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JUNE 2021

Wooden Stick Instead Of Automatic Rifle: U.S. Munitions Disposal Course For Iraqi Forces

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Wooden Stick Instead Of Automatic Rifle: U.S. Munitions Disposal Course For Iraqi Forces

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Just a video showing moments of the U.S. Munitions Disposal Course for Iraqi forces.

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Tudor Miron

US is positive that with such training Iraq has difficulty defending itself from US occupation.


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Michał Hunicz

Huh? Maybe during training there was not enough weapons or they were fresh recruits?

John Mason

US musn’t trust the Iraqis.


But of course. Iraqies must only provide land for military bases and get out of the way.


The way the USA slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, they deserve a knife in the back.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Nah these are regular forces and not the marines as they are rifle squads and not like the Army and airborne large battle formation tactics, not the same as rifleman training.

John Mason

I used to play with toy guns as a kid but on approaching a responsible age like 15 I had the real thing. The Iraqis are either children or the US expects that they will turn on them if issued with real weapons as what has been happening in Afghanistan.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is how the US infantryman trains as most are not qualified yet to hold a rifle this is normal , and possibly police and not military.

John Mason

I have a military background and we never used toys or replicas.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Western armies never had a shortage of rifles old ones but of only new ones , try shooting a rifle from the 80’s , this is the epidemic of western armies today.


fucking lol


Usually you clear the minefield BEFORE the fire and movement exercise. Given the lack of cover you would need a mass of firepower being laid down to cover that advance, although ‘smart’ would say do it at night, with smoke (different exercises) or, maybe, not at all. .


A once proud nation turned into a joke..


A man with a stick is more powerful than an American with a cannon.


Actual weapons sold on the black market, so now only issued sticks. :)


Maybe the Americans are annoyed at how Iraq is buying weapons from Russia and the relationship is growing colder. It’s ok though, I’m sure the Iraq’s would be happy to replace their American sticks with a Russian RPK.

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