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With Friends Like These: U.S. Hijacks Medical Supplies Aimed For France, Germany, Brazil


With Friends Like These: U.S. Hijacks Medical Supplies Aimed For France, Germany, Brazil

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Starting from April 2nd, the United States began pirating medical supplies intended for other countries.

And not just any countries, but it’s allies.

It began with France.

Coronavirus masks that France ordered from China were bought at the last minute by the United States as they waited to be loaded onto cargo planes.

“Americans pay three or four times the amount we pay, and in cash,” said Jean Rottner, head of France’s eastern region, one of the areas worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak, according to reports by France Info.

On April 2nd, a planeload of Chinese-made face masks were bought up right on the tarmac just as the much needed protective gear was about to set off for France.

“We’re working around the clock to ensure these masks arrive,” says Rottner, blaming unfair competition for delays.

The US, which currently has more than a quarter million cases is disruption deliveries to other nations in order to bulk its stocks.

The east of France nonetheless received 2 million masks from China on the previous day.

“I was very happy to see that airplane arriving in our region last night,” Rottner said.

France has ordered more than one billion face masks, a quarter from China, as it battles the pandemic and currently has less than three weeks worth of supplies.

The US isn’t concerned by that, however.

The head of the south-eastern Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region Renaud Muselier told RT France that he ordered around 60 million masks but has also experienced delivery problems.

“The icing on the cake, there is a foreign country that paid three times the price of the cargo on the tarmac,” Rénaud Muselier said.

To ensure the delivery of 4 million masks by this April 4th Muselier has opted for a different route, passing by the sea instead.

“At least that way, I can be sure that no one will steal my masks from the tarmac,” he said.

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau described such reports as “concerning and asked officials to look into similar claims that masks were being diverted away from his country.

“We need to make sure that equipment that is destined for Canada gets to and stays in Canada, and I’ve asked ministers to follow up on these particular reports,” he said.

At a press conference in Brazil on April 1st, the health minister, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, said recent attempts by Brasília to purchase protection gear such as gloves and masks from China had fallen through.

“Today the US sent 23 of their biggest cargo planes to China to pick up the material they had acquired. Many of our purchases, which we had hoped to confirm in order to supply [our health system], fell through,” he said. “The whole world wants [these things] too. There is a problem of hyper-demand.”

On April 3rd, the State of Berlin said it had ordered masks from China – types FFP2 and FFP3.

They were designed to protect medical personnel from being infected with the coronavirus.

However, the shipment was intercepted by the United States and redirected.

The goods are said to have been intercepted by the Americans on the way from the manufacturer to Germany and brought to the USA.

The Berlin authorities assure that the current stock of protective equipment is still sufficient. But the fire brigade had to get expired masks from the warehouses.

The issue of masks and disinfectants is strictly limited.

Some medical supplies that were purchased from Turkey are also not arriving. But not because the US hijacked them, rather because Ankara banned all such exports.

Reports by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir and the Italian daily Corriere della Sera said Turkish-made masks destined for those countries had never arrived.

In Italy, it took more than two weeks following a phone call from the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, to the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for the masks to be released.

Earlier, a shipment from China to Italy was seized by the Czech Republic. The authorities denied that they had stolen the masks.

They said the masks had made their way to a warehouse north of Prague, where they were confiscated in an anti-trafficking operation. The foreign minister, Tomáš Petříček, later said his government had sent 110,000 masks to Rome as compensation.

A similar incident occurred in Kenya, where a shipment of up to 6m masks bound for Germany mysteriously disappeared while passing through the east African country, although there has been no suggestion that the government was responsible.




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    Thats another fake news rant to try tpo demean trump,surely if france ordered these from china and whom ever they would go direct from china to france would they not?

    • Bru

      The government of the USA (though they deny it, being one of the world’s strongest liars) hijacks those shipments on the airfields and has the cargo planes scheduled to fly to French regions (this happened with several regions) redirected to the USA before they take off and fly away to the French regions.

    • Shia man

      I don’t know why you think trump is some savior I really don’t understand you Americans what difference did trump make his policies are the same as the pervious president he launder money for the Rothschilds that’s how his businesses were saved he has been down with the beast system for the longest he plunders nations wealth he is a mass murderer just like all the previous presidents his policies only made the bank’s weapons industry and oil industries richer he didn’t focus on health care your College and university education is terribly over priced and the price keeps going up your infrastructure is crumbling.
      And it only took 1 pandemic to accelerate the decline of your economy and soon the decline of your empire and ill even go further you think the US will Still exist if this pandemic actually lasts for 18 months you can’t even mass produce face masks all your manufacture companies are long gone that’s what actually made America great every one wanted American produced products even business men from around the world would fly to America to buy products all the major companies were producing their products in the US now they are gone forever all your left with is overpriced manufacturers your country supported big businesses and corporations and kicked the small businesses now trump is putting the final nail in the coffin for small businesses this so called small business loans stimulus is not going to your mom and pops store but majority of it is going to hedge funds. I don’t know how trump made America great explain this to me.

      • Trump is a small and incomplete break from the status-quo. But otherwise I agree. Great poast.

    • John

      No, they did it, it’s real. I explained above Jimi.

    • Sérgio

      From the French newspaper Libération!

      Une commande française de masques détournée vers les Etats-Unis sur un tarmac chinois


    • Garga

      Trump does not need anybody’s rants to be demeaned. Every time he opens his mouth he is ruining himself. Every time he opens his mouth another string of lies comes out.

      That being said, I hope he is re-elected (or re-selected), if we still have a US in November. Nobody can hurt the American part of the Empire better than him.
      The same hopes and prayers for Satan-Yahoo.

      • Trump is driving a wedge between legacy (red-state) Americans and those of the neolib/neocon globohomo persuasion.

        One good example is how red-staters now view the MSM as an inherently hostile propaganda network (fake news). Another is how various counties and states are openly and regularly defying higher authorities (sanctuary movement).

        The USA is slowly fracturing, that is undeniable; but it was inevitable.

    • Xoli Xoli

      Dont be so naive.You are such a open minded clever guy.Listen and always analyzed before barking.Trump is a chosen man according to people like you.Now why did he scrap a health care for everyone implemented by Obama.Why did he scrap a 5+1 nuclear agreement to satisfy Pompeo. Why did Trump take evil advise of Pompeo to kill a foreign Iran military commander.Why did he order the stealing of Syrian oil and order Saudi Arabia oil flooding to destroy the oil market.Satanya apparently chosen now why is he killing neighbors on daily basis if God demands love your neighbor. Why is he desperately leading usa in a open ww3.Why is he so greed if God says no greed. Is it not blasphemy to associate the creator of heaven and earth plus all living with this tipe of people.Why dont you either says their are fullfilling bible scriptures whereby evil things have to be implemented by greedy world leaders.

  • occupybacon

    So offering more money means pirating and highjacking, how desperate can Russian propagand be during a pandemic to make up facts..

    • Nosferatu

      for capitalists idiots its always about money isnt it?

      • John

        and elections…..

      • occupybacon

        Lol no, it’s about saving the lifes of their own people in this case.

      • occupybacon

        For the Chinese yes, it was about money

    • John

      No, this actually happened bacon. The US did it. How did Russia get into this act of theft?

      • Harry Smith

        For Russophobes it’s always be Russia because it exists.

        When you live in a shit hole like Bulgaria or Ukraine you have 2 options:
        1. You must admit that you are dumb and start to get smarter.
        2. Blame somebody or something for the misery you are living in.
        People like bacon always choose 2nd option.

      • occupybacon

        What happened here John is America paid more and will always do. What do you want to say about Russia?

        • John

          Hello Bacon. If somebody down paid, prepaid or made an agreement to receive something, that is the deal. There was no mention of paying more or whatever as reported in Brasil. why do you think they paid more?

          There was no mention of Russia in the news here. Russia was not involved in this. I was surprised that you mentioned them. Did I misunderstand what you meant?

          • occupybacon

            Russian propaganda is laying that Americans hijacked goods meant for other countries, in fact they paid more to the Chinese so the Chinese sold to whom paid more.

          • John

            Well you need to get up to speed on this bacon. France and Germany are screaming about it now, not Russia.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Since then, racist white American hatred has manifested against all
          victims of US imperialism, from the Indochinese, to the Latin Americans,
          to the Arabs and then the Muslims, and to rivals of US power, mainly
          the Russians and later the Chinese.

          • occupybacon

            Tell me more about the genetic resamblance between Iranians and Italians

          • Zionism = EVIL

            I know about your moronic DNA and the fact that your mom and dad are brother and sister :)

    • Shia man

      The problem isn’t that they paid more but the way they did it they waited for the last minute when they are being loaded up onto the plane to buy them how long did France wait for the products to be manufactured?
      now they have to place another order and wait for it to be manufactured and who knows if it will come through or not?

      • George King

        The lessons of the French vassal renig on manufacturing and sale of the Russian ship/s Mistrial are coming back in spades in more ways than one.

        • Harry Smith

          What ship did Germany or Brazil manufactured for Russia?

          • George King

            None that I know of but it is the vassal state of mind that connects them all like a ring through the nose and a lead attached……

          • Garga

            About Germany I remember something about marine (and train) engines which they didn’t send despite the contract.

      • occupybacon

        If they won’t pay enough Muricans will bid more. Always.

    • valpura

      It isn’t. It becomes such when the money you pay with is printed out with virtually no limits. But here begins the chinese’s idiocy in taking that payments for worthy…

      • occupybacon

        I’m happy that you answered yourself

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Well, this has nothing to do with Russian propaganda, the FACT is the Americunts are mean, nasty greedy cunts who have no regard for human beings.


      • occupybacon

        I work for an American company and they are the best ppl I ever worked for.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          They need arsekissing morons I guess :)

      • That seems like a pretty broad generalization… being an American simply means having the right paperwork. Some 330 million people possess their proper paperwork that deems them ‘American’. They come from essentially every part of the world, and many of them dont even speak the same language, and would probably be willing to go to war against each other after a couple of weeks without sportsball, drugs, or internet.

        Speaking about ‘Americans’ in 2020 is like speaking of the ‘Soviets’ in 1985.

  • Duc Palatine

    Hopefully corona will reap karma to the American people

    • DannyC

      it’s France, they’re not gonna do anything expect retreat

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Hate is as American as apple pie. Racist white Americans, both liberal
      and conservative, love to hate white and non-white Americans – and they
      love to hate non-Americans, white or otherwise.

      They hated Native Americans when they conquered and killed them and stole their lands (an ongoing process, even in the time of corona). They hated African Americans when they enslaved them, then instituted racism against all non-“white” immigrants, especially Mexicans whose lands they stole and annexed from California to Texas. America’s rotten foundations are build on a termite mound of hate and evil.

      • Xoli Xoli

        White supremacist occult driven by Trump and Satanyahu.

      • What about the racist non-white Americans who love to hate white and non-white Americans? They don’t get any mention?

  • Duc Palatine

    It’s the people that or it such an evil government

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Well, governments represent the people, Americunts are evil greedy dehumanized scum with no regard for anyone but themselves,so that is why the selfish bastards controlled by Jews act worse than animals.


      • Xoli Xoli

        Very true.Not long ago CIA and M16 mossad under Trump and Satanyahu command claim and initiated a propaganda by forcing many NATO puppet countries to claim that face from China are defective and does not meet European minimum standard.But again in Return the same Babilon USA and Israel pays trible the price on the tarmacs and intercept and hijack all destined mask to member countries. What are shameless tugs it is precisely what their doing with Syrian oil.

      • Redadmiral

        Surveillance Capitalism has and continues to groom the US population where there are NO LAWS to curtail it’s activity, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and of course the creme de la creme Cambridge Analytica know all there is to know about US citizens and how to manipulate them socially, financially and politically. Fascism continues to grow at an expediential rate while people are sleepwalked into loving this, buying that and voting for…..

  • John

    Yes, that report by the Health minister from Brasil is for real. Family watched the Minister report it and we talked about it yesterday. Test kits were among the things grabbed. The Minister was forced to divulge this because he needed to explain details of the backlog in testing.

    That’s fine, because what is going on down here is industries are being retuned to manufacture what we need. Masks and accelerated testing are popping up. The national test center, if I understand it correctly, nolonger runs on a test one at a time pace. They have automated it and warned of shocking results to arrive next week when they have wiped out the backlog; this includes samples from deceased who have yet to be tested. Some of it has already started. some masks are being produced using imprinting technology, with the plastic shield material being produced locally. A very big change is occurring and business will not be the same. Brasil and other countries are going to make adjustments during what occurs now and in the future. Too bad Wall Street. Brasil is making note of who is doing what to whom.

    Besides, all that stuff they took from Brasil and other places, will not help them at all, with what is developing back in the states. They are going to get creamed beyond imagination. Why? The leadership at all levels sucks. No amount of debt spending can remedy that.

  • Nosferatu

    its Trumps Gorbatchev style move.

  • valpura

    And you know what’s the best part?

    That money is coming out OF THIN AIR by courtesy of FED!

    If China told them “fuck dollars I want gold instead” would be HILARIOUS and HORRID at the same time.

  • Odysseas Angelides

    You are right, The US has hijacked medical supplies aimed for european countries. Don’t forget that Turkey followed suit and confiscated medical supplies destined for Spain, when the turkish airplane landed in Constantinople (called Istanbul by the occupiers) for refuelling. Do not forget Erdogan the 21st century pirate. He is not a friend of Russia, he is a snake in her bosom, as we say in Greek.