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Witness In Benjamin Netanyahu Trial Dies In Private Plane Crash

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Witness In Benjamin Netanyahu Trial Dies In Private Plane Crash

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On September 13th, two Israeli citizens were killed when a light aircraft crashed into the sea close to the Greek island of Samos, Greek authorities said.

And incidents such as these take place, of course.

However, in this case the names of the deceased are: Esti and Haim Garon.

Haim Garon served as the deputy director of the Communications Ministry and was a prosecution witness in Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial.

The small private aircraft, that was flying from Israel to the Greek island with two persons on board, crashed close to the island’s airport.

“We recovered two bodies from the spot,” a coast guard official told Reuters without providing further details.

“The aircraft crashed about a mile south from the airport,” a second official said.

Authorities in Greece opened an investigation into the crash of the private plane.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry identified the victims, both aged 69, adding that consular officials and the ministry were working with the family to return the bodies.

Garon was one of more than 300 witnesses that prosecutors listed for Netanyahu’s trial on corruption charges. He is on trial for allegedly accepting expensive gifts from wealthy associates, allegations he denies.

Greece’s Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Board is investigating the causes of the crash, officials said.

The single-engine Cessna 182 took off from Haifa, Israel, and crashed near Samos Airport.

“Shortly before landing, communication with the control tower on Samos was lost and the Civil Aviation Authority informed the search and rescue center about the loss of communication,” the authority said in a statement.

The bodies of the two Israeli occupants were recovered by the Coast Guard several hours later with the help of divers.

Netanyahu, now the opposition leader in Israel’s parliament, has denied all the accusations and mocked the size of the witness list.

On the previous day, September 13th, the trial against Netanyahu resumed with the continuation of the cross-examination of former Walla website CEO Ilan Yeshua.

Yeshua is the first witness to give testimony in Netanyahu’s trial. He is a top witness in Case 4000, in which Netanyahu is alleged to have abused his powers when he served as both premier and communications minister from 2014 to 2017.

Netanyahu is accused of using his position in order to illicitly and highly lucratively benefit the business interests of Shaul Elovitch, the controlling shareholder of the telecom company Bezeq. In exchange, Elovitch allegedly provided Netanyahu and his family with positive coverage on the Elovitch-owned Walla news website, including allowing the then-prime minister’s associates and family members to dictate editorial content and policy on a regular basis.

New evidence indicates that during the 2013 and 2015 election campaigns, ties were formed between Yeshua and several politicians and senior figures who were responsible for the advertising budgets of various political parties on the website, the Haaretz newspaper reported. In return for funding, Walla apparently provided positive reporting about the political parties, according to the report.


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What a coincidence! Right? If this was a random “Accident” than there’s a much bigger chance there’s life on moon.

Florian Geyer

Esti and Haim Garon were exceptionally stupid to get in a plane whilst Bibi is still free :)


Fortunately they got on a small private plane, Bibi and his accomplices goons henchmen + buddies from Mossad + Organized Crimes wouldn’t hesitated to blow-up a civilian airliner he done worse in the past like starting a war bombing massmurdering palestinian lebanese syrian civilians just to stay in power and keep his ‘imunity’ to avoid jail time.

Last edited 11 days ago by Brokenspine66
L du Plessis



Look, when you’re a witness for something like this, NEVER go up in a Cessna.

Assad Defeated Zionists


Last edited 11 days ago by Assad Defeated Zionists
JC Denton

Clinton style… I’m surprised they didn’t find them hanged with a suicide note inside the burning plane wreckage.


The Prime suspect in all those private & commuter a/c crash-killoffs of personalities =The Joo

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