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Why S-300 In Syria Not Being Used Against Israeli Aircraft

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Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson

There has been considerable speculation in recent months concerning reasons why the S-300 air defense systems supplied to the Syrian Arab Army by the Russian Federation have yet to fire a shot in anger at Israeli aircraft encroaching on its airspace and launching ordnance against a variety of targets on Syria’s territory. This video attempts to explore a reasonably complete range of explanations. On the one hand, the S-300 batteries in Syria operate under a handicap of operational and political restrictions. However, it would be a mistake to believe that just because missiles are not being launched, that the weapons in question are ineffective.

Israel’s Human Shields

One crucial aspect of Israeli aerial operations is their use of civilian air traffic and also US-led coalition operations to shield their aircraft against Syrian air defenses. It is noteworthy that Russian cruise missile strikes, for example, are invariably preceded by international notifications and closures of relevant airspace in order to prevent tragedies. Israel has not followed similar procedures and has frequently sent its combat aircraft into airspace used by civilian airliners over the Mediterranean and Lebanon. Considering the “international reaction” that would have inevitably followed in the event of a Syrian or Russian air defense shoot-down of a civilian airliner, it is rather likely that rules of engagement

used by the Russia-led coalition forces in Syria include strict prohibitions against engaging hostile aircraft when there is even a remote danger to civilian aircraft. The loss of Russian Il-20 with its entire crew to a Syrian air defense missile clearly shows the dangers of engaging remote targets in a crowded airspace.

The Lebanese Doormat

Few examples illustrate the hypocrisy of Western powers’ supposed belief in the sanctity of national sovereignty better than its condoning of near-constant Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace. While that country’s territorial sovereignty is rarely challenged by Israel largely thanks to Hezbollah’s ability to inflict severe casualties on the IDF, neither Hezbollah nor the Lebanese military possess an air force or an air defense system capable of doing the same for the country’s airspace. This allows Israeli aircraft to use Lebanon’s terrain features, specifically the mountain ranges flanking the Bekaa Valley, as a shield against long-range air defense systems. Israeli aircraft using stand-off munitions such as the SDB or Delilah are able to position themselves close to their targets by flying below the Syrian radar horizon, then popping up to launch their GPS-guided weapons before dropping down below the horizon to return to base. In order to deny Israel that ability, Syria and Russia would have to extend their air defense network to the Bekaa Valley and/or patrol it using their own fighter aircraft, a measure that would likely provoke “international condemnation” and risk a massive escalation of the conflict. By the same token, the “international community” has imposed a de-facto embargo on the provision of modern weapons systems of any kind to the state of Lebanon, rendering it unable to defend itself against Israeli incursions.

Russian “Equidistance”

Further complicating matters is the fact that the Russian foreign policy is attempting an extremely difficult task of maintaining reasonably good relations with both Israel and Iran in order to achieve its foreign policy objectives and bring the war in Syria to a successful conclusion. It really is a testimony to the skill and perseverance of Russian diplomats that it has managed to remain in good standing with both of these states. No other major power can claim a similar success. But the downside of this kind of diplomacy is that it makes Russia, and therefore, by extension Syria (over whose national air defense system Russia exercises considerable control simply in order to safely operate its own aircraft) unwilling to engage Israeli aircraft except in the extreme cases of Israel attacking Russian bases or assets in the area. Israel, for its part, has refrained from striking Russian and high-value Syrian targets which does suggest there exists something akin to an understanding between Russia and Israel that was reached in the wake of the aforementioned loss of the Il-20. That loss led to a serious, though apparently temporary, deterioration of Russia-Israel relations. Fortunately Israel’s leaders value Russia’s good will, which is evidenced by Netanyahu’s nine meetings with Vladimir Putin in the space of 3 years and so far have been unwilling to risk even their brand-new F-35s against the S-300s. The combination of these political factors has limited Israel’s attacks against Syrian territory, which is also a contributing factor to the apparent idleness of the S-300 batteries.

The Iran Factor

As if these problems were not enough, it doesn’t help matters that Iran is pursuing a range of objectives of its own, which may not be consistent with Syrian and Russian interests. One visible example of the relatively low level of trilateral cooperation was the abrupt cancellation of the permission given to the Russian Aerospace Forces to use an airbase on Iranian territory to enhance the effectiveness of bombers operating from Russia against targets in Syria. While Iran’s efforts to ensure its security vis-à-vis the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are understandable, given the brutal nature of the power struggle in the region, in practical terms it means that Russia’s leadership does not feel an obligation to protect Iranian assets in Syria every time Israel attacks them. There certainly is no evidence of any security agreement between Russia and Iran suggesting a commitment to mutual defense. The dependence on Iran-provided or Iran-supported manpower in the form of IRGC troops, Hezbollah, or Shia militias has moreover meant that Russia had relatively few levers of influence over Iranian policies in the region, since Iran’s ability and willingness to put “boots on the ground” in Syria made it an indispensable part of that loose alliance. To the extent that there exists an understanding between Russia and Iran in matters regarding Syria, it seems to consist of Russia giving Iran a more or less free hand to do as it pleases, in return for Iran not expecting Russian air cover for its activities which in turn allows Russia to remain on good terms with Israel whose goodwill it definitely needs to end the war in Syria.


While the situation remains relatively stable with few escalation risks, it cannot be said it is a satisfactory state of affairs because considerable ambiguities remain and will remain for the foreseeable future. Iranian forces in Syria will remain indispensable to that country’s security for as long as US forces remain in Syria and the status of Syria’s northern provinces controlled by insurgent groups supported by Turkey remains unresolved. Until these issues are addressed, the S-300 batteries in Syria will continue to play their part in maintaining this uneasy equilibrium.

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northerntruthseeker .

This article does not touch on the real fact that the S300’s going into service in Syria are still in their infancy and the crews that operate the systems still need proper time to train.. That and the Israelis would dearly love to have one or two of the batteries take shots at Israeli aircraft so that they can be ‘marked’ for destruction by subsequent Israeli air strikes aimed specifically at those “marked’ S300 targets…

The blood sucking psychotic Israelis are indeed playing a dangerous game though, for eventually the Syrian defences will be fully up to speed and it would be so fabulous to see some of these psychos killed as their aircraft are shot down by these s300 batteries…


Everyone was bragging about how the IAF was terrified over the S300 and would never launch airstrikes again ????

It’s been half a year and the Israelis are still bombing Syrians and Iranians while Russians look on like cucks

John Vishnevskaya

Good observation whitey. The terrorists decided they could continue without fear of S300 by hiding behind commercial airlines. Reminds me of USA hiding behind terrorists themselves. Could be some collusion going on between these terrorists.

Ricky Miller

Whatever. Anyone in the know knows that the deployment remains in the training phase, prolonged for political purposes. Syria has not yet gained the right to decide on the use of these weapons. When they gain that right and the control that goes with it, blue starred shit is going to start falling from the sky. And point conceeded that Israeli attacks have not ceased in Syria but they sure have fallen to something like one tenth their previous frequency with more long range missile flights and a higher percentage of Israeli missiles being intercepted and the attacks showing far less results. I’ll grant you some shouting rights and I’ll keep the improvement in military utility for Syria.


It’s a long game at the end of which you the israfuckies and americunts will be the loosers :)


Israel is just another western colonie where the jews are used to justify the occupation of ME, it is also not a strong state, without proper support it will cave in in matter of weeks,

Pave Way IV

SF team – good analysis, but I’m somewhat confused that you didn’t mention that the S-300 has not been fully deployed by Syria yet because it didn’t have trained Syrian operators. The S-300 is not being deployed as a stand-alone system, but as THE core part of an integrated Syrian AD network. They have never managed an AD network like the one they will have. In addition, Syrian AD has never used such advanced acquisition and tracking radars itself – they have only had feeds from Russian systems.

This isn’t a matter of training a few TEL crews. This is a wholesale replacement of the backbone of the Syrian AD network.



I am curious what right do Israel and the US have to be “so pissed off” about a neighboring country deploying a DEFENSIVE air defense system that was first deployed by the old USSR all the way back in 1979? After all, unless the Israelis and the US break international law and violate Syrian Air Space they have no grounds what so ever to be “pissed” about it at all because these systems are DEFENSIVE in nature, not offensive systems.

The truth is, if anybody has a right to be “pissed off”, it is the Syrian people for having to put up with Israel’s illegal occupation of the Golan Heights and the illegal US occupation of parts of Syria. Not to mention the constant violations of international law by Israel and the US as they repeatedly commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide against the Syrian people and in the case of Israel, Apartheid against the Palestinians as well.

Still, if you prefer to focus strictly on weapons systems to be “pissed off” about, then the Syrians have a lot more right to be upset than the Israelis given the massive stock piles of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, many of which are OFFENSIVE weapons systems that the Israelis still lie about despite the entire world knowing the truth. I mean talk about a dishonest broker. Who in their right mind would believe anything the Israelis say these days given they lie about just about everything.

Pave Way IV

I’m not implying that Israel and my country, the US, have any ‘right’ to be pissed off – they simply are. Like any psychopaths, they especially love to bully weaker, less capable opponents that can’t fight back. Anyone who does have the capability to punch them back in the face is a threat (in Israeli and US chickenhawk’s minds), just as they would be to any cowardly bully. Syria isn’t going to fend off either Israel or the US forever with a couple of S-300 divisions. It will simply make attacks increasingly risky and/or costly, which drives psychopaths insane.

Terry J Wall

That’s why they make great bankers. They are such compulsive accomplished liers. It’s in their genes.


The Syrians have been training on these systems for years. From 2013:

“The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has said Russian anti-aircraft missiles have arrived in Syria, Lebanese TV has reported – a claim likely to dramatically increase tensions in the region and which could provoke the Israelis to launch a strike against the weapons.

In an interview with the al-Manar channel, to be broadcast on Thursday, Assad reportedly confirmed that Moscow had begun to deliver the long-range S-300 air defence rockets. “Syria has received the first shipment … All our agreements with Russia will be implemented and parts of them have already been implemented,” he said.”

– Bashar al-Assad says Russian S-300 missiles have arrived in Syria –


Pave Way IV

If I’m not mistaken, these were actually Russian-operated S-300s used to protect Khmeimim Air Base and the Port of Tartus.


Not according to the above article and Wikipedia and the cited sources in the Wikipedia footnotes before they were removed and replaced with updated information describing the recent deployments after the IL-20 shoot down. Syria had their own systems and have been training on them for years. How complete they were is open to debate. But from the sounds of it they were sufficiently complete to be able to train on.

The Russian deployment of S-300s wasn’t until after the 2015 intervention:

“After a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 was shot down over Syria in November 2015, Russia deployed S-300 and S-400 to the region – some to the Khmeimim Air Base, some with the Russian cruiser Moskva.”

– S-300 missile system –



Because this excuse would soon expire and they would had to write a new article

Ray Douglas

I assumed that friend or foe identification would eliminate the chance of hitting a passenger plane accidentally.

Pave Way IV

No – civilian aircraft usually do not have encoded IFF transponders like military aircraft. They identify themselves, but not through IFF – they use ADS-B (link). Air traffic control integrates that information with radar blips to figure out which commercial aircraft they are looking at on their screen. It’s good enough for that purpose, but not precise enough if you’re flinging surface-to-air missiles in crowded airspace. Air defense radars can integrate ADS-B into their displays to help sorting blips out and identify commercial aircraft, but that has it’s limits when civ and mil aircraft are close together or one behind (on radar) another.

Military aircraft have commercial ADS-B capability, but often don’t use it for obvious reasons. Big military transports will use it in busy commercial lanes to help civilian air traffic control. Tactical aircraft almost never use it. The military uses several other means to identify and track aircraft, but sometimes it just doesn’t know who owns a blip on their screen.

IFF doesn’t broadcast anything without receiving a properly encoded request, which the enemy wouldn’t know. The IFF response by the aircraft is likewise encoded and meaningless to the enemy. They can be changed if they are compromised. Everyone has to know the right codes. Putting IFF on commercial aircraft would mean managing a lot of very sensitive codes and constantly updating your AD network. ADS-B is already on commercial aircraft and works fine.

Ray Douglas

You may be right but the whole idea of replacing the S200 with the S300 was because it had friend or foe identification and thus avoiding what happened to the IL20. Perhaps you remember this being said at the time.

Pave Way IV

Yes, IFF would have positively identified the Il-20 or any other Russian military aircraft, but not civilian aircraft or non-Russian aircraft with their own IFF system. I assume Syrian military aircraft will also have S-300 compatible IFF transponders.


1) It’s bunk and ineffective 2) It was used and missed 3) Russia puts Israeli interest over Syrian 4) Russia is terrified of escalation 5) Israel would defeat Russia again in a conflict

Vince Dhimos

Yes, the average American reading mostly Western news — and even a lot of alternative news — is likely to get this impression that Russia is treating Israel preferentially. Russia wants you to think that, but the noose on Israel is tightening.

Tommy Jensen

You can tighten nose for so long that there is nothing left to tighten nose for.

Ricky Miller

Wrong. And wrong. And Russia is concerned, not terrified of escalation. Escalation with Israel doesn’t really meet Russia’s goals and could lead to a wider war with the United States. Russia has learned from 1810-1812, 1914 and 1939-1941 that deployment too far forward can be self defeating and that it’s better to let the conflict roll in toward Russian defenses. Your last point is just militarily laughable. Russia, once she committed to a conflict, could use a massive cruise missile volley organized from Engels to decimate Israel’s defenses. In the hours following a Russian attack of that sort Egypt attacks Israel with full ferocity. War with Russia means the end of Israel and probably means civilization threatening war between the U.S. and Russia. You should be on your knees thanking the Kremlin for their maturity and restraint. You know, if you have anyone to love.


Russia won’t throw the first stone but when the game will be on, we’ll make sure that you will bleed out of your ass like never before. :)


“While Iran’s efforts to ensure its security vis-à-vis the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are understandable, given the brutal nature of the power struggle in the region, in practical terms it means that Russia’s leadership does not feel an obligation to protect Iranian assets in Syria every time Israel attacks them. ”

Funny how Iranians indeed do exist in Syria when its convenient for the Russian narrative


Will the West come clean on how they are using ISIS and the White Helmets to advance their interests?

Vince Dhimos

There is probably no need to get all upset about the situation in Lebanon. Russia has been signing military agreements with Lebanon for years now. A new deal is in the works


Russian ships are also using Lebanese ports. Israel is getting a very short leash:


Tommy Jensen



Not sure I quite understand why Israeli goodwill is necessary for peace in Syria, or how Israeli co-operation with the achievement of peace in Syria is plausibly achievable even if it were needed.

Fundamentally, Israel wants to be surrounded by failed states or, if that can’t be achieved, at least dysfunctional fellow US stooges. They want more Iraqs and for anything that’s not like Iraq to be like Saudi Arabia. That way, first, the region has no power centres that could possibly challenge them and, second, the more awful local regimes are the less bad Israel and its ethnic cleansing look in comparison. And a surrounding filled with violence keeps the Israeli Jewish public fearful and hateful of the locals so they back the Israeli Military-Everything complex; Israel’s politics is like the “War on Terror” only way more so. So they want Syria to be broken, impoverished, and run by the worst head-choppers available. Those Russian diplomats would have to be pretty awesome to get Israel to go along with the idea of Syria returning to stability. But anyhow, Israel’s influence in the region, while significant in some ways, doesn’t seem to me all that applicable to the Syrian situation. Nobody involved is going to listen to them much and their ability to intervene directly short of starting a war seems pretty small; they can help a few jihadis at the margins, drop a few bombs, but Israel can’t really directly organize large forces of fanatic Islamists, for instance, like Saudi Arabia can. Russia may have significant reasons to avoid antagonizing Israel too much, but the need for them to be on side to get peace in Syria doesn’t strike me as one of them.

Tommy Jensen

With a thousands excuses we shall escape responsibility. Assad contracted a supply of S-300 with Russia. Deliver the supply to Assad and thats it. Assad will take care of its use.

Kremlin´s endless excuses and interferences in a contracted supply to a buyer dont hold water


Are we fighting ISIS or not?

No we are fighting the USA and Israel, ISIS is just a disguise worn by the USA and Israel.

Brother Thomas

You are exactly right Sinbad2. This is the stark realisation that is starting to dawn on people.

Xoli Xoli

Russia is a non reactionary force which want to butter the bread on both sides.


And which wants its butter listed and purchased in USD.

Brother Thomas

Better butter than guns. Better bread buttered on both sides than CIA trained jihadists running around beheading people.

Zaphod Braden

Why do Western Nations support the ORIGINAL nazis?

They worship a Tribal WAR GOD ….. They instigated the Roman pogroms against the first Christians. They instigated Muslims to attack peaceful Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, which is what lead to the Crusades.. The Armenian-Christian SHOAH (1.5 million) by crypto-Jew “Young Turks”. The Ukrainian-Christian SHOAH (10s of millions) by Bolshevik Jews… Dump the YOKE of “WWII guilt” ……. Jews are conducting TWO genocides RIGHT NOW (1) Jews instigate and aggravate the genocidal muslum invasion of Christian Europe to clear population so Israel can steal MORE land for “GREATER” Israel….. (2) The slow motion, Second Israeli SHOAH of the People of Palestine.. They brag about the First SHOAH the Canaanites/Amorites/Philistines/Midianites/PALESTINIANS who were in PALESTINE long before ABRAHAM passed through from Babylon/Ur ……Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.

For 70+ years scorn and guilt has been used to destroy Western Christianity by the very people who ORIGINATED genocide. “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.” The Jews BRAG about and self document their “holocausting” others and then “PLACE A YOKE” on Gentiles for supposedly doing the same to them. Everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own self-recorded acts/history.. Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

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Why do Western Nations support the ORIGINAL nazis?

Because they are the Nazis. We are the bad guys the evil ones, but we don’t have the courage to see our true selves.


You are 100% correct Sinbad! Except since Trump was elected!

You will find out soon! TRUST ME! The BIG AWAKENING is about to happen!

Andrew Mcabe is just the beginning! Get ready for the big Storm! :)


I’m starting to grow moss; waiting.


:) watch the news in the US! not just the left media, watch the right too!

Just watch!

MASS trials of political elites!

Grand juries! They’ve started but u wont know the names! The big names are coming!

Former FBI, Former DOJ, CIA, the former Obama Director of National intelligence! They are all going to MILITARY PRISON AS FOREIGN COMBATANTS!






The old deep state USA is dying, ok and what will happen to THE NEW DEEP STATE = TRAMP FAMILY and….


A better answer to your question!

just watch for 20 seconds…. if u dont like what u hear, u can stop it! :)



WOW, Con artist, lies to you and to everyone, tell you exactly what you want to hear and what you wish to happen,,,, and then comes the delivery moment: 1.Tax reform, The biggest wealth transfer from poor to rich, 2, M East , doing everything that Israel could only dream of, 3. Terminate 5+1 agreement with Iran and forcing regime change via deadly sanctions , 4. Venezuela, regime change 5,……


Time will tell! U sound like a looney lefty liberal! U like this girl? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/569c18dbf2d4739cd49d29a7dc6908e9b63e2985d2fd38b0dd8e04a829f4e750.jpg

Do u like her??


Justin, what the hell are you mumbling about?


i need u to be more specific, i talk about many things!


He obviously has mental problems, and probably suffers from manic depression. Once his manic episode is over, or the cops arrest him and get him sectioned, we won’t hear from him until he stops taking his meds again.


yet u like China! u prefer them! u cant even answer my questions so i think youre a coward! u are scared u will get caught out haha!

meds my ass! im on the outside looking in at u guys in ur fucking bubble! none of u are woke!

in most cases u are contradicting urselves! Supporting China is supporting Zionism and Globalism! Youre just too fuckin dumb to know the difference! im TRYING to warn u…. and to be honest its pretty fuckin simple to see! Of course the Globalist propped up china, u fucking KNOW this!

but i think this is a case of dumb cunts like u not being able to back track ur comments!

WILFULLY IGNORANT! Too dumb to know whats what! Thats the REALITY on this site with you people!


I shall second your motion. I thought for a while that he may be a troll but I think you are correct: we are dealing with someone who is clearly having a manic episode and forgot to take his meds




Im from Australia! i told Sinbad that when i go to vote (we must vote here or we are fined) i just put a cross through the paper ballot! Sinbad then said “then u have no right to speak”

Do u agree with Sinbad??

i like Trump! I like Putin!

u have a problem with that?


Reset! watch!

This is the beginning of it all right here!



Oh. Cuz’ I ALWAYS believe what Israeli shill ‘Hand job’ Hannity has to say!


i said “watch both sides” left and right MSM!

its a FACT a grand jury indictment is occurring right now!

u guys just cant get off this site can u!

let me guess, ur daily website visits are: Russiainsider sputniknews RT Al-masdar southfront

Am i right? hahaha I KNOW IM RIGHT!

there are other sources! And shit that is happening that is GOOD! But these lemmings on this site have no fucking idea whats happening! its like they all live on another planet!

nobody on this site is “woke”!



Actually, you’re 100% wrong on ALL counts. Today was the first time I happened across this particular site, as it was condensed on another site’s page. I’ve looked at RI and RT, and Sputnik when I’ve come across articles of interest linked from elsewhere. Never heard of the other two.

And your views are also wrong. You claim you ‘look at both sides’, but then you fall for all this ‘indictment’ nonsense? How long has Hillary been going to jail for?

Israel’s whore Trump is being ‘investigated’ by a criminal who colluded in the US/Israeli 9/11 operation?

Trump ‘draining the swamp’ by hiring some of THE WORST people in DC?

Tell me; Do you listen to the Prophecies of Q, too, drinking THAT ‘Q-l’ADE’?

How’s all that workin’ out for ya’?


So if its ur first time on the site then u dont come into the equation!

Indictments have been sealed for a while but those that are having trials as we speak are Maxine Waters (havent heard from her for a while) Andrew McAbe, James baker, Lisa page etc etc!

so while u are saying “where are the trials” im saying”they have started”!

The reason YOU dont know about it is because your not getting this info from MSM!

Where is Anthony Weiner? Where is Huma? Where is Maxine Waters? Where is Mcabe?

Loretta Lynch?

Sit back and relax!

It will be me telling you soon, “did u see”? and u will say “no” i will say “lol, thought so”

Why waiting? All at once, ensure a 20/20 win!

so have you “lol”now! just make sure u come back to this site so i can “lol” back at u!


Well Weiner just got early release last week. I don’t know anything more specific about the others at this stage. You should appreciate that if justice is not seen to be done it might not have occurred. If I don’t see them swinging in lamp posts, they might as well be languishing the maximum security wing on Epstein’s island.


Weiner been in trouble for 2 years! Cooperating witness! His laptop was far more important than his Sexting a 15yo!

Remember, he was a Jew married to a Saudi! This Saudi worked for Hillary Clinton for 20 years. Have u seen who her father and uncle are? Can u say “Muslim brotherhood”? Have u seen who was Obama’s number 1 advisor? Valerie Jarrett! Do u know her background? TREASON! WATCH!!!! Also, this has only just begun! These people are not being prosecuted at different times! The IG and Huber are still working on this case and have racked over 6000 indictments which are still sealed! Information comes as they all start to rat on each other as we have already seen on the news with Andrew McAbe!

Like i said!

WATCH! its all starting NOW!


Whatever is starting it isn’t for our benefit:



This is a deep state revolution! Deep state vs the deep state!

Military industrial complex vs Globalists!

There are jews on both sides of this war!

The lesser of 2 evils is the MIC!

Otherwise China would take over the world! And fuck anybody who wants China as the world leader!

Idiots on this forum are fast to complain about US 1million deaths in iraq BUT KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT REAL TIGHT when asked about Chinese crimes against its own people!

Globalists = Zionists Globalists propped up China! China = Zionist puppet nation!

Everyone on this site who hate Zionists actually support them!

Everyone on this site is a fuckin moron!




ive seen all of this dude! including the lindsy graeme video at the McCain funeral!


there is more to this than u are trying to protray in this video! Mossad is being taken down too! So that isnt exactly pro israel is it!

u will find out in the next 2 years! no need to play the guessing game!


Trump has no credibility left. Everything that made his election candicature worth cheering has disappeared and no longer exits except in memory. Trump has his butt cheeks spread with the criminal Netanyahu and Co. firmly banging his brains out again.


i disagree!


I would ignore Justin, He is either Kool Aid drinker or a troll hired to hijack meaningful conversation


snake in the white house. Dangerous creep





Nothing to see here!!!

Move along, move along!

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GOOGLE THIS BOOK! (The Post American World) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81685e0541462eccdaad2d264329b81987b0a44a130edafd8277c7adfa39875f.jpg

Find out about this ring he has worn for decades!



Well, as someone pointed out, you been spouting this nonsense for 5 or 6 months, and “THIS IS IT FOR HILLARY!” has been hitting the wires for a few years. And yet she’s going to make another presidential run?

Odd behaviour for someone who’s time is up, isn’t it?



WRONG! i havent been spouting it out for 6 months!

Only lately i have talked about indictments!

Occams, if you know NOTHING about this, why make a comment? Wouldnt u be setting urself up for failure OR is ur plan to slowly disapear like all these cowards on this site do when they are proven wrong!

Because that what these morons do here! They make comments! they get corrected with FACTS! they attack back, then admit to their wrong statement! Then they delete their comment! Then they attack u again!

Thats what happens!

U have people on this site who RIGHTFULLY complain about the 1 million deaths the US caused in Iraq and then explain how much they love China!

THEN…… when u ask them to comment on China’s crimes against its own people (80 million)….. THEY DONT EVEN FUCKING ANSWER OR ADMIT IT!


So while u are here to call out something i am saying whilst not actually knowing much about it yourself, u are DEFENDING the FUCK HEADS who remain silent on China’s crimes or even deny they even happen!

How do u feel about this?? Explain it to me and dont say “oh ive only just come to this site, so i dont now these people” because if u use that excuse, then why the fuck do u care about what i am saying then!!

Rex drabble

Justin,I have until recently spend 3 years reading comments on sites like this. Another ,SYPER is the same there are those that will never let go of prejudices. You will find many here,they almost want war,in fact it is the permanently negative attitudes as theirs that brings it about, There are also a few who are very balanced. If you want to see change,dont come here.3 years and I was burnt out from the almost incessant bickering,today I though ,why not have a look. I GOT MY ANSWER>WONT BE BACK. SEE DIRECT FROM RU GOVT VESTA FOR FACTS. S/F are very good,the comments are too neg for me. S/F do fantastic vids,,,none are equal,,,NONE


HOOO RAAAAY i found a person who thinks the same as me!

Also, have u noticed how much people on this site DONT KNOW?

its insane!!

Rex drabble

Yes I have noticed,There are those that have very good knowledge of weapons. There are those that are stuck in their ways,perhaps never to change. They get a kick out of confrontation, Trying to convince others of your view is not worth the aggro. We each have our views,out of the tens of thousands I have read, some,very good,from very balanced people.Have not made a cracker of difference to those that dont want to hear!!! I can see you are here to try and offer hope.Thats a good thing. My experience on forums showed me,it was a waste of my time!! It left me unsettled,seeing,that there are people who are willfully ignorant. Would I want them as friends NO.Then why do I try and offer my opinion to them? Because I thought they were open to it! THEY ARENT. Mans anger and greed will never end.The take away for me was good! Focus on improving me,through that,if I can become a better person then I may be able to help others who actually need and want it. You are doing your self a dis-service by trying,spend your energy on what is within your reach and be better for it. Here is my Email.crestabeds@gmail.com Feel free to contact me.I dont really want to focus on the negatives though.There are many good things in this World.You WONT find You wont find them here!! To any one who would like to abuse me,,,go for it. I dont give a toss what you say of think.



This is literally the best response i have ever received! you are right about myself trying to offer hope to these people!

I keep saying to them “i’m on your side, but you’re not”!

Anyway, its sad to see this website unwillingly created an army of Zombies! I’m sure it wasn’t southfronts intentions at all!


Rex, hahaha crestabeds? haha are u trolling me?

Im not sure what too say here!






1st the FBI 2nd the DOJ 3rd the CIA 4th other areas of the US intelligence services and judicial systems!

Watch what happens to Hollywood! Watch what happens to left wing MSM watch what happens to certain social media company executives!

Ask yourself this question, why do intelligence agents Marry lawyers, politicians, CEO’s and Chinese operatives?

Pelosi was caught with a Chinese spy in her cabinet? Really? Maybe Pelosi is a spy!!! Facebook isnt a CIA spy tool developed to gather all of your information that YOU wilfully type in yourself and agree for u to find your friends and track u! But not an intelligence operation to spy on its own people?

Not trying to implement socialism in the USA and a national spy grid and political correctness? This is how Communism formed in Russia!

Martial law! Military tribunals! Why are they hiding the death of Ruth Bainer Ginsberg (supreme court justice)



Being fired is not justice. Being hanged in public may be tenable. :-)

Ginsbrg is still alive and kicking OR her ghost is.

https://www.npr.org/2019/02/20/696360090/supreme-court-limits-civil-asset-forfeiture-rules-excessive-fines-apply-to-state Also the McCabe indictment video you link was posted five months ago. By the time we see any justice the moss may even reach over to the sunny side.


RBG…. ill believe it when i see it! the MSM have been posting pictures of her that are a year old “as proof”! lets see what happens!

mcabe video!

yes i posted the old video on purpose because i pressumed u have seen the last few days headlines right?


ok u better go check!

As for being fired…… no no no, this is just the begining! a lot of these people are now working as witnesses which is why mcCabe is now spilling the beans on Rod Rosenstein (the Deputy director of the DOJ)

u see, this whole thing of firing and indicting is so these people can be surveilled and investigated! So whats been happening is now they are all turning on each other! hahaha its fucking beautiful!

So u see this list of FBI agents? they are all ratting on each other now lol!

For example, Lisa page communicated via texts with Peter Strzok who also investigated the clinton email scandal and was on the muellar team to investigate trump! He was a part of the crew who created the Fake dossier to spy on Trump and Rosenstein (along with comey, loretta lynch, OBAMA, Mcabe, sally yates etc etc) all signed the application for the FISC (Foreign intelligence Surveillance Court) to spy on Trump!

So now they are being exposed!

Why does this matter!

Trump does not work for the Globalists nor the Deep state! He is exposing them and having them all arrested!

Why is this not Main stream? Who do u think owns the news corps?

listen, if u know where to look, this info is common knowledge! in 2019 u are going to see the shit really hit the fan! Lets just say that Feb 15 was the start! The start of the awakening! this is bigger than u think! The entire cabal (including world wide) is being exposed! if u dont read up on this stuff it will be harder for u to believe! but just watch! when u see it all start to happen, u will propbably find the time to look more into it! trust me…. its super exciting! We are ridding the world of elites who are controlling us! The reason why its good its happening in the USA is because they are the main ones! if u can cure the USA of this infection, u can cure the rest of the world simply because they are the global military and economic power!


French yellow vests are related! Trust me, its all related!



here u go!



the result!



Especially the part where he bites the head off the baby, the Americans will love it.


shit comment! waste of space! Tell us all why u love China! Tell us what u think of Chinese Crimes against its own people! u always avoid it! i think ure a coward!

Brother Thomas

The Nazis were copying and learning from White Supremacy in American. One can factually say the leaders and powerbrokers in the West are the original Nazis. The Americans, British, and French were long at it before Nazi Germany.


Redsky B

Try the Ashkenazi Jews since the term Nazi was derived from them.


Don’t be silly.

Zaphod Braden

You might discover the old testament was written long before your examples


If you read Mein Kampf AH rationalized his quest for living space in the East by the US concept of Manifest Destiny and their seizure of land from Native Americans. The original solution to the problem of “sub humans” was to push whatever Slavic survivors were left from the invasion east of the Urals and look for somewhere to deport the jews to (I forget what their first choice was but their second choice was Madagascar). Of course after a few failed ‘solutions’ they settled on the ‘final solution’ however the inspiration for the whole Nazi adventure in the East was White America and their treatment of the Native Americans.

Mein Kampf is worthwhile to understand fact from the fiction most westerners are told about the nazis however it is a poorly written book that is very difficult to gey through.

Al Carbone

being the devil controls the world the dirty rotten inbred demonic jews NEVER LOSE. it is like Iran and Syria on pissraels side. they NEVER strike back or at least assassinate jew scientists


This world would be not lead by warmongers whose criminal record is dirty by nuking two cities in Japan and have invaded Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and hundred of other countries. Even I don’t interested to listen from their dirty mouths about crime in other countries.

This world would be lead by China who has never invaded any country in the world.

Brother Thomas

I think it is unopposed, overwhelming power that is to be feared, regardless of whether it is Anglo-American-Isreali, Chinese, Russian, Saudi Arabian, or any other global or regional power. The best bet for the world is a balance of power.

I agree with you on the criminal part. The world’s leaders are mostly criminals and should be behind bars.

This is a suppressed story of a child sex trafficking ring run by a billionaire financier for thr benefit of his elite buddies like Clinton amd Trump among others. Feds broke law in hush-hush Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking plea deal, Florida judge rules


of course hush hush , you don’t want to embarrass the white house and clinton but then donny is doing it just fine now a days.


Be careful what you say, yeh. Don’t be deluded.

Brother Thomas

I try not to be deluded. So please elaborate on what you mean.


You have mentioned Russia and China. They are trying their best to find control on fire that Western powers have ignited globally.

Ant Morgan

Israeli violates Lebanese airspace. Which allows Israeli to safely pop guided missiles into Syria.

“international community” has imposed a de-facto embargo on the provision of modern weapons systems of any kind to the state of Lebanon, rendering it unable to defend itself against Israeli incursions.

Cowardly but effective.


Remember when the US shot down MH17? Who did the west blame? You have to be totally virtuous when dealing with such despicable nations.


Remember when Ostool ran before the MSM whores to ‘be the first’, declaring ‘definitive proof’?

Well, I for one am still waiting for that proof.

However, I did find Goolag’s (Google) attempt to scrub the web of all the photos when the German aviation expert pointed out the damage in many areas was from 30mm automatic cannon fire.

We stopped hearing about MH17 rather quickly, didn’t we? Save for the Dutch bullshit ‘report’ (ghost written by the ‘9/11 Commission’ fellas’, I think)…


It’s now official, according to a White House statement today. The withdrawal is now off and is being replaced with a draw down. You can be sure that Trump’s withdrawal isn’t going to happen and that US planes will be violating Syrian airspace until the no fly zone is extended over Al-Tanf and the NE. And the US and it’s partners in crime are shown the door once it’s in place. Doing anything else is a fools errand. Scam me once, shame on you, scam me twice, shame on me.


“The United States will leave “a small peacekeeping group” of 200 American troops in Syria for a period of time after a US pullout, the White House said on Thursday. …

The decision was announced after Trump spoke by phone to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

A White House statement said that the two leaders agreed, regarding Syria, to “continue coordinating on the creation of a potential safe zone.”

They noted that acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford would be hosting their Turkish counterparts in Washington this week for further talks, the White House said.”

– US to leave 200 troops in Syria for a period of time – White House –



This is the same thing that they did in Iraq. And then Isis was created to facilitate an escalation of war and terrorism in Iraq and Syria. With preplanned US deployments to fight the monster of their own creation.




The IAF is staying out of Syrian airspace with it’s fighters. They can be monitored from the sea, aerial, or Lebanese radar stations that the baby rapers can’t hide from without violating Lebanese airspace. And can be taken down over the sea and Israel without endangering Syrians or Lebanese. They can also be hit on the ground before or after takeoff for that matter by dual use S series hypersonic missiles that Israeli air defense systems are incapable of intercepting.

Emanual Macron

5,000 word article can be cut down to 10 words… They haven’t used it because Syria and Russia are PUSSIES

Brother Thomas

Hahaha! If that is all you understand out of it, perhaps it’s you.

Emanual Macron


Brother Thomas

It was not my intent to get you. But unrestrained and gratuitous aggression by Israel is bad enough without adding reflexic, unmeasurable retaliation to the mix.

If by your definition, Russia and Syria are “pussies” for not risking civilian aircrafts by indiscriminately firing S300’s, then let’s celebrate the pussies and condemn the pricks who promulgate violence.

Brother Thomas

Great analysis. Shows the complexity of the situation, the balancing act, and the restrain shown by Russia and Syria air defences.


IAF hiding behind civilian airliners is like soldiers carrying babies in front of them when they go to battle. It is in fact a war-crime to use civilians as human shields. But something tells me they don’t care…


WHAT did I just read, SF, huh.

Hurmf, the sole reason, the numbero uno, is that ISISrael is and can do whatever they want because they are Jews, do even drool anything else is for me an shure sign of mental harakiri, nothing else, and this sneaking in, Iran into this, is one thing, witch I found peculiare, the second is of course, this rwo of exuses are what I define as half truths, but not even close, the truth is, ISISraels military and so on, is most consisting of Russian Jews, and you know it, thats why, and again, Putin is by been an week little whore, making it impossible to do anything, in fact they have done nothing, that, is an fact, whatever drivel they can muster as this, is for me, an confirmation of what I know, Russia lost this one, because of been cowards.

Yeah,SF, this article stinks.



The Russians are to be praised for their skillful efforts at advancing their own limited strategic interest (air and naval base in Levant); while actually trying to bring about a lasting peace. They are the only broker their now. But the broker status carries a price. None the less the skill shown in balancing the totally disparate interests is laudable.

But to what end? The long run fundamental interests based upon the static configuration of forces can’t be changed.

This means a huge DMZ must be created. Syria is that DMZ. It keeps the Turks and the Arabs and the Iranians and the Israelis separated.

USA stays in Al Tanf as its part of the DMZ strategy. Russia stays in western Syria. Peace by paralysis.

S Melanson

I believe the reason the S-300 is not being used right now is because the plan is to use it in the near future for an operation to take back the Golan Heights – using the system will give important intel so keeping a lid on its use. Remember that Russian command and control is integrated in Syria and it is systems meant only for the Russian military. Why do this? Well, if Syria goes to war to take back the Golan, along with Hezbollah and Iran, Russia is pulled in as well due to integrated air defence systems – and Russia wants to be operating them to max effect to help make the effort to take back the Golan (see below on Russia’s position on golan and war with Israel). This is a dangerous gamble if true due to the Samson Option.

Then there is this statement from the article: “Further complicating matters is the fact that the Russian foreign policy is attempting an extremely difficult task of maintaining reasonably good relations with both Israel and Iran in order to achieve its foreign policy objectives and bring the war in Syria to a successful conclusion. It really is a testimony to the skill and perseverance of Russian diplomats that it has managed to remain in good standing with both of these states.”

I do not agree with this assessment. The idea of good relations was always a fiction and the IL-20 incident unmasked the illusion. Below is Russia’a ambassador to Lebanon dated June 22, 2018 so is before the IL-20 was shot down. Note June 22 is the day Germany invaded the Soviet Union (Barbarossa) – this was a not so subtle shot at Netanyahu who just returned from Moscow as guest of honour at the Victory over Germany celebrations – Putin inviting Netanyahu as guest of honour was not popular among Russians.

Now reconcile the statement I quote from the SF article and the statements of Zasypkin, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon in an interview with Hezbollah affiliated Al-Akhbar – I point out the ambassador states need for Russian military aid to Lebanon – i.e. Hezbollah:

https://www.memri.org/repor… [excerpts from intro discussing the interview summarises some of the main points] On June 22, 2018, the Lebanese Al-Akhbar daily, which is close to Hizbullah, published an interview with Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin; in it, Zasypkin stated that the Iranian presence in Syria is legitimate as long as the war on terrorism there has not ended, and as long as it is coordinated with the Syrian government. He stressed that the U.S. and French presence in Syria constitutes an occupation and that the U.S. is continuing to support the terrorists in Syria. Russia and Iran, he added, are deeply allied, and share interests not only in Syria but in all of Europe and Asia; therefore the U.S. and its allies should not be anticipating a Russia-Iran rift in Syria.

[interview excerpts] Russia, Iran Have Shared Interests And “Are Deeply Allied”; Russia Is Determined To Confront The U.S.-West Axis… Zasypkin told Al-Akhbar that Russia and Iran have very important shared geopolitical interests and a deep alliance, not only in Syria but in all of Europe and Asia, in addition to widespread [shared] economic interests…

‘Russia is operating in accordance with UN resolutions, not by the whims of the U.S. and Israel. The Golan is occupied Syrian land that must be returned to Syria. Israel believes that Syria is weak now because of the war, and that a team in control in the U.S. [government] is very biased toward its interests, and therefore it is trying to take advantage of this. But this will complicate the peace process to which we will return in the future, in accordance with the UN resolutions, and no [peace] will be achievable as long as the Golan, the West Bank, and Gaza are occupied and [as long as there is no] Palestinian state within the 1967 borders whose capital is East Jerusalem.'”…

With regard to the military aid that Russia can provide to Lebanon, Zasypkin said… ‘We are helping Syria a great deal, and it is also possible to help Lebanon, but the Lebanese must request this, and not settle for [only] American and Western aid.'” ——————————————————————–

How many red lines did the ambassador cross with Israel… I lost count myself


Interesting that recently Dr. Zarif, Iranian ambassador to Beirut and a few military commanders said the same thing, that Iran can arm Lebanon with air defence and other weapons but “the Lebanese have to request and want it”. I don’t think Hariri is willing to trade a few American artillery shells and a couple of Pilatus planes for a Russian or Iranian air defence and other arms. The guy is bought and paid to the bone.

S Melanson

Which is why the real army defending Lebanon is Hezbollah


Bog-standard payoff matrix analysis. Good thing you don’t charge for this content.

paul ( original )

The thing is that Turkey’s s-400 system could be operational long before Syria’s s-300 is up and running. Makes you think !


Russia to Syria: We give you a very powerful defense tool that you are not allowed to use but that hopefully will function as scarecrow.


The real function of the S 300 seems to be psychological and symbolic rather than technical. It soothes the Pro-Syrians who were complaining increasingly loudly, and it shows a potential deterrent to the Israelis, to make them more cautious. They might as well be made of concrete or cardboard, since if they have to be used they have failed. Maybe the better radar aspect will be technically useful.


It is outside my knowledge to determine the effectiveness of the S-300 delivered to Syria neither qualitatively or quantitatively. To be honest I am not very interested either. But the idea that an defensive weapon is either politically or militarily to dangerous to use, as portrayed in Southfront, is flawed.

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