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Worldwide Chaos Just A Step Away In Eastern Ukraine

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Preparations for open conflict in Ukraine are ongoing as a sense of impending urgency is felt in the air.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Russian President Vladimir Putin for a meeting in Eastern Ukraine in a video address. He said that he went to the contact line every month, claiming that if war was to be avoided, discussions need to be held.

There is a diplomatic impasse between Russia and Ukraine and its allies. Diplomats were expelled throughout and any talks appear to come to a dead end. The US Ambassador to Moscow was recommended to leave Russia back on April 16. Initially, he boasted that he would not cave to the pressure, but then went to “visit relatives” back in the US.

On April 20th, the Normandy Format talks also concluded and achieved nothing of significance.

Russia closed the airspace over the Black Sea and Crimea for civilian flights between April 20th – 24th due to security threats. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the combat capabilities of the Southern Military District are increasing due to NATO’s attempts to oppose the normalization of the situation in some countries of the Caucasus and the Middle East. As a result, a new motorized rifle division had been formed in the district.

On April 20th, servicemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia carried out controlled firing from various types of weapons on the Black Sea coast. More than 2,000 servicemen, as well as more than 500 units of modern military equipment, were involved.

Exercises in the Black Sea were carried out by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, as well as by warplanes from the Russian Aerospace Forces. Dozens of warships and warplanes were involved.

The concentration of Russian forces near the Ukrainian borders is fact, and it includes units from every branch of the military.

On the other side, American F-15E Strike Eagle fighter-bombers will arrive in Estonia for training flights on April 21st.

On April 19, twenty US F-15s from RAF Lakenheath in the UK and four F-16s from Spangdahlem air base in Germany were deployed to Poland within the framework of an Agile Combat Employment exercise.

The United Kingdom is to send warships to the Black Sea, and all the chips are falling into place and waiting for the incoming storm.

Ukraine itself is preparing for hostilities. The Security Service of Ukraine has declared high alert for its units in all regions. Kiev reportedly began digging trenches and setting up mines and fortifications in the Kherson Oblast, just north of Crimea.

The Ukrainian 128th Mountain Assault Brigade from the Transcarpathian region was deployed to the south of the DPR, near Mariupol. The unit replaced the 36th Marine Brigade, which went to its point of permanent deployment.

A chain reaction was initiated on April 15th, with the United States’ renewed row of sanctions, and the beginning of diplomatic expulsions, and they could all lead to a new hot war in the coming days.

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John Tosh

The jackasses in the CIA think this war will remain far far away from the USA.

The control centers are in the CIA. Those sites will be neutralized.

The USA will initially try to mount an offensive.

Then kaboom!

Rest in pieces jackasses who want to run the world. You are so scared of blacks back home you cannot even control black neighborhoods yet you want to control Russia. Talk about deluded morons.


You know about blacks back home..u ever visited AMERICA

John Tosh

Do you live on earth ??

Jihadi Colin

You actually read through all that? Wow.


Oh john can i give you cash Stop with poor mental gibberish https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9118daf640c4559c2bcf7cbcd9848d35155e09ea0a63b30d191044a354ecda63.jpg


Scared of blacks back home Head of army is whom You peddler of non sense U can tell by schematics you are poor mentally and physically..go take refresher course on geo politics. Oh yes kabooom AMERICA get nuke The COUNTRY with how many NUCLEAR weapons & bases in EUROPE ..those weapons be sitting during this KABOOM..ALL 100 NUKES IN EUROLAND..


diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of thought. what a mess lol

John Tosh

I must have struck a nerve. I see you foaming from your mouth! This is why the CIA instructs the police to keep killing blacks to scare blacks in America into submission!



In Exile

Once we remove the jew all other problems will sort themselves out.

Rhodium 10

Nazi Maidan regime must be removed

Lone Ranger


Icarus Tanović



It has to come to a definite conclusion eventually. The past 2 decades has been a crap show best forgotten, a waste of blood and treasure and lost opportunity for advancement of civilization.

If this keeps dragging on it shows that humanity will tolerate and put up with evil even after being mocked or insulted by the degenerates and we have become far less than what our ancestors once were.


unfortunately it will be forgotten. it has always been forgotten the war to end all wars has been repeated ever again, hasn’t it? humans refuse their innate humanity..

Bunds speak I’m https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ee21c9e8a75c07df289c0d04fa8e1b20690dff4388d334cbaaac7023f0eb0a3.jpg sure more nazi roaming leningrad than maiden..keep FANTASY alive

What are you posting a photo of the Indian Legion for? They weren’t Nazis.

Jihadi Colin

Should have been eliminated in 2014.

Just look at this character for instance. Talk about a pro western democracy lovibg freedom fighter!



AM Hants

Is that Yarosh’s mate ‘Psycho Billy’?

Time to re-watch Nulandistan, from 2014. Same crowd involved and running a similar story.

Welcome to Nulandistan: US-Supported Ukrainian Democrats at Work… https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1tpx0w

Jihadi Colin

Yes, Oleksandr Muzychko. The coup regime bumped him off after he did the dirty work to get them into power.

AM Hants

They took the psycho out quite early on, but, sadly left his mate to grieve. As memories of him in action come flooding back. Not a nice man.

jabirujoe .

Hi Antsie. Just some background info on Polish Submarines and perhaps a bit of a

clue as to why some Poles might hate the Germans and the Russians. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/675990c8ff0f9cbfe5976f99d8823c0d20dd33dbbb56316423776290c1445195.jpg

AM Hants

Wonder who he pinched the idea from? Still laughing at getting Poland muddles up with furniture polish or a ‘buff and shine’.

Owing to not being able to give credit, where credit is due, with regards old Rudolf, I went snooping to see who he pilfered his science from, to assist with his 360 degree periscope. Must admit, I found the answer fascinating, as we go back to the Mesopotamians and the 60-numerical system.

‘…The same people who invented the wheel about 6,000 years ago: the Mesopotamians, who loved the number 60. It’s a useful and easily divisible number, which made it ideal for both early mathematics and commercial trade. The Mesopotamians passed their base-60 numerical system to the ancient Egyptians, who used it to divide a circle into 360 degrees, Mary Blocksma writes in her book Reading the Numbers.

The 360-degree circle worked out great: The Egyptians loved perfect triangles, and exactly six of them fit into a circle. Therefore, six triangular slices of 60 degrees each made for a sensible 360-degree dissection of a circle. The Egyptians, who invented the degree symbol, also came up with the first calendar based on a 360-day year, which is only off by 5.25 days. Since then, the 360-degree circle has more than stood the test of time, it has made its mark on time itself: When time was first recorded on the face of a circle, it was an easy leap to divide hours into 60 minutes and minutes into 60 seconds…’ https://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2002-02/who-determined-circle-should-be-divided-360-degrees/

jabirujoe .

Antsie you divine and delectable creature. I’m most impressed with your well researched and enlightening dissertation. In fact you’ve opened my eyes to a mystery that has stalked and confounded me for many years leaving me floundering on the borders of insanity. I could never work out why I preferred a six slice pizza compared to either an eight or four slicer but you my dear have hit the pepperoni on the head, so to speak, and shone the light of knowledge on my long perplexed state of confussion. It’s all in the Symmetry and I’ve been blind for so long.

With regards to our Polish friend Rudolf and his periscopic perversions I do confess that my periscope is not reversable but it is indeed retractable and has on occasion done preciscly that at the most inopportune time. Minor set backs on the field of battle I like to think, a nuisance rather than a major flaw. But I digress.

Your hard work and research deserves a song. This song came to me via a YouTube suggestion but it’s one that I thought you might appreciate and have a laugh with. I don’t know for a fact if the YouTube algorithm drew some sort of parallel between periscope and torpedo and this song is what it came up with but I do have my suspicions. Regardless dear lady. Have a smile and enjoy the song.

PS. The comments section for this song is also a good laugh.https://youtu.be/4i62RnsIQHM

AM Hants

LOL and guess I need a vacation In some small town in Newfoundland. I wonder if they have a local battery factory, if needing a change of pace, ha-ha and will behave.

You are seriously naughty, but, thanks as I will spend the day laughing.

With regards symmetry and pizzas, it is interesting how symmetry plays a big part, with regards aesthetics and easy on the eye. Never thought about it, besides facial symmetry, which follows your ‘6 slice pizza concept’. However, must admit, although I seldom eat pizza, it does look a lot nicer divided into six, than any other figure and that includes 12, or does it? Jury out on 12.

Jens Holm

You do. We dont.

You forget the alternative is a collapsed communisme added with Oligarcs of own USSR chosie for decades.

When add “nazi” and make those contrasts you even grow them Yourself as well as Russian supporters same of a kind.

Jihadi Colin

You confuse your salad skills with your word salad skills again.

Jens Holm

Thats worse then a comment, You dont see that.

Do You think its funny to get all those nasty le ftovers from Your kind. I dont. I only support, they have to decide themself and didnt make te communist collapse.

Its even almost too hard so help some of the others disfunctions even we put in all we can.

We dont like nazis or semilars too, but we certainly cant see You want to include them into Your homegrown collpase, where the Ukrainians by the way was apart of it themself – too.

Jihadi Colin

What are you even talking about?

Jens Holm

You ceratinly dontr try to make any kind of peace.

Tommy Jensen

Im on my way into the Black Sea to defend our way of living! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e3bbd0be3f5632778d6db5736e3a3fbbe16905a7a2a2a3eec465545f6a8e421.jpg




lol the Ukrainian Navy resorts to commandeering civilian vessels now. Sad.

You obviously a child with mild autism

johnny rotten

No war, only a clown that asked a bit of attention and no one has him given it, and if he dare to launch a serious attack will be kicked you know where, and the republics will take up the entire donbass, if they be not the same ukrainians to will kick him in that place.


Putin’s terrorist Ziocorporate globalist US/NATO/EU partners in business must’ve found his speech today very encouraging to keep negotiations and dealings going on; with the usual display of Russia’s advanced military tech being indicative of opennes, especially towards EU, for a resolution in which Nordstream2 is finished and Western Zioterrorist investment in Russia guaranteed.

Ziojew comedian Zelensky certainly is mocking the people of Donbass by proposing to meet Putin there, any high ranking Kiev puppet of the Zioterrorists that’ve led the massacre of tens of thousands of Donbass people and kept them under siege for 7+ yrs should be executed summarily upon setting foot in Donetsk or Lugansk, but it wouldn’t a surprise if Putin accepted either.

Steve Standley

You make zero sense.


This is the STORY: C/P: Putin is waiting for the fields of Ukraine to dry out and then the Russian tanks are crossing into Ukraine. If Biden interferes America will be nuked. Subsequent to Paul Preston’s revelations, I have learned that many C-147’s have landed in Ukraine. Is Biden giving Ukraine nuclear capability? We also know that the Biden is being blackmailed by Ukraine over Burisma, so this is a completely plausible story. WOW!

Assad must stay

how long will the fields take to dry out?

Al Balog

Probably sometime in May. The local Ukrainian news I looked at, the roads still looked muddy. This picture was taken April 13th.


Assad must stay

I thought tanks can cross mud

Tommy Jensen

As I said decades ago, WWII was won by Sovjet because America gave 5 million new wellies to Russian troops! But nobody in West would believe it and MSM refused to write about it. Only the Russians had the intelligence to follow my advises. Therefore Putin will win this battle, and the Nasis will be stuck in the mud again! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ecacaaff2cd8387e736b56daff4dc46098290f407efcbdf24eacc880cc281d16.jpg

Assad must stay


James Platt

Short for Wellington brand boots. Army boots.

Old news for archives Because your lil hard on not written about Dont mean no one knows Geo politics for low norm

Any war you be the first to run under mommy pantieline

Tommy Jensen

as long as I have my beloved wellies and a Winchester, no problem.

Jihadi Colin


Jim Allen

Not exactly.


Yes tanks can do that, but it will hard for logistic to transport the supply needed for the tank to push forward.

Jihadi Colin

I don’t think that’s a criterion. Russia, or rather the USSR, has known how to fight effectively in mud since WWII.


Yawn. As if Putin needs ‘the fields to dry out’. More trolling action I see.


The WW2’s T-34 was designed with wider tracks that allowed it to go over Russian snow and mud.

80 years later (we are now coming to the 80th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa , interesting timing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Barbarossa ) I doubt they have forgotten how to fight under Rasputitsa conditions.


America be nuke? Oh poor baby.100 years of AMERICA domination of your municipality gettin to you Speak so much nonsense Nuke AMERICA Oh yes russia will nuke AMERICA ..what happens after she does.i hate poor PEOPLE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a2ba1b4fe4b5922face9a005d0111141495506adb6bc8a1680f32ea83047935.jpg


O P I U M trade.. In case you miss this:

C/P: lamecherry

As you probably missed this, as Pedo Joe was starting a war with Russia, the Russians hit back with the most devastating economic reprisals available and that was hindering Black Sea access to Ukraine. Yes this is precautionary about no more NATO warships appearing and shiploads of arms, but this is about shutting down the massive shipments of opium flowing into Ukraine from Afghanistan. Shutting down opium, hits the London Banking at their most vulnerable as a new pipeline will have to be established to deal with this increased load.



Only the Azov sea has been closed, while EUkraine’s main port, the Russian city of Odessa, is open for business just like always, including for NATO ships calling the port.

Tommy Jensen

I thought the heroine was transported by military planes. More secure than ships.


Another retard


Wow is right the poor need to get back to service industry Let me enjoy my 8.5 million dollar.already have 10 views All chinese.so nice to be black & Rich the more i hate poor standards..for your view only https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f0520b6e41fe08d8dd7d05efacca43cd2966b1560b4050cb763bdeba75d47a27.jpg

Assad must stay

russia will win the war and emerge as new leader of the world afterwards inshallah

Lone Ranger

Correction… A Russian flag on top of the Rada is only a step away. I would pay to see ukropnazis and zhzeir retarded cia handlers paraded around the streets with water trucks spraying after them…

James Platt

I figured the rada would get an iskander. If so, no flagpole will be available.

Steve Standley

If you listened to what Putin had to say today, you would know that he’s serious about standing up against this pack of hyenas.

Icarus Tanović

We all have our strong motives to go and fight for Russia, we don’t need money. Them NATO punks doesn’t have that moral, and motives. That’s why we will prevail and they’ll loose.

So nice to hear #abkhazia The hidden beauty 99% American cant find, 100% blk AMERICA ineptitude linger only 10 mile RADIUS of ghetto

Constructive debate lost its ways to fansite of fantasy due to so many with laisse FAIRE ineptitude Maybe asking too much in Geo wankfest..oh yes RUSSIA WILL NUKE AMERICA SO YOU CAN SCRAP METAL,NO STRIKE BACK AT ALL,THIS THINKING OF EH LOST FEW IN METH psychosis FANTASY I HAVE 8.5 MILLION TO SPEND LETS HOPE YOUR BOY JOY FANTASY IS AFTER I SPENT it..just a reminder https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d39fe734aaf35a05d1a1fde025b05fb39df21c6633d3aa6fd515b5998fd9f9b1.jpg

Tommy Jensen

Here is why Iran and Venezuela are the two most dangerous terrorist countries and biggest threat to world peace in the world. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1275073515ec8f7d1bcd6caddadf1404d5473955af81f14237cb8b9753dbf69.png

I sent a nice donation Keep up good work Tube even better https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7fc46a66b1c07091fbb5914d4f8670af216336f83414c9ab721f4f34d4f9e68.jpg


This apparent slide into war is very sad. Someone posted on the article about the Brit ships about to enter Black Sea that Britain was reliving the Crimean War. Apparently that war arose as the respective parties could not figure out another way of resolving a number of otherwise solvable issues and each side worked itself up to a war fever. This quote sounded like something the Saker said recently. France takes Algeria from Turkey, and almost every year England annexes another Indian principality: none of this disturbs the balance of power; but when Russia occupies Moldavia and Wallachia, albeit only temporarily, that disturbs the balance of power. France occupies Rome and stays there several years during peacetime: that is nothing; but Russia only thinks of occupying Constantinople, and the peace of Europe is threatened. The English declare war on the Chinese, who have, it seems, offended them: no one has the right to intervene; but Russia is obliged to ask Europe for permission if it quarrels with its neighbor. England threatens Greece to support the false claims of a miserable Jew and burns its fleet: that is a lawful action; but Russia demands a treaty to protect millions of Christians, and that is deemed to strengthen its position in the East at the expense of the balance of power. We can expect nothing from the West but blind hatred and malice… (comment in the margin by Nicholas I: ‘This is the whole point’).

— Mikhail Pogodin’s memorandum to Nicholas I, 1853[27]

Do we have to repeat all our mistakes forever and ever? Why can’t we find the common good?

Potato Man

Alarms go off near Israel’s nuclear reactor amid reports of explosions & missile defense system being activated


4 killed after car bomb rocks luxury hotel in Pakistan’s Balochistan hosting Chinese ambassador


cechas vodobenikov

Jens can meet ze and granny Diana in Poltava and create declaration that Ukraine new colony of Zimbabwe; Russia has no interest in governing this degenerated corrupt broken society


rehash of last week’s news. panic mongering article. waste of bandwidth

Roy Sonman

As a Jew-wise Westerner, I love watching Putin outfox the Jews. When they offered up the Crimea to Russia if he’d then permit the Jews’ US Tyranny’s destruction of Syria and Iran, he took the prize and then gave them the finger. Awesome. The best the Jews could come up with was to shoot down a plane full of innocent passengers they thought they might pin on Russia.

The Jews are doing again, this time with the mostly ethnic Russian Eastern Ukraine. Tacitly, the Jews are offering up the Eastern Ukraine to Russia if Putin backs off resisting the Jews’ subjugation of Syria into their “Greater Israel,” and if Putin will look the other way during the Jews’ coming destruction of Iran. I can’t wait to see what maneuver Putin unleashes on the Jews this time around. It the Jew government of the Ukraine isn’t careful, they may loose a large chuck of Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

Sidenote: The Jews that control the West are still angry with Putin because he ruined their scam to in the late 90s to subjugate Russia further under their grifting fiat-money scheme. Putin took control and then freed Russia from the Jew oligarchs.

El Mashi

You are an Israeli trol. Nice. Shalom.

Tommy Jensen

Putin is the same Prince who first kicked the koshers out from Khazaria. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f678dabd9d9a050d1488597f94151e7b312a09f17b898e32f2398e9e172fb5af.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a38fe64338663d7ec6898a128bb8ff89f86936388410a2407d48dce8054e7fd7.jpg They cant believe he continue to (r)exist.

Jens Holm

Here we hardly care unless people there has covid and might come here.

80% is Russioan propaganda of the worst kind to keep Ruusians in line and maintain Putin until he is 83 and not een with any choise. 20% minus for Zelinsky too:(

There is no worldwide in this but only a try to dig even deeper trenches to protect the Russian diclining..

cechas vodobenikov

highly skilled janitor scholarjens only cares about quality of LSD in Jutland village

Robert Ferrin

I’m glad to see that the Ukrainians are digging their own graves (trenches) for it will save others from having to do it, hard to believe others can be so stupid until I look at the U.S. always looking for another war someplace and our so-called congress who have their hands deep into the pockets of the MIC with the other hand under the table taking bribes from the bankers.




Russia to withdraw troops from deployment on border with Ukraine, Moscow confirms, as major snap exercises in Crimea conclude 22 Apr, 2021 13:31

Biden is Powerful… That’s All Folks

cechas vodobenikov

if Zimbabwe annexes Ukraine this will be resolved; of course the people in Zimbabwe are not this stupid….perhaps the amerikans are



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