Wikipedia Entry On SouthFront Was Deleted


The Wikipedia entry on SouthFront was deleted. The Wikipedia suppression of SouthFront information is a clear example of censorship and an attempt to suppress the alternative point of view provided by the project.

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In February,  some editors, violating Wikipedia guidelines, launched an attack SouthFront with intention to remove the entry on the project. As a result, the entry was submited for deletion. At that moment, the entry on SouthFront had been already existing about 9 months .

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Thanks to your reaction after SouthFront’s appeal (here), the notification about the entry deletion was removed on February 27. But then, the project’s ill-wishers united their efforts and launched another wave of attacks against SouthFront at Wikipedia and pushed another attempt to delete the entry on SF (here). As you see, this attempt led to a success.

This move itself discredits Wikipedia as an independent base of information and the level of discussion on the issue at the Wikipepdia Talk Page discredits  the whole approach implemented by the Wikipedia editorial staff.

Everybody can note the difference of the approach:

  • Users who believe that it’s needed to “Keep” the entry explains its attitude and provides facts and arguments;
  • “Trolls” pushing the “Delete” decision just copy paste few phrases.
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Dear friends, we also want to draw your attention to the shift of the approach implemented by the project’s ill-wishers against SouthFront. In 2016, trolls argued that SouthFront was sponsored by the Russian Defense Ministry, the Kremlin etc attempting to discredit SouthFront among its readers and viewers. In 2017, they changed simultaneously. Now the project’s ill-wishers argue that SouthFront has no notability. 

This strategy is aimed on creating a media vacuum around SouthFront.

They are right in one thing. Western and Russian maisntream media outlets have never covered SouthFront and its work and avoid to quote the project directly even when they use SouthFront’s content.

The reason is that SouthFront produces high quality content, surviving only thanks to a small amount of donations. The mainstream media and think tanks likely see this fact as a threat to their monopoly in media sphere.

SouthFront’s open letter concerning the situation could be found here.

Screenshots below show the original entry on SouthFront (now deleted):

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  • LR captain

    Hell I wounder if anonymous can track down these people and tell them to stop. Not by freeing their computers but by replacing their backgrounds with an actual message asking them to stop.

    The mere fact the some one hack their computers and tell them to stop by leaving a message were they see it. Should be enough to deter from from trolling. even on a computer is only worth 200$ the emotional worth of games/personal info/ etc could be worth well over 5,000$.

    I can very well guess that these troll could make $500-$700 per copy and paste comment.

  • Mikey Harry Harris

    Wikipedia has made itself irrelevant and a replacement exists: has a page there too and it won’t be politically targeted.

    • BL

      I just did a quick search for 9/11, it seems to be saying the exact same CIA created nonsense as wikipedia. In what way is it better?

  • BL

    Wikipedia = CIA operation

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I actually found the video evidence of them deleting it! EXPOSED: Footage of who is behind this now surfaces.

    • StaggerLee360

      Real Anti-Racist Action Racist A$$hole, you mean. America stands united against you. But thanks for taking time away from toppling headstones to post this comment.

  • SmokyBlue

    Easy. South Front is an obsequious Russian propaganda site. Fake news glorified.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      Well, we Goyim know all about you. You have been exposed (Wink wink) lol

      • PZIVJ1943

        The post above yours was just DELETED!
        I find this quite humorous! What did it say?
        In the video it must be a polka party.

  • SmokyBlue

    Does South Front ever criticize Russia and the Russian military? Nope. Is South Front objective? Nope. Does South front deserve to be called a viable news source? Nope.

  • SmokyBlue

    I have seen more idiotic military analysis on this site than any other.

    • If you don’t like SF content, what are you doing here?

  • SmokyBlue

    Wikipedia was absolutely correct in deleting this site.

  • SmokyBlue

    This site in same category as Sputnik “News”, RT, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

  • Thegr8rambino

    who cares? you guys dont need wikipedia for publicity, what have they ever done for you?

  • дулебг

    I’m not suprised at all.

  • Rodney Loder

    A lot of good people get deleted by these systematic liars, here’s my friend for example,
    Brendon Lee O’ Connell.
    www. isolate it

    Being deleted is better than having a sliced loaf, particularly when it’s yours, but not everyone agrees with that, depends what your being deleted from.

  • Ace

    What the heck is “notability” and how do 5-20 (?) anonymous, unaccountable people decide what is notable? Vast sums are spent for polls to try to guage attitudes of voters and the general public but a few individuals do the Great Karnak routine and then they just know who or what is “notable.”

    Wikipedia trust this assessment process.

    It’s amazing.

  • eric zweistein

    Stop whining, South Front. Money rules and the money printing presses just happen to be in the same hands that also hold Wikipedia, Monsanto, Hollywood, Apple, the EU, the White Helmets, ISIS, Guantanamo, the Nobel Price, NATO, do I need to continue…?

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, hehe, dont worry be happy.

    Hasbaratnjiks, aka, whom cares, they usually stick out like pimps, like the one we all get in our own ass and that alone makes me wounder about God, I think indeed He likes and have humor, hehe, why on earth can justify the, sometimes nasty little spots been an f…. pimp.

    And then they try to make us, ugh….. somehow believe their bullshit, hell even to much Putin fans gets their deserving feed back, I like tp grab them all be the balls and make sure they dance accordingly, capice, an true democrat, I kick in all directions.

    To me, objectivity, the ability to project whats going on in an certain area, with the parts involved is why and the reason for me been here, and we know more history than most, so dont insult out intelligence with freakish babbling created by the wankers in wankeestan The Imperial Banana republic formerly known as the USA.
    You stink instantly, but like the “friends of Israel” witch likes to use the flagging in the Disquis system as “anti-Semitic”/racist, is highly efficient, and kick into place instantly, I know they have done that to me for decades, really, and I am not joking, and in this days where everybody is f….. offended by something all the time, the flagging is all encompassing and have crept into corners that covers f…. everything.
    This trick is old, and uses since it came along.
    And I have very little patience to, going backward in history unless its nescssery to educate the wankers, and the high pressurizes totally brain washed and then filled with moronic propaganda and lied to about everything to their eye balls, westerners is equally enlightening to debate as pissing against the wind, when the premises are as derailed as it could possibly be, yeah, but hey, propaganda is only in China, Soviet, oh,,,,, sorry Russia and North-Korea, another victim is western self induced paranoia.
    They aka the westerners believe, you see, like AGW whom is an wacko fire and brimstone, cargo-cult, and when it comes to economy, you can see and hear their brain cell screeches to an dead halt, and they go blank.

    The Wikipedia is an phenomena among others like the “ministry of truth” F…, of the downfall of what many thought was the internet, it was in the beginning, but now an massive bottleneck whom is controlled by few, and monitored by everyone.
    Hrumf, what people must not forget, the net is just what, 20 years old, going from local level to the wide world, that one isnt so old, I remember when the first time I saw an color TV.
    You know, when dinosaurs still roamed, I am that old.
    SO find other arenas, thats what we need all to do, diversify, and learn how to do it.
    To me, Google is crap, to much variety’s stacked that makes an search to an loooooong time engagement is shuffling unsesessery shit and shionla from the initial search settings.
    Their algorithm is just crap, get it, the others are slightly better, but still uses the same base algorithm, it sucks to.
    The Firefox, I use right now is becoming like going backward to the stone age, (the 80s) and cant handle anything, what the f…. is going on, huh, anything less than instant is slow, do you get it, and the noise filtering of search results to actually fit what is initially the search words, is equally crappy.
    Infact its all crap.

    So my humble advice is to continue, take it as an approved robber stamped sign of “making an difference” and they dont like that, hehe, all PR is good PR.
    Its an stupid move, from their side, in an sense we should thank them, forcing the people to think on alternatives, and generally speaking, and my own humble confession, people are lazy.


    • StaggerLee360

      You are an absolute idiot. Can’t write or spell but are so self-important, you think you have something intelligent to offer. If you hate Jews, sign me up for rabbinical school. I can’t believe an American is this stupid. My guess is you’re a Pakistani, pretending to be an American. Your arrogance is embarrassing. You have absolutely nothing to contribute to humanity. Peace, moron.

  • Matt

    It is good that you don’t like censorship but you practice it in your site. If someone is not pro Assad or pro Russian you censor that user

    • You could be suprised but yes, we ban trolls and users using hate speech as the only way to communicate.