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MAY 2021

Woman Killed And Child Injured In New Clashes In Turkish-Occupied Afrin (Video)

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On July 22, a new round of infighting between Turkish-backed Syrian militants took place in the occupied city of Afrin in northern Aleppo.

The clashes reportedly erupted between two units of the al-Sharqiyah Army, a faction of the so-called Syrian National Army. The exact cause of the clashes remains unknown. Disputes over criminal activities or personal disagreements are usually the reason of such clashes.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the militants’ fire killed a woman and injured a child. The militants didn’t suffer any losses.

The Turkish military and its proxy groups, including the al-Sharqiyah Army, occupied Afrin in 2018 following a quick battle with Kurdish forces. Since then, a state of lawlessness has been prevailing over the area.

Several rounds of infighting took place in Afrin over the past few months. A series of explosions also rocked the Kurdish area. Moreover, violations against the locals are on the rise.

Turkey is doing nothing to improve security in Afrin, likely because  such steps could damage its relations with its Syrian proxies.


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  1. Brother Ma says:

    Women and children should not be with alphabet headchoppers. As long as they choose to be there well too bad.

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