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Why Does Turkish Coup Fail?

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Since yesterday, Turkey has been in complete chaos. The military has attempoted to take over the country. However loyalists were able to fight back. As result, the coup failed. However, operations are ongoing.

Why Does Turkish Coup Fail?


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kebab cant do anything right.

Singh Sardar

Obviously false.

Erdogan systemically removed top leadership over decade.
Obama has done same, let’s see how USA coup next year fares.


True, is was obvious they did no or very little work with general population, so most people supported Erdogan. And they had very little people from the Army itself – probably the result of previous Army purges by Erdogan who removed his opponents.

Hassadnah Abraham

because the F16 failed to find the main target..lack of intel, planning and O.P

John Whitehot

also funny how the hardman Erdogan ran like an hysterical slut as soon as he could

O'Brian Andrews

Forgive me if I am a sceptic, but this has all the hallmarks of a staged coup.
I suspect that in the coming weeks Erdogan rule will become more authoritarian and brutal. The sacking of thousands of independent judges and the destruction of the insulation of the judiciary from the power of the government was the first step in the creation of a totallitarian state by Erdogan.

A second coup must be attempted as soon as possible. If necessary, foreign troops must be added to the equation, just like Turkey did to Syria. Turkish special forces fought inside of Syria against the Syrian government.
Now the same must be done in Turkey.
With everyone pouring in intelligence, and making contacts.
Finding the weaknesses, and using force multipliers.
Also, Anonymous must get involved, and hack and leak military secrets, and political loyalties online so better coordination can be achieved.
The PKK must increase their attacks 10 fold. They should forget about ISIS, as Syria and Iran and Russia will deal with ISIS. Now that Turkey is going to be able to help ISIS less, ISIS is less of a threat.


There were F-16’s Skorskies on the air and yet Erdogan was travel by presential jet from Muğla(Holiday Place) to Istanbul. It’s ridiculous and fake coup except deads they are real.

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