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Yemeni War Report – June 14, 2018: Battle For Hudaydah

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On January 13, the Saudi-led coalition launched a new operation to capture the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah from the Houthis.

“Liberation of the port is the beginning of the fall of the Houthi militias. It will secure navigation in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and cut off the hands of Iran,” the Saudi-backed government of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi said in a statement.

The ground operation is reportedly supported by the air and naval forces of the Saudi-led coalition. Pro-Saudi and pro-UAE sources claim that the attack is ongoing from multiple directions. However, according to local sources, the advance is mainly taking place south of Hudaydah, near the airport.

On the same day, the Yemeni Navy [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had targeted a vessel of the Saudi-led coalition off the coast of Hudaydah with two anti-ship missiles. According to the Navy, the vessel was one of the many participating in the attack on the city. The vessels attempted to carry out a landing operation in the framework of the advance on Hudayadh, but were forced to retreat after the strike.

Over the past months, the coalition’s forces have made multiple attempts to reach and capture Hudaydah. However, they have not been able to achieve this goal.

Pro-coalition sources also claim that the Houthis use the port to smuggle weapons from Iran. The city also hosts at least one of the facilities used by the Houthis to make water-born improvised explosive devices to attack the coalition’s vessels.

At the same time, Hudaydah is the last remaining humanitarian lifeline in the Houthis-controlled part of the war-torn country.

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Rodney Loder

MbS is emboldened by Putin’s need to secure the economic support of Saudi Arabia, the problem is these Russian Christian Crusaders, Russia is not shooting itself in the foot, Russia is shooting itself in the head, Putin had better lose these filthy Christians before they once again destroy everything.

Rodney Loder

Yemen has no overt allies because the problem is Saudi Arabia and UAE attempting to conquer the ME with Christian Crusaders Assad had done very well but only because Allah supported Islamic State and broke the back of al-Nusra Front allowing Putin to get involved September 2015 on the pretext of fighting Islamic State which they did and won, al-Nusra was supported “overtly – almost” by the US, IS was too but head chopping Westerners made US support covert. Now for the next stage, Brother Tayyip Erdogen has switched sides and is now in the Russian / Iranian camp, and the Muslim Brotherhood has not followed as such, but is coming to the position. Assad can’t rule ideologically outside of Syria but Erdogen and the Muslim Brotherhood can. That’s the next stage, !! to somehow get the MB on side behind Brother Erdogen and opposing KSA and UAE in Yemen just like the Muslim Brotherhood is opposing General Khalifa Haftar (Kalifa Hifter) in Libya.


is not it June 13? according to other reports Battle of Al Hudaydah began at June 13…

both narrator and report said it is January 13.

Richard M

June 16 in my time zone!

Rodney Loder

It could be an accident, or it could be intentional, Iran is in the same position of dependency as it was when al-Abadi became PM August 2014 after Iran gave al-Maliki the incentive to move on, Iran did that because they wanted to succeed with the JCPOA, and to achieve that end they needed to be compliant with the EU which was why Rouhani was elected in 2013.

Trump would be claiming that he deliberately put Iran in this position so Jerusalem could become the capital of israel and the Houthis could be smashed, now Rouhani knows that Monsieur Macron is supporting Salman with French Troops on the ground, a perfect excuse to let volunteers engage the enemy, but probably Rouhani won’t want to, because the EU would freak out.

Hide Behind

In the west media we hear of Houthis as if a terrorist group and the country of Yemen in seperate breaths, but in truth Houthis were Yemeni since time began and were until recently the most powerful and compared to older regime they overthrew progressive. In the west media Saudi and UAE are touted as liberators. The geopolitical results when the “Liberators” do finally gain full control, they will install a puppet ruler, will be important, in fact vastly so. It is important to look at the Wahabi movement, Arab Brotherhood are butt wipe in reality, they talk bul….t and like dingle berries hang upon fringes that now and then cause a pain in butt, and the Horn of Africa control is but entrance into Africa proper. Look at Allies, Somalia and Ethiopian military , of UAE influence and if anyone thinks there is no oil/gas and minerals in Yemen then look up U.N. sponsored surveys. Fall, by genocide, of Houthis means no opposition to Saudi/UAE, who for better or worse are playing a huge roll in advancing The New World Order financial and their governing system. Houthi fall is indeed a defeat of Iranian, and Shia sect as well. Once Saudi/US/ Israel/ UAE/ NATO win protecting back door, then will that group turn full attention towards war upon IRAN. Death and genocide of Houthi people is no concern to rest of world’s peoples, ants to be stepped upon. Do not think death of even a million of Houthis will hit US media.

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