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World-Renowned ICU Doctor Sue’s Hospital For The Right To Use Safe And Effective Covid Treatments

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World-Renowned ICU Doctor Sue's Hospital For The Right To Use Safe And Effective Covid Treatments

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Written by Dr. Leon Tressell

Dr Paul Marik, one of the world’s most published intensive care specialists, has filed a lawsuit against Sentara Norfolk Hospital to overturn its prohibition on him using FDA approved repurposed medicines in the ICU he oversees. The hospital recently issued a directive banning Dr. Marik from using the medicines in the MATH+ protocol which have reduced covid mortality rates in the ICU by over 50%. The result of the ban has been a sharp increase in mortality amongst patients suffering from Covid-19.

Epidemiologist Dr. Juan Chamie has commented on his Telegram channel:

“In my opinion, banning Dr. Marik from using effective treatments is all about money.  You could bet that the low average ICU days of Dr. Marik’s COVID patients is affecting the hospital  revenue’’.

The MATH+ protocol is made up of several repurposed medicines that are FDA approved, ultra safe and very cheap. The core elements of the protocol are ivermectin, heparin, methylprednisolone, thiamine and high-dose intravenous vitamin C.

The ban on Dr Marik and other doctors using safe and effective repurposed medicines has to be put in context of developments over the last year. Over the twelve months public health bodies in the United States and across the world, which have shown themselves to be completely beholden to the interests of big Pharma, have waged war against cheap, ultrasafe, repurposed medicines for the treatment of Covid-19.

The result of the ban on the medicines in the MATH+ protocol has been a sharp increase in mortality amongst patients suffering from Covid-19. This as prompted Dr Marik to file a lawsuit against Sentara Norfolk hospital to overturn this ban. The lawsuit notes that the hospital is   “preventing terminally ill COVID patients from exercising their right to choose and to receive safe, potentially life-saving treatment determined to be appropriate for them by their attending physician.”

Dr Marik’s lawsuit cites numerous legal cases that under Virginia law establish the right of patients to receive treatment deemed appropriate by the doctor attending them and which they have given voluntary consent to.

The lawsuit states that the hospitals ban on the safe and effective medicines that Dr Marik has been using is motivated by several competing priorities which include profitability and the desire to conform to “safe harbour’’ standards of care espoused by Government agencies that are not sensitive to the needs of the individual patient.

The opposition papers filed by Sentara Norfolk hospital do not even mention the issue of patient welfare. They claim that Dr Marik lacks standing to challenge a hospital prohibition hat denies patients, under his care, the opportunity to receive life-saving medicines which have a long track record of proving to be ultrasafe and efficacious for the treatment of Covid-19.

Professor Joseph Varon, has declared that the MATH+ protocol has led to a 50% reduction in deaths of Covid patients in the two hospitals where is Chief of Staff.

Dr Pierre Kory who is president of the Frontline Coivd-19 Critical Care Alliance of which Dr Marik is a co-founder, has declared that:

“The Sentara Healthcare System’s prohibition of the MATH+ protocol is a threat to every doctor and every patient in the U.S.  We know the protocol is effective. Patients who could have been saved by MATH+ are dying because of the hospital’s baseless restriction. We will continue to see more deaths that could have been prevented until the court takes action and orders the hospital to reverse course.”

Last Thursday Dr Marik testified in court where he is applying for an injunction to overturn the hospitals ban on medicines which he has been using for over a year to save the lives of Covid-19 patients. During his testimony Dr. Marik called the hospital’s ban on the MATH+ protocol as “unprecedented’’ and said “This is not normal. It’s cruel and unusual punishment.’’

The judge presiding over the case said will issue his decision in due course.

Meanwhile, ordinary people who believe hospitalized patients have every right to determine their course of treatment with their attending doctor and that patients should have access to the full array of safe and proven treatments for COVID-19, including those that are part of the MATH+ protocol can take various actions to support Dr. Marik.

The ban on Dr. Marik’s use of cheap, ultra safe repurposed drugs is part of the wider attempt by public health authorities in the US to promote the agenda of big pharma. Nothing is to be allowed to get in the way of the mass vaccination campaigns or the licensing of new expensive anti virals developed by Merck and Pfizer which are not as effective as repurposed medicines such as ivermectin. My advice to anyone wanting to understand the war on doctors using repurposed drugs to save lives is simple: follow the money.

The big pharma approach to medicine versus repurposed drugs such as ivermectin

Over the course of the pandemic governments and public health agencies have shown no interest in taking action to promote the immune health of ordinary people. Such actions could include promoting a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and rest as well as vitally important supplements such as vitamins D and C.

Another possible course of action for governments could be the mass distribution of cheap, ultra safe repurposed drugs such as ivermectin. In the Indian state of Utter Pradesh, population 241 million, the mass distribution of Ivermectin has virtually eliminated covid cases.

World-Renowned ICU Doctor Sue's Hospital For The Right To Use Safe And Effective Covid Treatments

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Instead we have complete reliance on draconian lock downs, punitive actions against the unvaccinated, mass vaccination campaigns and reliance upon expensive toxic drugs that don’t actually work such as Remdesivir.

World-Renowned ICU Doctor Sue's Hospital For The Right To Use Safe And Effective Covid Treatments

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Meanwhile, governments across the world are warning of lock downs this winter to contain the spread of a disease that is eminently treatable and preventable.

In some countries, such as Austria, they are pursuing the tyrannical measure of locking down the unvaccinated. This is completely unscientific as it now a well known that the vaccinated can both catch the virus and transmit it just as much as the unvaccinated. Of course, governments across the world are using the pandemic as an excuse to pit ordinary people against each other at a time of a global economic crisis and increase their powers over the entire population.

It would appear that governments and public health bodies are at best negligent, at worst they are consciously failing to do all they could to promote public health. Could it be their actions are working in the interest of corporations that are making tens of billions of profit from vaccines and other novel medications? God forbid we use repurposed drugs such as Ivermectin that costs cents to make and is incredibly efficacious (64 medical trials and counting) both as a prophylactic and treatment for Covid-19.

Dr. Marik is making a stand for putting patients first

Dr. Marik is standing up to the big pharma approach to medicine which is killing people in his hospital. If his lawsuit is victorious it will encourage doctors everywhere to put patients first and follow the science instead of the profits of rapacious drug companies whose only objective is to maximise profit at the expense of human life.

World-Renowned ICU Doctor Sue's Hospital For The Right To Use Safe And Effective Covid Treatments

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jens holm

Thats no ban. Its a normal medical procedure to test medicine and treatments before they can be used. They should make improvements and sideeffects should be visible as well.

Here the medicine makers dont control that. The STATE does kindly asssited by oppostion to witch doctoring as well as they take in real changes. Sure the madicine makers also has influence, but the state here pay most of Our medicine and by that wont pay for the too expensive ones and the hokus pokus.

Im no expert, but as outsider I see the doctor Dr. Marik in that perspective.

It has been exactly the same for the Covid vaccines. None was relased before they were tested and as a start they were tested at very few people.

Here we have seen the critisisme against vaccines as well as the sideeffects compared with the results compared with using no vaccine where Darwin has taken over and mainly kills republican grandparents.

Tommy Jensen

Babble babble babble.

jens holm

Yummie Yoummie

jens holm

For the rest of the article it as too often forgotten, that the freedom is here and there because people are raised to responsability among each other.

By thats we also need less guns, where 2 of 3 crimes are anoing family and affiliates

jens holm

The Uttar Pradesh is a total fake. No factchecking is given by witchdoctor Leon Tressell or its used as evil spam to make the population in the world even more illiterate confused and stupid, then it already is.

Lazy Gamer

Here’s what worked for me. Walking under sunlight for 15 minutes twice a day. Multivitamins everyday. Over the counter flu medication every four hours. Fruit and fruit juice at least twice a day. Bear the heat when sleeping, no fans nor airconditioners. Lots of water, and whole day rest. That gave me one hard day, the first day, then symptoms abated progressively.

Karl Wolfe

“Jens Holm” is a total liar and likely not even a real name. You’re shilling for the Establishment of Death is obvious.
No person can speak truth and lies at the same time: it’s clear which side you are on.
Keep on lying and you’ll have your paycheck. It won’t be worth much on Judgment Day but then again dishonest people really deserve their fate in the end.

jens holm

Some links for my lyings would be nice.

Knowledge is power. You represent stupidisme is power but only for destruction.

Tommy Jensen

Thanks to our few heroes. Its quite revealing about the whole attitude in West on healthcare in general. What we expected are unfortunately confirmed. People are locked in sickness without cures for profit.

jens holm

What about the rest. Its not better there. Its worse. Its very much kept in secret.

1200 died in Russia yesterday. You see west better because we have free press.

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