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Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib

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In view of recent events in Syria, SouthFront wants to explain why we are critical towards Turkish actions in Greater Idlib.

  • The internationally recognized Syrian government did not invite Turkey and its forces to the country. It has repeatedly and officially stated that it stands against the Turkish military presence, calling it an “aggression”.
  • The “opposition-held” part of Idlib is in fact a hotbed of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), various other al-Qaeda-linked groups and even ISIS. According to the US leadership, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in this particular area, near the Turkish border.
  • The provinces of Idib, Latakia, Hama and Aleppo are an inalienable part of Syria, where Syria exercises its national sovereignty.
  • The inconsistent Turkish foreign policy, including its actions towards its declared allies, leads to the destabilization of the region.

Despite our critical position towards Turkey, SouthFront will continue providing a fact-based coverage of the situation in Syria and beyond. We are neither hiding nor underreporting gains or setbacks of any party involved in the conflict. Furthermore, we are not going to take cues from the various propagandists (Turkish, Syrian, Russian, American, Iranian, Israeli etc) engaged in this standoff.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib

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Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib

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Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib


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Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib

Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib


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Why SouthFront Is Against Erdogan Actions In Idlib

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Christian S

Durin invasion of idlib in spring 2015, the sultan supported the Jays al Fateh terrorist coalition with supplies and nato gear, a large scale pr campaign for a no fly zone to protect its proxies and even invited hollywood stars to convince the public while protectin FSA and deash terrorists in its own backyard, its an endless list of warcrimes please do not stop exposin Turkey and its zionist allies fuelin the dirty war on suria


Exposing Erdogan’s use of deception as a tool of war is why we support you SF.
Truth is a rare commodity in these times as the US and self claimed “free” nations seem inclined to bow to Erdogan’s blackmail and self destruct by following his ‘leadership’.
Viva liberate, Viiva Syrian liberte.

Liberal guy

Hey Erdoğan had his ice cream atleast

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

I agree with the south front assessment of the support of terrorists in Idlib and also reject the Illegal presence of Turkey in the Region.

Luke Hemmming

Hear Hear! Add me to the list too is people who are opposed to Turkey’s involvement. The US needs to phuck off outta Syria too.


No need to explain. You have always been Pro-Russian and anti-NATO, and so are most of us.
With the actions of Russia compared to NATO and Gulf + Turkey allies, this is not too hard to understand.
And with you being Russian based, no need to appease Turkeys criminal behaviours against your motherland. And we stand with you Russians, even when we critizise some Russian policys.

Turks have made their bed. Even though they cry like they are the biggest victims, they are the huge criminals. Now, and for many hundrets of years.

jhon malakiat

well said brother


Erdogan’s main problem are turkish media, they obediently followed his propaganda about Syria since 2011. and now he is under pressure to protect ‘poor, little, innocent freedom fighters’ /jihadists created by Turkey. If he does nothing, he will look weak… and he cannot afford to look weak.


The Turkish media will tell the public what he wants them to tell. They’re not the problem. The problem is that dead Turkish soldiers is bad PR for that turd burglar Erdogan (no offense to turd burglars intended), because Turkish families don’t like it when their sons get killed in some faraway land for the glory of the Sultan of Ankara.


A few dead soldiers are not the problem (they only make public opinion more angry), perhaps if hundreds, or thousands turkish soldiers die… Turks overwhelmingly support anti-Damascus rhetorics (and actions), Erdogan’s political opponents are not much better. Recent elections showed that Erdogan is not that popular in major turkish cities any more. if he fails to ‘defend’ Idlib, his opponents will use that against him… even sultans lost their heads in palace coups (one coup already failed).

Brother Ma

People need to remember or even learn , it is only a very thin veneer indeed. This is what is shown to the world both by the Turks and especially Western Xio State govs and their propagandists. Turkey as a’ Moderate Islamic’ nation as Obama and his predecessors kept trying to tell us was but a mirage. I expected the Rightist Us govs to bullshit but the Leftists were either fooled hook ,line and sinker or are now just as corrupt .

In fact ,Turks of all stripes, even Leftists are all both very anti -western and Christian. Turkey is way more anti-Christian and bloodthirsty than it was in the golden Sixties when it only hated Greeks and Armenians.

Never forget the Turk mind and spirit is very feeble and fickle and when push comes to shove ,the veneer of Secularism,Humanism and Rationalism – Western Civilization -falls away in an instant when the bloody mullah screams for Holy War. They all cave in and return to their base instincts .

I hope Russia knows what it is doing .

David Parker

And you meant “anti-Christian”. You have to say it again or it is an ambiguous statement. I have come to believe that for whatever reason, the Turks are particularly cruel (but then I see what the Saudis and Israelis are capable of doing and they are all children of the devil.)

Brother Ma

Thank you for that. I just changed it for easier reading. You are right. Sauds and Israelis are particularly cruel but Turks even more. It is their Mongol bloodline then mixed with the headchopping Moslem Islam they follow. House of Saud is also built on an Islamified Jewish family. Arabs and Jews are relatives ; Semites. To see the Jews penchant for cruelty just read the Old Testament of the Bible ,Josephus’s History of the Zealots etc ( manual on how to be ISIS) and what the Himaryote Jews did to the Christians in around 500 -600 AD.

Shlomo Shekelstein

Maccabean revolt another example, or the Kitos War – when jewish fanatics slaughtered some 500.000 people all over eastern Mediterranean (incredible number for that time), they destroyed entire cities, slaughtered all non-jewish people, women, children, everyone, they devastated and depopulated large areas in Cyprus, Egypt, Cyrenaica, Syria…
Ancient jews were completely insane religious extremists and terrorist psychos, they were indeed like ancient ISIS, but even worse.

Brother Ma

He can take them and resettle the headchopper filth in Ankara. See how he likes it…

Basic Guy

Why dont you never ever report civillian casulties due to saa actions?

Cause their magic weapons nevet hit innocent.


It’s kinda hard to report on this because there are no independent news reporters in the Idlib Terrorist Reservation. Only Jihadi activists and even worse, the US and UK funded White Helmets. So there is no means whatsoever to confirm how many civilians get killed.

Now civilians will undoubtedly get killed, but such is the nature of warfare. Did you know that more French, Belgian and Dutch civilians died as a result of Allied attacks in 1944 and 1945 then of German attacks in 1940? This is not a question of deliberate targeting, which is bullshit propaganda anyway, but simply what happens when you fight in an area with a high civilian density.

And we know that the whole Assad bombs civilians propaganda is just that. There is no point in bombing civilians because Jihadis don’t give a crap as to how many civilians die, they will just fight on to the last civilian. Any bomb you throw on a civilian target is basically a waste of money and resources that should have been thrown on Jihadi targets instead. And we can see it on the loadouts of Russian and Syrian aircraft, as the pictures of them taking off show them carrying minimal payloads. They’re not trying to carpetbomb all of Idlib, in which case you need full loadout, they’re trying to specifically hit Jihadi targets, for which you only need a couple of bombs.

Again, sadly that means civilians will die. But then again Western precision guided missiles kill civilians too. Because you can’t throw a 500 pound high explosive bomb in an urban environment and not expect to not hit any civilian bystanders. If only because Jihadis use civilians as human shields and try to stay as close to them as possible. And why no outrage and tears about the many civilians that Al Qaida and friends caused by shelling major cities like Damascus and Aleppo for years?

jhon malakiat

“Any bomb you throw on a civilian target is basically a waste of money and resources that should have been thrown on Jihadi targets instead”

very well said argument

Luke Hemmming

Well said and spot on.


ah yep.. bombs of democracy never hurts animals..

Brother Ma

Those civilians are either headchoppers or as Barba Papa says already…unlucky . They had their chance and now it is in God’s Hands.

Lazy Gamer

States do what states do. Our opinions here dont matter to them. The best that we can hope for is they realize their folly.

Robert M

Terrorists only can support Turkey today, simple!


According to sheikh Imran Hosein, Erdoğan is a complicated & misguided Muslim who gets guidance from Dajjal (anti-christ) rather than from the blessed Qur’an.

Smith Ricky

Aka zios

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Because u are a russian website. You need to protect SAA and Russian army all the time

Jimi Thompson 2

Oh boy… what do we have here… another Al Qaeda / CIA / MI6 / Atlantic Council / Bellincat supporting fagg0t… how neato!!

Liberal guy

Ya right true

Luke Hemmming

Well we ain’t gonna support ISIS are we?, dip shit.

Jimi Thompson 2

Turks are the scum of the Earth, so, I’m guessing that would be at least one reason the good folks at Southfront would be against them and their terrorist proxies killing Syrians and trying to advance on Syrian land.

Constellation 2023

None of you are half the man Erdogan is!

Smith Ricky

Agreed, in fact he knows how to ride horses more than any of us.

Luke Hemmming

I know my dik is bigger than Erdogan’s. :-D

Luke Hemmming

Actually im 6ft erdogan is a little over 6ft so that makes me more than half more than 3/4 even so your statement is not true and my dik is bigger.


Democracy, Human rights, International Laws and agreements, imperialistic tentions, Genocides, support of terrorists, invation to Syria, provoce against Greece and Cyprus, provoce to Israel and Egypt, cancelation of the Lybian embargo and provoce of a civil war, are only the peak of the iceberg from the violations of Turkey. If Southrfront could not see it, there should be no reason to report anything but lies.


first ass’d has support of few people i.e., 5% shia minority ( illegal immigrants settled there) and is rejected by 95% Muslim population.
secondly you can’t call Iran Mullah terrorist regime and Russian gang support for this ass’d regime as international support because they itself came through unfair mean e.g., killing and harassment of political opponents.
yes, Idib, Latakia, Hama and Aleppo are an inalienable part of Syria and Turkey has every right hold this part of Syria till legitimate government of majority in Damascus. INSHALLAH we will have soon…….

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