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Why SF Does Not Use PayPal, But Cryptocurrencies

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Dear Friends,

We receive a lot of letters asking why SouthFront does not have a PayPal account, or why it is impossible to send a donation payment to any bank account, or by other means other than cryptocurrencies.

Some of you know, and some do not, that SF has been under stiff pressure from the official structures of various states and MSM for many years.

The last PayPal account that we could use was blocked a year ago. At the same time, Patreon stole about $4,000 from us and our donators. PayPal, in turn, has been blocking about $ 2,000 of your donations on our accounts, which have not been used for 2 or more years, for more than a year. When we tried to use the Russian banking system in 2021, we faced with the fact that Russian banks blocked the receipt of donators’ funds to the accounts of a formal SF representative in Russia, hired by us specifically for these purposes and who had nothing to do with the operational activities of SF. These funds were blocked for many months, and then hardly returned to their senders.

Apparently, we are perceived as a threat both by the US-NATO establishment and the Russian establishment. That is why we have only cryptocurrencies to offer you to support South Front. And even in this case, we have to periodically change the donation addresses to avoid risks.

XMR (Monero): 84eCJf22Yz39rHwoz6vf3hdcWmbCY336eAUoLXpSj1Q3boP8crzKdDq3R5f72RjFmTJBctSH6DFRuPmEaWiQP59mBzoG2sN

Why SF Does Not Use PayPal, But Cryptocurrencies

BTC (Bitcoin): bc1qctv99yh0ewg6x5r9fy5e7lqm28t9rza4h4cy4k

Why SF Does Not Use PayPal, But Cryptocurrencies

BCH (Bitcoincash): qpayzr89x3yul8924uqf6fjx6jcjklfcw5vm2dxp7r

Why SF Does Not Use PayPal, But Cryptocurrencies


We are grateful to you for your desire to support SouthFront.

We apologize that we have not yet found any other way for donations other than cryptocurrencies.

Our Team is now extremely limited in resources, both financial and human.

We appeal to all our readers and viewers who do not want to stay limited by one-sided propaganda, no matter from which side of the United States or Russia, if possible: make an effort and learn how to make transfers in cryptocurrencies.

It is not difficult and is useful in the new reality.

On our part, we will make every effort to find new alternative ways of donating.

In any case, if you want to support the further activities of South Front, write to our official email addresses: southfront@list.ru or info@southfront.org

We also ask you to take into account that letters sent from @southfront.org to Hotmail, Yahoo and several other mail services are completely blocked or fall into the spam folder.

SouthFront strongly recommends using ‘COLD WALLETS‘ for a final transaction to our addresses.

Cold wallets are set up on your devices (PC or mobile devices) only. Transactions are made directly from a device to device, without any intermediate service. Transfers from cold wallet to cold wallet are made through blockchain procedures only.

We recommend the following most famous ‘cold wallets’:

for BTC: https://electrum.org/#home
for BCH: https://electroncash.org
for XMR: https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/
The safest crypto currency is MONERO (XMR).

To buy crypto you may use crypto exchanges like:

Support SouthFront


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William Burton

I think my support of $15.00 per month was one of the accounts that PayPal or Patreon lost or blocked. I had been taking it for granted that it was being sent monthly. Now I’m faced with dealing in Crytocurrency, which I’ve never dealt with before. I’ve been working with Kraken for days trying to satisfy their document requirements, and it has been a pain in the rear. By the way, I hadn’t noticed when I started that the name ‘Kraken’ is the same as the name of the propaganda group connected with the SBU of the Nazi junta. You could probably have been more detailed about the process for the uninitiated. All that said, I’m pushing forward with getting my wallet funded, but it may be a while before I can send the support.

Last edited 10 months ago by William Burton
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