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Yemeni Missile Hit Saudi Power Facility In Jizan – Reports

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Yemeni Missile Hit Saudi Power Facility In Jizan - Reports

REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

A Yemeni ballistic missile has hit a Saudi power plant in the province of Jizan, the Houthi-linked media outlet Almasirah reported on February 19.

According to the report, the missile successfully hit the target inflicting a notable damage to the facility. Most likely, the Houthi-Saleh forces used a local variant of the Soviet “Scud” missile for the attack.

Pro-Saudi sources deny reports about the missile attack (as always).

Saudi military bases and facilities have been repeatedly targeted by Yemeni ballistic missiles during the ongoing Yemeni war.

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Toni Matsi


Pave Way IV

Never mess with the flip-flop army. I would pray that the KSA ultimately falls because of the Houthis, but it would be pointless. The Houthis don’t need my help nor do they need divine intervention – they are perfectly capable of kicking the Saudi’s asses themselves.

The Houthis could certainly use some food for the Yemeni people. I’ll simply point out that the supermarkets in Riyadh are fully stocked and recommend the Houthis visit as soon as possible to grab some groceries.

Paulo Romero

The Houthis are damn good soldiers!! Bear in mind that most of the regular Yemeni army pre 2014 was pro Houthi as well and sided with them when the country fell apart. They went over with the training and equipment , the Houthis provided the fighting spirit. The Saudi Army is hapless and shamed, the Saudi people are frustrated with the casualties and extra tax burden this war is bringing. So who’s benefitting from this war?? As far as I can see the only benefactors are the weapons manufacturers in the UK , USA and France. The amount of ammunition ,small arms and vehicles simply abandoned by the Saudis is mind boggling. They seem to run at high speed at the mere sound of flip flops. The bright side of this is that whilst the Saudis have useless soldiers , they may have the best marathon runners in the world. Running away at high speed with your pants between your legs in the deserts and mountains of Yemen is no small achievement!!!

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