Yemeni Forces Launch Fresh Attack Against Saudi-led Coalition In Jawf Governorate


Yemeni Forces Launch Fresh Attack Against Saudi-led Coalition In Jawf Governorate


The Houthi Ansarullah movement launched a swift attack against Saudi-backed loyalist forces in Jawf Governatore. A source embedded with the Houthis claimed that many pro-Saudi fighters were killed in the attack that targeted Al-Tala al-Hamra’ in the Jawf’s al-Yateema area. The source also declared that a Saudi gathering in al-Khabjar was targeted in the same operation.

Houthi forces also carried out a successful ambush in al-Izza mountain of Saudi Arabia’s southern Jizan province destroying two armored vehicles in addition to killing and injuring their crewmen.

Yemeni artillery targeted Saudi positions east of Mawqef al-Qafal and al-Mahtam Military Position as well as al-Montazah military checkpoint.

The Yemeni Republican Guard backed by Houthi militias continue their attacks across the Saudi border. The Yemeni Military Media published three videos showing storming operations in Rabu’ah, Jizan, and the clearance of the al-Aleeb mountain series positioned in front of al-Manfaz al-Khadra’. (link 1, link 2, link 3)

In turn, the Saudi-led coalition continues its relentless and violent aerial bombardment across Yemen. Dozens of airstrikes targeted Sa’adah, Surouh, and Baqem since this morning. Saudi bombing led to the confirmed death of 18 civilians, all women and children. Two of these women were pregnant and died during the bombardment of Baqem.



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  • outer_rl

    The Saudi offensive is the most sad, corrupt and morally indefensible of any wars this century.

  • Jonathan Cohen

    Trump needs to bomb Saudi Arabia if he hates Islamic terrorism like he promised!

    • Thegr8rambino

      It will be one of the first things I do if I am ever potus lol