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Yemeni Sources Report Airstrikes On Civilian Areas As Saudi-led Coalition Launches Operation Against Houthis (Photos, Video)


The Saudi-led coalition launched on July 1 afternoon a large-scale aerial operation against Houthi positions throughout Yemen.

In a short press release, the coalition said that the operation is designed to neutralize and destroy offensive capabilities of the Houthis. The coalition called the operation a “response” to the threat posed by the Yemeni group.

A few hours into the operation, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted at least 44 airstrikes on the Yemeni provinces of Saada, Ma’rib, al-Jawf, Hajjah, al-Bayda’ as well as on the capital, Sanaa. Many of the Saudi airstrikes targeted urban areas.

According to the pro-Houthis al-Masirah TV, at least five Saudi airstrikes targeted the Sanaa International Airport, that’s controlled by the Yemeni group.

Despite the intense airstrikes, no casualties have been reported so far. This will likely change, if Saudi-led coalition warplanes continue this intense bombing.

The Saudi-led coalition’s operation appears to be a response to the recent attacks by the Houthis. Earlier this week, the Yemeni group announced that its units had captured a number of areas in Ma’rib and al-Bayda. Saudi forces sustained heavy losses.




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  • Tommy Jensen

    US/UK led Saudi Coalition launched airstrikes in Yemen on civilian areas. Get the headlines straight.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Wahhabi cowards.