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‘Wish You Were Dead’: Civilians Comment On The Battle For Lisichansk

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Max Schmidt

Red Cross and OSCE are infiltrated by the CIA and SBU. And everybody knows it.

John Tosh

British Intelligence and the CIA have infiltrated most democracies in the world.

This is the evil the Bible describes as the Prostitute who rides the seven headed beast. The CIA is riding the G7 controlling the globe pushing the planet into this ungodly activity.

They feel as long as they control it all, it does not matter if God exists or not….

They (G7, NATO, CIA, British Intelligence) are about to find out what God does to those who break his rules!


Then there are those that control the CIA and British intelligence (and much more). You can learn of them in Jeremiah:35, and they are spoken of in many other places in the Bible. They are the enemy God warns us about. The ones we need to know about. The ones we need to watch. The churches in Smyrna and Philadelphia taught who they were; those that say they are Jews but are not and do lie. Christ had no problem with these two churches.

Jens Holm.

You dont have to find that in old books. Noverdays we actually can vote their influence up and down by elections.

We also pay for the level.

So do You have a link to God or did You just invent it. Its invent based on faith only. Typical You try to peu another religion in it too.


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April Woods

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The unholy alliance is not just the Brits and the American left (who run the intel agencies, the Wall St banks, Hollywood, Washington DC, FBI, etc) but also a certain ‘democracy’ in the Middle East… Don’t forget about them, just because they like to lay low most of the time.

They are pushing hard for a 2nd front, between themselves and Iran, as we speak.

Jens Holm.

Im so happy for most of that infiltration. It protect me and my country well. Those hired people also makes mistakes now and then.

But hip hip for they exist and do so well. Withtout them people like You would destroy our way of having a good life.

Hans Holm

You’re so happy for your new dildo. It protects you and your tiny pimple slave country from Covid-xy. But not from monkeypox. Hip Hip.


They’re already feeling the pain from NATO breaking one of the Ten Commandments 8 years ago and the aftermath it wrought:

‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s naval base’


OCPW an any NGO too.

Jens Holm.

You really makes me laugh. The sun goes down in west because of that too. And you prefare east or south?

Jens Assholm

Dumb shithead you ‘prefare’ to suck Yankee dicks and Yankee buttholes.

Tit for Tat

Wish you were dead, hohole licker! God willing, you soon will be.

It is Written

The sun rises in the East and goes down in the West as a sign from God. Think about that.

Jens Holm.

They certainly could need some extra in these days. How much is it🎈

Your kind contribute minus only.

hunter bidé lab pork !

even guteres anus got crazy monkeys and nobody gives him a sheizen…..the pope is already a monkey !!! and need to be more jabbed !!!!

Busy Little Bees

Used to be the Peace Corps. Now it’s OSCE, OPCW, IMF, Amnesty, Red Cross, HRW, on and on it goes.


The Libyans told me that over ten years ago, specially the french and the red cross.


Every Western based international organisation is against Russia – US propaganda rules supreme .Stand firm with the TRUTH-Freedom and fight against US dictatorship.All western morals are no more – as Americans say- “Money ( and threats ) Talks.

Last edited 8 months ago by Donnchadh
Jens Holm.

Of course any reflxions for why is forbidden in Your narrowminded highly infected world.

Thats no USA propaganda. Its decided by UN that Ukraíne should be their own 30 years ago and they even gave away their nukes to be no threat to the Russian homemade collapse.

Things would be different now if the Ukras could make Moskva into a lake. Nothing legitimize and invasion into the Ukra quagmire.

Some 17,8% should not run it well supported by Putin & Co ignoring the support for that was and are Lukaskenko, Assads, Cuba, Eritrea and North Korea. India as well as China being big ones try to be strickly neutral in those matters.

So when the russians dont respect most of the rest of the world, they should be no member.

We see western economics are doing much better then anything else. Here USA is a big partner and decide a little to much.

Ypu never give links for any improvements, whee the grass is greener. When USA can elect people as Trump and for that matter dx Nixon and remove them again, they are more free then most people in the world.

We own USA as well. Our world is based on investments by the stockmarket.

sod off

fuck off braindead retard

Atlas Shrugged

Who cares? West is full of sodomites in every sense of the word.


Hunter Biden for President! The creme de la creme.

Jens Holm.

If You loved us more, we didnt have to compensate with that very good and much cheeper replacement.


It would help if it had an English translation


It has a translation below it in English -if you are not seeing it then your app is not working correctly.

Florian Geyer

The translation from Russian to English is always difficult as there are English words, such as ‘please’ that do not exist in the Russian lexicon.


Not really, Russian is much more complex than rather primitive English.

Jens Holm.


Atlas Shrugged

English was patched together from Latin, Greek, post-Latin French and some Anglo-Saxon grunts. That’s why exceptions are the rule, sort of like the ‘rules-based order’ they patched together.

Last edited 8 months ago by Atlas Shrugged

Crawl back under the pile of dogshit from whence you came, troll.

Jens Holm.

пожалуйста & pozhaluysta

Are You happy now. PLEASE dont cry anymore.

Michel LeBlanc

Who the hell are you shithead?

Flo has been here for years and he has been spot on over and over.

He would have manure piles.

Atlas Shrugged

But lots of ‘f-ck you’s, which is entirely appropriate according to the rules based order of however you want to define it.

An Astute Observer

The most over-used word inspired by the English is ‘hypocrite’. The second is ‘exceptional’.

In other words, ‘exceptional hypocrite’. There are a few other popular ones but I’ll leave those to your imagination.


Great job made by Russia, congratulation and keep moving this way.


At least in this time, the satanic world of the pedophille, sodomite, transgender and sex change operation is being defeated in one part of the world. Eastern and south Ukraine will be a land where families can raise their children in normal and divine natural way. Thank you Jesus Christ for helping bring victory to the normal people!

Jens Holm.

Yerrrh. Putin will say they have completly new ruins too. Many has to use old ones.

Most likely they will vote for him an more ruins as well.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jens Holm.

Normal or people as God intended


Россия занята подготовкой к внедрению новой глобальной финансовой системы, обеспеченной золотом и товарами: https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/ronan-manly/kremlin-confirms-intention-to-back-ruble-with-gold-and-commodities/

Это будет включать в себя международную резервную валюту, основанную на корзине валют, как я и предсказывал в своем блоге более 10 лет назад:


И стабильная криптовалюта, обеспеченная золотом:


За кулисами русские также потихоньку готовятся выпустить технологию свободной энергии, и они сделают это, как только сила темных сил уменьшится настолько, что это будет безопасно:



Last edited 8 months ago by Iren
Jens Holm.

Sure. It will be based on zink.


A lot of videos of Ukrorats running away from Lisichansk. Pity if any of them managed to escape.

Jens Holm.

Both towns almost has been evacuated for many months. They know russian rule.

Only the ones insist is there and those which help them. Many are old people. I was born here. I will die here too.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jens Holm.
Atlas Shrugged

Tough for the AFU to be so hated in their own so-called country, isn’t it?

mike l hutchings

Russia fights the CIAs vision of the world…. the CIA, FBI NSA ETC betrays the constitution that has kept them from the throat of Americans. the British are behind most of this, Since the Austro-Hungarian empire and Prussia were destroyed Russia is next in line for dismemberment. MAGA

Jens Holm.

We acually decide that by Our constitution and can change their influence as we wish. They are employed and by Our parlamentary decided budgets.

You seemes to ignore that USA actually has changed a lot for the CIA tool. Several has been fired. We se the same for Denmark.

We can. You forget WE. They are Our tools. We of course also allow them some dirty business.

Well known scandals such as Iran – Contra confirm that too. More then one was fired there.

Don't flatter yourself

Fools using tools? All you neanderthals have been able to manage so far is starting fires.

Jens Holm.

If You can name us as neanderthals we can name and treat You as anyone we wish. Thats what we do now.

Russia gain dont do what almost the rest of the world UN included has decided, so why be here in Our world at all.

You can create Your own world in Your own country. I like russians very much as long as they stay there and dont contact me. By that they are best friends of mine.

Jens Holm.

Red cross is a neutral organisation but many of the employed are locals. Red cross still being there and under Ruussian and Ukraine fire should be added to his comment.

Don't flatter yourself

What a lying dimwit you are. Ukranazioids sequester ambulances so they won’t be fired upon. Same reason they set up shop in schools and hospitals.

More videos than a centipede can count attest to the practice. What proof do YOU have, chump? NONE! That’s what.

An Astute Observer

Sounds like ISIS to me. More working tips from MI6’s white helmet gang?

Jens Holm.

That unfortunatly might be true as well. They have had a lack of vehicles and it culd have been stolen as well.

I speak for Red Cross and not thieves.


Lets be real most us-based organizations are co-oped by the CIA


Let’s be real, US is the biggest supporter of terror and also the most corrupted and criminal so called government. This time they won’t get away that easy. They are finished financially, socially and economically.


Let’s be even realer. America is on the verge of splitting into between 2 and 5 countries. Don’t assume that Biden and the Pentagon represent even 50% of Americans, specifically rural Americans.


They clearly try to play the blame-game to distract from their home-made problems. People are not that dumb over there. Media is already aligning with common sense and shifting away from the narrative. Pouring money into a utter failed Ukraine project won’t change the foreseeable outcome. Hiking interest rates even at those tiny steps is already killing most of the markets and most their so called economy. This will be some struggle. I fear they will go full retard and start the real WW3 to avoid full collapse. They are too afraid too lose that way.

Jens Holm.

You dont get the american struture. Thye have a level more then You assume. TheGoverment for all does not decide everything as fx the President and the Duma in Russia(and some few reals decisings in their local parlaments).

So the Presidensy also is a ,imited mix up to avoid someone like Putin ofr stalin to take over.

Thats why all are allowed to wear guns and use them for self protection. Many went to USA because of religion, so in USA You can even make Your own religion almost as You wish. But You pay Yourself by own pocket or donations.

So the POTUS is the paid hand to solve things for them. By that they are not involved as we are.

If You want to know more, You have to dig deeper into their state levels. hose also are the deciders for windfarms, solar energy, nukepowerplants, water use and irrigation, climate change a.s.o.

The POTUS often only can give a h3elpingor blocking small hand here and there.

Their sometimes terrible election system is runned byeach state as well. Changes are very difficult.

Jens Holm.

Well the opposition to Biden are much less. Thats true.

USA already hs 50 countries in it. its UNITED STATES.

Here they decide everything from death penalty to abortion. So I think they will be able to handle it. It seemes very difficult for them to make sober reforms to the better.

An Astute Observer

Sounds to me like they started digging a grave for someone else, tripped and fell in themselves. They shouldn’t elect such clumsy clods to run their affairs.


Elect? This thing was a obvious scam from the beginning. Last time they were too slow so Trump slipped through. With Brandon they were too eager and made way too many mistakes. Now the US has more political prisoners locked up then Russia and China altogether. They turned on their own people after January 6’th.

Jens Holm.

You are right. But I do understand they were so tired of the establisment and choosed to elect anything else.

Trump already was highly infected.

But it can work. It does in France as well as Ukraine. Macron is re lelected even he lost a lot of votes.

In Denmark we have traditions strange to the world. Its always minority Goverments. The one of today only has 25% of the seats. But it works.

They by that are forced to find majority in the Parlement and by that parle a lot. Most decisions by that are mor epermanent but sometimes too compåromized.

We dont need 51 as Erdogan or even 91,5% as Assad. Thats Our way. We are much more open about things and used to it.

Im sometimes proud of it. Our educations are not better then others but the behavings between each other are.

By that we often see top Leaders in top concern. Their qualification is to commincate all experts, so they see the whole job well and as a unification.

We are much more horisontal in decidings and dont use all the formalities in rak very visible all over the world.

USA and others should do more of that. We are able to learn from them too and dont hesitate much. The results are very visible.

Jens Holm.

Its strange for many that 330 mio has nothing better. Trump was really bad. Biden almost only can repair and keep.

As written before USA needed Sanders for real social reformds but they elected Biden.

I see the reuplicans as OUT. I see no replacers for Biden(and Sanders).


RED CROSS and OSCE are NOW LEGITIMATE TARGETS wherever they are found it has been proven that BOTH organizations are being used as spies for NATO and Ukraine so NOW BOTH ARE LEGITIMATE TARGETS for EXTERMINATION. = Z =


many wish tranny Sawyer dead—profit your momma pay Sawyer for sodomy—due to hyperinflation no condom


Those sitting in Red Cross vehichles have been Ukrainian soldiers or US backed mercenaries.

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