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Yemeni forces capture al-Raboah town from Saudis

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The Yemeni forces captured a number of villages east of al-Raboah before advancing towards the town.

Yemeni forces capture al-Raboah town from Saudis

On Tuesday, the Yemeni army and the Houthi Ansarullah movement had established control over a Saudi border town of Asir province.

According to a released Yemeni army statement, the Yemeni forces managed to fully capture the town of al-Raboah in the kingdom’s southwestern Asir province after fierce clashes with Saudi troops on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news website reported that the Yemeni forces captured a number of villages east of al-Raboah before advancing towards the town and Saudi forces sustained heavy damage and casualties in the clashes.

Al-Mayadeen added to its report that in another operation against the Saudis, the Yemeni forces also killed several Saudi troopers and destroyed five Saudi armored vehicles in the Midi area of Yemen’s western Hajjah province.

It was reported on February 6, that at least 104 Saudi-led forces, including 8 senior Saudi and UAE officers, were killed in Yemen’s ballistic missile attack on Ma’as military base in Central Yemen.

In March last year, Saudi Arabia launched a military aggression against Yemen to bring back a Riyadh ally Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi into power.

According to several reports, over 8,270 people including 2,236 children were killed and 16,015 others injured since the beginning of the Saudi aggression.  Saudi airstrikes are continuously destroying Yemen’s facilities and infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, and factories.

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John Smith

Saudi terror regime’s spending billions of dollars on purchasing modern war machines is just that; purchasing. How good does those state-of-the-art machines do if no one in that so called army of theirs can operate them. Hence, more defeat/fatalities by third-world-country military standards such as Yemeni freedom fighters.

Any Mouse

If only Beijing and Moscow could guarantee the Yemeni people receive supplys, food and water from the Iranians..

Igor Dano

I wish SA marches in, in Syria. It would be their last march, it seems.

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