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Yemeni Army Continues Its Advances in Taiz & Abyan Provinces

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The Yemeni Army and the popular forces have started military operations, aimed to recapturing of the Yemeni province of Taiz, as well as a fresh round of attacks on Saudi  positions in Abyan province in southern Yemen.

Yemeni Army Continues Its Advances in Taiz & Abyan Provinces

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / STR

Military operations, aimed to recapturing of the Yemeni province of Taiz, have been started by the Yemeni Army and the popular forces, the Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.

“The Yemeni forces have started their military operations from three different directions to win back Taiz province,” senior Ansarullah commander, Hossein al-Houthi said.

According to Al-Houthi, the pro-Saudi forces, backed by Saudi fighter jets, try to break Yemeni siege of the city of Taiz, but they cannot achieve any result. At the same time, he added that the Yemeni forces advance towards strategic Ninth district in the eastern part of Sana’a.

At the same time, a fresh round of attacks on the Saudi forces’ positions was launched by the Yemeni army and popular forces in Abyan province in southern Yemen. As result, scores of Arab coalition troops, including a senior Saudi military commander, were killed.

“Ali Hossein al-Juneidi, a Saudi commander, was killed and five other Saudi military men were injured, when their vehicle came under fire,” the Arabic-language media reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed local source.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Houthi Forces fired a number of Qaher-1 ballistic missiles at a strategic Saudi military airport in the Asir province.

On August 24, the forces loyal to the former President Mansour Hadi tried to attack Yemeni military positions in Zobab region in the western part of the province of Taiz, but they were repelled by the Yemeni Army. As result, the pro-Hadi fighters suffered heavy losses: several militias were killed and wounded, while several Saudi armored and military vehicles were destroyed.

Also on August 24, the Yemeni Special Forces took full control of the all Saudi military positions in the border region of Najran. Senior Ansarullah commander, Ali al-Hamzdani, told Fars that the Saudi Forces left their military positions, when the Yemeni Forces continued their advances in Najran and Jizan provinces. He also added that the Yemeni and Saudi Forces continue to wage fierce battles in Assir and Jizan provinces.

In addition, on August 26, Yemeni ballistic missiles were fired at the facilities of the Saudi state oil company Aramco in the southwest of the country.

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Those houthi’s can fight.


Why are there never any maps made on Yemen? On Taiz, on the provinces in general, it’s all hear’say without maps, all meaningless spiel if we can’t see what you’re talking about.


A ridiculous map with no depth. It says that the Houthis control Jizan, Najran and King Khalid Air Base, which is like 100m away from the border, it’s all untrue.


mmm, no it doesn’t.

The “dark green” is saudi forces…

The “light green” is houthi forces…


And the red? Why would two sides have the same colour, the guy behind that is a moron. Like I said, there’s no depth, you can’t zoom in and see specifically what’s going in, in Ta’iz and the like, it’s insufficient.


Unfortunately, this is just about it for mapping… The saudi powers that be are trying to black out this war as much as they can, and yemen is too much of a backwater neighborhood in terms of technology and oil to make front page news much.

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