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Why Terrorists Continue Killing People In European Cities With Impunity

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Why Terrorists Continue Killing People In European Cities With Impunity

Chechen ‘blogger’ Imran Aliev. Click to see full-size image

A series of radical Islamic attacks have taken place in London in the last several years, as well as in other European cities. As of February 5th, the current terror threat in the UK is substantial – the third-highest level – meaning “an attack is likely”.

The most recent one took place on February 2nd, 20-year-old Sudesh Amman stabbed two people and was shot, and killed by UK police. As an 18-year-old student, he distributed al-Qaeda propaganda materials in the WhatsApp messenger. Amman also sent a message to his relatives saying, “The Islamic state will remain.” Amman offered his girlfriend to kill her “infidel” parents.

He also distributed messages in which he called for terrorist attacks against tourists and security forces. As a result, the court sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison for 13 terrorism-related crimes, he was released before the end of his sentence.

The police said that at the time of the attack Amman was under surveillance, but law enforcement officers could not prevent the crime.

Approximately two months earlier, on November 29th, at London Bridge convicted terrorist Usman Khan embarked on a deadly rampage armed with two knives and wearing a fake suicide vest after attending a prisoner rehabilitation program while out on licence halfway through a 16-year jail sentence.

Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt were both killed and Khan, who was subdued by members of the public, was shot and killed by police. On October 11th, police arrested a man and charged with terrorism after three people were stabbed at the Arndale shopping center.

Even prior to that there are examples in 2018 and 2017 of various terror attacks – Salih Khater crashed a car into security barriers outside parliament, injuring two people in August 2018; an improvised explosive device was detonated on a packed Tube train during the morning rush hour, injuring 22 people, Ahmed Hassan, 18, was jailed for life for the attack.

In June 2017, Rachid Redouane, Khuram Butt and Youssef Zaghba, all wearing fake explosive vests, started chasing and stabbing people and tried to barricade themselves inside bars and restaurants on London Bridge.

All of these events are a clear result of London’s current policy of protecting radicals and sectarians from around the world.

The UK, in general, similarly to France has been, for a while now, sowing the seeds of what it both cities are reaping right now. So far, it appears that the policy of welcoming, protecting, supporting and giving asylum to known terrorists means they advance humanitarian interests and advance a sort of greater good, proclaiming the glory and mercy of their respective people.

In addition, these known terrorists are expected to be thankful, and simply become full-fledged members of society and not even consider carrying out an attack.

Clearly, judging by the above examples, the idea of “democracy” they supposedly fought for while in the country where they were indoctrinated in islamic radicalism (and other radical ideology) differs greatly from that of Western Europe.

A similar incident was possibly avoided in France, in the example of Imran Aliev. He is an individual with known ties to terrorism in North Caucasus and the Middle East. The “Chechen blogger” (as described by MSM) was found murdered in his hotel room in the French city of Lille, by unknown perpetrators. French officials said Aliev, 44, “suffered a violent death.”

According to unnamed sources, cited by CNN, two individuals checked into the hotel room last Wednesday; on Thursday at approximately 11 a.m. local time the manager went to check on the guests and discovered Aliev’s body.

The other man, a 35-year-old Chechen native is the prime suspect and is the subject of a manhunt.

Immediately, MSM began defending the honor of Aliev, claiming that he was a “eccentric and divisive figure who often published YouTube videos critical of the Chechen government under the pseudonym Mansur Stariy, or Old Mansur.”

He “sparked conflicts by targeting natives of Ingushetia and Dagestan, regions that neighbour Chechnya, in profanity-laced tirades that had earned threats on his life.”

This is an example from the UK publication the Guardian, which makes him seem as a rather provocative, but generally harmless, figure. In reality, he regularly incited ethnic hatred, his tirades were aimed at almost every nation and people, including even against his own Chechen brethren.

He, on numerous occasions, called for the killing of children, women, and mothers of various people simply based on their ethnicity or religious background.

And he didn’t do it in a veiled manner, he did it publicly, on social media.

An ordinary example of the outspoken blogger’s discussion with other people in the social media:

Fuck you. Fuck you, bitch, fucking bullshit. Keep your shit in your ass. Avarian bitch! I’m fucking you all, avarians, fuck. There is no man among you, fuck. So, nobody can tell me something, fuck. Fuck you. Karba, fuck. Faggot, fuck. Fucked, fuck. Don’t fuck with me. I was fucking people like you in 1994. Fucking brat (faggot). I will soon fuck your sis(ter), your daughter, fuck. Your wife is already fucked by a Chechen with a large dick, fuck. So, she’s screaming “I’m a patriot”. So talk from your ass in the Internet, fuck, bitch.

Mansur Sadulaev, who is chairman of the Chechen Human Rights Association (VAYFOND), based in Sweden, said was known for his “harsh and offensive remarks” about people of the Caucasus as well as his criticism of the Chechen government.

Sadulaev also blamed Moscow for the murder.

“He was killed as a warning to others, thus trying to intimidate everyone who criticizes ‘Russian protégé’ in Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.”

Self-proclaimed human rights Advocate, Aslan Artsuev gave a review of what had happened, and said that Aliev was granted refuge status in Belgium four years ago.

“On January 28, Imran, his eldest son Islam, and the killer went to the Belgian city of Menen on the border with France. Then they left the city and crossed the border on foot, went to a pharmacy, and then sat in a cafe. Usman insisted that the Imran’s son leave them alone and promised to look after his father. When the son returned an hour later, he did not find his father and his companion, while mobile phones did not answer. On Friday (January 31), the police called in the morning, and family members were taken to identify the body,” the advocate said.

Neither France, nor Belgium, nor any of the British outlets that protect Aliev’s honor make any mention of the ethnic and religious hatred he continuously attempted to spread.

Why Terrorists Continue Killing People In European Cities With Impunity

Ramzan Kadyrov. Click to see full-size image.

When he was murdered, Aliev was put under police protection, as such a valuable asset, who threatens the lives of women and children needed urgent protection, and the following heroization’s receiving.

“He was murdered especially cruelly,” wrote Musa Taipov, a Chechen opposition journalist based in Strasbourg who said he was in regular contact with Aliev. In a Facebook post, Taipov described Aliev as a “difficult but honest” acquaintance who was managing a difficult illness with painkillers and would sometimes issue “not entirely proper declarations”.

Even Taipov said in an interview he was sceptical that Kadyrov was behind the killing. He told the Guardian that Aliev had received a wave of threats last month from natives of Ingushetia, and the ethnic groups he repeatedly called for the killing of.

Aliev had even been put under police protection, Taipov said, and may have been lured to Lille because it was just beyond the jurisdiction of Belgian police.

“There is no logic to this murder, either in the motivations or in the way it was carried out,” he said.

Regardless, according to MSM the story has been established – Chechen “warlord” Ramzan Kadyrov, who is the “protégé” of “evil overlord” Vladimir Putin are killing dissidents, with known ties to terrorism throughout Europe. But, one question begs asking: Doesn’t it mean that purging individuals with known ties to terrorism, who are more than likely to organize or help organizing a terror attack actually means helping the “enemy” for Russia?

In fact, as long as European authorities welcome, support and protect various terrorists hiding on its territory, terrorist attacks in European cities will remain an everyday routine.


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Xoli Xoli

EU is drinking from it’s own cup of poison.


The British authorities don’t look into suspected Islamist terrorists because it may be seen as racist… I wish I was joking, but it’s actually true.


Bloody right mate.

Its the civil control doctrine promoted by ‘The Frankfurt School of Thought’ in the late 1920’s.


So racism trope is working as intended then!


The truth is not rocket science.

I will exlusivly relate to Norway, but I know its the same in the other European nations incl Sweden and now Finland.
Lets then take an strol down the memory lane, and go back 8 years to Tunis when the so called Arab spring sprong into action and we all know whom was and stil is behind that one as they continue to this day.
When the Tunis spectacly ended after the downfal of Egypts Mubarak, and the “rebels” started their capagne is Libya, Norwegian MSM was hyping the lies we know to day about what Gaddafy was suposedly doing to His own people, genocides, mass killings, imprisoning opositions etc, the whole shebang, our MSM was on it, full mounty, and when some people expressed their desire to go down and fight Gaddafy they where regarded as heroes, and encuraged by everybody icnl our rightwinged Friends of ISISrael pack witch means half of our population, and the fake left did the same but for “humanitarian” reasons, encuraged everybody whom was “arabic” to fo down and fight Gaddafy, for the entire campagne the MSM was backing the “rebels”, and lied, faked and fabricated whatever nonsense incl viagra to have the exuses to do what they wanted, to start an war against Libya, and this attacks lead to what was known as R2P aka no fly zone, witch was agreed upon by ZATO and the even more corrupt UN, but this was not about bombing Libya, just to refuse flights, but that ended as soon the R2P started and to fight the dick Gaddafy they had to bomb the Libyan forces, as explained by the massive propaganda campagne, and the rest is history but the truth is, every side of our poltical land scape was into this, incl our rightwinged freaks, whom even claimed that this fighters, aka the “rebels” where heroes and gave everybody their full suport, this is even to day regarding Syria.

And now, this comes, when the same people have been radicalised by the same MSM and Politicians, after years, they have become, conviniantly, of course, terrorists, and right now, the same people whom have suported this groups, after years, is turning 180 deg. and whines about islamic fundamentalists, but not for once do they debate why we have them and never ever think they will admitt anything, like the insane Wahabism, suported by and founded in Saudi-barbaria and have even been and stil is been founded and helped by the same cockservative as we speak Norwegian Gov, incl the fake left, and the even more rotten Labour Gov. to establish them in our land, and this groups are everywhere in europa and have large groups in nations as Pakistan whom is sending people to fight the western imperialistic wars in nations as Yemen, where they are both in the so called Al-CIAeda and among the Saudi-barbarians forces, and also African Yanjaweed witch was regaded as completely evil, but hey, they fight right now for an “good cause”, right.
This is the main reason for this nations like the Brits and France to do nothing, and when the same people have managed to make any kind of critics of this human scums to be about racism, their insane theology to be about Islamphobia, and the legislative branch is corrupted to their core to guard the same people, we know something is completely rotten.
And nothing is happening becuase of their “rights”, while we have non.

And I know why, but cant talk about it, because of been labeled as racist, jew hater, nazi, white ass nationalists, etc, take your pick, but I have never agiated war against this nations, never have, and never will, I have thru the years never waived when it comes to defend Islam, because I know this humans are everything else but Muslims, but the rest, from left to right have entustiatsicly pimped this wars since Afganistan and stil do.
And they claim I am bad, while they, the MSM and Politicians can bomb and lie about everything, killed millions and brought havc to 17 different nations and downright war on 7 muslim nations and when I say anything against that I am attacked for been Racists and a Nazi, because I suport the respective nations since I knew their lies and have written against that for years.
This is done by consent and twised narratives, never ever doubt that, this scums are just pawns, the real deal is european Gov and ISISrael/UssA. they are the ones protecting this scums, and instead of doing something, like kicking them all out, they do nothing because they want this war to continue inside our lands, and the same nations have their NGOs to help the “refugees”, and we end up with nations ripped asunder from within, every day, from this people, incl others whom have been given free range, like Rotham, etc to Sweden, by an poltical class whom isnt doing anything for their own people but continues to suport this scums flooding our lands, and the reasons is, like Rotham, hiden behind an narrative with have nothing to do with reality, they attack us for we demand something to be done and yet nothing, abolutelly nothing is done to this scums, we cant do anything, because of politial corruption, and the MSM whom attacks anyone whom is or tries to do something, incl police, where they claim is racisl profiling, so the Gov ends up with doing nothing while our people are suffering.

Hrumf, when will this end.
The only language this people understands in force, once they realise they will be thrown out, incl their familys, the problem ends, and nothing happens instead we are feed even more scums.
Yeah, why do you morons think I attack the MSM all day, because they control our politics, in Norway the MSM have total dominion, nobody dears to do anything, the moment they do, they are attacked, and everybody is in it, because we are racists.
The truth is, we are doomed, if nobody have the balls to be truthfull and admits why we have this problems and the people in here in the first place, and now, to end this, everybodys hands are tied.
If we dont burn down the MSM they will burn us down.
Wake up and start to fight back.
Take the Politicians first, the scums can be dealth with after.
And start to ignore the MSM rethoric, because they lie now as they have lied before, for decades and this lies have brought us where we are now, with the grim consequencess.
I will go out into the open, if I have to, and start the fight for our nations and people, since nobody else have the f…. guts to do so, bloody spineless creeps, whom bows to the MSM and the corrupted polticians, the neo-liberalistic globalism, the new religion.

Hunt them down and the problem is solved and then we can give the scums one option, just one, go by your self or be thrown out, nothing else.


Toni Liu

Many of these terrorist made by USA as tools to defeat USSR in the past, Russia in the present and many middle east country that US hate, no wonder why all of this crazy attack happened more in Erope rather than in US itself because tools never attack its user unless user stupid and reckless enough to make it happen


“He, on numerous occasions, called for the killing of children, women, and mothers of various people simply based on their ethnicity or religious background.”

He doesn’t sound so different from some people on this site!

Tommy Jensen

There is a difference. The terrorists do it only to make terror because they envy our values.
We do it because we defend ourselves and our freedom.


LoL What a Moron you are.You are a GW BUSH Clone – stop watching Fox then maybe your posts won’t be so funny


You v got freedom yeah …freedom to choose what fast food restaurant to stuff your faces ! That is your ‘freedom’ !

What you got in the states is by no means not even close to a Democracy.
You got 2 parties that are one and the same, just different faces with different colour badges.
You got no halth care system for all. no justice for all no police for all …the USA is a joke, a 250 something history of jokes !

Crime , poverty, inequality, prisons and no freedom of speech, thats is the USA.
Your hole economy is based on war on countries with oil and gus, and a hand full of rich families print money through that federal reserve scumy organisation at their will whenever they feel like it.
Absolute joke. No wonder the whole world hates you.

Tommy Jensen

These moderate freedom rebels did only kill people because the European people refuse to understand their strong feelings to get freedom.
Therefore its good to see that at least the British authorities has more knowledge and empathy for suppressed minorities from ME and Caucasus because they know very well their feelings..

Lazy Gamer

Your feelings does not entitle you to violence.


ALL BullSh!t and Hogwash. There are NO “Islamic Terror” attacks in
European capitals – Only massive PsyOps. Why would British Police
release someone then follow them around on suspicion of commiting a
terrorist act and suddenly just be there at the time he commits the
attack? Its a load of trash. It is simply to manufacture consent for the
next big clampdown or restrictions of freedom. Remember New Zealand
“mosque terror”? well now it appears that the shooter’s video is CGI. In
Europe, Its about creating a “toned down” benign version of islam that
they want their Muslim populations to adhere to – a non “radical” which
will eventually force Muslims to accept an Islam devoid of all practices
which make them Muslim because “radicalism” = a beard, a headscarf, a
skullcap, praying, reading the Koran etc etc, so make the face of terror
a beard and skullcap,wearing, praying moslem so that no “civilised”
muslim would want to subscribe to it. The guy that was shot was patsy,
sacrificed by MI5/MI6. Funny that he has a typical Hindu firstname. Idiots didnt think that one through too well did they?

Gabriel Hollows

Charlie Hebdo and Gladio were psyops, everything else was real with plenty of evidence to back it up, you stupid fucking boomer. Sunni muslims are violent, subhuman animals, get it into your thick head. It is genetic, a consequence of low IQ that is common among Arabs, Turkics and Dravidians.

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