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Yemen: Houthi Snipers Deliver Sensetive Blow To Manpower Of Saudi-led Coalition


Yemen: Houthi Snipers Deliver Sensetive Blow To Manpower Of Saudi-led Coalition

Houthi snipers killed 24 fighters of the Saudi-led coalition in the last 48 hours, according to a report of the Houthis media wing on August 28.

The media branch of the movement said the snipers targeted the Saudi-led coalition fighters in Shabwah governorate, Taiz city and in other areas.

The Houthis media wing revealed that 44 fighters of the Saudi-led coalition were killed by Houthi snipers during the last week mainly in Taiz, Nihm, Ma’rib and al-Jawf regions.

Back on August 24, the pro-Houthis Yemeni Army revealed 7 domestically-made sniper rifles ranges from light 8mm sniper rifles to heavy 30mm anti-armor sniper rifle.

In a related development, the pro-Houthis Yemeni Air Defense Forces claimed on August 27 that it shot down a Typhoon fighter jet of the Royal Saudi Air Force in Nihm district of Sana’a governorate in western Yemen. The Yemeni Air Defense Forces said that the fighter jet was downed with a guided ground to air missile.

So far the Yemeni Air Defense Forces didn’t release any photos or videos to prove that it shot down a Saudi warplane. However, the Saudi-led coalition didn’t deny or confirm the Yemeni Air Defense claims yet.

Back on October 1, the Yemeni Air Defense Forces shot down a US MQ-9 Reaper unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) over the Yemeni capital of Saana using an unspecified ground to air missile.



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  • Zainab Ali

    zio wahabbis are the main terrorists oppressing yemen – they deserve nothing less than perm stay in hell

  • Bolter10

    ITS easy to get into a war but now Saudis will find it hard to get out.

    • You can call me Al

      I don’t think the Saudi’s mind about these losses, 99% of them are paid foreigners. The best the Houthis could do (in my view), is to somehow attack a Saudi military base, deep inside SA or even some of the war mongers themselves because I assume at the moment, the people no very little reality of what is actually going on.

      • Rodger

        They just need to hold long enough to get a Houthistan and let Iran build a huge naval base on the Red Sea.

        • You can call me Al

          Oh, now that would Kudos.

      • chris chuba

        Unfortunately, all the KSA has to do is just has to open their checkbook and hire another 50 Somali mercenaries.

        • Gabriel Hollows

          They’ll just keep killing them then. As long as those Iranian supplies keep coming they can hold out, though the population will have to get used to living in hell.

          This is how warrior cultures are born.

          • Garga

            There’s no arms supply to Yemen from Iran. The whole country is in blockade.
            They don’t let Iranian ships carrying food and medicine in, even after inspection.

  • Rafik Chauhan


  • DJ Double D

    Today is October 29th. It happened on August 28th. Two months old of fresh news.