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Wuhan’s ‘Bat Lady’ Warns Of Coming Covid-19 Mutants

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Wuhan's 'Bat Lady' Warns Of Coming Covid-19 Mutants

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Originally published by ZeroHedge.

Of all the people on the planet who should probably take a pass on weighing in over the future of Covid-19, the woman suspected of either creating it and/or releasing it is probably at the top of the list.

Yet, that’s what just happened.

According to Chinese state media cited by the South China Morning Post, top CCP virologist Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology – also known as “Bat Lady” – says the virus will continue to mutate, and we must prepare to coexist with it.

“As the number of infected cases has just become too big, this allowed the novel coronavirus more opportunities to mutate and select. New variants will continue to emerge,” said Shi, whose lab was working with a US-Funded nonprofit to make bat coronaviruses more infectious to humans.

Wuhan's 'Bat Lady' Warns Of Coming Covid-19 Mutants

Zhengli Shi toasts with Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance

Fear porn or legitimate concern?

Aside from the obvious value in having ‘Wuhan’s Bat Lady™’ opine on emerging strains of the virus she’s an expert in – note that she doesn’t discuss how much more or less deadly new strains could be.

For example, there’s no evidence that the Delta strain – while much more virulent than the original Alpha strain of Covid-19, is any deadlier.

“There’s no evidence that it’s more deadly,” said Dr. Larry Corey, who is coordinating all of the COVID-19 vaccine research in the U.S (via King5). “There is evidence that it’s more infectious and more infectious to others, i.e., more transmissible. But [is it] actually more severe? There’s really not good hard evidence of that.”

Becoming more transmissible and less lethal are absolutely what’s best for the pathogen,” said Troy Day, a professor of mathematics and biology at Queen’s University in Canada, who has studied how infectious diseases – including coronaviruses – evolve (via AP).

That said, sometimes viruses evolve to become more deadly.

“…in many instances is never possible, to be more transmissible and also less lethal,” Day added – noting that there are documented cases of animal viruses which have evolved to become more lethal over time.

Some examples of viruses that became more deadly over time include those that developed drug resistant variants, and animal viruses such as bird flu, which were harmless to humans initially but then mutated to become capable of killing people, according to Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security.

“Flu viruses have developed resistance to certain antivirals that make them more difficult to treat, and therefore make them more deadly,” said Adalja, noting that this has happened with HIV and certain strains of Hepatitis C.



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Dumb ass bat lady needs to be dropped in a cave. What kind of sick imbecile works to make anything more infectious to humans?


NIH, yes Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and and Infectious Diseases, along with the Eco Health Alliance and Peter Daszak.


Peter Jennings

A 99.N% recovery rate isn’t considered deadly by scientists. It’s the quacks and the money launderers who think this, and they had their ducks in media promote it.

Flu viruses mutates and has done for millennia, so we are told by scientists anyway. The covid, if it exists at all, is just another flu type virus which has come and gone over time, claiming the very old and sick, whilst most carriers have no symptoms.

Something is very wrong when gov’ts are wasting trillions in currency, ruining economies, denying civil and human rights, trying to prevent ‘cases’ for something with a 99.N survival rate. China is so obviously part of this world-wide scam.


As a wise man once said; “The best and most easiest way to end this pandemic? Turn off the TV”

Hindu Fungus

Or just drink cow piss and smear the filthy Hindu scrawny carcass with dung.

Ivan Freely

If only it was that simple. It’s a good start but businesses need to stop participating in this nonsense.

L du Plessis

Amazing how she knows….🧐

Tommy Jensen

The vaccines are the ones causing the virus to mutate to circumvent the natural immune system.

In the future your natural immune system will already be destroyed by the vaccines, and you can then only continue with booster shots against new strains of a laboratory enhanced virus designed especially for sheep like you……………………………LOL.

The usury lenders have made an eternal profit model again, and you were running all you could to sign up and take their shit voluntary, thus bearing all legal responsibility for not only your own demise but also your society’s fall to slavery…………………………….LOL.


Frankly, these quack kill shot vaccines will cause millions of deaths in the future. Rense.com has an interview with a women in Australia who said that the fascist government there is forcibly injecting healthy people who are now showing signs of sickness from these jabs. Pfizer made $50 BILLION on the crappy shots and the worst AstraZeneca is literally killing healthy people in hours.

Jim Allen

The reason these mRNA, toxin, and disease laden not vaccines wer/are developed to do.


She knows full well vaccines causing the mutations.
No other virus in Human history has mutated as fast as covid, wonder why…
Vaccines are killing more people than the vírus by the way.
Look up covid vaccine citokin storm.
Also look up grafen-oxid in covid vaccine aka programmed cell death…

Jim Allen

By mutate, (and evolve) you mean developed ?


Resistance is Victory.

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