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Yemen: Houthis Announce They Captured Two Saudi Army Soldiers


Yemen: Houthis Announce They Captured Two Saudi Army Soldiers


On September 22, the Houthis media wing announced that Houthi fighters captured two Saudi soldiers during raids inside Saudi Arabia. The two captives are Abdullah Bin Ali al-Sheli, an officer of the Saudi Army, and Za’r Mutliq al-Atibi, a Saudi soldier.

The Houthis stated that they were treating both Saudi soldiers as prisoners of war. The two soldiers called the Saudi government to exchange them with Yemeni captives in a video released by the Houthis media wing.

On June 24, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs in Yemen announced that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been obstructing a comprehensive prisoner exchange deal among the all parties in Yemen.

In a separated development, Yemeni sources revealed that dozens of fighters of the Saudi-backed pro-Hadi forces protested in the Ras Abbas military camp in Aden city on September 22 after their commanders refused to pay their salaries. The sources added that the fighters were also told to go home without clearing if their service is over.

The Ras Abbas military camp is mainly run by the UAE Army. It is one of the biggest military camps of the Saudi-led coalition inside Yemen.

The UAE Army was likely behind the decision for unknown reason.



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  • Dod Grile

    FYI. Should the Houthis decide to dispatch those CIA cannibal miscreants to their just rewards, the Houthis should know the shrunken head rear view mirror ornament market here in the USA is especially hot this time of year. Such items are at a premium and would command top dollar.


  • Garga

    If Saudis are willing to exchange POWs, good news for the ones coming home. If not, don’t stain your hands with these two POW’s blood, just hold them in a hospital, school, elderly house or something and abandon the place. Their own mates will kill them in their next bombing.
    Just remember to write “THIS IS A SCHOOL” on the roof with big bold letters.

  • Moussa Saab

    Unfortunately, the only way Houthis could cooperate with the arrogant Saudia is to capture their soldiers. It is a win-win situation for the houthis. Captured soldiers are valuable whether they are used for prisoner exchanges or not. So if Saudia Arabia decides to make a deal and release Houthi prisoners, or stop the airport siege, it is a big win for Houthis. If Saudia Arabia decides to be stubborn, which is most the most likely scenario, the houthis can get info out of the Saudi soldiers and the already poor Saudi morale will only decrease which can lead to revolts in the army, worse fighting capability..etc