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“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR


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This video is based on the research of Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

Below is the full text of Professor Chossudovsky’ article published by Global Research

According to a secret document dated September 15, 1945, “the Pentagon had envisaged blowing up the Soviet Union  with a coordinated nuclear attack directed against major urban areas.

All major cities of the Soviet Union were included in the list of 66 “strategic” targets. The tables below categorize each city in terms of area in square miles and the corresponding number of atomic bombs required to annihilate and kill the inhabitants of selected urban areas.

Six atomic bombs were to be used to destroy each of the larger cities including Moscow, Leningrad, Tashkent, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa.

The Pentagon estimated that a total of 204 bombs would be required to “Wipe the Soviet Union off the Map”. The targets for a nuclear attack consisted of sixty-six major cities.

One single atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima resulted in the immediate death of 100,000 people in the first seven seconds. Imagine what would have happened if 204 atomic bombs had been dropped on major cities of the Soviet Union as outlined in a secret U.S. plan formulated during the Second World War.

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

Hiroshima in the wake of the atomic bomb attack, 6 August 1945

The document outlining this diabolical military agenda had been released in September 1945, barely one month after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (6 and 9 August, 1945) and two years before the onset of the Cold War (1947).

The secret plan dated September 15, 1945 (two weeks after the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945 aboard the USS Missouri, see image below) , however, had been formulated at an earlier period, namely at the height of World War II,  at a time when America and the Soviet Union were close allies.

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

It is worth noting that Stalin was first informed through official channels by Harry Truman of the infamous Manhattan Project at the Potsdam Conference on July 24, 1945, barely two weeks before the attack on Hiroshima.

The Manhattan project was launched in 1939, two years prior to America’s entry into World War II in December 1941. The Kremlin was fully aware of the secret Manhattan project as early as 1942.

Were the August 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks used by the Pentagon to evaluate the viability of  a much larger attack on the Soviet Union consisting of more than 204 atomic bombs?

“On September 15, 1945 — just under two weeks after the formal surrender of Japan and the end of World War II — Norstad sent a copy of the estimate to General Leslie Groves, still the head of the Manhattan Project, and the guy who, for the short term anyway, would be in charge of producing whatever bombs the USAAF might want. As you might guess, the classification on this document was high: “TOP SECRET LIMITED,” which was about as high as it went during World War II. (Alex Wellerstein, The First Atomic Stockpile Requirements (September 1945)

The Kremlin was aware of the 1945 plan to bomb sixty-six Soviet cities.

Had the US decided not to develop nuclear weapons for use against the Soviet Union, the nuclar arms race would not have taken place. Neither The Soviet Union nor the People’s Republic of China would have developed nuclear capabilities as a means of deterrence.

The Soviet Union lost 26 million people during World War II.

The USSR developed its own atomic bomb in 1949, in response to 1942 Soviet intelligence reports on the Manhattan Project.

Let’s cut to the chase. How many bombs did the USAAF request of the atomic general, when there were maybe one, maybe two bombs worth of fissile material on hand? At a minimum they wanted 123. Ideally, they’d like 466. This is just a little over a month after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Of course, in true bureaucratic fashion, they provided a handy-dandy chart (Alex Wellerstein, op. cit)

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR


“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR


This initial 1945 list of sixty-six cities was updated in the course of the Cold War (1956) to include some 1200 cities in the USSR and the Soviet block countries of Eastern Europe (see declassified documents below).

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

Source: National Security Archive

“According to the 1956 Plan, H-Bombs were to be Used Against Priority “Air Power” Targets in the Soviet Union, China, and Eastern Europe. Major Cities in the Soviet Bloc, Including East Berlin, Were High Priorities in “Systematic Destruction” for Atomic Bombings.  (William Burr, U.S. Cold War Nuclear Attack Target List of 1200 Soviet Bloc Cities “From East Germany to China”, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 538, December 2015

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

Excerpt of list of 1200 cities targeted for nuclear attack in alphabetical order. National Security Archive

In the post Cold War era, under Donald Trump’s “Fire and Fury”, nuclear war directed against Russia, China, North Korea and Iran is “On the Table”.

What distinguishes the October 1962 Missile Crisis to Today’s realities:

1. Today’s president Donald Trump does not have the foggiest idea as to the consequences of nuclear war.

2, Communication today between the White House and the Kremlin is at an all time low. In contrast, in October 1962, the leaders on both sides, namely John F. Kennedy and Nikita S. Khrushchev were accutely aware of the dangers of nuclear annihilation. They collaborated with a view to avoiding the unthinkable.

3. The nuclear doctrine was entirely different during the Cold War. Both Washington and Moscow understood the realities of mutually assured destruction. Today, tactical nuclear weapons with an explosive capacity (yield) of one third to six times a Hiroshima bomb are categorized by the Pentagon as “harmless to civilians because the explosion is underground”.

4.  A one trillion ++ nuclear weapons program, first launched under Obama, is ongoing.

5. Today’s thermonuclear bombs are more than 100 times more powerful and destructive than a Hiroshima bomb. Both the US and Russia have several thousand nuclear weapons deployed.

Moreover, an all war against China is currently on the drawing board of the Pentagon as outlined by a RAND Corporation Report commissioned by the US Army  

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSR

“Fire and Fury”, From Truman to Trump: U.S Foreign Policy Insanity

There is a long history of US political insanity geared towards providing a human face to U.S. crimes against humanity.

“Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”: Planned US Nuclear Attack against USSROn August 9, 1945, on the day the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, president Truman (image right), in a radio address to the American people, concluded that God is on the side of America with regard to the use of nuclear weapons and that

He May guide us to use it [atomic bomb] in His ways and His purposes”. 

According to Truman: God is with us, he will decide if and when to use the bomb:

[We must] prepare plans for the future control of this bomb. I shall ask the Congress to cooperate to the end that its production and use be controlled, and that its power be made an overwhelming influence towards world peace.

We must constitute ourselves trustees of this new force–to prevent its misuse, and to turn it into the channels of service to mankind.

It is an awful responsibility which has come to us.

We thank God that it [nuclear weapons] has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it [nuclear weapons] in His ways and for His purposes” (emphasis added)



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  • Zainab Ali

    ameritards with their lapdogs are the supreme race in hell no doubt

    • Vidura

      lol enraged arab and communist apologist go suck a d*ck ! USSR had similar plans dumbf*ck!

  • Robert Duran

    If this isn’t the most evil country in history I don’t know which is…

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Yanks calling the USSR “The Evil Empire” is like CNN calling Southfront “fake news” :)

      • Keith Smith

        USSR was evil. But the USSR is not Russia

        • Bobby Twoshoes

          I’d argue that they were markedly less so than the US, but I digress; the article was about a US attack on the USSR (Russia is not the USSR remember so I don’t know why you even bring Russia into it) and the comment replied to was about America being evil, my joke simply brought the two together with a meme from the past and threw in a current issue relevant to the platform on which I’m commenting to illustrate how American hypocrisy never changes. I thought it was pretty witty but I can’t control when you will take offence so I shall not bother myself with thinking about avoiding it, welcome to the internet.

          • Keith Smith

            meh, relax, difference of opinions doesnt really hurt anybody. and in the past history USSR was absolutely terrible, even the US admitted at the time, they fought against the wrong people (the nazis). Stalin did have a plan to attack war torn europe and when ussr fell, it was discovered, germany pre emptive attack on the ussr was just 3 weeks before the planned invasion. Since WW2. yeah the US foreign policy is one of constant betrayal and war crimes. but at that point in time, The US had every right to mistrust the old soviet union. and keep your humour up bud. Its bloody well needed :)

          • Lav

            Oh please, not again that “hitlers preemptive attack’ BS, it’s nothing but laughable fantasies of one quasi historian clown with fake name ‘Victor Suvorov’ who published a few sci-fi books with this insane conspiracy theory… Reagan’s propaganda fully exploited that crap, just as neo-nazis today use his bs to justify Hitlers invasion of USSR…. but the TRUTH is: whoever claims that Stalin planned to attack Germany in 1941. is 100% clueless.
            Stalin was fucking terrified of Hitler, he was desperate for a few more years of peace to reform his army and fortify borders, Red Army in spring of 1941. was in abysmal condition, completely unprepared, they were not able to defend, certainly not to attack mighty Wehrmacht. Red Army barely won over Finland after a few months of bloody fighting, while Germans defeated France (plus Uk/Belgium/Netherlands) in 6 weeks! Germans looked unstoppable, Stalin was so scared that he order not to attack german scout missions over USSR borders, he did nothing when Germans attacked Yugoslavia in april 1941., there is absolutely no way that USSR planned to invade anything in 1941. nor they were remotely capable to do so. Absolutely ridiculous claims.

          • Lav

            Oh please , not again that ‘Hitlers pre emptive attack’ BS – it’s nothing but laughable fantasies of one quasi historian, clown with fake name Victor Suvorov, who published a few sci-fi books with this insane conspiracy theory .. Reagan’s propaganda fully exploited that crap , just as neonazis today use his BS to justify HitIer’s invasion of USSR…. but the TRUTH is: whoever claims that Stalin planned to attack Germany in 1941. is 100% clueless .

            StaIin was fucking terrified of Hitler , he was desperate for a few more years of peace to reform his army and fortify (new) borders, Red Army in spring of 1941. was in abysmal condition, completely unprepared, they were not able to defend, certainly not to attack mighty Wehrmacht. R.Army barely won over Finland after months of bloody fighting, while Germans defeated France (plus Uk/Belgium/Netherlands) in 6 weeks!! Germans looked unstoppable, undefeatable, Stalin was so scared that he order not to attack german scout missions over USSR borders , he did nothing when Germans attacked Yugoslavia in april 1941, instead he offered them more trade and resources, he was almost ready to beg after they finally attacked .. It’s absolutely not possible that USSR planned to invade anything in 1941. nor they were remotely capable to do so… Completely ridiculous claims.

          • Keith Smith

            Wrong. When USSR fell documents came out

          • Keith Smith
          • Lav

            Yeah, more Viktor Suvorov’s crap, as I said… read more serious historians like David Glantz.(American military historian, expert for WW2 eastern front)

          • Keith Smith

            yeah.. american propaganda is so reliable… did iraqi soldiers leave babies dying on the floor out of incubators ?………… did iraq have WMD’s? Did they play nice with gaddaffi after he gave up his weapons……… fkkk me… US has attacked every president who wanted to end federal reserves control. their history is wank and lies

          • Lav

            David Glantz is surprisingly objective, that’s why I mentioned him. There are Russian historians as well, Ivanov I think (I doubt you know Russian, mine is not that great either). ‘Viktor Suvorov’ is a defector to UK, a traitor, he is something like Pussy Riot, always against his own country, trying to appease western readers with antirussian sensationalism and blatant propaganda.
            He literally invented this entire ‘pre emptive theory’, he was a paid propagandist nothing else, fully exploited by Reagan’s (and british) media back in late 80s, and even today so many people believe his lies. And they are against elementary logic.

          • Keith Smith

            What reasons does he give for USSR wanting to enter the war? What reasons would Germany have for trying to take the landmass of Russia when they had the Whole of western Europe?

          • Lav

            Read Mein Kampf: ‘Lebensraum’ is in the east, Hitler was obsessed with the east, he never even intended to attack W.Europe (Brits forced him by declaring the war in 1939.). USSR had grain and oil and all other resources (and manpower as slaves). Hitler planned to go to war with them since day 1. He insisted to attack USSR immediately after France, but it was not logistically possible.

          • Lumen

            Because he was unable to take Britain, since he lost the air-battle. and the only use for the many german tanks was driving further on solid land … and that was east. simple as that. there was no more expansion possible AT THAT POINT in western directory. well, it didnt make sense, but many things didnt make sense.

          • Keith Smith

            he left our soldiers with their asses hanging in the wind alone for four days instead of blowing the sh1t3 out of dunkirk beaches. gave us 4 days to get home, and offered us peace. the majority of the western european army was on that beach, not just British

          • Keith Smith

            there is no plausible or sensible reason for hitler to invade russia. unless it was pre emptive

          • Keith Smith

            thing is, i look at both sides of an argument, and i try and see both sides as if i was wrong before i make a decision. sorry.. but you believe just one viewpoint and you have a closed mind. Have you ever considered you might be wrong? and if so… what the truth might be if you were?

          • Lav

            Of course. I gave you my own arguments, my own words, while you quote ‘Suvorov’ again. So don’t tell me I’m biased and not objective, that’s you actually.
            Try to imagine you go back in may/june 1941. after Hitlers amazing victories, blitzkrieg looks like a miracle, a perfect military machinery defeating country after country with ease, including powerful countries like France and UK, something that German empire failed to do in 4 years of war… while soviets were basically humiliated in tiny Finland. And you are seriously trying to say that Stalin was eager to attack Hitler? That sounds logical to you?

          • Keith Smith

            he wanted to attack a war torn europe. germany were too big, remember banksters convinced UK to continue after dunkirk. They promised US would intervene if Uk gave them israel. Even US are saying they could have stopped pearl harbour. That aint different news. banksters declared war on hitler with a worldwide boycott in 1933. banksters bankrolled Stalin. when i say banksters i mean rothschilds and co. JEWISH BANKING FAMILIES FUNDED 2nd WORLD WAR. They funded Stalin, Stalin was coming for it. Look up historical crimes of fractional reserve banking. As in wars today.. follow the money. 6.5 hr documentary Greatest Story Never Told delves a little into it

          • Keith Smith

            You seem to believe there is only one source for the information concerning USSR and WW2

          • Lav

            What? That’s complete nonsense… Looks like you have no idea what you are talking about. And you failed to answer my question of course.

            btw There is only ONE source for ‘Hitler pre emptive attack’ theory. And that’s “V.Suvorov” (and he has no sources at all for many of his claims!). A few more people supported his bs, mostly revisionists. No serious historian ever did. You didn’t know that, now you do. Say thanks and don’t waste my time.

          • Keith Smith

            ‘ Military operational plans are irrelevant,’ ok then, you win the argument, there was no ‘relevant military operation plans from russia to invade Europe’

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Suvorov is shady but he is not Solsjenytsin, Russian military historian Mikhail Ivanovich Meltyukhov revealed a few things, thought.

            It is your History™ that is false.

            Look at this article, cold war History™ being debunked. The hollowdomore? Debunked with a little common sense. It goes a long way.

          • Gary Sellars

            Oh fuck off with yer Yankistani BS. The Indians were right – paleface speak with forked tongue.

          • Keith Smith

            yer mum

          • Bobby Twoshoes

            Don’t know about the worse than Nazis line of reasoning or that I give any credence to American’s opinions (I think your observation strengthens Robert’s point if anything). Nonetheless I find your response acceptable, it’s surprising where a bit of flattery will get you :)

          • Keith Smith

            i find it easier to accept we cant always agree on everything.

          • TheLulzWarrior

            The mainstream opinion in America is in the tune of teh purjesh maed teh Soveet Armee weak in 1941 and 7 millions innoshunt Kulaks MURDERED by starvashuns!

            Congrat on defending the latter.

          • Nosferatu

            Hitler wrote in his 1925 Mein Kampf about the “lebensraum” for Germany in the east. So what pre emptive strike are you talking about? Hitler clearly stated he wants to attack USSR long time before he even got into power, so there is NO chance Stalin did not know Germany is going to attack USSR. Do you have even the slitghtest idea of history?

          • TheLulzWarrior

            The Soviet army was ready to attack in 1941 and there was the Churchill-Stalin plan in 1939-1940.

            But not genocide against the German people, like the deep state planned to against the Soviet-Union and Warsaw Pact.

        • Lex

          USSR is state form of Russia till 1991.

          • Keith Smith

            and as it is now.. what? 26 yrs later?… Russia is non longer ussr

          • Lex

            Russia is Russia forever in spite of any form and official name.

          • Keith Smith

            and God Bless Em

        • Nosferatu

          USSR was much less of an evil than US is and was.

        • Renée Pennington

          Good grief. You obviously know nothing about the USSR

    • slayern2

      Great Satan. The true evil empire (along with UK, basically one empire terrorizing this planet for 300 years)

    • Rik Vik

      I was just writing exactly the same sentence.

  • Jesus

    In 1945 US did not have the fissile material U235 to builds hundreds of bombs, nor the means to deliver these bombs deep into USSR. As far as God being with the USA, maybe Truman thought that was the case, however God says:
    Matt.7[2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    God will judge USA in no uncertain terms.

  • as

    It’s MAD indeed. Well should they proceeds and somehow succeed i don’t think they ever able to reign over humanity that survived the ordeal. History has proved that humanity remembered no matter how perfect the lies and deceit it used and will bands together to fend off threat to it’s survival.

  • Ivan Freely

    People need to understand that all competent militaries have invasion plans. The US have plans for every country on the planet because they have the resources to do so. Creating a plan neither mean it will be carried out nor be a correct one. It’s also another way for the planners to justify their paycheck (i.e. job security). Don’t think for a second that both China and Russia aren’t doing the same thing.

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Are you American? You miss the point as only they can. Nuclear holocaust ≠ invasion. I guarantee the Chinese and Russian plans aren’t so callous.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        be sure, they are. i learned some of them earlier.

    • Lex

      US can destroy only countries that not able to respond anything and have no effective air defense. If country can not be reachable by strikes of US AF UAV it is not targed of US)

  • Garga

    They really believe the nuclear weapons can be a “service to mankind”.

    Nothing is more dangerous than a delusional leader who believes he has a direct line of communication with god.

    • matt

      Any leader that believes he has a direct line with “god” is dangerous

  • paul ( original )

    One thing that slightly perplexes me about all this is why the USSR
    diverted a large part of its army from the European Theatre to invade
    Manchuria . If you take the information given above together with the
    content of ‘Operation Unthinkable’ ( an allied plan to continue WW2
    and invade the USSR) , then there was every reason to strengthen not
    weaken its forces in Europe.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      this was an agreement. and also ussr wanted more influence in far east.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    OK guys, and we had also dozens of plans how to woipe out the capitalists :))

    this is the job of high command ;)

  • Starlight

    Jewish America is murderous America- the talmudic way of doing anything involves treating the rest of Humanity as ‘cattle’. Jews were at the forefront of the african slave trade BEFORE Islam existed, worked with the muslims to perfect the trade, then encouraged and funded the European and American zionist christian African slave trade.

    The jewish ideology, which only masquerades as an organised ‘religion’ (Israel is mostly aethiest, and even ‘religious’ jews do not believe in an ‘afterlife’), is similiar in form to mafia, masonic, and nazi ideologies. In other words ruthless power structures where the ends justify the means.

    The American/British WW2 nuclear program was dominated by influential jews, so of course it formulated the most evil plans for the use of nukes. But this was also partially to force the jewish dominated Russia to rush to build its own massive nuke stockpiles. ‘American’ jews involved with the nukes were ‘leaking’ secrets to russian jews right from day one.

    Playing both ends against the middle is the talmudic way.

    No-one is born ‘jewish’, or ‘muslim’ or ‘christian’ (which today means zionist christian- not like the originally christianity of Jesus). Ideologies are adopted by thinking Humans when they are of age. The attempt by jews to suggest otherwise (for both jews and muslims) is to PROTECT judiac cults from appropriate criticism, using the cry of ‘racism’.

    Post revolutionary Russia, while allowing people their own chosen spiritual beliefs, tried to downplay the role of ‘organised religion’ in society. We know this was a half-hearted attempt, since state approved churches (jewish, christian and muslim) were still tolerated by the communists. But it was a tiny step in the right direction.

    The founding fathers warned American society of the danger of a jewish take-over, and they have been proven right. Today we see the price paid, as zionist controlled USA, without any just cause, goes to war with Russia on every possible front short of direct hot war.

    No unbiased observer can deny Putin’s Russia is a civilising force today- seeking peace and decency for all Humans. Yes, Putin is still a very weak leader, refusing to use the power of Russia to properly confront the Deep State of the West. And we know that powerful russian jews sit on Putin’s back weighting him down. But as his speeches prove, Putin’s heart is exactly in the right place.

    Sadly, today, Putin is mostly good in readying Russia for the FINAL CONFLICT, where Russia is guaranteed to do more harm to the USA than USA does to Russia in the coming WW3. For insane reasons the zionist jews and zionist christians actively seek this final conflict. But they want and need both sides to be tooled up to the max to ensure WW3 ends everything.

    Putin naively thinks MAD (mutually assured destruction) with dissuade the USA. He couldn’t be more wrong. Zionist America is hell bent on destroying the Human Race.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Thinking that Putin is a weak leader and naive, shows a very short sight, on your part friend. You are not connecting the dots correctly and assuming many things, that are far from reality.

      And another thing you seem to overlook because maybe it hurts to think it and accept it. Anglozionists have colonize north amerca and is their colony as the rest of the colonies i.e. canada and australia to this day. Now if you think that you are a nation and not a colony look again and see reality. Because you never manage to reach the status of a nation.

    • alejoeisabel

      Sad racist vomit.

    • Jozsef Osztronkovics

      It is sad but it is true –US has been kidnapped and turned into direction where USSR in 1930 about 60 millions of Russians lost their life – the regime is against its own innocent people this is israelizionism

    • matt


  • Promitheas Apollonious

    if you consider real historical fact that the revolution in russia that give birth to USSR, been done by jewish khazars and most of them left from east side NY to join the revolution with full support from the anglozionist group then you also understand all this hype, then and now, is nothing but a hype to redirect humans thinking what they want them to think.

    The same group that ruled USSR also rules to this day west, so don’t believe everything you read and try and search historical fact and put the dots together.

    • alejoeisabel

      Any Jewish person would be proud of their contribution in ridding the Russian people of the corrupt and bloody Czar Nicholas.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        jewish person are they any real hebrew people left ? Last i check religion define the impostors saying are jews and the rift raft of earth. Diluted defective dna so be proud of what?

        Of course you can be proud of your perverted ways and your rainbow parades. Other than that you are the scum of the earth soon to be erased.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Jews were BUT the tens of millions if Christians that died were not so proud.

    • Jozsef Osztronkovics

      It is sad but it is true –US has been kidnapped and turned into direction where USSR was In 1930 is the regime is against its own innocent people this is zionism

      • matt


        • slayern2

          *instead of your brain.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        1930s was then they got purged from the Soviet governement in enormous numbers.

    • matt


      • Promitheas Apollonious

        bullshit what shit4brains?

    • FlorianGeyer

      Join the dots and there is a Jew at both ends :)

    • Nosferatu

      Not true. You are corect only until 1924. Since 1925 Stalin took over USSR and took it out of the control of zionsts. That is the reason they (zionists) had to find someone crazy enough to want to attack Russia, to make him a leader of a strong country and to arm him and provide for him the coridor to attack Russia. First part was easy. There was this lunatic local politic who already in 1925 wrote in his book about attacking Russia. Than they had to instal him to power. That was a little more complicated but they managed to do so. then they had to arm him. Rockefellers invested heavily into german military industrial complex and international banksters provided plenty of loans. Then they had to give him the coridor to attack Soviet Russia. That was done by English, French and US diplomacy by giving Hitler the way to the east and common German/Soviet border by letting Hitler take over Austria, the betrayal of Chechoslovakia and Poland. At this point “project Hitler” was ready for the task of attacking USSR. The only reason was that Stalin took USR out of Sio-control. And the only rason the west ultimatelly joined USSR against Hitler was, that project Hitler went out of control in 1940 when he attacked France, so England and US could no longer let Germany and Russia bleed each other out as it was planned, cos public opinion would find out the truth that West did not want to fight against Hitler. They just wanted slavic people dead and control of Russia.

      • Dawn of Svarog

        wery welll spoken…

      • Renée Pennington

        Only person I have seen so far who is truthful. Thank you.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      February revolution.

      The US entered the war within 2 months of it, the former Russian Emoire was subverted then.

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    Interesting Zionist US was and it will be evil for ewer unless they change their politics and let the people to decide what best for country instead the dominative Zionist greedy rich

  • Peter Schmidt

    I have difficulties in finding an equivalent target list which shows soviet targets in Europe.
    Has there been anything published or do the Russians managed to keep it secret?

    Even an old list, comparable to the “Single Integrated Operational Plan” I would consider helpful.

    • Lex

      US has nuclear bombs from 1945. Therefore they had plan to destroy Russia after used (real tested) its against Japan. Russia has developed and tested nuclear bomb only at 1949. So what nuclear plan USSR able to has at 1945 against anybody in Europe?

      • Peter Schmidt

        Hi Lex,

        thank you for your response. I never asked for a plan dated 1945.
        I am asking for any available information. Old US information on targets has been made public.
        Is there any old USSR information on targets publicly available?

        • Lex

          Any secret information has defined term of save. A lot of secret info from Russian archive has published, for example, by Ministry of Defence or Ministry of Foreign Affairs sites. If you can read Russian, you can access it. If plans of resplonsive strikes still not published – terms not expired.

  • Richard Romanov

    Ameican unprofessionals only and shortage of reality judge the stage war 1945 year.USSR? To wait to attack Republic Ukrainian part soviets empire.USA to forget a power’s group’s Red Army by border’s West Germany Swiss which to be ready to do attack West a Stalin a idea Nuclear attack Japan stop’s soviets plan Second range bomber’s US to be limit’s are soviets 1944 year US Force not to be able to help Warsaw uprising cause of range

  • Gary Sellars

    Dirty fucking prick Murican cunts…

  • Ernie Gabo


  • AlexanderAmproz

    Humans Folly for Colonialism rape and Money is unlimited !

    It’s show the US are the Planet Cancer in action in the Middle-East !

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Make it simple and go at the Sources


    Anglo-American Money Owners Organized World War II

    by Valentin Katasonov

    To mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory against Nazism, we publish a study of Valentin Katasonov on financing of the NSDAP and the rearmament of the Third Reich. The author deals with new documents that confirm the organization of the Second World War by US and UK Bankers, covered by President Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in the hope of destroying the USSR. This study raises new questions that will be addressed in a future article.

    Hjalmar Schacht (left), Hitler’s finance minister, with his close friend Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944. According to documents reveled by the Bank of England in 2012, he Czechoslovak gold was held in London in a sub-account in the name of the Bank for International Settlements, the Basel-based bank for central banks. When the Nazis marched into Prague in March 1939 they immediately sent armed soldiers to the offices of the National Bank. The Czech directors were ordered, on pain of death, to send two transfer requests. The first instructed the BIS to transfer 23.1 metric tons of gold from the Czechoslovak BIS account, held at the Bank of England, to the Reichsbank BIS account, also held at Threadneedle Street. The second order instructed the Bank of England to transfer almost 27 metric tons of gold held in the National Bank of Czechoslovakia’s own name to the BIS’s gold account at the Bank of England.

    The war was not unleashed by frenzied Fuhrer who happened to be ruling Germany at the time. WWII is a project created by world oligarchy or Anglo-American “money owners”. Using such instruments as the US Federal Reserve System and the Bank of England they started to prepare for the next world conflict of global scale right after WWI. The USSR was the target.

    The Dawes and Young Plans, the creation of Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the Germany’s suspension of reparations payments it had to pay according to Paris Peace Treaty and the acquiescence of Russia’s former allies in this decision, large-scale foreign investments into the economy of Third Reich, the militarization of German economy and the breaches of Paris Treaty provisions – they all were important milestones on the way of preparing the war.

    There were key figures behind the plot: the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Lord Montagu Norman (the Governor of the Bank of England), Hjalmar Schacht (President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the Hitler’s government).The strategic plan of Rockefellers and Morgans was to subjugate Europe economically, saturate Germany with foreign investments and credits and make it deliver a crushing blow against the Soviet Russia so that it would be returned into the world capitalist system as a colony.

    Montagu Norman (1871 – 1950) played an important role of go-between to keep up a dialogue between American financial circles and Germany’s business leaders. Hjalmar Schacht organized the revival of Germany’s defense sector of economy. The operation conducted by “money owners” was covered up by such politicians as Franklin Roosevelt, Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill. In Germany the plans were carried out by Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht. Some historians say Hjalmar Schacht played a more important role than Hitler. Simply Schacht kept away from spotlight.

    The Dawes Plan was an attempt following World War I for the Triple Entente to compromise and collect war reparations debt from Germany. The Dawes Plan (as proposed by the Dawes Committee, chaired by Charles G. Dawes) was an attempt in 1924 to solve the reparations problem, which had bedeviled international politics following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles (France was reluctant to accept it got over 50% of reparations). In 1924-1929 Germany got $2, 5 billion from the United States and $ 1, 5 billion from Great Britain, according to Dawes Plan. In today’s prices the sum is huge, it is equal to $1 trillion of US dollars. Hjalmar Schacht played an active role in the implementation of Dawes Plan. In 1929 he summed up the results, saying that in 5 years Germany got more foreign loans that the United States in the 40 years preceding WWI. As a result, in 1929 Germany became the world’s second largest industrial nation leaving Great Britain behind.

    In the 1930s the process of feeding Germany with investments and credits continued. The Young Plan was a program for settling German reparations debts after World War I written in 1929 and formally adopted in 1930. It was presented by the committee headed (1929–30) by American industrialist Owen D. Young, creator and ex-first chairman of Radio Corporation of America (RCA), who, at the time, concurrently served at board of trustees of Rockefeller Foundation, and also had been one of representatives involved in previous war reparations restructuring arrangement – Dawes Plan of 1924. According to the plan, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created in 1930 to make Germany pay reparations to victors. In reality the money flows went in quite a different direction – from the United States and Great Britain to Germany. The majority of strategically important German companies belonged to American capital or were partly under its control. Some of them belonged to British investors. German oil refinery and coal liquefaction sectors of economy belonged to Standard Oil (the Rockefellers). FarbenindustrieAG chemical industry major wasmoved under the control of the Morgan Group. 40% of telephone network and 30% of Focke Wulf shares belonged to American ITT. Radio and AEG, Siemens, Osram electrical industry majors moved under the control of American General Electric. ITT and General Electric were part of the Morgan’s empire. At least 100% of the Volkswagen shares belonged to American Ford. By the time Hitler came to power the US financial capital practically controlled all strategically important sectors of German industry: oil refining, synthetic fuel production, chemistry, car building, aviation, electrical engineering, radio industry, and a large part of machine-building (totally 278 companies). The leading German banks – Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Donat Bank and some others – were under US control.


    On January 30, 1933 Hitler was named the Chancellor of Germany. Before that his candidacy had been thoroughly studied by American bankers. HjalmarSchacht went to the United States in the autumn of 1930 to discuss the nomination with American colleagues. The Hitler’s appointment was finally approved at a secret meeting of financiers in the United States. He spent the whole 1932 trying to convince the German bankers that Hitler was the right person for the position. He achieved the goal. In mid-November 1932 17 German largest bankers and industrialists sent a letter to President Hindenburg expressing their demand to make Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. The last working meeting of German financiers before the election was held on January 4, 1933 in Kölnat the home of banker Kurt von Schröder. After that the National Socialist Party came to power. As a result, the financial and economic ties of Germany with Anglo-Saxons elevated to a higher level.

    Hitler immediately made an announcement that he refused to pay postwar reparations. It put into doubt the ability of England and France to pay off WWI debts to the United States. Washington did not object to the Hitler’s announcement. In May 1933 Hjalmar Schacht paid another visit to the United States. There he met with President Franklin Roosevelt and big bankers to reach a $1 billion credit deal.In June the same year Hjalmar Schacht visited London to hold talks with Montagu Norman. It all went down smoothly. The British agreed to grant a $2 billion loan. The British offered no objections related to the Germany’s decision to suspend debt payments.

    Some historians say the American and British bankers were pliant because by 1932 the Soviet Union had fulfilled the 5-year economic development plan to make it achieve new heights as an industrial power. A few thousand enterprises were built, especially in the sector of heavy industry. The dependence of USSR on import of engineering production has greatly dwindled. The chances to strangle the Soviet Union economically were practically reduced to zero. They decided to rely on war and launched the runaway militarization of Germany.

    It was easy for Germany to get American credits. By and large, Hitler came to power in his country at the same time as Franklin Roosevelt took office in the United States. The very same bankers who supported Hitler in 1931 supported Roosevelt at the presidential election. The newly elect President could not but endorse large credits to Germany. By the way, many noticed that there was a big similarity between the Roosevelt’s “New Deal Policy” and the economic policy of the German Third Reich. No wonder. The very same people worked out and consulted the both governments at the time. They mainly represented US financial circles.

    The Roosevelt’s New Deal soon started to stumble on the way. In 1937 America plunged into the quagmire of economic crisis. In 1939 the US economy operated at 33% of its industrial capacity (it was 19% in the heat of the 1929-1933 crisis).

    Rexford G. Tugwell, an economist who became part of Franklin Roosevelt’s first “Brain, a group of Columbia University academics who helped develop policy recommendations leading up to Roosevelt’s New Deal,wrote that in 1939 the government failed to reach any success.There was an open seatill the day Hitler invaded Poland.Only the mighty wind of war could dissipate the fog. Any other measures Roosevelt could take were doomed to failure. [1] Only the world war could save the US capitalism. In 1939 the money owners used all leverage at their disposal to put pressure of Hitler and make him unleash a big war in the east.


    The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) played an important role during the Second World War. It was created as an outpost of American interests in Europe and a link between Anglo-American and German businesses, a kind of offshore zone for cosmopolitan capital providing a shelter from political processes, wars, sanctions and other things. The Bank was created as a public commercial entity, it’s immunity from government interference and such things as taxes collection was guaranteed by international agreement signed in the Hague in 1930.

    The bankers of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who were close to the Morgans, Montagu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England, German financiers: Hjalmar Schacht (President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the Hitler’s government), Walther Funk (who later replaced Hjalmar Schacht as President of the Reichsbank) and EmilPuhl – all of them played an important role in the efforts to establish the Bank. The central banks of Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and some private banks were among the founders. The Federal Bank of New York did its best to establish the BIS, but it was not listed as a founder. The US was represented by the private First National Bank of New York, J.P. Morgan and Company, the First National Bank of Chicago – all parts of the Morgan’s empire. Japan was also represented by private banks. In 1931-1932 19 European central banks joined the Bank of International Settlements. Gates W. McGarrah, a banker of Rockefeller’s clan, was the first BIS chairman of the board. He was replaced by Leon Fraser, who represented the clan of Morgans. US citizen Thomas H. McKittrick was President of the Bankduring the war years.

    A lot has already been written about the BIS activities serving the interests of Third Reich. The Bank was involved in deals with different countries, including those Germany was at war with. Ever since Pearl Harbor the Bank of International Settlements has been a correspondent bank for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was under Nazi control during the war years, no matter American Thomas Huntington McKittrick was the Bank’s President. Soldiers were dying on the battlefields while the leadership of BIS held meetings in Basel with the bankers of Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and the United States. There, in the Swiss offshore zone, it was all peaceful, the representatives of belligerents quietly worked in the atmosphere of mutual understanding.

    Switzerland became the place where gold seized by Germany in different corners of Europe was transported to for storage. In the March of 1938, when Hitler captured Vienna, part of Austrian gold was transferred to BIS vaults. The same thing happened with the gold of Czech National Bank (48 million USD). As the war started, the flows of gold poured into the Bank of International Settlements. Germany got it from concentration camps and as a result of plundering the wealth of occupied countries (including whatever belonged to civilians: jewels, gold crowns, cigarette cases, utensils…). It was called the Nazi Gold. The metal was processed into ingots to be stored in the Bank of International Settlements, Switzerland, or outside Europe. Charles Higham in his Trading With The Enemy: An Expose of The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 wrote that during the war Nazi transferred $378 million into the accounts of Bank of International Settlements.

    A few words about the Czech gold. The details surfaced when after the Bank of England’s archives were declassified in 2012. [2] In the March of 1939 Germany captured Prague. Nazi demanded $48 million of national gold reserves. They were told that the sum had already been transferred to the Bank of International Settlements. Later it became known that the gold was transferred from Basel to the vaults of Bank of England. Upon the command from Berlin the gold was transferred to the ReichsbankBIS account. Then the Bank of England was involved in transactions done upon the orders of Reichsbank given to the Bank of International settlements. The commands were retransmitted to London. There was collusion between German Reichsbank, the Bank of International Settlements and the Bank of England. In 1939 a scandal broke out in Great Britain because the Bank of England executed the transactions with Czech gold upon the commands coming from Berlin and Basel, not the Czech government. For instance, in the June of 1939, three months before the war between Great Britain and Germany started, the Bank of England helped Germans to get into their accounts the amount of gold equal to 440 thousand pounds sterling and transfer some gold to New York (Germany was sure that in case of German intervention into Poland the United States would not declare war).

    The illegal transactions with Czech gold were implemented with tacit approval of the government of Great Britain which was aware of what was going on. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir John Simon and other top officials did their best to hide the truth, including outright lies (the gold was returned to the lawful owner or had never been transferred to Reichsbank). The recently declassified materials of Bank of England reveal the truth and show that the government officials lied to cover up themselves and the activities of the Bank of England and the Bank of International Settlements. It was easy to coordinate the joint criminal activities because Montagu Norman, the head of Bank of England, served as the chairman of the board of Bank of International Settlements. He never made secret of his sympathy for fascists.

    The Bretton Woods Conference, formally known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference, was the gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 allied nations at the Mount Washington Hotel situated in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, the United States, to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of World War II. The conference was held from 1 to 22 July 1944. All of a sudden the issue of the Bank of International Settlements hit the agenda. It was reported that the bank collaborated with fascist Germany. Leaving many details aside, I’d only mention that with great difficulty (some US delegates opposed the motion) the delegates reached an agreement to close the BIS. The decision of international conference has never been enacted. All the discreditable information related to the BIS wartime activities was classified. Today it helps to falsify the history of the Second World War.

    Finally, a few words about Hjalmar Schacht (1877-1970) who served as President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics in the fascist Germany’s government. He was a key figure controlling the economic machine of Third Reich, an extraordinary and plenipotentiaryambassador representing Anglo-American capital in Germany. In 1945 Schacht was tried at Nuremberg to be acquitted on October 1, 1946. He got away with murder. The same way it happened to Hitler. For some unexplained reasons he was not in the 1945 leading wartime criminals list. More to it, Schacht returned to his profession like if nothing happened and founded Schacht GmbH in Düsseldorf. This detail may go unnoticed, though it serves as another testimony to the fact that Anglo-American “money owners” and their plenipotentiary representatives in Germany prepared and, to some extent, influenced the outcome of the Second World War. The “money owners” want to rewrite the history of the war and change its results.

    Valentin Katasonov


    Strategic Culture Foundation (Russia)

    [1] P.Tugwell, The Democratic Roosevelt, A Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York, 1957, p 477.

    [2] http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/arch

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