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Yemen: Houthi Forces Kill 50 Saudi Soldiers on the Border

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Yemen: Houthi Forces Kill 50 Saudi Soldiers on the Border

On Thursday morning, the Saudi-led Coalition – backed by the Hadi loyalists – attempted to enter the Midi District for the 4th time this week after losing over 400+ fighters during their previous attacks.

However, once again, the Saudi-led Coalition and Hadi loyalists were stopped in their tracks by the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard after a fierce 4 hour battle that ended with the aggressors withdrawal.

Read more at AlMasdarNews

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No matter the outcome, wars are always transformational. Look at how WW2 changed all the countries involved, even the US. Even small wars can change a country. Now that Saudi soldiers are coming home in body bags, I wonder how the people of Arabia will change? After WW1, we saw women get the right to vote. After WW2, we saw the rise of the Civil Rights movement here in the US. Will the people of Arabia continue to accept the harsh Wahabbi rule? Will they continue to support the ideology and regime that is bringing war to Arabia?
Generally speaking, war has rarely proved to be popular, especially when it drags on and has no well defined goals. The Saudi war in Yemen is like that — ill-defined and pointless.
I project that there will be unrest in Saudi Arabia in 10 years. Then they will become much harsher, and it will devolve into a harsh military dictatorship.

William Toffan

Interesting perspective with a lot of historical support. I suppose that in the event you are right, we’ll see swords instead of guillotines used to terminate those fat, greasy Al-Sauds from the face of the earth. However, I doubt ten years to be too long. America’s pointless war in Vietnam has similarities with the Yemen-Saudi conflict, as you inferred, where a powerful nation tries to install unpopular presidents on an unwilling populace. The Vietnam protests helped bring down the Nixon administration after real fighting for just the years 1965-72, and America was the preeminent global power with a powerful military structure. The house of Saudi has nothing like this, and will start to crumble from internal fighting among Saudi elites who notice the worm turning after mercenaries no longer fill Saudi military ranks.
With revolution palpable in the air, the Princes will turn against their own and throw in their lot with the rebellious masses in the hope they will fill top positions in the Saudi government, with the peoples support, once the war is over.

Zuzana Rehakova

My comment on your comment:
USA MIC needs a permanent war. They never tried to win in Vietnam, they could bring in 400.000 troops, like in Iraq. They didn’t.
MIC earns more money, if the war is permanent.
I believe to see this pattern in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan.


An interesting point from Dr Jim Willie is Saudi Arabia holds $3 trillion of US Treasury bond debt. What happens when a gangster has a problem of debt (a big one over $20 trillion) and can’t pay it back? Get rid of the creditor. In this case, sell Saudi Arabia more of its weapons, encourage it to go into a disastrous war, and sit back and watch it implode.


I wish Yemen could wipe Saudi Arabia off the map.

Ho Pw


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