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Winter Protests In Iran 2017-2018

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Today, the influence of the Iranian state and its set of values is growing in the Middle East and around the world.

In late December, anti-government protests sparked across the country. Over 20 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands detained because of clashes between security forces and the protestors. The protests emerged due to internal economic factors and the activity of foreign adversaries of Iran. The main factors behind the protests were government imposed barriers to small businesses, a strict regulation of daily life by the government, corruption, high level of the social differentiation and economic variance within the population as well as the infiltration of patterns of the Western consumerist society into the country.

On December 28, protests broke out in the northern city of Mashhad. Over the next few days, these protests spread across the country and reached the Iranian capital, Teheran. In some areas, protestors attempted to storm police stations and government buildings. This became the main reason for the casualties. For example, six protesters were killed during an attack on the police station in Qahderijan. The protesters tried to steal guns from the station. According to reports, two protestors also died in the city of Khomeini Shahr, three in Shahin Shahr, six in Tuyserkan, two in Izeh and four in Doroud. A member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was also reportedly killed by a protestor with a hunting gun near Najafabad.

According to reports, the protests were initially caused by President Hassan Rouhani’s leak of a proposed government budget last month. The budget would have slashed cash subsidies for the poor and raised fuel prices to lower debt. The plan also included fees for car registration and a departure tax. Some groups of protesters also criticized Iran’s spending on foreign policy goals across the region.

Iranian authorities have temporarily blocked access to social media and messaging apps which could allow the protestors to organize. Habibollah Khojastehpour, the deputy governor of the Lorestan province, accused “foreign agents” for the deaths of two demonstrators that took place on December 30.

“No shots were fired by the police and security forces. We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri groups [militant groups] and foreign agents in this clash,” he said in an interview to the state-run TV station on December 31.

Iran’s Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo accused the US of “grotesque” interference in the country’s affairs and of encouraging regime change in Iran after the  US President Donald Trump had praised the riots “against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime” and warned that the US was closely watching the situation. US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley even vowed to call an “urgent” UN Security Council meeting to discuss the situation in Iran.

Previously, such major protests took place in Iran 9 years ago, in 2009. The 2018 protest follows major foreign policy successes of Iran in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the US and Israeli leadership made multiple statements that Tel Aviv and Washington are set to counter the growing Iranian influence.

According to experts, the US is actively using diplomacy and intelligence as means to further destabilize the situation in Iran. Kurds and Azeris living in Iran played an important role in escalating the protests. The US elites directly influence these communities.

At one point, Iran was close to the edge of losing control over the expanding protests. Currently, it looks like Teheran regained control of the situation. If the situation destabilizes further or if the Iranian government weakens enough, the chances for US-Israeli intervention in the country will grow. The formal reason for this aggression will be the so-called protection of “freedom and democracy”.

The recent events clearly indicate that foreign actors have and are able to use so-called soft power means to destabilize the internal situation in Iran and possibly later, within 2-3 months, in Russia.

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paul ( original )

Governments who engage heavily in subsidizing the population through hand outs ultimately box themselves into an impossible situation. Eventually the finances just don’t add up. So the choice becomes between bankruptcy or riots. I don’t think the Iranians have helped themselves very much as they have been struggling with their economy for many years now.

Here in the UK there is no reason for smugness. Intentionally we have built up an alien underclass who hate our guts, but who none the less demand our support. Just wait they will be on the streets burning and looting soon enough.


Riots are in fact what our real leaders in the UK and Europe must want I suspect. Its obvious that if you place cattle in a pen with a lesser amount of large dogs, some rabid, that the result will be conflict. And whilst the cattle and dogs are occupied by fighting each other, the Elite feel safer.

Most of the workers in the UK are no more than debt slave cash cows to the banks anyway.

Whenever we hear cries of ‘Anti Semitsm ‘ it is apparent that the Zionist Cult is fearful and its time for them to muddy the waters again.

Matt Lazarus

Well, if the “alien underclass” manages to bring down the UK, that will be all to the good. The UK is pale shadow of its former imperial and imperialist self, but continues to be at beck and call of US and its deranged policies.

paul ( original )

Yes, many would be happy to see us suffer, indeed the more suffering the better.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Even France president Macron rejected USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia intervention in the domestic affair of Iran!..

Solomon Krupacek

sure not. morover, he slamed erdogan. france belongs to the 4 shitmixer class A countries.

Icarus Tanović

So Emanuel isn’t as pupetty as they would like to.


“[The} foreign actors have and are able to use so-called soft power means to destabilize the internal situation in Iran and possibly later, within 2-3 months, in Russia” Well, that pretty much sums it up – old habits are hard to break. At least Iran is not delusional by thinking that the hands of the enemy have nothing to do with it. From blatant events like the killing of Iranian scientists to arrogant pronouncements like intending to kill Iran’s top military commander are realizations that can’t be ignored as the full-frontal assault on Iran’s sovereignty and its people is no secret. It should continue to behoove the leadership of Iran to continue to defensively adjust, accordingly. The enemies that are trying to destroy the nation are historically certified murderers, and authors of destruction and hegemony – hence, there are no intelligent pleas in the world that can convince these perennial warmongers to do anything except what they’ve been doings for years. Three things: Make sure that your allies are on the same page as you; continue to build on your defensive infrastructure; and, serve and love your citizens.

Holy Russia

… later, within 2-3 months, in Russia” WE WAITING THEM…

Icarus Tanović

Support to Russia from Bosnia and Bosniaks. (I’m Muslim).

Solomon Krupacek

iranians want freedom

Bobby Twoshoes

That’s why most of them are resisting this desperate attempt to create another US puppet regime in their country.

Solomon Krupacek

no boy, iranians want again this:

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4cd20c0f8726dbb72318d4eee41b46e8d460a3bf578224d047cade7b6899e538.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2a61b709bdb68f0a45d29c416a23cb33aeed0d13af3da8d70bac0589f71a912.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/65c7890d98cf57abb346ef40d20e611071e90d6d16c55d6cc257af4fc98f56f7.jpg


Are these pix from the 70’s? I don’t think western influence is coming back to Iran anytime soon. No longer is this guy: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc9fa3218a68a3590ce6379edc263b6265ff198c68a1bab036e4efb45ef75767.jpg

Icarus Tanović


Solomon Krupacek

sure, 70s. they dont want pahlavi, they want freedom and liberalism. not sharia, not burka.rights for women. death for islam!!!

Matt Lazarus

All Iranians remember CIA-trained SAVAK, which killed thousands of Iranians.

Solomon Krupacek

again. they want freedom. as i wrote in my 1st comment. revolts were in history also before grounding of usa.

Bobby Twoshoes

Yeah, I remember something about the Shah being really popular with Iranians… you twat.


So naive, Israel-USA-NATO are working in Iran to do the same as they did in Syria.

Icarus Tanović

He’s dirty and stupid, not naive.

Solomon Krupacek

i dont doubt, they will use this situstion in their favor. but iranians ar unsatisfied. independently upon yanks.

Rex drabble

You can talk shit all day Soloman but the truth is you are wrong.

Matt Lazarus

So do Americans and Saudis.

Solomon Krupacek

all right. vivat revolution!


Persia in Revolt (RiP)??? I was almost certain that all on this stream have over the years noted the slipshod nature of msm reporting. I believed that msm have become reckless with their “accounts of events”,somuchso, that even a discarded sepia button lying in the gutter still has enough brass to understand that supposed video footage posted on Twitter by an Iranian journo, retweeted over 17,000 times, looks kinda familiar. Hey presto, it is and was outed some hours after as being part of a voilent demo in Bahrain from the “Arab Spring”. These old news reports are now used as “evidence” of supposed genuine protest and police brutality. To date there have been 21 fatalities; 6 policemen, 1 RG and 14 civilians. 2 of those civilians were run over by a hijacked Fire-Truck. 6 others, part of a group estimated to be around 30, were killed when trying to storm the police station in Qahderijan. No doubt Yankee trained MEK terrorists have been biding their time to take control of economic protests, which they did and which has cost innoncent lives. But what is the outcome that they are seeking? To overthrow the Government, I doubt that very much. However: there is a very interesting op-ed in the Washington Post by Michael Singh which suggests that what is being sought here is a reaction to the Iranian clampdown which will take place. The Yanks and the Izzys want Europe to impose sanctions, which Europe has avoided to date.


Hello! We’ve seen this all before, repeatedly. This was done in Venezuela, and continues to be done there. This was done in Ukraine. This was even done in The U.S.A. and continues to be executed there. Many visitors to this site, educated above the drivel of the mainstream media, fully expect this to be used on Russia, possibly in 2018.

This is ‘hybrid warfare’, the weaponization of media. The western media has been fully infiltrated, and are the main battalions of this war; most of the hybrid warfare tactics will be traced ostensibly to the U.S. and their numerous ‘intelligence’, yet a pattern is discernible that suggests the control of them lies elsewhere. Thus we have proxies upon proxies obscuring the originating source of the war. The pattern is decipherable with surprisingly little required analysis, but for the long-standing and ongoing psych-ops program excluding obvious actors, and marginalizing those who would state this obviousness.

While Iran has been negatively impacted by the illicit manipulations which have resulted in the wide-ranging sanctions against them, the people of Iran, to a large degree, understand who the root enemy is, and therefore understand the mechanics of the oppression better than most. The inculcation of the social media [psych-ops] tools have drastically augmented the perception management capability of international gangsters, effectively displacing the actual ‘physical’ world with their preferred virtual reality, posing a severe threat on freedom of thought and action across all ‘wired’ portions of the planet, in a manner well beyond Orwellian 1984-imagined control.

One could understand why it would become necessary to curtail the operations of the co-opted coercive, basically implanted spying and manipulations tools.

One can well imagine that this tactic may well be repeated by any still free governments, which to retain/regain domestic sovereignty.

Thus, I predict that in 2018, other governments will have to curtail the operations of social media, and general mainstream media, accessibility in their countries.

At this stage of the game, (being an as-yet-unwired-in person), I can only see upside to this development, though the masses of addicted (yes ADDICTED) users may well riot.

Nigel Maund

Tehran needs to bring this situation under control asap. The US – CIA – Mossad – UK SIS funded and supported protestors will organise to agitate and expand the typical “Regime Change” color revolution as fast as they can to destabilise the situaiton so that they can engineer anti – Iran actions in the UN and globally. The Play Book for these Regime Change operations by the Anglo – Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal is well documented and their ultimate objectve is to turn Iran into a puppet State as they did when they usurped Democratically elected President Mohammet Moussadeq in the late 1950’s in a CIA operation headed up by Kermit Roosevelt under directions from Alan Welsh Dulles (the founder of the US Deep State and the most evil spymaster in global history). The prize for the Cabal in a huge augmentation in the geopolitical position in the region and the command of Iran’s huge oil / gas and mineral resources.


Ok Guys, it’s a wrap, the Iranians are in control of the situation:


Brian Boles

one of south front’s most biased video yet. They’re normlly nuetral unbiased usully.. but they obviously hinted at “Forgeign involment” the people ar upset bot increase in gas prices registration prices for their cars and other taxes because of the need for extra money to offset its funding heavily of hezbollah take care of your own peope and stop inching closer and closer to south syria

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