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Yellow Vest Organizer “Handicapped For Life” By French Riot Police: Lawyer


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A 40-year-old French construction worker known for his role in organizing Yellow Vest protests has been “handicapped for life” after he was struck in the eye with a rubber police bullet, his attorney said Sunday.

Yellow Vest Organizer "Handicapped For Life" By French Riot Police: Lawyer

“He is in shock. He will be handicapped for life. It is a tragedy for him and his family,” said Rodrigues’s layer, Philippe de Veulle in an interview with BFM Television.

Yellow Vest Organizer "Handicapped For Life" By French Riot Police: Lawyer

The bearded Rodrigues, who has become a well-known figure in the “yellow vest” movement with 50,000 followers on Facebook, was live-streaming the protest on the website when he was hit.

De Veulle said Rodrigues was struck with a “flashball”, referring to the 40-mm (1.6-inch) rubber projectiles used by French riot police.

The devices — which are not used in most European countries — have become deeply controversial in France since the protests began in November, blamed for dozens of serious injuries. –AFP via Yahoo!

Speaking from his hospital bed, Rodrigues told LCI television that he was also hit with a stingball grenade.

“Everything happened very quickly. They threw a grenade at me and I took a (rubber) bullet. I was attacked twice — a grenade to the foot, and the bullet.”

In a video of the incident, Rodrigues can be heard warning protesters to leave the Bastille due to far-left “black bloc” agitators who had arrived to attack the police.



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  • Ivanus59

    The insane zionist dictator Macron is maiming French people! He should be arrested and tried for treason.

  • Tudor Miron

    Time to recognize this fella as legitimate president of France? I expect mr. Pompeo to declare “Macron should step aside and let French people enjoy democracy and freedom!” and a juicy tweet from Trump along the same lines. Time for a little color revolution or is it?

  • Blaine

    “Black Block” = plainclothes police, the justification team.

  • SG