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Why US Has to Cooperate with Turkey in Syria

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According to experts, the US has no choice but to cooperate with Turkey in Syria.

Why US Has to Cooperate with Turkey in Syria

Photo: The White House

Ankara has expressed its readiness to take part in joint military operations with the US to liberate the Syrian city of Al-Raqqah from Islamic State (IS) terrorists, the Hurriyet newspaper reported. According to experts, Americans have no choice but to cooperate with Turkey in Syria.

As Turkish President Recep Erdogan said after his returning from the G20 summit, it is very comfortable for Turkish military to work with the US in the town of al-Rai in Aleppo province. In addition, military of the two countries cooperates in Jarablus.

The Turkish President added that a plan of the joint military operation to clear the 40 km deep plot along the 95-kilometer section of the Syrian-Turkish border from IS terrorists was discussed in November 2015, during a meeting between the US and Turkey’s officials in Antalya. However, an implementation of the plan was delayed.

As a political scientist Igor Ryabov told the FAN news agency, the US just has no choice but to have a close cooperation with Turkey on the Syrian issue. The expert noted that when Turkey has entered the Syrian city of Jarablus, the US spoke in a very different tone.

“Like, it is unacceptable to conduct military operations without taking into account the point of view of the US. Washington was offended that the Turkish government took a decision about the military operations right after talks with Putin,” Ryabov said.

But now, the external sides of the Syrian conflict met at the summit in China, and after personal negotiations a general direction to solve problems with terrorists in the north of Turkey was outlined.

“And the US took so friendly position that it is impossible to understand immediately that it is the same country, which actually sparked the conflict in Syria, supporting radical militant groups,” the expert noted.

According to Ryabov, it is obvious that the rhetoric about inevitability of stepping down of Syrian head Bashar Assad has suddenly disappeared from the agenda. Now not Assad, but armed groups that captured Al-Raqqah and Aleppo, and have hitherto been one of the sides of the negotiation process, are terrorists.

The expert pointed out that Turkey will get its share of control over the northern part of Syria, to which it always sought. Ryabov thinks that this became possible, after Erdogan gave serious guarantees to Russia that he will stop to support militants and terrorists, buying stolen oil from them. Judging by the fact that media do not report about ‘mysterious convoys’ that go from Syria to Turkey, this traffic does not exist today. According to the political scientist, Americans want to forget the story about failed coup, since they have not denied Erdogan’s allegations that the coup was organized with their support. However, the Turkish President will not forget this, and his assurances of friendship are just an eastern trick.

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chris chuba

I am absolutely done trying to read Erdogan’s mind. Either he is just telling the U.S. that he is going to drive onto Raqqa to make the U.S. happy or maybe he really plans to. If he does then the Kurds will just sit on their hands and we will see how the viper’s brew does against ISIS.

Pave Way IV

Everything is going according to previously-agreed-to plans, Chris. ISIS (and apparently the Kurds) were just temporary placeholders for Turkey’s/ZATO’s grand scheme:

You don’t think the Ottoman Empire really lost WW I, did you? They were just resting up for a bit. Time to restore the Sultinate.

Ser Korz

Grand scheme ? Ha ha ha ha ha ! Grand delusion !

Ser Korz

Hating Putin: Now Kissing Putin.
Turk Yo Yo Idiot.


Is the map yours ? My perception of the Turkish invasion is somewhat similar , but not as bleak. Bottom line is, Turkey takes and holds the Syrian oil fields , taking credit for defeating ISIS , and pushes the Kurds into Iraq . So who’s previous made plans ?

Pave Way IV

Map source: http://www.turkomania.org/ – this is the way the Turkmens would like to see Syria partitioned. The Turkemens are an ethnic group in Syria similar to (but smaller in numbers IIRC) than the Kurds. Many Turkmen were relocated to Syria and Iraq decades ago in an effort to create dominant groups in the former Ottoman Empire lands. I’m not sure whether this ultimately was meant being annexed by Turkey or become a kind of autonomous/independent entity like Rojava Kurdistan, but the idea was to reclaim and control the territory one way or the other. Turkmeneli isn’t any kind of official name – it’s just the one used by some Turkmen regarding the historic effort by Turkey to reclaim those lands.

By ‘previously made plans’, I’m just taking a jab at the U.S. backstabbing regarding the Kurds. While we (the U.S.) tricked the Kurds into trusting us, it appears we were doing nothing more than holding the land for the current Turkish invasion. The Turkish FSA troops are predominantly al Nusra linked Turkmen, so (to me) it looks like the continuation of the old Turkmen resettlement and Kurdish ethnic cleansing of the former Ottoman lands, similar to what the map depicts. Too similar, as a matter of fact. I can’t believe the U.S. wasn’t aware of these plans until a week or two ago.

The U.S. is never going to admit it schemed with Turkey to resume the Turkmen-stuffing, Kurd-displacing Ottoman Empire rebuilding – it just seems suspiciously like they did and let it happen on purpose. My inclination is to automatically distrust anything the U.S. government says or does – it always ends up being a lie or deception as part of some other evil scheme.

What’s confusing about this is that I can’t believe Russia is sitting back saying nothing. The Turkmen militia were the same ones that killed the Russian pilot. I kind of expected the proto-West Turkmeneli to be an open-air Tu-160 bombing range by now. Russia is unusually silent about this whole affair. Something is bound to happen.

Jens Holm

Nice written comment, but It wont be it. Too many kurds and others. Of coúrse the turks can kill som milions more…

Ser Korz

You wrote “1. Most of Russia’s nuclear warheads are mothballed, or in storage, as required by Start 2 and not capable of being used in a nuclear strike. { from http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/vladimir-shootin-russian-president-gearing-atomic-war-west-building-top-secret-nuclear } » Is not correct. Not correct because (START II – April 2000, but on 14 June 2002, ( Russia )) Withdrew from the treaty in response to

?U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty.?

Pave Way IV

East and West Turkemeneli, as envisioned by Erdogan and Co.comment image

Steve Edward

Muslim Obama, and Erdogan tricking the Infidel Putin. The coup of Erdogan was a staged coup hatched by Obama and Erdogan so Turkey can retake control of Syria’s oil wealth. But now, they don’t have to pay ISIS for the stolen oil, The Turks can take it directly.

Putin’s Russia has been double-crossed by Turkey’s Erdogan, and by America’s Obama.

I’s called taqiyya. The ‘sacred lie’ Muslims practice to gain the trust of Infidels before the Infidels are overthrown.

Islam needs to be destroyed, liquidated, exterminated, pulverized so this satanic wave will never be remembered by history as having ever existed.

Hungarians know from their history with Muslims that they can never be trusted…ever!!!

Now, the Western Fools not having learned from history, will have to repeat history of others through their own personal experience with Muslims.

Good Luck Retards.

John Whitehot

with the caveat that if you and me realize that Erdogan actually is not Russia ‘s friend, of course Putin realizes it too – or perhaps you have better intel than him?


Signal to anti-ISIS forces from Supreme Allied Condista.



Supreme Allied Condista urges –

NATO support for Operation Euphrates Shield, while cautioning President Erdogan to temper his rhetoric against our brave and trusted allies, the Kurdish YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces.

That NATO does now rapidly deploy the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey (NRDC-T) in support of Operation Euphrates Shield to secure al-Bab for the anti-ISIS coalition, with a view to a NRDC-T armoured ground attack west of the Euphrates to attack and liberate Raqqa from the south, coordinating with our YPG-SDF comrades attacking ISIS forces from Kurdish-held territory east of the Euphrates moving southwards towards Raqqa.

Congratulations to the Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve for the great success of the anti-ISIS air warfare campaign which has broken the back of the enemy ISIS who are consequently very vulnerable to our ground forces.


by Supreme Allied Condista

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