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Will Hillary And the Dems Get The Civil War They Are Trying To Provoke?

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

If you have not already seen this, check out this video of Hillary Clinton stating that, quote, “Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances“:

“Any” means “any”.  That would include the (admittedly hypothetical) case of Trump clearly winning in by landslide.  Again, “any” means “any”.

The direct implications of that is that the Dems should re-take the White House by any and all means and under any and all circumstances.

That is also a direct appeal to sabotage the US democracy which, as flawed as it is, is the only rule of law based option currently available to the people of the USA.

Will that result in a civil war?

That is rather unlikely, because for a civil war you need to have at least two credible parties which can coordinate attacks and defensive operations on, at least, a regional scale.  I don’t see that in the USA.

But I don’t see how local/regional violence (at times severe) and political chaos can be avoided.

We already know that the Dems will never accept a Trump victory.

We also know that the Trump supporters will claims that the USPS cannot be trusted with mail voting (I totally agree with them, the USPS is one of the worst postal services of any developed country on the planet).

Then there is the following issue: as police departments are “defunded” and cops are resigning en masse (and I sure can’t blame them!), simple citizens will have to increasingly protect themselves, which many of them can do, but the problem here is that these citizens are then charged while the surviving BLM and/or Antifa thugs walk free, even if they attacked first.

In some US states (like Florida, thank God for that!), the local Sheriffs will stand by their citizens and the local DAs will not prosecute those who used lethal force to defend themselves against a short list of forcible felonies (including home violations, carjackings, rapes, etc.).  Just listen to this selection of FL sheriffs:

I have been a Florida resident since 18 years now and I can sincerely say that I don’t recommend BLM/Antifa try to loot or riot in Florida, because they will be met with a lot of force and a legal system which strongly favors the law abiding citizen, including in cases of self-defense.

But in northern states?!

So far, if I am not mistaken, most of the riots so far have taken place in northern states (Atlanta is in the south, but it is also not truly a “southern city” since it is run by BLM/Antifa sympathizers; the same could be said about Miami, FL, by the way).

This is probably not a coincidence.  And this has nothing to do with “southern racism” (in my experience southerners are no more racist than northerners), but much more with a culture of self-defense, rooted in the land, which makes southern people much more likely to “circle the wagons” and act together.

And while I never bought the (rather silly) arguments that “guns protect the people from tyranny” (tyrants typically have trained and professional forces which can make minced meat of any armed civilians!), I do believe that armed citizens can very effectively stop rioting thugs (just remember how the Koreans of L.A. defended themselves and their stores during the L.A. riots).

Luckily, southern states are much more faithful to the US Constitution than those northern states which have “castrated” the 2nd Amendment “by a thousand (legislative) cuts” (there are, exceptions, of course).

This is not widely known, but in about 25%-30% or so of cases or armed robbery by thugs, their guns either don’t work, or they are fake.  Their ammo often sucks too (either bad condition, or completely inadequate).  Why?  Because criminals are too stupid and too cheap to invest in quality firearms and training.  As a result, if BLM/Antifa thugs try to storm a residential neighborhood or some small town in the South, they might be “greeted” by a lot of very competent firepower.

I think that it is pretty clear that the US deep state and the Dem Party are using BLM/Antifa as footsoldiers to create chaos and prepare for even worse violence should Trump win.  There are also some signs that the Dem leadership does not want to let the (totally senile) Joe Biden go against Trump in a debate.  Here is an excerpt from a ZeroHedge report:

I don’t think that there should be any debates,” Pelosi said on Thursday, one day after President Trump demanded Biden take a drug test before the two square off. “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him – nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States,” she added. Pelosi said that Trump was “disgraceful” when he ‘stalked‘ Hillary Clinton during the 2016 debate by walking near her, and that he will probably “act in a way that is beneath the dignity of the presidency.”

The message is clear: we do not recognize Trump as a legitimate opponent and should he win, this will be because of Chinese interference and/or and Russian interference and/or “Republican bullying” (whatever that is supposed to mean).  Bottom line: we will under no circumstances accept another defeat.

Dunno about you, but to me this sounds like sedition.  Here is how Wikipedia defines this concept:

Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or resistance against, established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition.

I don’t see any evidence that Trump and/or the GOP leadership are guilty of sedition, at least not inside their own country – outside, of course, they are currently the single most subversive force on the planet.  In fact, I would argue that in spite of all the many major differences, Trump is facing a situation not dissimilar to what Lukashenko faces in Belarus.  The biggest difference is that Trump is not backed by Putin.  In fact, he is backed by nobody (besides bone fide nutcases like Jair Bolsonaro and Ivan Duque Marquez or cheap prostitutes like Andrzej Duda or Dalia Grybauskaite).

I do see overwhelming evidence that the Clinton Gang & the US deep state & (pseudo-) “liberal” “elites” are all guilty of sedition.  As a result of this egging on of rioting thugs, things happen which would have been quite unthinkable just a year ago.

For example: a US Senator and his wife almost got lynched by a mob just outside the White House.  Is that even possible?  Yes it is, see for yourself:

Friends, this is not Afghanistan or the Central African Republic.  And a senator is one of the highest possible offices any man or woman can achieve.  Yet in this country capital city, right outside the White House, cops were unable to protect a senator from a mob. Yet this is how the mainstream media presented this:  “Protesters confront Rand Paul outside White House after Republican convention“.  Since when are criminal thugs who attempt to lynch a senator and his wife called “protesters”?!  And does “confront” not suggest that Senator Paul somehow deserved to be “confronted”.

Can you imagine what the media would have said if this had happened to a black senator?

Does this kind of mainstream “reporting” not show that this country’s political system is collapsing?


I don’t see a civil war happening in the US.  But I do think that this country can, and probably will, break-up into different zones so to speak.  In some regions, law and order will be maintained, by force is needed, while in others something new will appear: what the French call “des zones de non-droit“, meaning “areas of lawlessness” in which law enforcement will be absent (either because the political leaders will refuse to engage them, or because they will simply have to withdraw under fire).  Typically, such zones have a parallel “black” economy which can make the gangs which control such zones very wealthy (think of Russia in the 1990s).  Eventually, a lot of people will flee from such zones and seek refuge in the safer areas of the country (this process has already begun in New York).

Right now, there are a little over two months before the election, and I think that it is safe to say that the situation will deteriorate even faster and much worse.  By November 2nd the country will be “ready” (so to speak) for a massive explosion of violence followed by months of chaos.

Many will probably vote Trump just because they will (mistakenly) believe that he is the only politician who will stand against what the Dems promise to unleash against the majority of “deplorables” who want to keep their country and traditions.   At the core, the conflict we are now witnessing is a conflict about identity, something which most people deeply care about.  Sooner or later, there will be push-back against the Dems attempt to turn the USA into some kind of obese transgender liberal Wakanda run by crooks, freaks and thugs.

The Dems won’t get their civil war – but they will suffer the blowback for their attempts to destroy the United States.

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Lone Ranger

Its already a civil war in the U.S. A low intensity one. Same is happening as in Russia in 1917.

Uche Anthony Esealuka

Not true. A civil war here will never happen again. We are a pragmatic people here. We learned that after our first and only civil war. And that war taught us a great lesson. It was also our first and only religious war. At the end of the war in 1865, one out of every four Southerner of military age was slaughtered. The carnage was horrible, too horrible to contemplate.

Lone Ranger

I like your optimism…


” We are a pragmatic people here. We learned that after our first and only civil war.”

Americans in general are anything but ‘pragmatic’. As for ‘learning history’, most in the US only see the Hollywood Version of history. As for the US civil war being a Religious War, the North and the South were essentially all Christians or some sort.

Even the jews were not prominent in the civil war, despite many of them being slave owners and also the owners of many slave ships.


If they loose elections they will boost civil war as their LAST OPTION (of Clinton’s and many others) to stay out of prison. And when elites and “deep state” gives boost to the already present low key civil war, the hell will break loose! What one does to others comes back home always…


” If they loose elections they will boost civil war as their LAST OPTION ”

And the winner will be China.


Wake up to the reality ! US is loser already the only objective left is to choose least of all bad solutions. US is maybe even not going to be major world power in 2-10 years max. NATO is already dead, it just doesn’t show yet. Greece will be forced to re align with Russia probably (since EU will fall apart also if dollar implodes) In the case of NATO collapse Turk aggression on Greece will be imminent.


I’m always a rationalist, and I usually fall into my predictions. If America falls without a hard battle then China will dominate the planet. Because then Russia will become a colony of China. Do you want that? I do not … I do not want either China or America to win.


If you are “rationalist” your approach is than filtered too much through ideological glasses for my taste.

Ideology is thing of the past and if survives capitalism will change.

Sooner or later China will rightfully take place of the leader nation weather you like it or not. I think that capitalist Russia (pushed away by the West) has made wise decision to link partially her destiny to China. Being junior partner of the leading country in the future world (not colony) is not such bad prospect. Russia will always keep good relations with countries like India, Vietnam etc. to counterbalance Chinese growing strength and in that fold can come some other Asian countries too. I see Belarus and parts of Ukraine going back to Russia making her even stronger.

i am pragmatic person and do not waste my energy to reject inevitable. I do not expect that world adapts to my desires.


You are Russian;;


Is that question? I have Russian blood from grandfather side but I am not Russian national. I am just very supportive of Russia also because I see them as last defense nation that can protect many of us from very bad things coming from the West and East. I see myself above all as Slavic Orthodox Christian (I am no communist no worries :) And I am conservative, patriot and sovereignist.


Yes a simple question.! If there was a Europe united under a strong leadership, and with an autonomous geopolitical existence, especially if Russia was part of it in some way, it would be a huge adversary for both China and the United States. Indeed, if Europe were to achieve its real unification, and add to its potential most of the countries of Eastern Europe, and if in all this there was a formula for COOPERATION with Russia …. then it would have been created for the FIRST TIME in human history , a force that would dominate both the “HEART” (Heartland) of Eurasia and the ring around it. And this force would therefore be a GEOPOLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY OF THE WORLD. Both the US and China would change into DEPENDENT REGIONS. This is what benefits us … and not China or America. The truth is that we belong to the White race and not to the Yellow.


The combination of economic size, and technology of Western Europe with the natural resources, technology, and nuclear arsenal of Russia would create a FEARFUL ACTIVITY OF MILITARY, ECONOMIC, AND TECHNOLOGICAL The US as well as China could not oppose an equal size.It is obvious that a UNITED Europe, which would include Russia with the vast “land by sea” … of Siberia, would be a powerful pole of geo-economic power … that is, a combination of technological capability, excellent scientific technique and skilled manpower and ABUNDANCE OF RAW MATERIALS ….. much stronger in the long run than the US and China. This force would become the natural LEADER OF THE PLANET. As a result, the USA and China would shrink to a regional size, leaving aside the dream of world domination or even world supremacy.


Idiot, Goodbye.

Damien C

We don’t care anymore let it fucking burn, maybe then the American people will get a different Government one that isn’t owned by the super rich with no concern for anybody but themselves.

Represetatives that are not owned and controlled by interests to make laws that suit their backers.

Not sponsored by Banks or Wall street Not sponsored by Israel Not sponsored by Arms manufacturers or the MIC Not sponsored by Big Pharma Not sponsored by Insurance firms Not sponsored by Lawyer firms Not sponsored by Telecommunications firms Not sponsored by Media Not sponsored by God

Maybe then the American people of all colours and creed will have something they can trust to make decision to help ordinary American families of the future

Decatur Guy

Might I add we ban anyone from holding any political office elected or appointed if they hold a dual (((citizenship))).



The Jew ,Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi, in the Ukraine got around the same Ukranian ban by having three citizenships. I kid you not :)

Porc Halal

‘Not sponsored by God’ …can you please detail

Damien C

You just did in a list …. Any organisation or group from any ANY …..religion

Porc Halal

pretty straightforward answer which make sense…I am satisfied with your answer… that’s why I did reply back to you…I do not reply to useful idiots or islamic apologists which is not the case here with you…

Porc Halal

what about adding to the list the following subversive islamic organizations:

Al-Fatiha Foundation Alianza Islámica American Islamic Congress American Islamic Forum for Democracy American Muslim Council American Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism American Society of Muslims As-Sunnah Foundation of America Association of Islamic Charitable Projects of North America

Center for Islamic Information and Education Congressional Muslim Staffer Association Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations Council on American–Islamic Relations Council on Islamic Education

Dar al-Islam (organisation) Dream Deferred Essay Contest

Federation of Islamic Medical Associations Fiqh Council of North America Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism

Inner-City Muslim Action Network International Institute of Islamic Thought Islamic Association of Palestine Islamic Center of New England Islamic Circle of North America Islamic Free Market Institute Islamic Information Center The Islamic Medical Association of North America Islamic Relief USA The Islamic Society of Central New York Islamic Society of Greater Dayton Islamic Society of North America Islamic Supreme Council of America Islamic Thinkers Society

Latino American Dawah Organization

Malaysian Islamic Study Group Minaret of Freedom Institute The Mosque Cares Muslim American Public Affairs Council Muslim American Society Muslim Consumer Group Muslim Heretics Conference Muslim Mosque, Inc. Muslim Public Affairs Council Muslim Society of Washington Muslim Students’ Association Muslim Urban Professionals Muslims for America Muslims in New York City Project

National Association of Muslim Lawyers North American Islamic Trust

Peaceful Families Project Progressive Muslim Movement Progressive Muslim Union

Revolution Muslim Somali Institute for Peace and Justice in Minneapolis The Islamic Society of Greater Manchester UMAA University of California Irvine Muslim Student Union Young Muslim Association..


The existence of Islam gives you sleepless nights dude. You aint the first and this is quite normal. It’s cuz Islam is not compatible with Wall Street and hence will always be viewed as a threat. Unless you get rid of interest, the world will continually be enslaved by bankers – Islam is giving you a way out, stop being dumb

Porc Halal

islam gave and gives sleepless nights to billions of people around the world since a slave traffiker pedofile warlord with suicidal tendances and possesed by the devil zoophile put up a fucked up so called religion called islam…stop being an (useful) idiot please…

Porc Halal


This practice???


is deepely rooted in the islamic culture and it is directly linked to the teachings of momo the pedophile guru through its satanic book called quran…

Porc Halal





You are really stupid, you know that. Some jellyfish

Porc Halal

I feel relieved as long as you still think I have a piece of brain left …:)))))))))) … I whish you well … sayonara!

Uche Anthony Esealuka

” Not sponsored by God”? Well, l like your other suggestions except that. But it is a matter of personal preference.

johnny rotten

For there to be a civil war it is necessary that two large parties fight each other, right now there are idiots in the field and the state that lets them do it, in addition to the DNC and billionaires who own newspapers who would trigger the civil war? the antifa? if the state takes the field it sweeps them away in an instant, there is no fight, and no large armies are seen on the side of the killary, more likely in my opinion that to put an end to any chaos the military will take control, in Pinochet style, then they will be bitter cocks both on the right and on the left, and the blacks will be the most sorry.

Uche Anthony Esealuka

Why would “blacks be the most sorry”? Don’t get me wrong. I’m trying to understand your reasons for that.

Hard Hawk

maybe is the only way to clean USA as things stand now. I hope the patriots win the game.


I think US is already lost , freedom must be won back

Porc Halal

Very good and concise article! … I hope the demonic left aka democrats will loose the presidential elections one more time…what is going on right now in US is a neo-marxist/islamist wannabe “revolution”…

Uche Anthony Esealuka

That is not true. We do not have neo-Marxists running for election. Nor do we have a Pinochet type right party here. Our political parties here resemble one another, a little center right and a little center left. Americans don’t make good Marxists or good revolutionaries.


Fake left incest spawned new world order skulls n bones fascists don’t fool truth (period) If there are no mass arrests on a world wide scale and for these covert reight(fake lefts) the be no glory:

Uche Anthony Esealuka

I really do not wish to rain on your parades but there will be no civil war in the United States and elections will be held and the winner will get sworn in.

Those who talk or even speculate about the possibility of a civil war are really persons who have no understanding of the country. We have issues, no doubt and some of them painful but we will work them out.

I foresee a number of changes that will be implemented: First on the agenda is placing checks and balance in how we recruit our police officers, uprooting the infiltration of our police departments by vigilantes and militia type groups

Second, we need to invest heavily in our infrastructures, icentral cities, rural and hallowed out communities, education, especially on STEM (science,technology,engineering and mathematics) and thirdly, the urgent need to reduce our defense budgets by taking a scalpel to the porks and fats that are grafted onto them and reducing the absurd number of military bases we have, scattered all over the world. We simply cannot afford them. Lastly, we need to get out of the Middle East. There is no reason for our continued stay there.

That said, a word of advice to the The Saker. Please stop writing these pitiful articles. They come across as superficial and for your information as well for others, too. American is not going to burn or loose its grip. When we falter, as we do now or in the past, it is mostly due to bad leadership.

Tommy Jensen

If we cannot get people to wake up against Trump, they will riot and tear the whole country down when they hear Pentagon’s and British Science latest report on Clima, because people will believe in SCIENCE. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed3142f2e13697008f99cfca46376c4dfe321289d6e98d2efcae06c9b8e29644.jpg This is Europe today 2020 exactly as Pentagon Scientists and IPCC described it in 2004.

All Europe’s cities are today under water, and this can be America tomorrow if we dont make riots for Al Gore/CEO Goldmann Sachs who created the clima idea to save our planet.


I agree with a few points. I like Trump for standing up to the deep state and I think it’s the one reason he will not win in November. I have issues with him cuz he is a white supremacist and is openly racist. Whoever denies the existence of systemic racism in the US is clearly blind cuz we don’t see white dudes getting shot and killed nearly everyday by law enforcement.

The Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites who hide behind the curtain of inclusion and freedom while champion some of the worst policies to come out of Washington – the typical case of a wolf in a sheep’s skin.

All in all, the US has been a dysfunctional state with a deluded citizenry that believes it is the greatest country in the world with the most freedom. Their time is up.


So what? America reaps what it sows

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