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With Friends Like These: Belarusian Activist Found Hanged In Kiev Park

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With Friends Like These: Belarusian Activist Found Hanged In Kiev Park

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A Belarusian activist was reportedly found dead in a park in Kiev, Ukraine.

Vitaly Shishov led Kiev-based non-profit organization Belarusian House (BDU) that helps Belarusians fleeing persecution.

He was reported missing on August 2nd prior to his body being discovered.

“Belarusian citizen Vitaly Shishov, who disappeared yesterday in Kiev, was found hanged today in one of Kiev’s parks, not far from his place of residence,” police said.

Police have launched a criminal case for suspected murder but said in a statement they will be investigating all possibilities, including murder disguised as suicide.

Police are appealing for witnesses and potential CCTV footage from the local area as part of the investigation.

Members of the BDU were combing the area where Shishov usually jogs and contacted the police when they were unsuccessful.

Shishov is originally from the southeastern Belarusian town of Rechytsa and moved to Ukraine following the country’s hotly disputed August 2020 presidential election, in which strongman Lukashenko claimed victory, leading to mass street protests.

It should also not be disregarded that Ukraine is full of all sorts of radicals, especially those from the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions.

Many Belarusians have reportedly fled the country after “Europe’s last dictator” Alexander Lukashenko’s government began persecuting those attempting to stoke violent riots and organize a coup.

Many of the riot organizers left for Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania in particular to escape persecution.

Belarusian journalist Taduesz Gizcan said in a tweet that police traced Shishov’s phone during the search for him “to no avail” and that his friends said he has been followed recently.

Since the August 2020 presidential vote that the West denounced as rigged, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has been subject to various accusations, as well as a coup attempt and an attempt on his life.

MSM and the West conveniently forget all of these facts and simply report that Lukashenko is carrying out a sort of Purge-style violent crackdown on protesters.

Thousands of opposition demonstrators have been arrested since the disputed vote, while many NGOs and independent media have been forced into liquidation.

The news of Shishov’s death comes a day after Belarusian sprinter Krystina Tsimanouskaya received a humanitarian visa from Poland after refusing to board a Minsk-bound flight from Tokyo.

Her husband Arseny Zdanevich told AFP he had fled from Belarus to Ukraine and was hoping to join his wife “in the near future”.


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belarus is basically a golden goose for nato and aslong as its disconnected from russia there is the huge chance to balkanize all of the russian federation and russia annoyingly is behaving abnormal weak towards the nato freakshows and that so much so that they basically play games with russia on russias border nonstop without real consequences


It’s my opinion that Russia wisely does not escalate or confront the US directly. I am appalled at the arrogance and stupidity of the US political class but all it will do is posture and write strategy reports. The politicians and diplomats want to pretend they are Les Grandes Homes but the military know not to do more that hold war games and engage in petty provocations.

In the last 20 years the US has done everything it can to weaken itself, esp. by destroying the economy with utterly insane spending and monetary debasement. Why risk the lives of Russian troops now when stupid internal politics, inflation, and tremendous economic problems are imminent in the US?


Not sure why you think all these games work in USSA’s favor. It’s becoming so obvious to everyone it is daily reminder that the hand of the of the USSA is the cold boney hand of death.


You are 100℅ correct. Something “farbat” fails to understand. He apparently believes the Russians are weak and passive. An ignorant world view.


“russia annoyingly is behaving abnormal weak towards the nato freakshows”

Try again clown. Russian spans eleven time zones and borders a dozen + nations. They have many considerations including the security of Syria, Iraq & Iran as geostrategic allies.

When you understand the scale of their operations and global reach you will start to give due respect to one of the key nations that is preventing WWIII from happening.

Last edited 1 month ago by block

you really have to learn to hold nazis to account and russia doesnt do that as much as it should and when it comes to the brainwashed nazis they are really sad they are used as tools for nothing but ruin what else could come out of it but death and destruction

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Disgusting sub human trash Lukashitko deserves to be beaten to death in public for hurting his own people. Piece of shit commie and Putins little bitch will soon die, I cannot wait for this moment.

Michel LeBlanc

Dream on asshole, you speak like an opressor.

Is that the only job.you could get in poland today? Shame your country is too busy playing politics, stuffing their pockets instead of finding you a decent job!

Worst part is my canadian ass is subsidizing your loser ass!


You must really love sulphur,seens you have not got the faintest idea how to be cool.


How do you manage to type with both hands gripping your BFs cock?



You are an absolute wanker and a half,nothing more to add,silly gimp.

Raptar Driver

He is one of the few independent leaders left in the world; you are a complete moronic idiot.

China vs Russia

Russian losers.Russia declining rapidly just watch this video 😁

Rhodium 10

Surely it was a bad reckoning with his pro western partners…


Many of these mugs are worth more dead than alive for their Western handlers,the sooner they realise that the longer they will stay alive,but they are slow learners.


Yeah, this moron has just been killed by the western satanist to mount an attack against Belarus. The same happened with the ex mafia boss Nemtsov in Russia.




Excellent news. A belarus TRAITOR is dead at the hands of Ukropi nazi scum…


More pls.


“Belarusian House (BDU) that helps Belarusians fleeing persecution.”

What a fkn joke. Western paid imbeciles eliminated. Imagine that.

Last edited 1 month ago by block

Oh well,when you mess with the others country not just yours,what do you expect hitlers applause?

The Black Terror

Now we can expect some utterly ridiculous nonsense from the US : “We surely condemn the tragic death of this young defender of freedom. human rights, democracy, international law and will retaliate at the appropriate time. He will be in our prayers and our hearts go out to his family. It was certainly the work of the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Nicholas Maduro, Adolf Schicklgruber , violent video games, violent movies and rap music with anti-civilized society lyrics.”

Tommy Jensen

“We came to Ukraine, we saw, he died…………………………………LMAOL”. Hitlary Clinton’ cant get enough.

U.S. and Isisrael are failed states.

He probably said no to an CIA/SBU offer…
One reason more not to be a traitor…


Belarus should sanction that freak show called Ukropisstan…

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