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Houthi Forces Advance in Taiz & Jizan Provinces: Over 50 Saudi Soldiers Killed

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The Houthi-Saleh alliance continues to advance in Taiz, Jizan and Marib provinces, killing scores of pro-Saudi fighters and taking control of government buildings.

Houthi Forces Advance in Taiz & Jizan Provinces: Over 50 Saudi Soldiers Killed

Photo: Reuters

Several government buildings in the southern part of Taiz province were taken under the control of Houthis, while scores of Saudi soldiers were killed by other units in heavy clashes, the Fars news agency reported, citing a senior Yemeni commander, Hossein al-Houthi.

According to the commander, the governor of Taiz was asked to surrender because he cooperated with terrorist groups.

“Many governmental buildings, including governor’s office, that were controlled by the terrorists, are now under Ansarullah’s full control,” al-Houthi told Fars on September 7.

Al-Houthi also added that several military positions were captured by the Yemeni Forces in the surrounding areas of Midi city, located near Jizan in southern Saudi Arabia. As result, at least 50 Saudi soldiers were killed.

On September 5, Yemeni assault on the western part of Marib province was intensified, as well as Saudi military bases, located in Jizan province, came under their artillery attacks.

The Fars’ source noted that more lands in the western part of Marib province are under the control of the Yemeni Forces now.

Meanwhile, military sites of Saudi troops were hit by the Yemeni Army’s missile units in Jizan province, the southern part of Saudi Arabia.

The pro-Saudi forces also were attacked in the province of al-Jawf. Scores of Saudi fighters were killed or wounded during the clash.

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chris chuba

The Saudis are now offering a unity govt that includes the Houthis (what they were fighting for originally) provided that they surrender all of their weapons LMAOL.

Here is a counter-offer, the Saudi’s leave Yemen immediately, pay about $15B of reparations over some time duration and then the Houthis will consider leaving Saudi territory.

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