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The Syrian Arab Army In The World’s Most Volatile Game of Whack-A-Mole

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It is as if the Syrian Arab Army were involved in a giant game of whack-a-mole.  Each time it carries out a successful operation on one of its numerous battlefields, it gets punished elsewhere.

On March 16th, a convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) elite 4th Division was ambushed in the countryside of Daraa. Despite heavy fire from the SAA, the gunmen were able to escape after killing 22 service members and injuring at least five others.

The situation in Daraa is quite complicated. In February, the SAA was preparing to launch a large-scale operation to arrest a group of wanted militants in western Daraa.  However former rebel leaders expelled the group from the area and accepted a new reconciliation agreement. The operation was thus avoided, but there has been no cessation of hostilities.

The time may have come for another operation in Daraa, keeping in mind the recent progress in actions in the northeast against Turkish proxies, who had been smuggling oil.

Sure enough, Russian Military Police also completed their deployment to the vicinity of the ancient city of Busra in the southern Syrian governorate. Wherever a Syrian operation is about to happen, Russian support is always nearby.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resumed oil and wheat shipments to areas held by the Damascus government. This is an expected result of continuous pressure from Damascus and its Russian support. The Russians even regained control of an oil field and a gas field in nearby Raqqah.

This, of course, comes in addition to the heavy punishment meted out by the SAA to the Turkish proxies in the northeast, who have been exploiting the situation and trafficking resources for Ankara.

More than likely the SDF took the decision to resume shipments 35 days after halting them after considering the developments of the last several days and weeks.

In central Syria, a testament to the progress made in pushing back ISIS is likely the 140 km long trench being dug by the Iraqi Armed Forces. Being pounded by both the SAA and the Russian Armed Forces, ISIS cells are attempting to move into Iraq and carry out their activities there. The Iraqi Army is attempting to pincer them and to both stop their movement in that direction and entrap the terrorists.

The SAA is making progress on many fronts throughout Syria, and large-scale operations are expected in the northeast. Time will tell which issue is more pressing – the Turkish proxies in the northeast, the terrorists in the central region, the “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib or the insurgency in Daraa.

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The Syrian army is against the most powerful terrorist Ziocorporate globalist military forces on this planet including the Zioterrorists of US/UK/France/ISISrael and their foot soldier and mercenary Ziowahhabi terrorist Turks, Saudi/UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Uighurs etc.

Putin’s dedicating more effort to consolidate “business and partnership” with the Zioterrorist globalists than to ending the Syrian war, so the situation is actually as good as it can be in these circumstances.

Either way, if WW3 were to start, it’d be best it started close to ISISrael than to Russia.


WW3 started more than twenty years ago with the savage attack on the FRY,its just that some people have been slow to get that message.

Ivan Freely

Highly debatable as it depends on one’s definition of a World War. I’m still adhering to the WW2 scenario. BTW, what is the acronym FRY?

erwin vercauteren

EX Yugoslavia

Jens Holm

The Southern Youghurt slaves.

cechas vodobenikov

dane=CIA homosexual BDSM perverts, no yogurt, only lube wit sand


The way things are going with ZomBiden snubbing Putin, and ambassadors recalled. When Putin asked for an immediate dialogue, someone said the zombie is busy sniffing children.

Now US State Department telling those involved in Nord Stream 2 to immediately stop work and leave the project, that is key to Europe’s stability and the Russian economy, will be the last straw.

Syria’s 10 year long war was the result of saying no to the Cabal pipeline that would have cut off Russia.

Ukraine takeover (that led to Nord Stream 2) was to try to stop Russia exporting to Europe through the pipelines running through. Sanctions meant it couldn’t be finished by mid-2020.

johnny rotten

The Nazis in Stalingrad also behaved in the same way, but the Soviet wall at the cost of enormous sacrifices held and the Nazi army eventually surrendered, it will be the same in Syria, then there will be the triumphal march on Berlin, oops I wanted say on Jerusalem.


There are many fronts SAA is engaged in, there are many successes and some losses.

erwin vercauteren

The Syrian army after ten years of civil war and coward hypocrisy and attacks from western imperialist parasitic scumbags have now become with the help and support of Russia and Iran one of the best and very multitasking experienced armies in the Middle East and its clear as we all see how their efficiency and skills have improved and how Russia has given them the free hand in using the missile systems its obviously a pain in the ass for the Ziopeanuts who can only rage and fume of frustration because Russia / Iran have ensured Lebanese Hezbollah with some good missile launchers who are frightening the Ziopeanuts and stimulating local resistance the fight will be hard and sacrifices will hurt many but the victory over evil will prevail

Erik Ziel

Syria is the first domino stone. If Syria falls, then the migrants can come in to the US and Europe. And the Jewish people and there friends can be evacuated to Syria… And expand from there.

Jens Holm

Syria is already falllen and has been for decades. They not even like each other:)

cechas vodobenikov

dane on knees for boyfriend confused –no lube for jens only new rehab program


Its a game of nerves.. Such cowards attacks (gunman) are used by the AXIS powers (USA, EU, Turkey, Israel, SA etc.) secret services to deliver a message to SA and Russians.

Secret services of the western powers are deeply embedded in the Syrian war zone and have informational, logistical powers and tools available to carry out such attacks.. Of course no one in US or Turkey will make a press conference telling the world that they dont like Syrians or Russians bombing their terrorists friends with stolen oil.. They just organize another spec operation like this and retaliate..

Thats why it looks like a success of the SA is always followed by misfortune – but it is not so..

Jens Holm

Only 4 westerns are there its USA/FRance/GB and Turkey.

You must be very censured. This has been going on for years.


When i will be interested about the opinion of stupid, broken troll – i let you know..


Australia and Denmark are also in Syria, providing logistical and technological support to the ZioTerrorists.

cechas vodobenikov

dimwit dane believes SA has natural gas and boyfriend dildo is banana


Just tried to PayPal donate but it says “sorry declined, to comply with international transfer obligations.” Seems we’re onto a winner when it comes to supporting SouthFront. Anyone The West wants to censor is all right in my books. Keep up the excellent work SouthFront.

cechas vodobenikov

eradicating CIA/turkey rats is time consuming. they are hoping for permanent lgbt relocation San Francisco/copenhagen


Very few of the ‘terrorists’ are actually Jihadists. Most are mercenaries paid to fight on the side of the ‘moderate rebels’. Most are from Africa and the ‘stans’ and have been actively recruited through advertisements in the local media of those locations. Many have testified on camera after being caught as to the arrangements they entered into when they ‘signed up to the assignment’ in ‘a foreign country’.

With all this in light of the situation, and considering the VAST quantities of Western Weapons made available to the ‘moderate rebels, as well as the ‘full service medical attention many were getting in IsraHell at state expense (NuttenYaHoo is even photographed with some of the in hospital), it is staggering to consider the amount of money that is being ploughed into the single purpose of ‘destroying Syria’.

Look at the sanctions. Look at the mercenaries and what they are paid to be there. Look at the weapons… 1.5 million dollar U$ TOW missiles being used to destroy one Syrian jeep that cost a couple of thousand dollars. Look at the medical attention the mercenaries have been given at Western expense, modern theatre equipment still in cellophane packaging straight from the factory in France and Denmark; the full suit underground hospitals dug with professional mining equipment. Look at the Western coordination of ‘airstrikes that repeatedly miss the ‘terrorist target’ and instead kill 50, 80 or 90 SAA soldiers ‘by accident’… Look at the ongoing media campaign, British public relations firms actively bidding for ‘information support contracts in the ‘MENA”… support from dozens of world leaders on camera telling ‘Assad must go’ and let ‘moderate rebels take over…. Look at the paper trail for funding and weapons purchases, Look at the flight tracking data and the logistics networks set up by the west to ‘ship weapons to ‘moderate rebels”, all pre-approved and cleared by authorities, and you begin to grasp an idea of the sickening level of contempt for human life that The ZioWest has descended to.

It is a disgrace. I’m ashamed to admit I ‘live in a culture’ that has descended into that level of contempt for humanity…. and this says nothing of what is happening in Yemen and The Ukraine.

There is so much evidence of ZioWest involvement that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to investigate and expose the perpetrators. But will that happen…?

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