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Wings Of Neo-Liberal Interventions

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You can read this article in German. LINK

The administration of US President-elect Joe Biden has not entered power yet, but its allies within the country’s highest government bodies have already launched an advance on the vestiges of symbols that do not fit the new trend of the total dominance of neo-liberal and globalist values.

The purge of sources of the ‘wrong ideology’ took place not only in social media, where accounts of the acting US President Donald Trump and his supporters were targeted, but also in the US military.

Commanders of the US Air Force have been ordered to review their unit emblems, morale patches, mottos, nicknames, coins and other forms of unit recognition in order to eliminate ‘potentially offensive images’.

“Their continued use (of derogatory symbols and language) ostracizes our teammates undermining unit cohesion and impeding our mission readiness and success … Our diversity of experience, culture, demographics and perspectives is a force multiplier and essential to our success in this dynamic global environment … We must ensure all our Airmen and Guardians are valued and respected,” the memo emphasized.

This move comes directly from the ongoing push to rewrite the US history and remove & cancel all historical figures and symbols that may be described as ‘offensive’ for the globalists, neo-liberals and various minorities that dominate in the US public politics and media. For the US military, the push started with the removal of Confederate imagery on military property and the names of its installations.

Taking into account the existing trend, it would take little time to fully rebrand the US armed forces, including the Air Force and the Navy, to new the neo-liberal force. In the previous year, the US administrations were providing their policies under the moto of defending democracy. Now, military interventions and other active actions of the US foreign policy will likely be justified by the need to fight ‘oppressors’ and create a minorities-friendly environment.

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Greetings. We removed your “test” comments. Please, do not spam in the comment section. Best regards, SF Team


Well I wanted to see which words are blocked


blocked words are ; “occupy bacon”


Ohh nooo, I’m bathe in my own tears

johnny rotten

The Jewish masters of speech are treating Americans the same as they were treating Germans in the last century.

Jens Holm

Even simple numbers dont say that at all. Maybee You have turned You v´book upside down or read it in New Zealand. .



Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an alien invasion of Earth

https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/special-sas-unit-been-trained-23291405 After EU Britain is having BREXIT with Space as well!


Trump, Biden or whatever, the US Ziocorporate regime changes in form, never in essence, just ask the Trumpet about what he did about OBama/Biden’s war on Yemen, or just compare:

WATCH: Joe Biden and Kamala on Israel, Palestine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq0JQuo5-Nk


President Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu – 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm5Je73bYOY

Jens Holm

Thats right. They change and dont accept staying stupid as You. And OH YES, those people and I do compare and prefare.


Fuck off, you’ve already made it quite clear you love terrorist Ziocorporate murderous regimes like the US/EU even if their victims are Americans or Europeans.

Ryan Glantz


Now you know.

Ryan Glantz

. / / / Link to video / / / https://www.projectveritas.com/news/texas-ballot-chaser-pressures-voter-to-change-vote-from-cornyn-to-hegar/


Ryan Glantz


Jens Holm

Biden got 7 million mpre votes then Trump

Ryan Glantz

biden got more manipulated fake votes with the dominion machine voter fraud.

Ryan Glantz



Ryan Glantz



Jens Holm

Thats no USA thing, but also USA.

Even Father Stalin finally was removed and hardly has a coffin today.

I agree in the dilemma, which is very visible at those sights. We should not just remove things we dont like away and fx as for ME too have a total constructed nationalisme of the worst kind, where only the local Leaders of tpoday are heroes.

We also should not just talk down old days based on, what we know today or fakes anayses for, what people in those days knew´, thought and didnt know.

USA fx never was based on slavery. Parts of their Southern parts were. The Americans, which was the incommers, actuallly liberated themself from Colonialisme and there actually was a war very much beäsed on the winners win and made no formalized slavery anymore(with some bad commas, wshich partly exist today).

Its the same for the Indians.

It seemes forgotten how bad the conditions were for those many immigrants to not only USA-Anglo parts but also the Spanish ones. So millions were killedand m,ainly farmers could take over instead of the main Indian kind of living even some actually was farmers.

So if You fx look at USA the many things there and the GDP is made byh the ones and very visible was not possible here in Europe. By that the sense of all of it has to have a perspective.

Tempting afain to remember 2 million Jews as well as many others left T&he Tzars and later on DDR only had Honecker as the only Inhabitant, if there was no wall.

USA today has walls to keep people OUT.

So there has to be modifications and no forgetting of the past. Its like one of my computerprograms, which takes too much. I have another cleaning not enough.

How many famous buildings should be removed. Should we fx give restore Haggia Sofia and remove those ugly Minaretes? Hell no, the Christians Church people made that Church taxing other Christians hard and even was higly corrupt in the first place.

Should the Egyptians each have a stone or two from the Pyramids too?

So I hope for sober modifications. I always has kind of laughed, when militaries and others compare themself with stupid animals of all kinds. Many instead at least could name themself for pigs, which are very clever animals and taste good. They even are one of the best garbage cleaners in the whole world.

Only blaming those millions for being as they are makes only sense if thats modified too. My Grandfathers siblings emmigrated from absolutly nothing with no hopes better then nothing. So they created a lot from nothing too – and are today probatly well – instead of dead.

We see the same for Muslims comming to Europe. They actually prefare to live among christians and inficels instead of muslim soulmates, because those muslims hypocrite soudlmates are not souldmates at all aprt from making to many children, they for many rteasons not even vcan feed well. In parts of the world of poor its even a kind of miracle all muslims seemes to have clothe on.

So molre sholuld clean themself and their history books and not only the americans. I will add those, which killed so many Jews and expelled just as many. Blame the for USA looking at them as immigrants having nowhere else to go – and defend them almost no matter what

I see their hostile neighbors well. They all are non devellopmenters raised as that. For hundreds of Years they develloped nothing and not even liberated themself. In production they becomes poorer and poorer not able to improve anything. Thats better for themself and others.

True shiits happens, but its also forgotten to see the alternätives. Doing nothing is doing something for Your children and Yourself too.

Joe Bloggs

You punk assed White Racist Nordic trash – ” The Americans, which was the incommers, actuallly liberated themself from Colonialisme ….” “liberated themselves by Genociding Brown people and thieving their land” F@ck you bi!tch ass zioscum.

@SOUTHFRONT – Someone ban this ape. He speaks a Gibberish language. This is an ENGLISH Forum.

Jens Holm

Assads punked too many with no reforms to the better and plundering by reforms as well. Thats the reason for the many incommers.

They punk back. It was unfair those many millions was not armed as well. So I feel fine about it.

Thats not racisme. People like the Baathists has to be removed and as a minimum made into not possible apart from local influence. You can find those nasty parts in any population.

We have reduced Ours and has done well by reforms, free speach and including all. We also dont raise girls for sale and even kill them for not obeyimng every new random chosen family and its isolation for her for life.

Our sexual minorities are now well included too. Gays are the best. They educvate well are good taxpayers and makes no childrren, because they are not forced to.

I can only see Your context in Islam often is like the American start of USA. The times also was different, so comparing back in time is far out. It would be better if You learned and didnt do it again and at least had a small plan for Syrians.

Well, maybee not needed. More then 25% are not even in the Coutry…And We can have them even parts are 10 times more criminals then Our worst and in that treat vomen as goats with free entrence in their behinds – and if they deny are being killed.

Syrians are among criminalks here. I dont think we made them as well mas raising Your boyes as they can remain born with honor and respect as well as they pr auto are above all women.

Those are the ones, which dont listen to female teachers, because females are below them. Those are the ones, which dont understand they get no jobs with no education -. and still blame us for it – as not integrated and many as hard criminals.


With the amount of trash this asshole ziocunt posts in a day you’d think he’d know how to type a single coherent sentence in english by now.. Holy FUCK

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