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JUNE 2021

Yemen: New Massacre in Saada. Russian Humanitarian Aid Reaching Sanaa

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An Il-76 cargo plane belonging to the Russian Emergency Ministry has delivered 20 tons of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni capital of Sanaa. This is one of the few aid shipments allowed by the Saudi-led alliance. Saudi Arabia has imposed almost full air embargo on Yemen. The plane also evacuated 62 citizens from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries to Russia during its return.

On Tuesday, 22 civilians lost their life in Al-Muzaa area in Saada as a result of an air strike by the Saudi-led coalition air power.

The Ansar Allah Movement (Houthis) blamed the United Nations for the massacre. Spokesman for the movement Mohammed Abdul Salam said that this crime is part of a series of crimes committed against the Yemeni people under the disgraceful complicity of the United Nations. From its side, the United Nations condemned the air strike and expressed its sorrow for civilian casualties.

Meanwhile, clashes continued across Yemen. The Ansar Allah Movement announced on Wednesday that they launched an attack on a Saudi position in Kalal Alaraj in Jizan. The attack allegedly led to the killing and wounding of a number of Saudi soldiers. Ansar Allah Movement members the whole site and the  Saudi soldiers weapons. Moreover, the movement attacked a position of Saudi-led forces at Slatah in Najran.

The United Nations faces many criticisms in Yemen becase it has so far taken no concrete steps to reduce the effect of the Saudi siege of Yemen.

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Colin Oskapy

Russia combating the effects of Western Zionism.

Weldon Cheek

Where does it all end?these saudis and americans etc need something serious to happen to give them pause.

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