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Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

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Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

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In Belarus, you can still hear the echoes of protests, which began in August last year and aim to overthrow the current government. The protests have both objective internal reasons and signs of external modeling by foreign forces. Foreign active participation already became evident from the very beginning. It was under the influence of ideas implemented from abroad that the colors WRW (white-red-white) became the official symbol of the protest movement. It includes flags, pennants, posters with a white background horizontally cut by wide red stripe, as well as the “Pursuit” emblem that consists of a horse mounted silver cavalier.

For domestic consumption, the opposition explains the use of WRW symbols by the fact that it dates back to the times of the independence of Belarus. It became the official flag of the Belorussian People’s Republic (1918-1919), and the Republic of Belarus (1991-1995).

Today, opposition symbols are outlawed by official Minsk. Many people wonder what could justify such a sharply negative attitude on the side of the Belorussian authorities.


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The answer can be found in Belorussian events dating mid-20th century. During WWII Paul Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of National Socialist (NS) Germany, developed standard methodologies for ideological support of collaborationist movements in German occupied eastern territories of the USSR, primarily Ukraine and Belarus. These methodologies were also aimed at creating National Socialist movements among other peoples of the Soviet Union.

These techniques were based on radical nationalist ideology. According to Third Reich propagandists, they were supposed to fuel inter-ethnic conflicts in the enemy camp. For example, in west Ukraine the Galician nationalist movement was methodologically supported by NS Germany. Many ideologists and propagandists of the Ukrainian political party OUN-UPA worked in Berlin, Germany together with their NS German colleagues, creating ideology and supporting symbols for Ukrainian nationalists. This resulted in a wide distribution among Ukrainian collaborators of the symbolism that was later widely used during and after the revolution in 2014.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

Nationalist Ukrainian Azov regiment

In contemporary Belarus, a local collaborationist movement was created under White-Red-White flags. In contrast to Western Ukraine, in Belarus it did not receive the necessary support among the population. This lack of local support was explained by different cultural characteristics, as well as the large-scale genocide of the Belorussian population during the war.

During WWII, occupied Belarus lost a significant amount of its population. According to generally accepted data, during the years of occupation Belarus lost approximately 2.29 million citizens. In 1941 the population of Belarus (officially BSSR) was 9 million people.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

Soviet prisoners of war shot by fascist soldiers before retreating. July 6, 1944, Borisov. Photo: F. Kislova


Moreover, in 1941 less than 10 percent of the population of Belarus were ethnic minorities.

In the summer of 1941, the construction of concentration camps and ethnic minority ghettos in large cities began on the territory of Belarus In the Maly Trostenets camp alone, over 200 thousand people were killed. To some extent, the Belorussian lands became a place for NS Germany to exterminate non-viable (in their opinion) elements of the European population.

One of the bloodiest pages in the history of Belarus under German occupation is the Khatyn tragedy on March 22, 1943. After having sheltered pro-soviet partisans, the entire population of the village was burned alive. Elderly, women, children were kicked out of their homes and driven into a collective farm shed. When all the people were gathered in the barn, the invaders locked the doors, laid the barn over with straw, doused the barn with petrol and set it on fire. This punitive operation killed 149 people, including 75 children in Khatyn. Only three children managed to escape alive.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

Punitive operation in Belarus. Source: historic.ru

The village was destroyed by a special Sonderkommando (118th police battalion) unit, which consisted mostly of Ukrainian nationals. This punitive operation was led by the former senior lieutenant of the Red Army, Grigory Vasyura. When the war finished,  Vasyura not only hid the fact of serving in the NS German SS forces but was honored in Ukraine, and even demanded the Order of the Patriotic War. His crimes became known only 43 years after the war ended and was then sentenced to be shot.

The Khatyn massacre has become synonymous with genocide, inhumanity and unbridled cruelty. However, such punitive operations were commonplace. In total, about 200 Belorussian villages were destroyed by soldiers of the 118th battalion.

It was under the WRW flag that the Belorussian collaborationist movement was formed, which helped the invading NS German forces to commit atrocities against Belorussian citizens, Polish intelligentsia and ethnic minorities.

The WRW flag was seen along with NS Germany symbols, Adolf Hitler’s portraits at festive processions and public events. White-Red-white was the official color in the Belorussian Regional Defense – an armed formation created to fight pro-soviet partisans at the end of the foreign occupation.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

German authority gives calm and order.

The ideologists of the Third Reich paid special attention to the Belorussian youth. The nationalist organization “Union of Belorussian Youth”, created on the principles of the hitlerjugend (hitler youth), numbered tens of thousands of participants.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

Under the native flag, into the better tomorrow.

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

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Find any difference?

Why Opposition Symbols Are Outlawed In Belarus?

Click to see the full-size image

Today, the WRW symbols used by the opposition movement in Belarus demonstrate the poor education of the current young population, ignorance of their own history and ease of foreign manipulation. The WRW cannot, in any way, become a symbol of unification of the scattered people of Belarus.

As a result, WRW promotion as a tool of unification in order to fight the current regime and promote alleged democratic values is an extreme degree of cynicism.


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Freemon Sandlewould

As far as I can tell a war between Jews and otherwise occurred in Russia / Ukraine / Belarus. Given what the communists did and the fact they were 80% Jewish one should not be surprised there were many casualties. But they happened on both sides so let’s not be selective in our crying.


Nazis are anything else but communist,ideology protestants aka lowest form of humane!

victims were orthodoxy in fact 80% of ukranians are orthodoxy,fk soros,fk eu-epp,fk usa too!

millenial soros/do’minion p00fterz,with problematic gender dysfunctional ordinances dumb!

Not all the jews are the same or did the,what is obvious them satanic pilgrims are very sick!
Cursed be they cursed by the cursed,too weak to understand why exists purpose to will,
why I reiterate,no future in fascism nor their lgbtq,nor their protestant against the peace!

The whole adult world in the real know any nation whom can house and feed 1.5 billion
has a far more robust economy than no can do californicated leppar wannabe misfits!
Nothing communist about usa (period) Never was,never will be,unless of course some day china buys usa and straightens things out for the better,heck allready most won’t mind!

Beats 31 trillion debts,any time any day,fk the phaedo kweer reserve too,don’t need them!

Jens Holm

WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhodium 10

Good article!..At the beginning of the pro western oposition protest vs Belarus government, it was a surprise to see riots with the same flag and symbol that Reichskomissariat of Ostland( west part) and Byelorussian central council had during occupation…both a Nazi puppet administrative body during that years.

Jens Holm

Thats made as JNoseph Goebell in his best :(

Of colurse its also ignored that the Russians by Molotov – Rippentrop took fx that part bý propaganda and military forces.

Its ignored the Bolsjevics took it back from the Nazis and did same things. S o many was jailed and deported for years and the rest was suffering hard.

Katyn and ery much the Warshaw Ghetto is not there.

Polen was taken away as an independent country and others was moved west with millions of citicens of theirs.

Hasbara Hunter

Bolsheviks = AshkeNazis


Many of the jews in control of America have relatives that immigrated to the US from eastern Europe in the first half of the 20th century.

Jens Holm

Thats right and for very good reasons.

They have traditions in their religions for education from their start of life learninbg to ask questions and dispute.

Most parts of the rest didnt have that, so Jews by that between other having has´d school, education, finding own skills and by hard work gets rewarded.,

So thats the choise.

And we do see the opposite from the southern Europe as well. So many was kept illitarate bu Goverments but mainly the Catholic Church. So if You look around, we still see those traditions among th Catholics in USA as well as the spoanish speaking parts. They are many but there are less in high ranks and income.

Blacks are same thing. How many years of excuse is for them them ? Here its true they wasnt comming to America as Eddie Murphy. But if You in the other hand actually not even tryn to do, what You can, You are Yourt own in the low er parts in many things.

Its very visble for the states even today. The states started one by one having mainparts form one or several countries as new inhabitants. And we still see the results and in the elections too.

Biden made his succes by making those low populated to vote. Next is more difficult. They have to have better traditions for leaving their low social standard thinking, but Biden has to help them very much by school and education systems.

We try a lot here in Denmark. The forst step for change is very difficult for many. They just love we have feed them and thats enough. But they dont care about the rest of us has to work hard for their wellfare and they dont contribute.

People has to undersatnd for Jews and for others, its not about being bright or not. Its about motivation by traditions.


Here’s a good video on the JQ (jewish question), shown in the image attachment:

https: // www. bitchute. com/video/JupzI0zkBQIm/

comment image


“They have traditions in their religions for education from their start of life learninbg to ask questions and dispute.”

The jews are trained to engage in deceptive rhetoric, hence the Marxist Dialectic. Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Levy) was mentored by Moses Hess.

“We try a lot here in Denmark. The forst step for change is very difficult for many. They just love we have feed them and thats enough”

The jews are trying to make White people a minority in every country and openly speak in favour of exterminating the White race completely.

“People has to undersatnd for Jews and for others, its not about being bright or not. Its about motivation by traditions.”

There is certainly a disparity in the level of development between different peoples and cultures.

I really don’t agree with Dugin, there are excellent comebacks in the comment section:

https: //www. bitchute. com/channel/thejollyheretic/

comment image

Jens Holm

You dont know much, dont You.

FX Muhammed for good reasons doidnt like Jews because they were finaciel educated and took too much intererest. BUt as You wrote Yourself, their education was widespread.

Tempting to go to the old Ivanhoe movies. A Jewish women Rebecca here has to be burned, because she is a doctor and make succesfull treatment.

And Yes TRAINING does it for most things. And if You start early You optimize things, which pays of in economics as well as football.

Your pictures are completly irrelevant for the world. The focus should be the many ramaining in the low end and even næame others for it, because they not even are allowed to change their own conditions making a good life.

cechas vodobenikov

no surprise—north amerikans always comprised of the lowest most incompetent classes from other societies!
“the people of north amerika accept a level ugliness in their daily lives nearly without precedent in the history of western civilization” Yuri Bezmenov

Jens Holm

Jews were a little overrepresented because they educate themself and education is a good help for running things.

Much like You are very semilar to a nazi Yourself.

Fog of War

More clap trap from you. Name me any groups that DONT educate themselves .

cechas vodobenikov

writes a typical racist/fascist anglo

Hasbara Hunter

Who? Me?


comment image

Jens Holm

So where are the 1000 years Das Reich. And where is the 1000 years of communisme in the devastating version. They are GONE.

Soon both of them hardly will be commas in the history books. comment image


How does losing a war say anything about the merit of any ideology? Nothing compares to the amount of success they achieved in an incredibly short time (six years).

Stating “they are gone” says nothing about their authenticity, as you ignore the fact that everything else other than “Fascism” and “National Socialism” have had plenty of time to fulfill their promises to the people.

Aside from Marxism, why is Liberal Democracy also failing? It’s only a matter of time before Liberal Democracy is abandoned in favour of an ideology that guarantees our safety and self-preservation, while also allowing us to thrive.

* Scroll down to the post by Jan Lamprecht: https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?t=7525&start=30

comment image

Jens Holm

not at all


My initial response to your comment can be found in my previous comments below.

The Myth of German Villainy: https://shop.codoh.com/book/the-myth-of-german-villainy-en/

Hitler & Himmler Uncensored: https://shop.codoh.com/search/?q=did+six+million+really+die%3F&page=2

[Were Hitler and Himmler really as anti-Slavic and “racist” as historians have made them out to be? When speaking to their innermost circles of supporters and comrades did they advocate “Ueber” racial supremacy, or were they less racist than most of us ever imagined?]

Hitler Speaks on the Jews: Selected Speeches and Writings of Adolf Hitler, 1919–1945: https://ostarapublications.com/product/hitler-speaks-on-the-jews-selected-speeches-and-writings-of-adolf-hitler-1919-1945/

[What did Hitler really say about the Jews? In his own words? Adolf Hitler has become one of the world’s most recognized anti-Semites in history. Barely a day goes by without his name being mentioned in the controlled media, more than sixty years after his death. Books continue to be produced about Hitler and the Third Reich—by the thousand—year after year, and as the heap of works mount up, hysterical exaggeration and distortions have become the norm.]

David Irving Confronts Holocaust Liar Deborah Lipstadt:
bitchute. com/video/ecvUrU9xCjgO/

The Lies and Deceptions of Deborah Lipstadt: https://codoh.com/library/series/the-lies-and-deceptions-of-deborah-lipstadt-2/en/

[For many decades, Deborah Lipstadt has lobbied to deal with Holocaust revisionism in only two ways: either ignore them, or denigrate them.

She is fanatically opposed to debating revisionists and addressing their views and arguments. This series of two documentaries scrutinizes what Lipstadt says and writes about Holocaust revisionism. The first documentary analyzes a speech she gave in Oxford, England in early 2017, while the second analyzes her first book on revisionism, Denying the Holocaust.]

Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”: https://shop.codoh.com/search/?q=deborah

comment image

‘Did Six Million Really Die?’: https://codoh.com/library/document/did-six-million-really-die-2/en/

The First Holocaust: The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure: https://codoh.com/library/document/the-first-holocaust-the-surprising-origin-of-the/en/

‘Report of the Evidence in the Canadian ‘False News’ Trial of Ernst Zündel – 1988′: https://codoh.com/library/document/did-six-million-really-die/en/

Jewish Holocaust Expert Admits There’s No Proof Of The Holocaust: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ypv0pQYMEriF/ [The number 1 Jewish Holocaust ‘expert’ admits there’s no scientific proof of the holocaust during the trial of Ernst Zundel.]

Zundel’s 1st and 2nd holocaust trials in Canadian Supreme Court: https://shop.codoh.com/search/?q=trial&sort=relevance

The Second Great Holocaust Trial (News Report from 1988): https://archive.org/details/ezarchive/The+Second+Great+Holocaust+Trial+news+1988+(Ernst+Z%C3%BCndel).mp4

Jens Holm

no. Facts dont say that.


Except I actually presented evidence that has yet to be reported by the heavily censored mainstream media, learn to type properly while you’re at it.


And yet the verifiable facts I presented have yet to be disproven, they have never been subject to academic scrutiny.



I was unaware that ‘Hitler & Himmler Uncensored’ was co-written by Veronica Clark who now goes by the name Weronika Kuzniar, I’m skeptical the premise of some her books I have yet to read, such as one of her books called ‘Black Nazis’.

Although non-Germans were allowed to remain in Germany if they had lived there prior to August 2nd, 1914; they were forbidden from having German citizenship and subject to foreign laws.

Growing up black in Hitler’s Germany:
https: //www. bitchute. com/video/DnFnmr1ySV8S/

Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?: https://codoh.com/library/document/holocaust-hate-speech-amp-were-the-germans-so/en/

comment image

He does mention other races Mein Kampf aside from the jews, he criticized the immigration of blacks to France from French colonies, and how the jews want to dilute the races because they only rule over a bastardized race.

He also takes issues with Slavs in relation to his experiences with them in the Austro-Hungarian empire, it’s implied this is in relation to the political violence of their national separatists, Bolsheviks, and probable involvement in organized crime syndicates as a result of the widespread poverty in major cities like Vienna.

He was generally critical of the multi-ethnic character of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Habsberg monarchy’s pandering to Slavic nationalists over German residents in Austria and what is now the Czech Republic, formerly known as the kingdoms of Bohemia and Moravia.

Jens Holm

Im not in that old days level about Jews and others apart from filthy creations You also can find in other religions as well as in sekularisme.

My entrence is makig space for including all and make same laws and possibilities unless You harm others.

So You can have totally equal rights for men and women, Religion is a right as long as its a private matter and You only spread it in a peacefull way. The same is for LGBTs.

We also try to reduce the poor parts and is doing relative well. They have to be educated as anybody else to have the same freedom – but they also has to be more responsible. We dont like people choosing the Sofa onlyu even we help them. Some able to work 20 hours full time or 37 hours slow is just as good as the rest of us.

Here we give free health and hospital treatments and the same for rich and poor. We also give all a pension, which is a minimum one, where You can have own roof, food, clothe, respect in courts and can vote.

I think it works an d its very visible and seen for the world. Our hierakies are widen out with many deciders able to work with each others. Thats different from most places, but well educated danes do create things even they are safe as citicens. We also see they are needed in the world as top Leaders.

We are the coordinaters and over represented as that. The must here is ecucation and training from the birth and with made opportunities. So things are both ways.

People gets rewarded AND for the country also are investments being very good taxpayers.

…I will remind You we also has declining people by hard deroutes, which we try to help. So Kapitalisme in Pur version has loosers too.


“Im not in that old days level about Jews and others apart from filthy creations You also can find in other religions as well as in sekularisme.”

I hate to burst your bubble, the only real talent at the jew’s disposal is manipulative cunning. A lot more so than gypsies, Thuggees, or any other sub-group among any of Semitic or south Asian phenotype.

You Gentiles (Maurice Samuel): bitchute. com/video/eUEZNisp9Ki0/

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

no way


Even your sarcasm is subpar. Whoever programmed you has a very poor understanding of the English language.


Your sarcasm is boring.


How does losing a war say anything about the merit of any ideology?

Jens Holm

I will not comment much more aboiut it, but catholisisme in southern Europe keep and supports Feudalisme and the few should run things. Its about language too using latin and greek many cant even understand.

The contrast is by the Protestant revolution in North. No more Pope or Ayatollah look a likes as well as the Bible and the language should be visible in translation to all languages.

By that people had to learn to read and write to understand and write about this but it by the feudals also was usefull to use with their farmers and pesents hands.

In Denmark we in those traditions for knowing better has translated the Holy Choran in a traditionel and a modern version. By that muslims never have been writing, what they say “IS WRITTEN” can see if its true or not and a lot learn in the familis and local villages are creations by old men and mainly girls and women are not as restricted and controlled as they are learned by birth.

cechas vodobenikov

member amerikan colony—typical racist coward

Hasbara Hunter

Probably won’t take long before ISIS & al-CIAda show up in Belarus…
comment image comment image


Knights Templar?

Hasbara Hunter

Rosicrucians, Freemasons, JEWSUITS….

Jens Holm

Yerrh, they all use suitcases too full of gold. Thats why jews are born with strong arms too.

Even friends of theirs are only allowed to use their bathtubs for a look, if they pay for it. comment image

Hasbara Hunter

What a fuckn ugly bathtub…


A lot of them were apart of the Kabbalist occult, that is when they first laid their eyes on the Zohar and Roman-Graeco texts that the church attempted to destroy when forcibly converting the Roman empire to Christianity.

You might be interested:

Politically Incorrect Anthropology ep 1 w/ NordLuxBellator Russians over Damascus: https: //www. bitchute. com/video/5DTqGuf7GGQG/

Jens Holm

Yeerrh. Biden will send all Mexicans not supporting Trump to there.


The article falsely portrays protestors in Belarus of “Fascism”. FYI, Fascism and National Socialism are two separate ideologies with common roots. As for the accusation of “Fascism” or “Nazism,” neither type of person is in power today. Soviet claims made during and after the war are generally untrustworthy and subject to atrocity propaganda, the Katyn forest massacre is among the war crimes the Soviets committed and blamed on Germany.

Jewish Communist Atrocities Rare Footage (1941): https://archive.org/details/jewishcommunistatrocitiesrarefootage

The Jewish Bolshevik Bestial Holocausting & Genocidal Tortures: https://archive.org/details/TheJewishBolshevikBestialHolocaustingGenocidalTortures

This book provides good information on the subject:

‘Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories: Genesis, Missions and Actions: https://shop.codoh.com/book/the-einsatzgruppen-in-the-occupied-eastern-en/497/

More books:

‘Other Losses’: https://archive.org/details/youtube-XNoFCi9wiEc

Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/trotskys-white-negroes-mike-walsh/1123816116

The Stroop Report in German and English: https://ostarapublications.com/product/the-stroop-report-in-german-and-english/



It’s interesting how this article kvetches about supposedly murdering Red Army POWs in cold blood, whilst at the same time ignoring the savagery of the Red Army and NKVD. The only POWs the Wehrmacht was permitted to execute were political commissars among the Soviet ranks.

“Nazi” was already an insult/pun before the National Socialists formed in 1919-1921 in response to jewish supremacism and their Bolshevik movement.


comment image

comment image

cechas vodobenikov

typical fascist racist anglo liar—when you cowards invade Russia you expect a vacation. you get what you deserve!


They’re using the flag of the independent state of Byelorussia (White Russia) that existed between 1918-1919, until they were overcome by judeo-bolshevik forces. In other words, this flag symbolizes the anti-Bolsheivk, White Russian movement. If they are in anyway similar to Svoboda in Ukraine (I don’t know the current name), I’m unaware.

Here are two versions of the Pagonya flag:

comment image

Jens Holm

Thats higly incorrect. Belarus was re united with Polen until Molotov took it with Rippentrop.

Jens Holm

A mapcomment image

Jens Holm

anothercomment image

is taken in. Even not perfect its try to show majorities

cechas vodobenikov

u get zero—amusing


Ukraine moved west too, and there were certainly many jews in Ukraine and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

cechas vodobenikov

Poles among most anti-semitic supported nazis like u Danes

Robert Ferrin

Yep and the United States use to be inhabited by 500 different Indian tribes so what’s your point?..!!!


“Independent state of Byelorussia” is basically a Belorussian version of “Independent State of Croatia”, and both were pro-nazi puppet states created by the German invaders to help them divide and annihilate Slavs in preparation for the massive colonization of Eastern Europe by Germans, but, to our fortune, of course this colonization attempt was nipped in the bud when the Red Army beat the shit out of the fascist scum and blew up the Reichstag.


The flag in question dates originated in 1919, not 1941. It was the flag of the White Russian movement that fought against Judeo-Bolshevism not long after World War I.

Wait, so it’s alright for jewish Bolshevism to expand Soviet territory against the wishes of people in those countries and slaughter tens of millions of people, but no one else? How is that any better than what you think about so-called “Nazi” Germany that ironically treated people of various different racial backgrounds better than Bolsheviks that inflicted far greater suffering upon its own population? Germany’s war in the east wasn’t against any of the Slavic peoples, it was against the menace of Judaism and Bolshevism.

Any inquisitive type of person will actually question what they’re told by the self-proclaimed “expert” class, they see history in a completely different light because they are open minded enough to objectively study evidence and perspectives that contradict their worldview. Although depending on where they live, internet censorship can get in the way of the pursuit of truth. No country to my knowledge has banned VPN service providers, switching to an American IP address is a good way to bypass internet censorship.

The truth does not fear investigation, if these “revisionists” were unintentionally incorrect, or consciously lying, there would be no justification for censorship. However since they present damning evidence exposing the complicit criminality of the countries that won the war, they are quick to censor and punish anyone who exposes the tower of lies that sustain the post-war order (the “New” World Order).

P.S. There are no German documents before or during the war that containing order to carry out systematic genocide against any group of people, the Wannsee Conference only discussed plans to relocate jews to Russia after the war and nothing to do with genocide.

Why worship a destructive and self-refuting ideology not only invented by jews, but financed and led by them as well? Aside from conquering all of eastern Europe, they exterminated a far greater number of people, including east Europeans in “peace time” than all of the Soviet Union’s casualties in WW2.

Their casualties would have been far less if Communism viewed their population as more than expendable cogs. Stalin wasn’t much worse than Lenin. Unlike Mussolini and Hitler’s rise to power, the Bolshevik “revolution” was not a true revolution as it’s leaders and theoreticians were rarely members of the working class, unlike the leaders and philosophers of the bloodless revolutions in Italy (1919-1922) and Germany (1919-1934) that received widespread popular support, unlike the Bolshevik revolutions in Russia, Hungary and Germany.

Instead many people continue to be blinded by misplaced dogmatism, all evidence contradicting the war propaganda falls on deaf ears.

As for “Fascism,” National Socialism is a separate ideology. This is a great misunderstanding of what both of these ideologies really were as opposed to what most people are led to believe, alas they were far more honourable than their morally bankrupt Marxist and Capitalist adversaries, especially the Soviet Union.

Made in Russia – The holocaust (by Carlos W. Porter): https://archive.org/details/MadeInRussia-TheHolocaust–CarlosW.Porter/MadeInRussia-TheHolocaust–CarlosW.Porterpart10Of12.flv

The Einsatzgruppen in the Eastern Occupied Territories: https://shop.codoh.com/book/the-einsatzgruppen-in-the-occupied-eastern-en/497/

[The present study takes a critical look at the Einsatzgruppen’s activities and missions. While many authentic documents exist attesting to mass executions of Jews in the temporarily German-occupied Soviet territories, the accuracy of the data contained in them is questionable, as even mainstream scholars admit.The present study takes a critical look at the Einsatzgruppen’s activities and missions. While many authentic documents exist attesting to mass executions of Jews in the temporarily German-occupied Soviet territories, the accuracy of the data contained in them is questionable, as even mainstream scholars admit.

The present book tries to uncover what really happened to the Jews who lived in, or were deported into, the temporarily German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union. It first shows that the Einsatzgruppen were not simple killing units but had a broad variety of responsibilities. It then establishes that there is not a shred of evidence indicating that these units ever received orders to commit wholesale slaughter of Jews. In fact, there is abundant evidence refuting such a claim. The extant documentation instead points to the Jews having been targeted by the Germans as the fertile breeding ground of Bolshevism, hence as a convenient scapegoat for the atrocious way the Soviets waged this war.

Next, and unlike all other works published so far on this topic, the author analyzes with a critical mind and a common-sense approach the information we have about the Einsatzgruppen’s killings as well as the claimed attempts of German units to erase the traces of these crimes in what has been dubbed “Aktion 1005”: the exhumation and incineration of the murdered victims in 1943/1944. Almost everything known about “Aktion 1005” stems from Soviet investigations conducted after the Germans’ retreat. Their witness testimonies and forensic expert reports, however, reek of atrocity propaganda marked by absurdly impossible and often contradictory claims.

The only way of determining any more about what really happened would be the forensic examination, by independent researchers, of the physical traces left behind. Unfortunately, such research has been prevented by the powers that be.]


There are no documents or recorded comments ever made by the “Nazis” to kill or enslave east Europeans or any other group.


Were Mongolia or any Warsaw Pact in any way independent, or didn’t they all take orders from Moscow? They were far from being truly free then, before then, and now.


* The flag in question originates from 1918-1919, not 1941. It was the flag
of the White Russian/Byelorussian movement that fought against Judeo-Bolshevism not
long after World War I.


One example of war crimes against civilians can have a lot to do with what was called “Partisan Warfare,” that were practically insurgencies, or guerrilla fighters that are technically considered “illegal” combatants and are thus a violation of the Geneva Conventions, including the Geneva Conventions at the time that the Soviet Union did not recognize before or during the war. It wasn’t until the formation of the UN with “donations” from the Rockefeller Foundation, et cetera that the Soviet Union became involved in such things.

Every country involved in the war ironically violated the post-war Atlantic charter during and after the war. Rules for “thee” (the vanquished) but not for “me” (the victors), at the end of the day might “makes right” and the rest is all too often propaganda.


When partisans (insurgents) often resort to savagery, the soldiers despite what is said about them are not robots and tend to take matters in their own hands with or without permission from the higher-ups, all have limits to their martial discipline.


The term “Slav” is a historic misnomer, they weren’t called Slavs before the Early Middle Ages when this term first came into use. The Christianization of Europe altered the languages spoken and destroyed the religions and cultures of pre-Christian Europe, North Africa and west Asia.


In ancient Greece, the Balkans included Celtic tribes according to the philosophers and historians who wrote about such a place. I realize that demographics change throughout history, mainly through war and conquest.

The term “Slav” is more of a cultural and linguistic designation, rather than a racial one. Obviously Bulgarians descend from Dacians and identical groups from ancient times, and there are racially mixed Bulgarians due to old admixture from Latins, Hunnic tribes, and Ottoman Turks.

I think it can be argued that the designation between “western” and “Slavic” civilization that seems to have come into being during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century with the rise of Eurasianist theoreticians in Bolshevik Russia is partially a result of the Great Schism in the Church successors of the west and east Roman empires – such as the Holy Roman, Bulgarian, and Byzantine empires; resulting in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic church. And to some extent Russian imperialism to argue in favour of further western expansion into eastern Europe.

Catholics and Orthodox Christians still practice pagan rituals containing esoteric symbolism predating Christianity and early Judaism.


An opinion on Reddit:comment image
Alternative Byelorussian flag:
comment image

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. Flags are not only one but often many or same country covering different things. Danish kings has their own flag – too.

If You take all Skandinavia it kind of can compred with Belarus, Poland, Ukraine a.s.o.

Those flags are all family having a Chrisitan cross in the middle. The norweigian flags is a danish with a swedish blue touch. They became indepoendent from being with Denmark but also are very much affiliated with Sweden.

So some knigt or another symbols like casles, lions etc is not strange.

Rhodium 10

Thats alternative flag if you write about:
-NATO base targeting Russia.
-One province part of Poland
-One province part of Lithuania
– Dismantling and sale of the military-industrial complex and state companies ( Maz, Belaz, Rus tractor..etc..).
-Indebtedness of the nation by IMF.
-Massive real state speculation.
– Exit of Qualified population.

Fog of War

You’d be surprised how many young tech savvy Belorussians are already leaving or have left, and not to Russia I might add.

Rhodium 10

Nothing surprise as there are a lot of Etnic Poles and Lithuans in Belarus

Fog of War

Who, I assume want nothing to do with Russia. That might explain why they dont just hold a vote there to rejoin Russia or stay independent. The Russians might be afraid of the result.


French Canadian James Bacque gained access to Russian archives and discovered documents how the Allies treated Germany and nearby east European countries between 1945-47 and to some extent in the 1950s. Poland was also subject to massacres and large-scale imprisonment shortly after the war.

This information comes from 2-3 books he wrote in particular, he was a prolific writer UNTIL he got these books published that destroyed his career: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/138916.

– Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans After World War II
– Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation, 1944-50



NATO base in Poland and Baltic states “targeting Russia”. There aren’t Russian bases targeting NATO-held Europe? Every white-majority country is controlled by jewish supremacists, no government on earth opposes them.


*No country opposes jewish supremacists, Orthodox and secular jews are for the most part jewish supremacists.

Jens Holm

Its no surpice to me. They show what those of them prefare. They had a good time, when Germany for a while was their protector.

Instead Tzar or Bolsjevics – ha ha. I remind You it was an local independent autonome flag.

The real flag became the Pilsuski Polish flag with no knight one until Russai took it by Molotov and Stalin.

Rhodium 10

Belarus and Ukraine was part of Russia before Soviet Union!…the Fouder of Sukhoi aircraft industry born in Belarus ( then Russia before USSR)….the founder of Sikorsky Helicopter USA, born in Ukraine ( then Russia before USSR)….both had Russian passport and nationality, and the father of SK was a Russian nationalist while his uncle was a Russian Orthodox priest.

Fog of War

Belarus was also voluntarily part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth for hundreds of years. So it seems the Belorussians have a history of making their own decisions.

Additionally, the solution the Belarus dilemma is very simple. Let the people vote on whether they want to be part of Russia, stay independent , or even to join some other nation. Since that option is never proposed I call BS on this whole fiasco.

cechas vodobenikov

foggy fascist solution better in USA—BLM/Lgbt election to have San Francisco autonomous homosexual nation

Jens Holm

Thats a relative. Both are moved west after WW2 by USSR. Finland.

You are brainwashed by Your Russain HOMO GENETICS comment image

Normal people can see and understand those red and white flags comes from those white areas now Lituania, Belarus and Ukraine.

Parts of them know the conditions and the know how in Poland and wish for inspiration to there as well as good relations. Parts of them even has jobs in Poland and manyu Poles has better paid jobs in EU(and UK).

Rhodium 10

Good times means to kill half of the population of Belarus during Nazi occupation?…

Jens Holm

You really dont get any about, what this is about.

Its about today and the future.

You in 2-3 generations are filled up with USSR/KGB propganda shit of the worst kind. And even You have internet, You also are filled up with a lot about us, which is not true at all.

When I show many many maps here. When I show statistiscs. W#hen I show written things from very different sources. AND THEY ALL DONT SUPPORT YOUR ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTIONS.

You still insist.

None in west has ever denied any of those many deads. Even so You first accuse us for not knowing it and next almost as if we were /are nazis and even support them as well.

For Belarus You forget Poles there was driven west, the borders was made west. So there was reasons by USSR parts of Belarus had no population.

cechas vodobenikov

LGBT dinkmark like USA—your fake CIA history only supports fascist US narrative

Jens Holm

Sure, we are twins with USA compared to, what we are with Your kind.

It seemes You also dont USA well. Actually they are 50 states having different laws about LGBTs.

Even death penalty is different from state to state. About 34 has death penalty and 17 not.

You relate to no facts even they are right here in one or two clicks on my internet. You even can translate most of it very well. But OH NO.

Fog of War

The hits from Putin keep on coming. I guess he’s just conveniently oblivious to whats happening to the nations of the West, or more likely, hes part of the Agenda. Quick question Pootie boy, if ” Russia is not just for Russians “, then who else is it for ?

” President Vladimir Putin has warned against using nationalist slogans like “Russia is just for Russians,” stating his belief that members of each relevant ethnic group should feel at home in the country. ”

” ‘Russia is only for Russians,’ only harms Russians, only harms Russia,” he said. “We shouldn’t allow this to happen. Of course, we must make sure that the culture of every nation, its history, and roots of every nation is respected and honored in our country.”


Jens Holm

Im afraid Putin is a caveman himself in those matters.

He is highly incorrect about those new or regained countries.

But he very correct abot Russia of today has not replaced the hard Communist structures with something else or better but mainly nothing of real importance.

People mainly support systems which makes less poor or even wealthy. They just simply is only there in non connected spots. A main reason was that the very few Communists ignored the rest and even so had no solutions, which collaåsed Russia and gave them not even chances to keeep.

KEEP is very important. Within 100 years Russia has collapsed twice and in the same way. They hardly see the needs and even hard working by symbolic rewards and fx some housing and like that is very visible. It dont work.

Engell and Marx might have been correct, but Tzar Russi was not taken over by idealists. Thts the point. It also was not even taken over by the majority ogf the population, where the public oppion – so top speak – just wanted anything else then dark unproductive Tzarisme.

Who says what we see today wasnt even better, then what the Tzars did and did not. Well, we dont know.

So the Putin Focus is totally wrong and a distorsion making internal bordings which partly is there.

The mainproblem is replacing that with something better.

I go back and repeat. Russia can only renew themself if they are able to learn to learn themself. If not, they cant follow any devellopments adn in all sectors cant follow even their own wishes, which putin show well. But he only mention a corner of it.

Russia is a very ineffective state. The main reason is, the Leaders and their corrupt supporters dont dare to delegate power and initiatives to the rest of the population as fx done in west – or much more then now – somewhere in the middle.

So they are afraid those millions and milions wont support THEIR STATE. And they are right. Trust is both ways. The Russain Leadership are afraid they wont be elected neext time. THEY ARE RIGHT. There are good reasons for that.

Thats from Navalnev to Krasnodarsk.

Its not like here. If the Leadrership in Denmark loose the elections because they are not good enough and we elct someone else, the old Leadership retrait and go home and try to prepare for the next election.

There is no uprise. There is no revolution. There is no shoes and smahing chairs, because we reuse thjem. And if then the Goverment and the Parlment as well as the loal parlament has to sit on the floor with or without pillows and carpets.

OPPOSITION HERE – just as in Russia – is not against the state – OPPOSITION win the election inside the constitution and win it inside it. Thats because there is space.

We also has half of taxes and other things is non of th business for the center. Its aboujt 50% for local matters decided by local and made by the locals. If they dont do well, somebody else are elected next time or they are persecuted according to laws. Fx we do have corruption, but the controlling sytems and some trus makes us lowest in corrution in the world. SO WE DO HAVE KNOW HOW russia should implement.

Thats fx what Navalnev and Krasnodarsk is about and not USA, CIA, Jews, Westerns, EU, Nato robbing poor people hardly having anything to take or splitting Russia into pieaces.


Whats wrong is very visible. Those Nepotists and Neocolonialists are against we try to regain, what they collapsed. Thats very expensive, a hard job and none of their business. People there like Rusai if they have something relevant, whcih can make them better in livingstandard and according to a lot of systems incl. being Pavlogs fogs or not.

cechas vodobenikov

jens alway wrong—at least consistent
jens comedy script written by illiterate CIA intern

cechas vodobenikov

don’t conflate racist anglos like you w civilized
Russians—there are 100 languages in Russia—35 official

Jens Holm

Barking mad misguiding.

Jens Holm

You keep Your low level well. Fact is no option, where You are. They probatly are censured away.

Jens Holm

I dont has to invent reasons. Millions and millions of hits by Internet says exact same things.

If any, You are among those, which do their best to keep Your dirty laundry hidden. But it stinks and I am from a country where those things works.

Jens Holm

Thats makes it even worse. You contribute with minus. They already has had hard times for decades.

Creations from below You bed blanket are stinkers.

Jens Holm

I hope You will be in politics for my enemies. If You need it, I can recommend You.

Fog of War

comment image

Jens Holm

Next time its about 112 % because some of them are pregnant:)


West supported nazis in Germany against Russia, west supported nazis in Belarussia against Russia, west supported nazis in Ukraine against Russia – today west is still supporting nazis in Ukraine against Russia, west is still supporting nazis in Belarussia against Russia, west is still supporting nazis in baltic pidistates against Russia.. West even support nazis inside Russia.. Nothing new here..

Fog of War

The West also supported the Soviets and Bolsheviks. Yes, nothing new here.


Not bolsheviks.. West supported Trockij and trockists.. Bolsheviks and Stalin were exactly opposite and doing opposite to what west wanted when supporting revolution in Russia..

Fog of War

Semantics, thats all.


Not really.. There was a big difference between the groups which ended in many killings on either side..

Trockij had a western (mainly USA) capital behind him and wanted to export revolution from Russia to the world (with no regard to Russian lives, state, traditions etc..

Stalin and his group, wanted to build socialism in one country (USSR) – development for majority of the people – as an example to the west and his population – hence the name bolsheviks (bolshenstvo – meaning the “majority”)..
Bolsheviks was group that have emerged during and mostly AFTER the revolution and as such, bolsheviks were never supported or send to Russia by the west.. They emerged from the Russians unique internal circumstances and were the main enemy of the west. That was the reason for immediate blockade from the west and support of Hitler – he was suppose to be a tool to remove Stalin and bolsheviks..

Fog of War

” he was suppose to be a tool to remove Stalin and bolsheviks.. ”

Yet you have this. Odd isnt it ? Smoke, mirrors, and illusions.

” Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, America was sending arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion. ”


” In the 1920s the cream of American firms involved with automobiles, electricity, and workplace management were eager to sell the state of their art—give or take a few years—to the “Reds,” despite powerful anticommunist voices on the right. The Soviets were ready to buy, despite their aversion to capitalism. ”

” President Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union in 1933. ”


” “Now they say that the allies never helped us, but it can’t be denied that the Americans gave us so many goods without which we wouldn’t have been able to form our reserves and continue the war,” Soviet General Georgy Zhukov said after the end of WWII.

“We didn’t have explosives, gunpowder. We didn’t have anything to charge our rifle cartridges with. The Americans really saved us with their gunpowder and explosives. And how much sheet steel they gave us! How could we have produced our tanks without American steel? But now they make it seem as if we had an abundance of all that. Without American trucks we wouldn’t have had anything to pull our artillery with.”



I wrote “he was supposed to”.. Yet, what Hitler did – he turned to the west first.. Not what his curators expected. Hitler shuffled all the cards. And if he would take (after taking of the whole European industrial complex) also resources of the USSR – west (GB + USA) would not have been able to defeat Hitler and Germany .. No chance.. So they supported USSR via lend lease..

“In the 1920s” – that was the time when nothing of the future of USSR was decided yet.. There was still big power struggle between trockists and bolsheviks..

By 1933 it was already clear, that trockists lost to bolsheviks and that USSR under Stalin is going to be big subject of the global politics despite their wishes – completely ignoring such a subject will not help you.. You need some leverage and contacts if you want to hope for some influence on the directing such country where you want it.. That is also why today west is not simply ignoring Russia..

Fog of War

However, you over look the obvious fact that Hitler “mysteriously “: prevented Germany from achieving victory several times with his ” bizarre ” orders. The main one being his order to halt the blitzkrieg, and its guaranteed victory , when the British were trapped at Dunkirk. The war would have ended right there and then with the loss or capture of over 300,000 British troops and tons of equipment. England would have been forced to sue for peace while the US was not even part of the war yet. At that point he could have concentrated all his forces to attack the ill prepared Soviets guaranteeing victory for his ” backers ” the PTB. Wouldn’t that make more sense if his real purpose was to defeat the Soviets ? There’s more to the WW2 psyops then you suspect.

Jens Holm

Dunkirk and the rest are all descriebed in details and not as You insinuate.

Hitler stopped the last advance because the weather was not fine and his mobile forces was exhausted and a lot was under repair.

None in the whole world could have know the Britts were able to evacuate that many troops. You also are totally blindfolded not seeing Germany defeated several armies there until they were gone.

So Your focus is wrong as well as Your conclusions.

Your assumptions for an earlier Babarossa is far out too. Germans had not enough troops and equipment for that at all in 1939. They not even had it, when they acy´tually invaded in 1940 even Stalin had amputated his military forces and moved his big front force to open land for free attack.

I will remind You Russai dint give up after having lost 300.000 soldiers.


When i will be interested about the opinion of semi intelligent troll- i will let you know..

Jens Holm

I dont write for some no learners like You but the ones, which actually are able to learn many times well descriebed facts in an interested and not totally upside down version as Yours.

I give them a link too. Pls don read it. You might need a traumecenter after it.



Why Hitler did that, only Hitler could tell… Nonetheless it rather support theory of Hitler having not ordinary relations with the west.. Anyway – it has no connection to our discussion about bolsheviks..

cechas vodobenikov

your CIA propaganda is denied by Soviet historians that demonstrate very little aid was received from USA
you would know this if u were fluent in Russian

Fog of War

You’re putting your people in a bad light low IQ moron. Now kindly fuck off.

“Now they say that the allies never helped us, but it can’t be denied that the Americans gave us so many goods without which we wouldn’t have been able to form our reserves and continue the war,” Soviet General Georgy Zhukov said after the end of WWII.

“We didn’t have explosives, gunpowder. We didn’t have anything to charge our rifle cartridges with. The Americans really saved us with their gunpowder and explosives. And how much sheet steel they gave us! How could we have produced our tanks without American steel? But now they make it seem as if we had an abundance of all that. Without American trucks we wouldn’t have had anything to pull our artillery with.”

– Soviet General Georgy Zhukov

cechas vodobenikov

idiot self uglified amerikanski do not tell me what to do. your insecure stupidity is farcical…..ponyamiash mudak

cechas vodobenikov

Stalin –great leader! Admired by Ho Chi Minh, Mao, A Zinoviev who was exiled to Europe by Stalin, Alexander Kojeve, Merleau-Ponty, etc…even the amerikan Melville scholar, H Bruce Franklin admires Stalin

cechas vodobenikov

no idiot–u confuse reality w semantics

Jens Holm

Fra out. There was no west. May countries tryed to make peace in Europe after WW1 one.

An instrument was reducing armies and replace it with talks and agreemenets in trade. Chmaberlein is best known Leader for that. Thats the opposite to support. The Folkeforbundet supported the democrats in Germany fx Weber.

The rest of Your pamplet is out of context too.

Its no surprice people even systematic collapsing their own countries can write like You

cechas vodobenikov

jens needs rehab or better psyche meds
consistently living in LSD hyperreality

Hasbara Hunter

Now we only have to wait for ISIS & al-CIAda to show up in Belarus…
comment image comment image

Supreme Blyat

“prisoners of war shot by fascist soldiers” they werw nazis not fascists. Learn the fucking history, not communist terminology propaganda.

Fog of War

Fair point. Also, how many German prisoners of war returned from Siberian captivity ? Not that many, I wonder why ?

Supreme Blyat

Stalin wanted to see if German tactics and skills can produce agriculture in Siberia. The conclusion was the Germans were not that skilled as believed.

Fog of War

I dont know if you are being facetious or not. The POW’s were brutally murdered, tortured, or worked to death. As well as million of others Poles, Lithuanians, Estonians, etc. Stalin was a, Khazar controlled, piece of shit as well as the whole ((( Soviet ))) project. Just because the Soviet Union went on to soften its approach and contribute some advances to human civilization doesn’t absolve it of its original intent. Just like Mao’s China .

Supreme Blyat

No, it was West fault. Every Russian knows that.

Fog of War

I just looked up your name and understand your position much better. We agree after all.

Supreme Blyat

It’s baconhead here, dude. :)

cechas vodobenikov

writes the idiot fascist/racist

Fog of War

Fuck off Russian Commie apologist. You’re too stupid to realize Stalin , and the rest of the Khazar psychopaths, killed more of your own people then anyone else. You’re a delusional, ill educated piece of shit. Now go build a Gulag somewhere you moronic ” Red ” before I shove a sickle and hammer up your stupid ass. Have a great day.

The Farney Fontenoy

“Moreover, in 1941 up to 30 percent of the population of Belarus were Jews”
All in all, WW2 was good for Belarus then. So sad to see SouthFront kissing the yehudi’s backside.


Great article. It’s obvious that USA/Israel are using these neo-nazi groups of scumbags as their weapon of choice when it comes to trying to divide and conquer the Slavs. We see such groups pop up in Serbia as well, and it’s not a coincidence this is obviously the hidden hand of imperialists and zionists pulling their strings and financing them from the shadows.
This guy “Anglo-Canadian” is a purebred, 100% to the core neo-nazi CIA asset so there’s not much point in arguing with him.

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