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Will 2023 be Worse Than 2022? “Stepping into World War III”

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Will 2023 be Worse Than 2022? “Stepping into World War III”

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Is Joe Biden willing to destroy the world to “weaken Russia”?

Written by Philip Giraldi. Originally published by GlobalResearch

Even though one has become accustomed to seeing the United States government behaving irrationally on an epic scale with no concern for what happens to the average citizen who is not a member of one of the freak show constituencies of the Democratic Party, it is still possible to be surprised or even shocked. Shortly before year’s end 2022 an article appeared in the mainstream media and was quite widely circulated. The headline that it was featured under in the original Business Insider version read “A nuclear attack would most likely target one of these 6 US cities — but an expert says none of them are prepared.” The cities were New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

The article seeks to provide information and tips that would allow one to survive a nuclear attack, repeating commentary from several “experts” in emergency management and “public health” suggesting that a nuclear war would be catastrophic but not necessarily the end of the world. One should be prepared. It observes that “those cities would struggle to provide emergency services to the wounded. The cities also no longer have designated fallout shelters to protect people from radiation.” It is full of sage advice and off-the-cuff observations, including “Can you imagine a public official keeping buildings intact for fallout shelters when the real-estate market is so tight?” Or even better the advice from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s “nuclear detonation planning guide” that for everyday citizens in a city that has been nuked: “Get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned.” Dr. Ron Paul asks “Are they insane? They act as if a nuclear attack on the United States is just another inconvenience to plan for, like an ice storm or a hurricane.”

The article argues that the six cities would be prime targets as they are centers for vital infrastructure. The bomb blasts would kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans with many more deaths to follow from radiation poisoning, but the article makes no attempt to explain why Russia, with a relatively sane leadership, would want to start a nuclear war that would potentially destroy the planet. Also, the targeting list of the cities provided by the “experts” is itself a bit odd. Surely Russia would attack military and government targets as a first priority to limit the possible retaliation while also crippling the ability of the White House and Pentagon to command and control the situation. Such targets would include both San Diego and Norfolk where the US Atlantic and Pacific fleets are based as well as the various Strategic Air Command bases and the underground federal government evacuation site in Mount Weather Virginia.

Reading the article, one is reminded of the early years of the Cold War that sought to reassure the public that nuclear war was somehow manageable. It was a time when we elementary school children were drilled in hiding under our desks when the air raid alarm went off. Herman Kahn was, at that time, the most famous advocate of the school of thought that the United States could survive the “unthinkable,” i.e. a nuclear war. An American physicist by training, Kahn became a founding member of the beyond neocon nationalist Hudson Institute, which is still unfortunately around. Kahn, who served in the US Army during the Second World War as a non-combat telephone lineman, started has career as a military strategist at the RAND Corporation. Kahn endorsed a policy of deterrence and argued that if the Soviet Union believed that the United States had a devastating second-strike capability then Moscow would not initiate hostilities, which he explained in his paper titled “The Nature and Feasibility of War and Deterrence”. The Russians had to believe that even a perfectly coordinated massive attack would guarantee a measure of retaliation that would leave them devastated as well. Kahn also posited his idea of a “winnable” nuclear exchange in his 1960 book On Thermonuclear War for which he is often cited as one of the inspirations for the title character of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film Dr. Strangelove.

The appearance of the Business Insider article dealing with a cool discussion of the survivability from a nuclear war suggests that the nutcases are again escaping from the psychiatric hospital here in the US and are obtaining top jobs in government and the media. While one continues to hope that somehow someone will wake up in the White House and realize that the deep dark hole that we the American people find ourselves in mandates a change of course and a genuine reset, there is little daylight visible in the darkness.

My particular concern relates to the entangling relationships that have kept our country permanently at war in spite of the fact that since the Cold War ended in 1991 no potential adversary has actually threatened the United States. Now, the federal government appears to be in the business of cultivating dangerous relationships to justify defense spending and placing the nation on the brink of what might prove to be catastrophic. The current US mission to “weaken Russia” and eventually also China in order to maintain its own “rules based international order” includes such hypocritical and utterly illegal under international law anomalies as the continued military occupation of part of Syria to deny that country’s leaders’ access to their oil fields and best agricultural land. A recent UN humanitarian agency investigation determined that the Syrian people are suffering and even starving as a result of that and US imposed sanctions that the Biden Administration maintains against all reason and humanity.

At the present time, however, the most entangling of all relationships, even more than with Israel, has to be the engagement of the US in the proxy war being fought against Russia on behalf of Ukraine, which is exactly what threatens to turn nuclear if someone blinks at the wrong time. Billions of dollars in direct aid as well as billions more in the form of weapons stripped from arsenals in Europe and the US have been given to the corrupt regime of President Volodymyr Zelensky while Zelensky continues to work assiduously to milk the situation and draw Washington into a deeper war directly confronting Moscow.

In fact, by some reckonings the war has already begun, with the US and its allies clearly dedicated to crippling the Russian economy while also getting rid of President Vladimir Putin. The 101st Airborne is now in place in Romania next to Ukraine to “warn” the Kremlin while the Pentagon has recently admitted that some American military personnel are already in Ukraine, contrary to the denials by White House spokesmen. The British have also revealed that some of their elite Special Ops personnel are on the ground. And there are reports that more American soldiers will soon be on the way, ostensibly to “track the weapons” being provided to Zelensky, which will include US-made, Patriot Missile batteries some of which might even be placed in NATO member Poland to provide air cover over Western Ukraine, a definite act of war as seen by Russia, which has warned that such a move would mean that the US and its allies had “effectively become a party” to the war in Ukraine and there will be “consequences.” “Consequences” means escalation.

The soldier-“trackers” mission may be in response to reports that weapons provided by NATO have been corruptly sold or given to third countries by the Ukrainians. The several US initiatives taken together could produce a rapid escalation of the conflict complete with dead Americans coming home in body bags and an inevitable direct US involvement in combat roles that could lead anywhere, but at this point it is the Russians who are acting with restraint by not targeting the NATO and US “advisers” who are already active in Ukraine.

Suspicion is also growing that the United States “green-lighted” in advance recent cruise missile attacks carried out by Ukraine against military targets deep inside Russia. Since the attacks, the White House has declared that Ukraine has “permission” to attack Russia and has basically conceded to the unbalanced Zelensky the right to make all the decisions and run the war that the US is largely funding, which is a formula for disaster. It is already known that Ukraine is receiving top level intelligence provided both by the US and also other NATO states. The precision attacks on Russia suggest that the Ukrainian army was given the coordinates of possible active targets, something that the US would be capable of providing but which would have been beyond the abilities of Ukraine, which possesses no satellite surveillance capability. If it is true that the White House was involved in escalating the conflict it would be a very dangerous move, inviting retaliation by Moscow.

To be sure, some idiots in Washington, mostly of the neocon variety, continue to see war against Russia as something like a crusade for world freedom. Rick Newman, Yahoo’s top Finance Columnist, observes how “Budget hawks in Congress are worried about granting President Biden’s request for an additional $38 billion in aid for Ukraine to help defeat the invading Russians.” He concludes “They’re right. Thirty-eight billion isn’t enough. Make it $50 billion. Or even $100 billion. The more, the better, until the job is done.”

Apparently, the bellicose Rick does not quite get that Russia has made clear that if it is about to be defeated by force majeure it will go nuclear. And Congress and the White House don’t seem to get it either, with both the Republican and Democratic parties oblivious to the real danger that confronts the American people. Nuclear war? Sure! Just hide in your basement, if you have one, and tune in.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is councilforthenationalinterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is inform@cnionline.org.


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It just shows how disgusting the West is. The people who live there are completely blind.


Life us sugar coated here in the states, I like to compare it to the movie The Matrix not in a literal sense but the lies 🤥 American society has been fed.

US trasharmy could do some nuclear tests on Washington to see the degree of readiness

🤡 Biden the Clown™, 🤡 Zelewski the Clown™, 🤡 Scholz the Clown™, 🤡 Harris the Clown™, 🤡 Pelosi the Clown™, 🪦🔥 Madeleine Albright the Clown™, Anglo-Ameriscums™ are all trademarks of Carlo, a high ranking (and CENSORED) commentator to SouthFront. Any abusive use of these trademarks is encouraged


Hi. I’m glad you write.

The last days…………… The four knights of the a Apocalypse ………….. ……………………..


The behavior of the forces of evil has long been proven. Americans are strong with weak or poorly armed peoples. With warlike and armed populations……………… what has always happened happens: Americans are scared madly, because they are cowards. The endless series of catastrophic defeats since 1945 (that is, since the beginning of the so-called American empire) is the proof. The sunset is unstoppable. Not even if they perform satanic rituals every day. They just have to die.


Brah, calm down. Nothing is going on. Nobody is going to world war 3……lol. Settle down.


In fact I didn’t say that WW3 breaks out! First you read well and then you comment.

Mexican American 🇲🇽

He said “brah” enough said.

hana byrbo

therefore it is ok that 120 000dead Ukies. 20 000dead Russians. Thousand dead civilians. hundreds of thousands of wounded Slavik Christians. And the Khazars escaped and now are waiting to get that blood soaked, depopulated land for a few sheckles. This is what the war is about!!! People wake up for you will be next!!!!


That’s right. The Jews are trying to depopulate Ukraine so that they can set up a new kike state in what was formerly part of the medieval Khazarian kingdom. Their plan is so bloody obvious, but most people are simply too dumb to see it.


The latest and greatest ICBM in Russia’s War Making toolbox, called the Sarmat 2, aka Satan 2 or as the Ruskies like to call it, the РС-28 Сармат. Whatever you refer to it as, a rose is still a rose no matter what you call it, it’s a mean SOB. Satan 2 carries anywhere from 10 to 15 hypersonic warheads with a nuclear destructive power that can evaporate an area the size of France or a bit bigger, Texas. Just one little Sarmat 2 could wipe out Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Richmond, Va and the U.S. naval base in Norfolk, Va, and everything else in-between.

If my calculations are right, a half dozen, give or take, of these firecrackers could pretty much do in most of the populated areas in the good ole USA. If you’re one of the unlucky radiant one’s to ‘survive’, don’t hold your breath. Your demise will just take a little longer of pain and suffering.

My Two Cents, JC


Shouldn’t target citizens. once US enters a war it can’t fight, lots of their sheep will start seeing the reality

Last edited 2 months ago by Jnoub
Mexican Beaner 🇲🇽

This whole fucking site is just trying artificially to conjure up World War 3. Good bitches. Keep doing oligarkhs ass rimming!

Even 95% of commenters always try to make the atgument tha civil war in Ukraine is a Worldwide war. Always talking about foreigners fighting in the front while almost never finding them actually. All bodies are Ukrainian. If they carry wounded soldiers they always talk Russian. Only on a very rare occasion you can hear hohol slang.

Tommy Jensen

18 million Russians (6+6+6) died in WWII. 6 million Polish people died because they were issuing usury loans during wartime. Only 300 000 US soldiers died and most of them because of Corona vaccines. But this time in WWIII its going to get more tough for everybody.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tommy Jensen

russia has been weakened…time for USA-NATO to come finish them off…heheheh


American silos are manned with officers and are held to the highest standards.

Russian silos are manned by chronic drunks who are occasionally robbed by criminal gangs.

The US spends 50 billion a year on refurbishing warheads. If the tritium pits aren’t replaced periodically, they are paperweights.

Russia knows this and will never do a first strike.

Plus their boomers are tracked by attack subs the second they leave port.

Last edited 2 months ago by Facts

I think they are all senile idiots who are stuck in the past and can’t admit the US really did pretty much lose the Vietnam war. Einstein said a working definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Eventually, Asia will organize and arm itself to the point where if they do get invaded by the west, the west is going to pull back a stub. After that the politicians will have to revise their rhetoric. In the meantime people will keep trying to charm fortunes out of thin air and pretend they rule the entire planet…

Tommy Jensen

We could have won Vietnam. We had Dr. Manhattan but didnt use him. Therefore who lost and who won wars is a more complicated question. Its about politics, not who won wars.

Robin Morritt

Talk of nuclear war is a Project Fear tactic. Its purpose is access to unlimited funds.

Tommy Jensen

Kremlin cant be chatting Russia out of all their problems. Only the Europeans like endless chatting like Kremlin. Dirty Harry shoot.


They really think that they’d survive a nuclear war? Fat chance! https://youtu.be/SBXloO-YeZ8

Tommy Jensen

Remember there is always peace after a WW and a war is limited to some years only. In 1946-47 everybody were buying icecream to each other, it was over.

Not bad, not bad for those like me who always survive, and the losers who dont feel pain anymore ever. Thus a win-win situation for everybody if only these nut heads could finalize their fence sitting and make a decision.

Kev not Kiev

Since Waterloo, war, orchestrated by Rothschild central banks has been near consistent… I, II, III… Why count, it’s basically the same bloody war, on going, started by the same bloody murderous banksters. There will inevitably be a nuclear exchange, London, Switzerland, Vatican, and all major Rothschild hubs for Masonry and Satanism will be targets, Israeli will not be exempt either.

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