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Witnesses Say US Military Killed Fleeing Yemeni Child in Latest Botched Raid

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Originally appeared at TheAntiMedia.org

The Pentagon said last week that there were “no credible indications of civilian casualties” from the latest U.S. Navy SEALs raid on a village in Yemen.

Yet new reporting by The Intercept, citing eyewitness accounts, offers more evidence to contradict the military’s claim.

Witnesses Say US Military Killed Fleeing Yemeni Child in Latest Botched Raid

Source: http://abcnews.go.com

Residents of the village in Mareb province said that there were in fact 10 civilians killed and wounded, including a 15-year old child who was trying to flee a barrage of firing from Apache helicopters.

His name was Abdullah Saeed Salem al Adhal.

His 22-year-old brother, Murad al Adhal, said to the news outlet that he saw “the nearby hills were filled with the American soldiers.”

“My little brother Abdullah ran for his life with the other women and children. They killed him as he was running,” said Murad, who was also shot in the leg.

Apart from countering U.S. claims about the event, journalist Iona Craig writes, the

eyewitness testimony also raises serious questions about intelligence gathering methods and the ability of decision-makers to determine who is and who is not an Al Qaeda militant amidst Yemen’s multifaceted conflict where loyalties are fluid and pragmatically based.

Human rights organization Reprieve has also countered the military’s version of events, and identified 70-year-old, partially blind Nasser al-Adhal as among the civilians killed in the May 23 raid. He was shot by U.S. forces as he went to greet the SEALs, believing them to be guests.

“This new flawed raid by President Trump shows the U.S. is not capable of distinguishing a terrorist from an innocent civilian,” said Kate Higham, head of the assassinations program at Reprieve, in the wake of the raid.

“President Trump must order an immediate investigation into what went wrong and halt all raids and drone strikes before more innocent Yeminis are killed,” she added.

Apart from reeling from two years of war, millions of Yemenis are facing acute hunger and a cholera outbreak. The World Health Organization said Monday that the death toll from that epidemic has claimed 471 lives.

Meanwhile, a handful of U.S. lawmakers is trying to block the sale of  $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which is leading the coalition fight in Yemen and has been accused of committing war crimes in that conflict.

And in Iraq, another front in the ever-expanding global war on terror, Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis said Sunday the U.S. military will begin to use “annihilation tactics” to defeat Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, adding to CBS‘s “Face the Nation” that “[c]ivilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.”

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Joe Doe

I would like to know when the world wake up and creates criminal court like Nuremberg for war crimes committed by americans

Colin Oskapy

You are correct.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Only those who defend their ethnic-people are ever punished for such things.
Those who push the world to forced mixing get away with all murder every time.
Stalin wiped out millions before the war, yet that Georgian-Stalin died in his bed in Moscow with a bottle of Georgian wine. Cause he pushed for globalism, it is an automatic get away with genocide free card. NATO and the EU and UN and AU are all Stalinist organisations. Built on the backbone of Marxism. Which is a Talmudic teaching on how to control the Goyim.
And the enablers of the Holodomor got away with genocide also.


The Americans are just out-doing themselves day by day. They have fallen low. Killing Women and children with special forces and they probably fired because they got scared at being fire at… Why even sign up for the army if your not brave enough to verify the threat before firing due to fear of losing your life…. This is some cowardice acts

John William

Americans does not on purpose kill civilians.We love life and especially children.Fake ass news like this is why I’ll never give a fucking cent to this begging ass website


wait 50 years, wenn the CIA will open the files about it… America is seen by mostly the rest of the whole world as what it is…. THE evil of the world!

gfsdyughjgd .

Don’t even reply to that white racist supremacist kid.Satanism,iluminati,men to men sodomized marriage are only created in that evil Babilon America.


btw… What your military and your secret services are doing in the world, the last 100 years, is NOT what the dumb common american think they do… Your folk is brain washed to the bone mark or simple ignorant…

jade villaceran

The only american soldiers love is killing civilians by carpet bombing, money, raping women, enslaving conquered country and creating terrorists.

gfsdyughjgd .

USA soldiers are raping and killing since WW1 and WW2.In Japan and South Korea their are Raping and Killing civilians.In Afghanistan their use mother of all bombs on civilians.In Syria their bombing civilians.In Afghanistan their are bombing hospital under the leadership of fat fuck.Only Americans have the right to kill and create terrorist.

John Mason

No point in even posting this report because nothing will be done about it, until the UN is held accountable for not performing its’ mandate.


It is still very important to report civilian casualties. US m military has been playing a nasty game with the public. It starts with the top brass making statements about how “civilian casualties cannot be avoided.” This makes the population accept civilian casualties more easily, which in turn makes the military less careful about causing them, and officers have no interest in sanctioning such carelessness. It is a cavalier approach to killing civilians, a sport that US has played for a long time, ever since the Indian wars. It will be extremely hard to change, I admit, but accepting it as a fact of life will never change anything. It is vital to inform the world every time it happens, and that it does not need to be that way.

John Mason

I agree with you 100% but until some country has the guts to take the UN and US/NATO to task over their violations then all the talk in the world is just what it is: empty and meaningless.

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