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Yemeni Missile Hit King Salman Airbase Near Saudi Capital – Media

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Yemeni Missile Hit King Salman Airbase Near Saudi Capital - Media


A ballistic missile hit the King Salman Airbase near the Saudi capital of Riyadh, according to the pro-Houthi al-Masirah TV channel.

The report say that Yemeni forces conducted a missile launch last night and the missile hit the target.

This was the second missile launch against the King Salman Airbase reported by pro-Houthi media within six months.

However, there was no video or photo confirmation from the ground that the airbase came under attack.

Houthi forces reportedly used the Borkan-2 (Volcano-2) ballistic missile. It is said that the Borkan-2 has a range of 1400 km and is equipped with an interception avoiding smart warhead.

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Samuel Boas



If capital city is in range, than go for King itself….

chris chuba

It looks like the Houthis want to stick to military targets. While I admire that, maybe the good citizens of the KSA should feel some of the consequences of what their govt is doing in Yemen and do a few riots against their govt. Does one war crime justify another?


King there is chief military commander, therefore not civil target.

Gary Sellars

Blowing the Goat-Fucker King into a billion pieces is hardly a war crime. It would be a fair reason to receive a Nobel prize.

Gary Sellars

What will it take to put the Kings Palace within range? Can anything be done to increase the range of the Houthi missiles, like reducing the warhead weight?


You gotta give those Houthi’s credit. They are damn good with those missiles.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Exactly! Those brave Houthis have really put the hots under the Wahabist nest. Next stop Riyadh, Mecca and Medina. I gather the Saudis have sub-contracted all their defense to the Pakistanis, who have refused to support the insane Yemen war.

Gary Sellars

You’d be right. Saudis won’t even work for a living, let alone put their lives on the line to fight a war of conquest. On the other hand, never underestimate the stupidity of a Wahabbi Arab…

Gary Sellars

Its so galling that a brave people like the Houthis, who have proved so resilient and determined in defending themselves against the Wahabbi scum, have the added hassle of the fucking Uh’muricans on their backs as part of Washingtons insane regional powerplays. We should be ALLIED with the Houthis in fighting against medieval Saudi extremism, but instead our feckless governments sell these evil goat-fuckers all the offensive weapons they need, and we then justify the hideous caernage that results by invoking a fake Iranian strawman and the need to “defend Saudi Arabia” from Iranian-backed “terrorists”.

Vido Dasler

Hope one day they hit the jackpot.

Kim Jong

“Ladies an gentleman: we got him.”

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Hopefully next time they will hit a gathering of the ibn Saud gang…

chris chuba

How would they have video evidence of a missile strike, with a wireless cam on the nose of the missile? They must be using GPS guidance, if they have missiles with that range, hitting known land based targets is plausible.


No – they mean video confirmation from any source on the ground in of vicinity of base – meaning someone’s phone video or such. That is what confirmed previous hit on Saudi base – a phone video shot from inside a car, driving on nearby freeway, as flash passed high over and then huge fireball occurred in mid-distance. It’s on You Tube. The Saudi authorities default position is blanket denial of any attacks like this – so need someone to upload footage to confirm.


keep shooting ur missiles, blow up all of their bases lol

DJ Double D

The Saudis must consider themselves lucky that their asses haven’t been seriously kicked. From what I can decipher, despite all the billions of dollars spent on military infrastructure and upgrade, they still lack battle hardened fighters. So I have no doubt that with strong military help, the Houthis can easily breach their territorial integrity and take the battle to them. What they are doing in Yemen is a war crime. Where is the US and so called ‘International Reaction’?


Destroy the Axis of TERRORISM…saudi/qatar/uk/yank/isis/sham/israhell….THE ENEMIES OF ALL HUMANITY

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