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Yemen: Another Shameful US Defeat Looms

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Written by Finian Cunningham; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

An official confirmation by the Trump administration of it holding discreet talks with Yemen’s Houthi rebels indicates a realization in Washington that its military intervention in the Arab country is an unsalvageable disaster requiring exit.

There are also reports of the Trump administration urging the Saudi rulers to engage with the Houthis, also known as Ansarullah, in order to patch up some kind of peace settlement to the more than four-year war. In short, the Americans want out of this quagmire.

Yemen: Another Shameful US Defeat Looms

Quite a turnaround. The US-backed Saudi coalition has up to now justified its aggression against the poorest country in the Arab region with claims that the rebels are Iranian proxies. Now, it seems, Washington deems the Houthi “terrorists” worthy of negotiations.

This follows a similar pattern in many other US foreign wars. First, the aggression is “justified” by moralistic claims of fighting “communists” or “terrorists” as in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Only for Washington, after much needless slaughter and destruction, to reach out to former villains for “talks” in order to extricate the Americans from their own self-made disaster.

Talks with the Houthis were confirmed last week by US Assistant Secretary of Near East Affairs David Schenker during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

“We are narrowly focused on trying to end the war in Yemen,” said Schenker. “We are also having talks to the extent possible with the Houthis to try and find a mutually accepted negotiated solution to the conflict.”

In response, a senior Houthi official Hamid Assem was quoted as saying: “That the United States says they are talking to us is a great victory for us and proves that we are right.” However, he declined to confirm or deny if negotiations were being held.

You have to almost admire the effrontery of the American government. Notice how the US diplomat says “we are focused on ending the war” and “a mutually acceptable solution”.

As if Washington is some kind of honest broker trying to bring peace to a country stricken by mysterious violence.

The war was launched by the US-backed Saudi coalition, including the United Arab Emirates, in March 2015, without any provocation from Yemen. The precipitating factor was that the Houthis, a mainly Shia rebel group aligned with Iran, had kicked out a corrupt Saudi-backed dictator at the end of 2014. When he tucked tail and fled to exile in Saudi capital Riyadh, that’s when the Saudis launched their aerial bombing campaign on Yemen.

The slaughter in Yemen over the past four years has been nothing short of a calamity for the population of nearly 28 million people. The UN estimates that nearly 80 per cent of the nation is teetering on hunger and disease.

A UN report published last week explicitly held the US, Britain and France liable for complicity in massive war crimes from their unstinting supply of warplanes, munitions and logistics to the Saudi and Emirati warplanes that have indiscriminately bombed civilians and public infrastructure. The UN report also blamed the Houthis for committing atrocities. That may be so, but the preponderance of deaths and destruction in Yemen is due to American, British and French military support to the Saudi-led coalition. Up to 100,ooo civilians may have been killed from the Western-backed blitzkrieg, while the Western media keep quoting a figure of “10,000”, which magically never seems to increase over the past four years.

Several factors are pressing the Trump administration to wind down the Yemen war.

The infernal humanitarian conditions and complicity in war crimes can no longer be concealed by Washington’s mendacity about allegedly combating “Iran subversion” in Yemen. The southern Arabian Peninsula country is an unmitigated PR disaster for official American pretensions of being a world leader in democratic and law-abiding virtue.

When the American Congress is united in calling for a ban on US arms to Saudi Arabia because of the atrocities in Yemen, then we should know that the PR war has been lost. President Trump over-ruled Congress earlier this year to continue arming the Saudis in Yemen. But even Trump must at last be realizing his government’s culpability for aiding and abetting genocide is no longer excusable, even for the most credulous consumers of American propaganda.

After four years of relentless air strikes, which has become financially ruinous for the Saudi monarchy and its precocious Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who conceived the war, the Houthis still remain in control of the capital Sanaa and large swathes of the country. Barbaric bombardment and siege-starvation imposed on Yemen has not dislodged the rebels.

Not only that but the Houthis have begun to take the war into the heart of Saudi Arabia. Over the past year, the rebels have mounted increasingly sophisticated long-range drone and ballistic missile attacks on Saudi military bases and the capital Riyadh. From where the Houthis are receiving their more lethal weaponry is not clear. Maybe from Lebanon’s Hezbollah or from Iran. In any case, such supply if confirmed could be argued as legitimate support for a country facing aggression.

No doubt the Houthis striking deep into Saudi territory has given the pampered monarchs in Riyadh serious pause for thought.

When the UAE – the other main coalition partner – announced a month ago that it was scaling back its involvement in Yemen that must have rattled Washington and Riyadh that the war was indeed futile.

The defeat is further complicated by the open conflict which has broken out over recent weeks between rival militants sponsored by the Saudis and Emiratis in the southern port city of Aden. There are reports of UAE warplanes attacking Saudi-backed militants and of Saudi force build-up. A war of words has erupted between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. There is strong possibility that the rival factions could blow up into a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, supposed coalition allies.

Washington has doubtless taken note of the unstoppable disaster in Yemen and how its position is indefensible and infeasible.

Like so many other obscene American wars down through the decades, Washington is facing yet another ignominious defeat in Yemen. When the US starts to talk about “ending the war” with a spin about concern for “mutual peace”, then you know the sordid game is finally up.

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  1. FlorianGeyer says:

    This is yet another war that the US military planners and their Hollywood advisers thought would be won in a few weeks or months. :)

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      But it isn’t. It is total collapse of theirs military strategy. Yemen is winning the War!

  2. Agnostic Priest says:

    What the fuck is this idiot talking about? We’re no in Yemen.

    1. R PLobo says:

      Who do you think is flying those bombing runs – the sand princes? Who do you think is trying to coordinate third world mercs – the sand princes? The sand princes are too busy boozing – banging whores and snorting coke.

    2. grumpy_carpenter says:

      Yes you are. If you’d pull your head out of your ass and stop watching Fox news you’d know this. The USA provides the aircraft for the Saudis as well as the munitions. They supply intel, plan the missions, provide refuelling tankers and maintain the aircraft. All the Saudi pilots do are fly the planes and push the button when the yanks tell them to.

      How much do you want to bet there are also Navy Seals on the ground in Yemen with laser designator lighting up the targets as well?

      1. Agnostic Priest says:

        By that logic, if a cop in LA shoots down a gang banger with an AK-47, then it’s a military loss for Russia. We are not on the ground fighting, thus we are not IN Yemen.

        1. grumpy_carpenter says:

          By that logic nuking a country out of existence would not be an act of war either because you “are not on the ground fighting”

          Your argument is infantile but considering that you’re an American you’re forgiven since you’ve been intellectually starved since birth.

          Drone strikes are an act of war, naval blockades are an act of war and issuing orders to proxies who carry them out for you got you hanged at Nuremberg.

          1. Agnostic Priest says:

            All right, I stand corrected. Still, a SOCOM presence hardly constitutes a war effort. And providing logistical support is not fighting.

      2. You can call me Al says:

        They do have the seals as the UK and France also have specials on the ground.

    3. You can call me Al says:

      Hey dumb fuck, yes you are, your are mid air refuelling the Wahhabi scum and for some reason giving target information,which as usual is total bllx…..

  3. thomas malthaus says:

    Other than Yemen’s oil, the US has no discernible foreign policy objective there. That would include “fighting terrorism there so they don’t come to America.”

    That’s malarkey.

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      Israel demands unrestricted passage up and down the red sea for oil thievery and the like. ‘Iranian-bakcked’ Yemeni Houthis holding Yemeni coastal cities or territory near the bab al Mandeb Straits might impede Israeli oil and commercial trade. CENTCOM’s job is to make sure forces ‘friendly’ with israeli interests.are controlling the coastlines.

      1. verner says:

        sure as a klucking bell, the houthis control entry into the red sea and also exit, which can scare the iiving s..t out of clown prince mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardo da vinci fame, since both major chokepoints, hormuz- and bab al mandeb straits, are controlled directly and/or indirectly by Iran, which truly could make life difficult for the clown in riyadh.

        I also believe that the reason why Iran placed a destroyer in or about the bab al Mandeb is to catch eventual israeli stealth subs entering gulf of Oman ready to attack Iran when the situation arises. nuclear tipped missiles in the german-supplied stealth-subs hiding in the gulf of Oman/Aden and being supplied by the americans. you bet.

  4. alejandro casalegno says:

    Yemen……………………..is “Vietnam” in arab……………..

  5. adzsiam says:

    The Vietnam doctrine of war works even if it comes at a great cost. Now the Houthis have a choice, an uneasy peace, continued war or in between, which is to continue building pressure to get as much leverage as possible.

  6. Boycott-Israel! says:

    1. End the bombing.
    2. Lift the siege.
    3. Let the aid flooding.
    4. Make the country humane for living.
    5. More scientist come to work.
    6. In 5 years you got ICBM made in yemen.

  7. nick1111 says:

    There is no murderer or assassin that Trump does not like

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      Well said.

  8. Icarus Tanović says:

    Ansarallah are Muslim, unlike Saudi skunks, pigs and Wahhabi rats.
    Now, Yemenis, and Yemen is wining the War, and America wants peace. It doesn’t works that way. No more. Because people are learning.

  9. The Farney Fontenoy says:

    Israel & USA’s actions in the region since 2011 have backfired completely & they haven’t even realised. Iran is stronger than ever, lots of combat experience, better weapons tech etc, Hezbollah same, Iraqi PMUs able to send the US packing, alliances everywhere & almost everyone has the S400. The US & Israel cannot implement the planned breakup of ME countries without watching their armies being destroyed.
    Well done!

  10. Tommy Jensen says:

    Discrete talks and reports regarding Great Satan?…………………….LOL. Complete bs!

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