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Why Patriot Missiles Are Useless

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Missile strikes that shut down a half of Saudi oil production not only marked a new round of escalation in the Persian Gulf, but also revealed the limitations of the Kingdom’s air defense. Over the past years, Saudi Arabia, the state with the third largest military budget in the world ($82.9bn), has spent billions of dollars building up six battalions of US-made Patriot surface-to-air missiles and associated radars. However, these seemingly sophisticated air-defense systems appeared to be not enough to protect key infrastructure objects.

Yemen’s Ansar Allah movement (more widely described by the media as the Houthis) claimed responsibility for the September 14 attack. According to Ansar Allah, its forces employed Qasef-3 and Samad-3 unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as some mysterious “jet-powered unmanned aerial vehicles”, launched from three different positions. The movement added that the strike was a response to the Saudi aggression against Yemen and warned of more strikes to come.

Saudi Arabia and the United States are putting a different version foreward, claiming that the strike did not originate from Yemen and was carried out with Iranian-made drones and cruise missiles. The Saudi military explained the air-defense failure by claiming that drones and missiles came from the northern direction, while its air defense radars were oriented towards Yemen in the south. Saudi Arabia and the US are yet to state directly that the supposed strike was launched from Iranian territory, but mainstream media outlets are already speculating on this topic using their lovely anonymous sources.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rushed to defend the reputation of the Patriot system.

“Look, anytime – we’ve seen air defense systems all around the world have mixed success.  Some of the finest in the world don’t always pick things up. We want to work to make sure that infrastructure and resources are put in place such that attacks like this would be less successful than this one appears to have been.  That’s certainly the case,” Pompeo said during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

However, the truth is that this was not the first time that Saudi Arabia’s Patriots have failed. Over the past years, Ansar Allah has carried out dozens of successful drone and missile strikes on Saudi Arabia, targeting airports, military camps, oil infrastructure and even the Saudi capital, Riyadh. All these attacks were delivered from the ‘right direction’, but this did not help Saudi Arabia to repel them with anything that could be described as a high degree of success.

Multiple incidents involving Patriot missiles failing, malfunctioning or even returning to explode near the launch area do not add credibility to the Saudi Air Defense Forces and their Patriots. One of the most widely covered of such incidents happened on March 25, 2018, when at least 5 Patriot missiles missed, malfunctioned or exploded mid-air during the Saudi attempt to repel an Ansar Allah missile strike.

The repeated failures of Patriots to defend targets in Saudi Arabia already turned them into a meme at an international level.

It also should be noted that the Patriot was originally created to shoot down aircraft, not missiles or drones. The Patriot got the ballistic missile capability after the missile and system upgrade dubbed the PAC-2. This included the optimization of radar search algorithms, the beam protocol in “theatre ballistic missile search”, and the introduction of the PAC-2 missile optimized for ballistic missile engagements. The missile got larger projectiles in its blast-fragmentation warhead and was optimized for high-speed engagements. The method of fire to engage ballistic missiles was changed. Instead of launching two missiles in an almost simultaneous salvo, a brief delay was added in order to allow the second missile launched to discriminate a ballistic missile warhead in the aftermath of the explosion of the first.

During the Gulf War (1991), Patriot missiles attempted to intercept hostile ballistic missiles over 40 times. The results appeared to be controversial. Then President George H. W. Bush declared that the Patriot intercepted 41 Scud missiles of 42 engaged. This would be a 98% success rate. However, a post-war analysis of presumed interceptions suggested that the real success rate was below 10%. Since then, the Patriot has received multiple upgrades.

In 1995, 1996 and 2000, the Patriot underwent three stages of major upgrades known as the PAC-3 configuration to increase its anti-ballistic missile capability. The Patriot got multiple system and software improvements, a new radar and a new missile almost fully designed to engage ballistic targets, the PAC-3.

According to a 2005 report by Office of the US Under Secretary of Defense For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, Patriot PAC-3, GEM, and GEM+ missiles demonstrated a high success rate engaging 9 hostile ballistic missiles. The report described 8 of them as successful. The ninth engagement was declared as a “probable success”.

These PAC-3 configuration Patriots are the core of the Saudi Air Defense Forces. According to Russian military sources, Saudi Arabia’s northern border is protected by 88 Patriot launchers: 52 of which are the PAC-3 version, 36 – the PAC-2. Therefore, it is possible to suggest the PAC-3’s real success rate in combat conditions could be lower than the 2005 report claimed. This may explain why more and more states seek to acquire non-US systems, for example the Russian S-300 and S-400, despite US diplomatic and sanction opposition to such moves.

Another possible explanation of the inability of Saudi Arabia to protect its infrastructure from missile and drone attacks is that it lacks layered defenses that include long-range, short-range point defense systems and electronic warfare systems which are capable of repelling mixed attacks of this type.

For example, Russia pairs its long-range S-400s and S-300s with short-to-medium range Pantsir and Tor systems designed to engage smaller targets at shorter distances. During the past few years of the Syrian conflict, Pantsirs and EW systems deployed at the Hmeimim airbase successfully repelled dozens of attacks of armed drones. At the same time, the Syrian Armed Forces, drastically limited in resources and mostly equipped with Soviet-times air defenses, demonstrated a surprising effectiveness for a military suffering from an almost 9-year long war.

All kinds of traditional air-defenses could struggle to repel mixed attacks massively involving relatively cheap drones and missiles. However, the air defense capabilities of some systems and the ability of some states to employ these systems does seem to be somewhat overestimated.

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Why they fail? US strategic design planners are not mathemeticians. Their strategic managers are non engineers run by MBAs. Russia’s defense systems development are developed by high level strategic planners who are also engineers and mathemeticians. Expect the same Russian success from China as even at the top all are engineers. We saw the results of a real war of the US with the allies of Iran, Russia and China.

Mattias Dahlström
paul ( original )

For a longtime now I have believed that the decline in quality of mathematics and engineering skill in the west would have grave consequences. The whole axis of western higher education has shifted so that subject expertise is second place to things like gender balance and inclusivity. Excellence is just a thing of the past. Eventually the rot will show up everywhere not just in weapons.

Jose Martinez



funny comment

Zionism = EVIL

Lost wars and Jews have destroyed the so-called west.
comment image

Tommy Jensen

If you have looked a bit further you will see finance taking over lead management in Engineering business, even at project management level.

Its horrible because financial abstract fraud schemes and engineering physical concepts are directly opposite vectors.

paul ( original )

I am sure you are correct. I only tend to comment on my direct experience. So what I wrote was my actual experience.

Muh Dik

please don’t worry. We are currently importing masses of rocket scientists and mathematicans from Sudan and Eritrea. We also have a bunch of Congolese mechanical and electric engineers. And on top of all these, we are already training our bisexual transgender dogfucking queer army.

paul ( original )

Of course I should have seen this for myself. That will fix the problem and all at no cost what so ever. I really need to keep up with the times.

Tommy Jensen

Actually many of the guys from Sudan, Eritrea and Congo are better than the shit they do in West.

Can anyone split the whole gear axle system in the back of the car at a road side, shift a part inside the holy heart of the gear axle, collect it all again and give you the car keys after only one hour, ready for you to drive on?

I have only seen this magic in Africa.

Albert Pike

How do you know they failed(?) Two Aegis systems must have also failed – what about the AWACS system on CNV 72 Nimitz Class Carrier Abraham Lincoln – that must have failed too – they all failed?


They failed because the Saudis faked the whole thing. If there was something in the air then max ten 10 small Houthi drohnes 160km/h fast, each with a warhead of less then 20kg. But the Saudis have 18 hits…

Tiresia Branding

some of the drones were armed with 4 detachable explosive devices. For the rest, your theory is valid if they passed over the Persian Gulf, in fact it is the implicit confirmation that they were coming from Yemen

Albert Pike

The places of impact where only 30 and 70km from the shores of the Gulf…

Tiresia Branding

and??? If they had the radar tracks of an attack coming from Iran you can bet that you would see them on the camera displays as well. There is nothing they would want more, the overwhelming evidence of an aggressive Iran. You’re on the wrong way, this attack don’t benefit Saudi Aramco IPO nor US weapons market nor the Saudi oil revenue. Only Israel can view good this situation, but I think also this time they are “innocents”, because if the petrodollar fall even the zionist empire fall

Albert Pike

Even if your oil production is cut into half – if the price doubles you don’t lose anything, you just get into a win win situation of a global war against your enemy and competitor. The war will make sure that the price will stay high, even if the Saudi production is up again. That in my book is a very strong motive for the Saudis…

Tiresia Branding

KSA is near bankruptcy, if a war with Iran start they will be dead(literally) in the first five minutes. MbS need a good valuation of Aramco. A damaged plant in an unsafe situation is exactly at the opposite of the optimal contest. Latest news tell of 8 months to repair the plant, import from Iraq to cover contracts and export of no refined oil. Even if the oil price grow nothing can compensate the costs and mantain the KSA national balance


No war on Iran unless MBS is at fully charge of the kingdom (after the death of Bin Salman). I will reiterate once again thay, you can pretty much sure, that’s the countdown to the internal conflict in the kingdom which will lead to the great last war.

Tiresia Branding

I’m not optimist bro, and is not the Clown Prince the problem. The western financial system is on the brink of the abyss, so a WW3 become sweet for that monsters who want to survive


I believe it is true enough that Anglo-Zionist empire is under check & balance of Russia & china military & economy power. On the other side, Israel & Saudi are under Iranian missiles, assume we also including Turkey with other parties Lebanon, Iraq & Syria; Hezbollah, Houthi & Hamas (idk other resistance group). So, it is going to take not just courage, but sheer of insanity to plum the whole world into one chaotic nuclear war. And judging by what is happening in Yemen, fortunately, MBS is the right person the Anti-Christ needs to get “the job’s done”.

Albert Pike

Look I am listening with interest to your argument, which would be valid if the leaders of Saudiland would have the best interest of the Saudi people at heart. But the Saudi people are not the masters in Saudi-jehoudistan, they are Dönmeh controlled – they the Zionist believers wouldn’t give a shit if the Saudi-state goes bust or gets totally destroyed. The Zionists aim is war, and the house of Saud ist Zionist/Dönmeh by blood and to the core. So are by the way the hojjatieh massonic leaders of Iran. If you call that bringer of light the ‘Mahdi’ or if you call him ‘Moshiach’ – same difference – it’s a call to war, and a situation which is outside of logical thinking…

Albert Pike

Back to our diskussion a week ago:

‘Aramco Crude Production Restored To Pre-Attack Levels, Official Says’

‘MbS: War With Iran Would Send Oil To Highs “That We Haven’t Seen In Our Lifetimes”‘

The Saudi’s can’t be trusted with anything they say. Repairs where done in less then 2weeks!
And still we don’t know if MbS gets his war – the retreat of the US-Command Centre from Doha into safer South Carolina might indicate that he will get his war…


I only see evidence of 9 hits at Adqaiq, I think the others are a fairy tale told by western disinformation. Any devices released by small drones would not be guided.

Hisham Saber

Of course they came from Yemen. If they came from Iran, how could the 5th fleet, all the U.S. military assets in Qatar and the Persian Gulf not detect them?


What if they came from isreal?


Aegis can spot small targets inland from the gulf of Oman? I have my doubts, there is a lot of ground clutter.18 hits at Adqaiq is just a claim to make people believe N Yemin did not launch the attack. There is no visual evidence of all 11 tanks to the east suffered damage, and that would be highly unlikely,

Albert Pike

Thanks for your answer – thanks for anybody’s answer – even if we the opinions differ.

Well if they where “spotted late”, but they didn’t fire because the debris would have hit the refinery, then at least they would have data. If they didn’t spot anything – that as well would be data – even no data of missiles, drones, or smart bombs would be data – then why is not on the net? Even der Iranians don’t put up anything, and like you know with the shot down american drone a few weeks ago, they could. So why is there no radar data from anybody?

I know as much or as little as anybody else – I just don’t like the argument that the jew controlled Americans suddenly all have turned into stupid morons. That’s wishfull thinking…


Not sure what altitude these drones fly at before dropping to target, I assume it would be pretty low. Checking map, from WNW they would be flying in from over the towns there ( more ground clutter ). In my mind, with a late detection and launch, the patriots would be diving down into the refinery or towns, much more than just some debris.

Al Morris

Yes, Aegis can spot and destroy small targets. They were used at certain bases in Iraq to shoot down incoming rockets or even mortar shells. One as based on the mound of earth that was called Signal Hill. The mound was created using the earth removed to create Saddam’s oasis in the desert around Baghdad Airport.


Interesting, sounds like the prototype for the Aegis Ashore system. What system used to take out mortar rounds? My point was, Aegis at sea level would have a hard time detecting a low flying and small target over land.

Jose Martinez

100% accurate.

Jimmy Jim

comment image

Hisham Saber

Israel / Jews have siphoned trillions, not billions from the U.S. / West over the years. They engineered the housing crash of 2008-2009 that wiped out 7 trillion in U.S. tax-payer money. Where do you think that money went. Israel and safe haven banks in the Caribbean. They fleeced the whole naïve world with tat scam. Sending countries like Iceland, who had a great standard of living into bankruptcy. Every ten years or so, the Jews pull off another market bubble burst, totally engineered, and walk away with trillions, which they use to control and buy out the U.S. / Western governments and systems and way of life.

Tiresia Branding

now the Houthis should begin to directly destroy some Patriots’ batteries. Close to Yemen, just to avoid doubts


Yeah, I thought destroying oil factories are just too risky of environmental damage.

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Saudi oil that would end up in the environment for various uses after being bought by corrupt Western states. One way or another there is environmental damage.

Zionism = EVIL

There is a good analysis even in the Brit Jew rag Fin Times that drones are the least of Saudi shitheads problems, their economy is going bankrupt thanks to the Yemen quagmire and paying for mercenaries. The corrupt house of Saud pimps are siphoning off billions of gold and dollars overseas as they see their end coming. They and their Zionist masters are scared shitless that the Americunts will cut a deal with Iran and sell them out, like they did with the Shah.


In 2006 Israel bombed Lebanese Jiyah power station – causing massive environmental disaster in Mediterranean Sea – as 30,00 tonnes of oil flooded into the Med. Lebanese emergency fire services response at site was delayed due to continued IAF attacks – and environmental damage control was delayed for weeks due to further IAF air attacks. This was short sighted military idiocy at its finest – given Israel shares the Med coastline. It received scant media attention in west, cost a fortune to clean up, and then Israel dodged any accountability at UN for creating whole disaster due to US and Canadian veto support.


Pave Way IV

Begin? Here’s part of a Conflict Armament Research paper from March, 2017.

‘Kamikaze’ drones used by Houthi forces to attack Coalition missile defence systems

“…UAE forces report that Houthi and Saleh-aligned
forces employ the Qasef-1 to target Coalition MIM104
‘Patriot’ surface-to-air missile systems. They
do so by crashing the UAVs into the systems’ radar
sets (specifically the circular main phased arrays)—
directing the UAVs by programming their systems
with open-source GPS coordinates of the Patriots’
positions [5]. While the Coalition deploys Patriot
systems to counter missile threats, the destruction
of the Patriots’ radar systems enables Houthi and
Saleh-aligned forces to target Coalition assets with
volleys of missile-fire unhindered…”

In the footnotes
[5] CAR interviews with confidential sources in the UAE and senior members of the UAE military, February and March 2017.

CAR is EU-funded and their Middle East reports are almost exclusively on ISIS or Iran/Yemen, so you’ll never see anything like illegal diversion of Saudi/UAE arms to Hadi loyalists and Sudanese mercs. Despite their bias, I can’t see any reason to doubt the UAE claims of Houthis taking out Patriot’s radars in conjunction with missile strikes. Something that wouldn’t have been reported in the MSM in 2017, nor would have been believed back then.

Jimmy Jim

comment image


Embarrassing questions also have been asked about the overpriced dud batteries of expensive Patriot missile systems bought from the US and installed by the Saudi Arabians. The US patriots do not have an all-round 360-degree capability or the capacity to detect low flying small objects, so cannot “see” the drones coming from the wrong direction or very low.

The audacity of the attack was the first time armed drones have been used as an escort and cover for cruise missiles. The humiliating US weapons systems failure is a lesson for everyone and an abject humiliation for the US weapons industry the world’s biggest spender of tax dollars. The US spends more on weapons, wars and military than rest of the world combined, but systems have just had an epic failure.

Pave Way IV

“The US patriots do not have an all-round 360-degree capability or the capacity to detect low flying small objects, so cannot “see” the drones coming from the wrong direction or very low.”

And a Pantsir cannot take out a ballistic missile – does that mean the system is a dud? The Patriot wasn’t designed as a point-defense or short-range system. It was designed for use against tactical and long-range ballistic missiles, which usually don’t come from all 360°. It’s defense specifically against aircraft and cruise missiles relies on other radar (AWACS/Aegis) – it’s part of that system, although it has (obviously limited) stand-alone capability. The Saudis knew that when they bought them – they did not assume they would be using a stand-alone Patriot for total site defense or using a $2 million PAC-3 missile against a $500 drone.

The Patriot is a dud, but not because it can’t do something it was never designed for. The next Raytheon upgrade is not going to magically make it a point-defense solution against small and low-flying targets. Saudis should have bought Pantsirs to protect the Patriots they already owned.

Tommy Jensen

Talk is talk. We don’t have any problems, YOU have problems. When the music is over we won.



Toronto Tonto

HA HA most Russian projectiles turn around and head home , fukkin junk .


You must have mistaken Patriot missile for a Russian system. Eh
Dumbazz. :)


Yes, we saw that with US patriot systems. Haha, the Kurdish groups in Syria are using German Roland (1970) anti tank rockets and the worked so well that Turks didn’t come back.


‘…most Russian projectiles turn around…’

So, which ones, exactly, and when, exactly?

Perhaps, cite something a little more credible than, ‘…most…’

Zionism = EVIL

It is hardly a great surprise as Americunt weapons are overpriced piece of Hollywood shit, like their begging child killing “soldiers”.

comment image


Can you imagine the blow for the company ho created the patriot missile defence system,.?
Look at Russia defence system,,. Truly unbeatable, no drone or rocket has ever hit their bases.
Do you want to start a war against Russia or Iran, you should think more times than you can think before acting..


But they make great Christmas gifts, I was thinking of getting Tommy a Patriot system this Yuletide. Either that or a Greta Thunberg T-shirt.


I would buy Putin shirt instead, make you look a lot more credible and less dumb.



Tiresia Branding

wait until some F35 will be shot down… :-D

Per Jensen

Certainly, it was with the help of Russian technology the Iranian attack succeeded. Unlike Russia the American military technologists have no moral motivation, only money motivation. That´s why the US is technologically behind.
And hopefully it is only tactical and not strategic that Russia supports the reactionary theocratic Iranian regime.

Tiresia Branding

was not an Iranian attack; is your a smart disinfo method?

Per Jensen

No, no. I just think that sophisticated technology was necessary to penetrate the Saudi´s Patriot defence.

Tiresia Branding

there is a Chinese military base in Gibuti, exactly in front of Yemen… but in theory Yemen in under a complete maritime blockade


Do be kinder to Per Jensen, Tiresia. He has just finished his ‘Highly Likely training course’ with Mossad.

Per came top of his class I understand. Potty training is his next big challenge and that’s a really shitty course :)

Per Jensen

Doesn´t Southfront have a debate policy that deletes personally directed comments below the lay target?


What pray, is a “lay target “, Pers?

Tommy Jensen

No. The snitch, censuring, gossip mentality all institutions and media have in Denmark, don’t apply here.

northerntruthseeker .

Hasbara alert… Hasbara alert…. This one is so blatantly obvious!

Honestly is this the best you Jew pricks and scumbags can come up with?

Per Jensen

You have nothing to do in a serious debate.


After years of moronic US enmity, reactionary theocracy must be looking pretty good to Ivan.

Concrete Mike

Pfff who hell are you to decide whats best for the irani people?

You mad they are not empire lackeys like there supposed to be?

Let iran choose its leaders, we have nothing to say, look at our so called “leaders” before pointing at others.


Well, truth be told Wernher von Braun had no moral motivation either and he was the father of american rocket program… I guess modern american technologists are simply bad, used to spend obscene amounts of money for mediocre results. Dumb education system, corruption, overgrown and over bureaucratic military-industrial complex, complacency with its own ‘greatness’ and false ‘superiority’… who knows? But it’s simply amazing how much money they spend, achieving so little.

J Ramirez

That’s what happens when you buy junk, maybe they can scrap all that American junk and buy some decent Russian goods


No, that’s what happened when you have too much $$$ but very little brain.


Ha ha! Stupid Bin Salman thought that patriot could save him and his wahabi kingdom from the Karma they did to Yemen!

Lazy Gamer

So impeachment. Does trump engage in some action to distract or is the impeachment itself pressure for him to engage?

Friend of Russia

The sweet lies surrounding the invincibility of patriot PAC 3 has been busted. Now the only question is who will save continental United States in the event of a cruise missile barrage by Russia or North Korea

MeMad Max

patriot is not designed to shoot down drones….


yeah lookin’ good on the ground but that’s about it (and huge dividends and corporate profits for lockheed of course as primary objective)


a country not far from where I’m sitting has just signed a contract for two patriot set ups at 2.5b$ in total and owing to the high demand for the system in the world delivery has been promised sometime in the period 2022 to 2025 or thereabouts. buyer should read the contract’s fine print and find the escape clause but that won’t happen ’cause you don’t want to piss off washington dc.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Were they ever useful? Lol


Methinks that Western military planners have seriously neglected air defense systems because they became accustomed too and came to expect automatic air superiority. We see this in a serious lack of layered SAM systems. Patriot became a one size fits all system. There’s MANPADS for low altitude, and then then there’s Patriot for everything else. Meanwhile the Russians continued to develop their layered defense systems. Pantsir, Tor, Buk, S-300, S-350, S-400 and now S-500. And they coupled it with a well integrated command and control network and very capable electronic warfare systems. If its allowed to work obviously, as seems to be the problem for the Syrians when the IDF targets Iranian facilities. But it does work when allowed, as witnessed by the downing of the vast majority of US and NATO cruise missiles after the fake chemical attacks.

I’ll say this in the defense of Patriot though, do not judge it solely based on the performance it gave in 1991, which is 28 years ago by now, stuff does gets upgrades after all. We have to assume it gets better. And almost certainly not based on the performance of Patriots in the hands of the Saudi’s. Who are after all the worst military in the world. I would trust a chimp handling a Patriot missile battery before trusting a Saudi doing the same. If only because you can at least motivate and train a chimp to do simple tasks well, Western trainers have tried to do the same with Saudi’s for decades now and failed to produce any results.


You mean Western military have got use to many wars against defenseless people …


Not defenseless, as obviously the Taliban and Iraq insurgencies have proven very effective at shooting back. They just did not have an air force, so when the bean counters were faced with a choice between more riflemen vs. dudes with air defense missiles they chose the former. Hell, I just watched a Q&A vid of the Chieftain on youtube and he talks about when he was in Iraq he had to park his tank into storage and join the infantry as a dismounted tanker/rifleman himself.


Those circuit boards manufactured in Tianjin were a big mistake. But embracing free trade is what matters.


However, the truth is that this was not the first time that Saudi Arabia’s Patriots have failed.

Failed is nonsense how about switched off so that this event was allowed to happen just so that Iran could be accused – however without supporting evidence it’s just another in a long line of false accusations that follow these events as

The Hoothi’s immediately claimed responsibility.

Then who benefits from making false accusations it’s not Iran for they are under economic sanctions, and morethey were also accused of something to do with mines which also turned out to be false.

Isn’t it suspicious how they never quite catch the real culprits, it keeps on going on.

The satellites in orbit are fully capable to read number plates from space – why are they not able to provide a flight track of the drones?

Perhaps the Russians will, like they did with the radar shots of MH17 flight path – O wait – they’re tied up pleasing the sadistic Saudi regime which has invested Billions purchasing the S400 missile system.

As such -Then it turns out the Russians are supporting Saudi crimes against humanity in Yemen, so lets not expect much help from that corner. – Putin/Russia becomes a war criminal since he could have provided the S400 missile system to Yemen to defend themselves against the Saudi’s raining US made bombs and missiles on them [Instead he sells the head lobbing human rights denying Saudi’s with the very means to defend themselves.[it comes to mind that Putin fits the profile of a sleeper Zionist like a glove]

In the end it will turn out that Yemen has a shit load of crude, but first the right people have to be positioned in political power.

Toronto Tonto

Why Russians are useless , They don’t help anyone even at home , all there close friends are also terrorists , they are drunks and not polite , they think they are the best subhumans out there . No such thing as a good Russian unless its a drunk stripper ( lots in TO ) They should just stay where they love to be , at home with putin and his band of diktaters and all will be grand , yours truly TT xoxo .

Xoli Xoli

Apparently USANATO are producing most sophisticated weapons which easily surpassed by ww1&ww2 Russian weapons.
When you buy USA and NATO weapons you buy their name.Not the quality of their weapons but quantity of their shit.Pateiot were base in Turkey but immediately remove when Libya war started and Russian get frustrated.

Xoli Xoli

Anyway the west attack Saudi Arabia oilfields just to cover bankruptcy and oil depletion of Saudi Arabia.
All attempts to steal Venezuela and Iran oil has failed. So excuses and accusations must be intensify to have war.The biggest blockade is the Russians that is why France and Britain openly sideline Putin just to give in and pretend as of nothing happened.


Back to motivation. If your idea is to export expensive junk so your current friends won’t be able to defend themselves should they become enemies the Patriot is an unrivalled success. The sales price is like a pie cut in 5 pieces. The manufacturer gets a big slice then all the crooks take their piece. We Pay


Article doesn’t really explain exactly why the Patriots fail. Anyway if you have to use a Patriot for going after some drone you have lost anyway. The price difference will make that a losing proposition.
The Patriot interceptor missile a a very poor match to that kind of target.


The patriot is NOT made to take out drones. Using it to try to take them out leads to wasting Patriot missiles for no reason. There are some VERY good short to medium range system that will easily take out drones. The next issue is cost. Someone in the world will have to come up with a missile that is $20,000 or less per shot. The US could, but in reality the laser is the cheapest. But even a laser has problems with weather. NO universal fix. Cost and performance are where engineers have to really earn their money. The US has some in the pipeline but will not be available for another 7 or 8 years.

Rodney Loder

Yep , that is the long and short of it.


When I read all blacks, all Chinese, all Jews, all any peoples are bad, I know the person writing it is out to lunch. Must be easy living in a black and white world.

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