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Will Syrian Army Receive BMPT Terminator?

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Will Syrian Army Receive BMPT Terminator?

On June 27, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the Russian Hemeimeem air base in the Syrian city of Jableh. During his visit, President Assad saw the newly deployed BMPT-72 vehicle.

It’s interesting to note that the BMPT-72 vehicle was not currently in service with the Russian Army.

The vehicle appears to be a special copy where the chasse is from the BMPT Terminator with the turret of the BMPT-72 Terminator 2.

This may mean that it may be a special copy made to work in Syria, where vehicle retained the two 30-mm AG-17D grenade launchers along with the modern turret armed with Four Ataka-T rockets with a range of 6 km, two 30 mm 2A42 guns and a 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun.

It also equipped with the latest Relikt “explosive reactive armor”, along with a day and night capable fire control system.

Will Syrian Army Receive BMPT Terminator?

The Russian Army requested an unknown number of BMPT-72 vehicles on Jun 19 from UralVagonZavod Company, with the first vehicles being delivered within months.

Some believe the Russian Army wants to test it in Syria, while others believe the deal is in fact for the Syrian Army which may get the vehicle soon.

The Terminator vehicle is the ideal weapon for urban warfare and desert warfare which are the current areas of interest of the Syrian Army, either in the eastern Homs countryside or in the east of the capital Damascus. There is not doubts that the vehicle will improve the performance of the Syrian Army is it receive it.

Will Syrian Army Receive BMPT Terminator?

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Hilario Muylaert

Exterminador de sionistas !!

Wahid Algiers

Hilario you are so right.

Joe Doe

SAA needs more than just the BMPT Terminator, but would go step in the right direction if Assad will obtain such hardware

Ostap Bender

On all videos from the desert front line we can see only BMP-1’s, and BMP-2’s (same gun as Terminator, 30 mm automatic canon 2A42, that can fire on the move, high elevation vs BMP-1’s 73mm that doesn’t have stabilizer, and is manually loaded), also perfect for desert warfare with 30mm automatic gun (4km range) and Konkurs ATGM launchers (4-6km range) are kept with Republican guard in Damascus, and that is a big problem. Republican guard is taking the best fighters, commanders, artillery, armor, weapons and Tiger forces are fighting with very old hardware. Not to mention that President Assad promoted his brother major General, one rank above brigadier general Suheil al-Hassan, Tiger forces commander and Issam Zahreddine (hero of Deir Ezzor) and that can have an negative influence on morale, and even a split up inside SAA…

Julius Meinel

There is indeed some merit to your observations; I have also noticed that Syrian army keeps ( with few exceptions) the best equipment and its most loyal soldiers close to Damascus ( in or around it); certainly, the fact that eastern Goutha house an excess of 10,000 jihadist with their family so close to the Syrian center of power, is major determinant in keeping a large number of elite solider and some of the best equipment in Damascus. Besides, the jihadist around around Qunaitre also not far from Damascus just 70km. I am sure that both forces would have a run for the capital if they would sense that it is just thinly defended or undefended. Freeing eastern Goutha from jihadist is sure to free up lot of qualify equipment and soldiers that could be used elsewhere. However, I see the task of taking on the 10k or so jihadist in Eastern Ghouta to be almost as complex as the one of liberalizing east Aleppo. Just like in east Aleppo, the jihadist in Ghouta enjoy a lot of support among the brainwashed, poorly educated locals , which makes the task of eliminating the jihadist and their support network even more complicated. Your observation is correct about the Syrian army leadership, which like all Arab armies is pervaded by nepotism; while this secures loyalty to the ruling clan, it does not necessary produce the most effective commanders on the battlefield. The European style meritocracy is anathema to the Arab leaders in general and Assad ( for all his merits) is no exception to this rule.

Wahid Algiers

Isn’ t it normal to protect the centre of a land? With this tactic the SAA started to broader its territories after 2014. Arabs need “Führers”. And western democracies believe they do not. That is why they have less in the end.


You are in idiot, “Wahid”. There is no such thing as western democracy, chump, and repeating Zionist cliches about Arabs and “führers” is beyond hilarious.

Wahid Algiers

I like Maher and his attitudes. But you will see: shortly Suheil will meet Issam in DE and then both will be promoted too. One of them (Suheil) could be a perfect president after Bashar.

Real Anti-Racist Action

All of this is useless as Israel bombs Syrian tanks and missiles and troops and bases from the air unopposed!
Syria needs S-400 of there own, Assad has tried to buy them. But Russia only sells S-400 systems to NATO so NATO can protect there ground forces from anyone in the world.
Without functioning air defense in reality, everything else is just expensive trash.

Julius Meinel

Syria does not have money for ammunition, let alone for sophisticate weapon systems. Let us be realistic here. Whatever they will get from Russia, it be in the from of present with no hope of being paid in cash now or ever. Syrian may need 20+ years after the level of discretion visible on countless video productions. They will not have money for any military equipment for decades to come;

Wahid Algiers

Not as long as you describe but you are right.


S-400 to NATO? If true.. russians is in self-destruct mode. If Israel continue it’s harassment against SAA Russia might as well armed the Syrians with better SAM systems for free. Russia is already there to help Syria….not for Syrians per se but to prevent US/Israel/Saudi mercenaries called ISIS/Daesh from spreading to Russia.

Wahid Algiers

So we talk about SAM6 minimum (surface to air missile).


As long as Russia believes that it can be an “equal partner” with the West, it certainly is in self-destruct mode.


It’s diplomatic talk. They know there’s no such thing as equal partners. But they also know that it annoys the western powers and the zionists that Russia uses such terminology. It is so contrary to the globalists/zionists hierarchical thinking.


The west is lossing not Russia how many they spent money and kill by refugee.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Russian missile systems can all be integrated with their AVS the S-200 can be changed by a software upgrade. Their Radar and tracking systems can be linked as to all work together in tracking and targeting flying objects with their missiles .


My guess is that it’s a Trojan horse. I think it’s an extremely clever move by Russia.


Actually yes that seems to be the plan. When Turkey first announced its intention to buy S-400, the Russia-friendly press was snarking “keep dreaming Erdogan”. Then when Russia engaged them to draw up a contract, it suddenly became “Putin’s masterstroke”, “Russia’s long game”, you know the drill.

The sale in itself may not be such a big deal, others will know better. But the pattern that the Kremlin gets distracted from victory as soon as there is some money to be made, leads Washington to doubt Russian resolve. Probably related to this, Moscow’s threats and warnings tend to fall on deaf ears.

Johnson Malarkey

Syria does need the S-400 system to defend itself, but at least know we know that the Russkies will be selling that very system to them Türkçe dudes (it’s official)… It’s such an extraordinary time to be alive for sure… I’m lost.

Lynx Fēlēs

Malarkey: I agree with you. Strange stuff indeed. The system anyways pays for itself if the government is able to re-establish law and order in Syria. Think about all the post-war reconstruction efforts. It is bullshit that Assad can´t buy it because there is no money availible now or in the future. I got the impression that the West is puting diplomatic and economic pressure on Russia so that the Syrian aerspace remains a nowmansland.


S-300 is little bit cheaper but just as deadly.

John Whitehot

Israeli bombs are nothing but provocations that have zero impact on the terrain.


Yup, a few old tanks don’t really matter. Just showing the world that Israel is supporting the terrorists is a much better deterrent than shooting at the planes.

Samuel Boas

You don’t get it do you. Syria can shoot down all those Jewish toy planes. They are told not to act because they work with Russia and Iran. If it were up to Iran then Israhell would not have even existed anymore. But Russia does not want it to escalate because the Americans may not be responsible but the Russians are. They do not want a world war 3.


they are also forcing SAA to risk more and more lives and equipment to israel as well, by not retaliating. this is very frustrating im sure.


They give you grief when you speak a truth they do not like. Perhaps they would give you praise if you give them a lie. The truth is obvious, Israel can do as it pleases over and in Syria without any fear. Has done so for years, and will continue to do so. Simply put because it can. It has the ability and power to do so.
. Israeli planes bomb Syrian troops at will for reprisal of claimed shells that fall on Israeli occupied Golan Heights. They simply have a hard time with reality.

Maxxi Comm

If this does not have an anti RPG system, it will turn in a just more expensive target. Sure, the advanced system are fabulous for attacking, but whithout something to deal with those RPGs, it could facing the same problems and restrictions faced by the old BMP.

Wahid Algiers

Right. But to take ISIS out in the next few weeks it is the best weapons under many. An ISIS fighter want to die by a sign and he will die – for sure.

Julius Meinel

The presence of this piece of military equipment in Syria is indeed a mister to me. For one, Russia has never produced or acquired more than a few models ( maybe 3-4) for its owned armed forces. Based on Wikipedia the Terminator has only been exported in limited numbers (12 or so) to Kazakhstan. At this stage of war, about the only places where it can use the Terminator is eastern Gouta and South Daara for urban compact scenarios. For the rest of the country, apparently Syrians can do with what they already have or been previously provide by the Russians; for me, 2-3 of these unit are too few number to make much of difference on the battle field;
Based on my readings, this machine has two major flows ( possibly the reason for which the Russians have forgone its procurement in favor of T-15 IFV based on the Armada platform
1) 5 crew members is an awful lot in the age of mechanization and automation of task. Why would they need two grande lunch operators is beyond any one’s comprehension. Russia can ill afford to lose 5 soldiers with one strike if the unit is destroyed in the battle.
2) The second major flow is the very limited number of ammunition carried on boar; for machine that is suppose to say for hours during intense urban combat and offer protection to infantry soldiers and tanks, having just 4 Ataka missiles and just 850 rounds for its two 30 mm guns appears to be incredible under loaded with ammunition. They can technically spent all the amo in 10 min or less, and then what? Become sitting ducks for the enemy ATG operators? Or leave the infantry and the accompanying tanks without the very support they were intended to provide to make the perilous trip back to the supplies line ( god know how far back) without any protection or amo on board? They could easily be ambushed on their way back to the supply lines. If this machine has just 10% of the amo load of tank, then it can certainly not defend the tank crews long enough.
Good that the Russians have realized this shortcoming early one and decided to pass on the present model and go for something that can last in battle more than 10 min or so.

Wahid Algiers

With point 2) I agree 100%.


They can eliminate the grenade launchers and reduce the crew to 3, a 3 round burst would do what a grenade launcher would. In battle you are going to shoot at identifiable targets in multiple round bursts…..not automatic mode. How many targets will the battle field provide?
850 rounds should be sufficient for 80 -100 targets easily. Ataka missiles will be used to engage heavy armor. The Terminator has very similar protection to T72, and with Relikt armour its protection improves. The Terminator will escort tanks and work in conjunction with tanks.
FYO, the T15 guns will have 500 rounds capacity, and they will carry 9 mounted troops.

Julius Meinel

It depended who your enemy is in the urban combat mode; it it is the jihadist who have very little armor, then having the ability to launch Shmel missiles with thermometric warhead at balconies and windows would be a lot more useful than having Ataka missiles alone. At the very least the ratio should be 50%/50%; Anyway, the fact that the Russian army has decline to adopt it speaks volume about the shortcomings of the system.


30MM round bursts at balconies and windows would be just effective as thermobaic Shmel, the Ataka in urban conditions would be used against fortifications and other hard point defenses. The Russian army developed this weapon for evaluation, just like the T90, they did not want to produce it in large numbers because of the Armata platform that was in development. Terminator 3 will be built on the Armata platform, it will have the similar protection as the T14, with the same armament configuration.
Since the 1st Guard Tank army is being reestabished and reinforced, you are going to see this weapon imbedded with T-72B3 and the T14.


It looks pretty mean for an AFV. We shall see.

gfsdyughjgd .

Syrian military needs air defence system not Russian BMT for testing purpose.Russia will never be accepted by Israel/USA/NATO as equal parner.Because Israel/USA/Nato ,Turkey and Saudi Arabia wants to destroy Russia through sanctions and invade Russia and split up in sections.


Oh shit.. I’ll bet these are going to Deir Ezzor


Israeli missile defense systems can shoot down S-300 and S-400 rockets aimed at Israel planes operating near the Syrian-Israeli border. Deploying these SAMs in southern Syria would only highlight their uselessness.


It is in great doubt that iron dome could do any such thing.


very nice, deliver many to SAA :)) i hope it acts like a terminator too, and that the only thing that can take it out is another terminator :)))


Needs a sensor mast but otherwise pretty meaty.

comment image


Even the new Turkroach 200 has one.

comment image

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