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JUNE 2023

Why RussChina Will Probably Be the Dominant Nation Beyond the Year 2100

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Why RussChina Will Probably Be the Dominant Nation Beyond the Year 2100

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Written by Eric Zuesse

China is already a serious contender to become the world’s dominant nation because of its Governmental system and because that system has produced by far a larger number of highly intelligent and well-educated people than any other nation has. China’s most-basic asset is its having the world’s largest population; and, to this, its Governmental system has increased (added to) the effectiveness of that population, so as to make China already the world’s #1 nation regarding human resources.

Russia is an adjoining nation which has, by far, the world’s largest landmass. Here are the world’s ten largest-landmass countries (LINK):

The top ten largest countries, in square kilometers.


Rank Country Area in sq. km
1 Russia 17,098,242
2 Canada 9,984,670
3 United States 9,826,675
4 China 9,596,961
5 Brazil 8,514,877
6 Australia 7,741,220
7 India 3,287,263
8 Argentina 2,780,400
9 Kazakhstan 2,724,900
10 Algeria 2,381,741


The drop between #s 6 (Australia) and 7 (India) is a very sharp 58% decline down to a nation that has only 42% as much land. From #7 on downward below #6 are, by stark contrast, only gradual declines.

Roughly speaking, the size of a nation’s natural resources (such as fuels, metals, rare-earth elements, etc.) is proportional to the given nation’s landmass-size. Russia is consequently the nation with the largest natural resources, just as China is the nation with the world’s largest human resources.

The billionaires who control today’s dominant nation, which is the U.S., understand this. They understand that in order to REMAIN the world’s dominant nation, the U.S. Government will need to grab Russia, or China, or (if that turns out not to be possible) grab its own adjoining country of Canada. Since U.S. and Canada already speak the same language and adjoin each other, CanAmerica would be the likeliest outcome of that.

Consequently, RussChina will probably be contesting against CanAmerica to be the world’s dominant country. Because RussChina would likely have both the world’s largest population and the word’s largest landmass, RussChina would probably be #1, and CanAmerica #2.

Look at a globe of our planet. There is enormously more land near the North Pole than near the South Pole: North of 45 degrees latitude is Canada, virtually all of Europe, and all of Russia, and, of course, Greenland, while south of 45 degrees latitude is virtually nothing at all (other than Antarctica, which is the fifth-largest continent, nearly twice the size of Australia and larger than Europe, and having an area of 14,200,000 kilometers, which is almost as large as Russia; so, Antarctica might be the most thriving place of all just prior to global burnout). Both in the northern hemisphere, and in the southern hemisphere, deserts are increasing at an alarming rate, and agriculture is dying, so billions of people will be trying to migrate northward toward Canada, Russia, Greenland, and northern Europe. Consequently, as global warming accelerates into global burning, and as droughts and forest-fires and floods consequently increase and agriculture collapses in the more-equatorial nations, billions of people will be clamoring to migrate either into RussChina or into CanAmerica (the two leading countries), both of which will consequently become multi-ethnic so that nationality in the future will have less and less of an impact upon one’s culture.

CanAmerica will be receiving lots of migrants from south of the border with Mexico; and Russia will come to be dominated by migrants from RussChina’s south, in China. Migrants into RussChina from other countries will, of course, not be granted automatic acceptance. Unfortunately, billions of people who will be trying to migrate into RussChina, and into CanAmerica, will be turned away.

As regards language, both Chinese and Russian are complex languages which are currently only minoritarian, but English is widely spoken as a second language and is considerably less complex. In order to facilitate the increased unity of RussChina, as well as to ease commerce between it and all other nations, RussChina will therefore likely decide to adopt English as their main national language; and this will greatly benefit both the former Russian and the former Chinese parts of that mega-nation. Meanwhile, CanAmerica will continue with English being its main national language. The end-result will be that all over the planet, most people will be fluent in English. Furthermore: increasingly, fluency in the English language will be a prerequisite for personal success, especially in order to win admission into either RussChina or CanAmerica.

As regards the non-Russian parts of Europe (and understanding that the European part of Russia is the largest European nation both in terms of landmass and in terms of population), they will need to decide whether to orient more toward RussChina to their east, or toward CanAmerica across the Atlantic Ocean. If they choose the latter, then, for logistical reasons (across that ocean), they will be choosing to fade away into insignificance, no matter how near the North Pole the given European nation might happen to be. They have made the wrong choice, thus far. Probably, they will come to recognize this, during the coming winter. If they won’t, they will be dooming themselves, because both Russia and China will be making important decisions before next spring. Right now, Europe’s leaders have made clear that they are enemies of both Russia and China. More and more Europeans will be wanting to associate themselves eastward, instead of westward, but the available time-window for making that reorientation might end in less than a year, especially if Europe’s existing leaders won’t quickly be replaced by ones who reverse their nation’s hostile policies against Russia and China. Perhaps that reversal can’t be done, and non-Russian Europe already is simply doomed. We’ll know by next spring. And, long-term, what will be true regarding Europe here will be even more true regarding Japan, which would then be dependent upon, and allied with, Asia’s enemy, thousands of miles away, and increasingly isolated from Asia, while Japan’s mutually profitable trade with China will atrophy as more and more Japanese manufacturing relocates to China, leaving Japan as a mere slave-hulk to the declining CanAmerican regime, across the Pacific Ocean.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.


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poked mole

Zeus comprehends zero—-north amerika is near collapse–irrelevant


On the other hand, I find his article thought-provoking.


Yes Caesar so did I and those with more than 3 brain cells in the USA agree – even Fortune .com agrees and its flag waving hand on heart far right Zionist controlled “America Forever ” diktat.

Eric Zuesse

Decline, yes, but certainly not collapse, because collapse (for climatological reasons) will instead pertain to the more equatorial countries.


India needs to get its shit together and move forward like China. They got the people and they look good on the paper but the West got its hands in their wallet.


There is a chance that China will hit Russia hard in its softbelly. China needs more land for its 1.4 billion population.


“In order to facilitate the increased unity of RussChina, as well as to ease commerce between it and all other nations, RussChina will therefore likely decide to adopt English ”

I think that RusChina could adopt the Turkish language


Better the oldest language on Earth: the Hungarian!

poked mole

stupid turd—never heard of nuclear weapons

John Tosh

So the hope and solution for the USA is China and Russia go to war against each other??

Wow the CIA is a toddler !!

Florian Geyer

Yes, indeed John.

It appears that the US morons now have a new cretinous talking point for their US trolls on SouthFront :-

‘China could attack Russia’s Far East ‘.

Slava Rossiya.

Eric Zuesse

No, that’s the opposite of what my article is predicting and is also recommending. But that comment already has 5 upmarks, so readers here are instead advocating for what people such as Biden are hoping for.


Better read 1984 rather than this as at least Orwell knows to captivate the reader. Once financial system is flushed away down the toilet, everybody revert to early 1900s trading patterns

poked mole

EU anglo losers returning to Stone Age—-Russia China India etc matter—decayed EU returning to 3rd world status

Simon Ndiritu

right analysis based on flawed premises the most autragious of such assumption being ‘global burning’. The scenerio forceseen are hence impossible.


russia = china’s pet ape.



Short Answer: Because they BOTH have all the most significant strategic reserves of PHYZICAL PM!…

And they owe a debt of gratitude to the Western Central banking establishment that made it so impossibly cheap through fixing the price for metal in that “Faustian Bargain” in return for their cooperation http://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html https://theduran.com/putin-911-not-inside-job/!… As opposed to letting their own market(s), i.e China and Russia setting the price of it instead!…

Cautionary tale of the road less traveled.

Last edited 9 months ago by Matt
It absolutely is the Jews

Crazy talk. The earth is not warming. Migrants are not moving north due to the heat. They’re migrating because brown people have low IQ’s and are unable to produce anything industrial. So brown people are parasites, and move to superior white nations.

Eric Zuesse

White-supremacy was a very good ideology for Nazi Germany and for the Ukronazis who have controlled in Kiev ever since Obama’s coup there, eh? Already, that comment has been up-marked to 11. Is this what represents most of the readers at this site? I hope not.

Nigger dick up your ass

Another nigger dick sucking cuckold. You love black sperm up your ass, don’t ya?

Bigg Chungus

Eric Zuesse never fails to amaze me with his absolute idiocy. Why SouthFront continues to waste even another kilobyte on this man’s nonsense is totally beyond comprehension.

Russia and China are totally distinct countries, first of all. Only a true peanut-brain puts the entire world into just two black and white categories. Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Zuesse has ever stepped foot in a university. The author seems to believe (delusionally) that the world should shed the American-led, English-speaking world order to serve a “RussChina”-led, English-speaking world order.

Eric Zuesse is not, in principle, opposed to globalism or world domination, quite obviously. I’m sure if a CIA officer paid him a visit and made him feel important, he would be writing flattering articles for the New York Times by tomorrow morning.

Eric Zuesse

That comment is based on many failures to understand what I wrote and what I meant. I loathe all types of imperialism. This article is instead based upon the continuation of long-term trends in climatology and in economics and in geostrategic matters. Global warming is real, and it will have an enormous impact upon life on our planet. Agriculture will be moving northward. Starvation will be expanding toward the equator; and billions of people will migrate northward to avoid that. China and Russia are politically converging, and by 2100 emigration from China to Russia will be enormous. There are many multilingual countries, but English is vastly simpler than either Russian or Chinese and will become the second language globally (even more than it already is), in order for any economy to be able to thrive in the future. There is no reason why by 2100 RussChina cannot be a terrifically thriving and converging country. CanAmerica would instead be a fusion of two cultures that are committed to imperialism. Few countries will want to continue that model, but the ones that do will be experiencing decline, not success. They will become increasingly repudiated. RussChina will have no need of empire. Empire will be the model for failure.

John McGrew

Once again, Zuesse proves himself a moron, that is someone who refuses to see the truth. Russia and China are facing demographic collapse, and will be lucky to exist as a people, much less be the dominant force. The US would be too, without immigration, but who is moving to Russia or China? A few Christians move to Russia for a more moral place to raise families. Zuesse considers himself a Russiaphobe, but could care less about the soul of Russia. The fact that China has worsened the persecution of Christians never enters his calculus. If Russia is serious about rebuilding family and church, inevitably they will be on a collision course with China. I hope Russia succeeds, China? they are still a mass murdering dictatorship, they haven’t denounced Mao as Russia did Stalin. They can’t have children without women, and they aborted so many of those, and water-bucketed more.


1. The scenario presented here by Zuesse, based on the geostrategic theories of McKinder and Carl Hauser (Carl Hauser’s “Great Spaces” theory was the basis for Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union.)

And he bases the expansion of English on the fact, recognized by linguists, that languages evolve towards simplification with age. Giving nouns in languages feminine, masculine and neutral gender is the infantile disease of languages. English and Hungarian do not have this. In the border zones of countries (e.g. German, Dutch, French triple border zone), linguists have teamed up with sociologists and mathematicians to study the spread of languages. The simpler language spreads more than the more complex language. Regardless of these findings, it is hard to believe that English will supplant all languages and become the only language in the world.

Eric Zuesse

“the geostrategic theories of McKinder and Carl Hauser (Carl Hauser’s “Great Spaces” theory was the basis for Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union” is false. However, it is also irrelevant to me and to my article here, because I have nothing but contempt for any sort of imperialism.


2. Zuesse fails to take into account that warming temperatures and the ongoing energy crisis will stop, or at least drastically inhibit, travel. This will lead to the closure of nations and the preservation of national languages.

Zuesse is right about the emergence of a multipolar world system. We can already see this today: the BRICS is growing stronger, with Iran and Argentina now wanting to join and more countries to come. It is also plausible that a very strengthened BRICS will form its own military alliance as a counter-pole to NATO.

So Zuesse has oversimplified that geostrategic development is reduced to 2 artificially created states RUSSIA and CANAM.

Joe Guyden

3. follows

Joe Guyden

Zuesse’s very simplistic outline is just one of the possible scenarios. However, sketching similar scenarios helps to advance geostrategic theories. Congratulations Zuesse for your courage!

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