it is the safest place to be. Pearl Harbour, only the ships in port were destroyed, those at sea were safely hidden in the vastness of the sea.


Pearl Harbor: the US-ships on see haven’t been found by the Japs, they went South-West from Pearl Harbor, not that the Japanese wouldn’t have hit them. After the attack, while all other officers were happy with the “huge success” Admiral Yammamoto refused to send a 3rd wave of planes and told something very intelligent (because they didn’t find to sink any US-CARRIER) “-Today it isn’t a victory. We only woke-up a Grizzly-bear”

USA saved its CARRIER-Fleet… well-knowing FROM WHERE the Japanese are coming Roosevelt KNEW that the Japs will attack=>this was the plan, to drag the USA into the European-Zionist war… after he won the elections promissing that he won’t push America in any war. But BLACKMAILING Japan with OIL-EMBVARGo (Japan had OIL only for 3 months left) he knew that the Japs HAVO TO attack USA.

Kell McBanned

Australia had cracked the Japanese codes and forewarned the Americans of the oncoming attack, thats why they moverd their carriers and left the old battleships to become the propaganda photo shoot of disaster justifying war.


The Chinese could give them the GPS-coordinates, the “vector” (direction and speed)


Ships move, they don’t sit around like a rock. You need targeting information in real time.

Kell McBanned

Targeting the tank units and UAE personel should be possible, the more Emiraties they kill the quicker the war will end.

chris chuba

The Saudi/UAE Orcs will go Gotterdammerung, destroy the port with air strikes then leave.

This will be their consolation prize. The best thing the Houthis can do is to make the operation really expensive for the Orcs. The equipment losses alone are probably much higher than the monthly average for the Takfiri.

Icarus Tanović

Let’s shoot down one of those aircrafts. Okay?


One every day, OK? :))))

Hide Behind

While it is commendable on Hothi part to attack only “military” targets, instead they must remember Saudi and UAE largest weapons are the oil and gas fields that bring them 100s’ of billions each year. If Houthis want to hurt their enemy, an enemy far removed from personal harm by paying foreign mercenaries(cheap and plentiful), hit those oh so precious oil and gas fields. As fast as they build a missle they, Houthis, should launch them, especially at world’s richest fields owned jointly by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. No matter, numbers of Iranian ships in Area the Iranians are not willing to commit warfare against Saudi/ French/ US and UAE shipping; thereby the Houthis will eventually run low on weaponry

Hit them hard and often in their pocket books,, will be a dangerous move though, as there are already French and US boots on ground in Yemen plus supplying arms and minitions, and the attack on Saudi oil would definitely see more and larger forces and air power by French /American and Israel as well

Israel buys lots of oil and liquified petroleum with condensates from Saudi/ UAE. Put aboard foreign registered ships, transported to just outside Israeli shores. Where the ships names and registry are changed. Onces emptied the leave harbors back to home ports with US and Israeli military supplies and change once again name and registry Illegal only if US and Israel say so, but why worry their not. concerned about their illegal killing of others.

Icarus Tanović

Let’s strike that one ship with liquid gas, and see what’s happens. A huge, massive explosion ? in Saudi, UAE, Kuwaiti harbor. This is gonna be Vietnam ?? and all of you that keep on saying Yemenis will run out of ammunition, are utterly wrong. We don’t have ammo… But who does? Saudis does! Let’s take theirs, for start.


If you look at the war, and not just the various battles and campaigns, you can see that the war is going the free worlds way. Every dollar the Saudis spend puts money in American arms dealers pockets, but it also means the Saudis are buying fewer US treasury bonds. Every campaign the US is fighting, and there are many, means less money for new weapons, less money for schools and roads.

So the Houthis are doing their bit, as are the Syrians, the Libyans, the freedom fighters in Ukraine, the people of Myanmar, Afghanistan, Mali, all over the world people are taking up arms against American tyranny. So what are you doing to help? I’m not suggesting violence, but you can do your bit by taking away the fuel of war, MONEY. Try not to borrow, don’t keep money in banks, and if you can buy gold and silver.

A war of attrition is the only way to defeat the USA without destroying the planet, eventually they will run out of money trying to conquer the world.

Kell McBanned

They have the power to print as much money out of thin air as they please, join the Alt-Right, change from within Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) is what they fear most, the Empire of contradictions is already begining to fracture and losing control of their own captive populations is what they fear most, if this happens they have no where to run.


“They have the power to print as much money out of thin air as they please,”

Yes, but other countries have the right to not accept it. It’s happening now, countries are replacing the US dollars they have as reserves with gold.

Debasing currencies is very old, and the end result is always the same.

Richard M

The only thing better than winning is winning when you are supposed to lose! The Houthis are scoring a mega-upset dethroning of Saudi Orcistan!

Kell McBanned



The best fighters can not be bought. As more and more people realize the agenda, the forces will gather more easily to counter the empire. The motivation of the “allies” diminishes daily. The forces of evil face the inevitable. The truth exposed, the ministry of lies will continue to lose it’s funding and sanity will fill the void.


The Saudis employ Salvadorian, Chilean, and Colombian mercenaries. Both Salvadorian and Colombians failed to defeat their respective rebels.

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