Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community?

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Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community? 4.125 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront; Brian Kalman is a management professional in the marine transportation industry. He was an officer in the US Navy for eleven years.

Ian David Long is just Following the Example of Uncle Sam: Why do Americans struggle to understand mass shootings, yet fail to question the violent role of their nation in the greater global community?

As the U.S. public, politicians and media once again struggle to identify the motives of yet another psychopath murdering his fellow citizens in a pointless act of violence, they all fail to identify the exact behavior perpetrated by the nation as a whole, on the citizens of so many other nations. Americans lose no sleep over the murderous, psychopathic behavior of their government, yet are frozen in apoplexy and incredulity when a handful of innocent American citizens fall victim to the immoral and deranged actions of one of their own. If the United States government sets the example for its citizenry by murdering 8,000 civilians in Raqqa, or by freely providing weapons to regimes that target school buses and play grounds in Yemen, is it really any surprise that this evil and deranged behavior has taken root within the U.S. society itself?

On November 8th, Ian David Long entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA and gunned down 12 people, including a police officer responding to the massacre, before killing himself. He was a veteran of the Marine Corps who had served in Afghanistan, yet a pattern of psychological issues and violent or combative behavior seem to have existed before his time in the service. While he may or may not have suffered from psychological trauma stemming from his military experience, he obviously was dealing with a host of mental health issues. His life had taken a turn for the worse, as he apparently was struggling to find direction after his honorable discharge from the military. He may have just been a psychopathic person hell-bent on making his evil mark on the world.  We may never be able to find a clear motive for an action so heinous.

As the U.S. mainstream media bombards the public with every conceivable angle of the story, all of them emotional and politically charged, the news cycle will dictate that the story be dropped all together as the next political scandal, Hollywood gossip, or next mindless act of violence takes priority. You will see calls for more gun control, more screening for mental disorders, critiques of the social ills caused by violence in movies and video games, and a whole host of other reasons to explain what is going so horribly wrong with U.S. society. What you will not see is anyone pointing out the fact that the United States has perpetrated immoral, unmitigated violence against a good portion of the world’s poorest countries for decades.

If the nations of the world were compared to a community of people, the United States government can reasonably be described as the world’s greatest psychopath. Since the end of the Second World War, no other nation has directly or indirectly engaged in harming its neighbors more than the United States. Repressive regimes in various parts of the world have been responsible for horrible injustices, political pogroms, and mass murder over the same span of time for sure, but more than a few  have had the aid of the United States in doing so. The Chinese Communist Party under Mao purged tens of millions of its own people. While China’s communist hierarchy has largely inflicted violence upon itself and could be viewed as possessing the disorder of “Self-Injury or Self-Harm”, the United States government has largely focused its violent tendencies on other parties. In some cases it has delighted in holding the tool of violence itself, and on other occasions it has coerced or supported a co-conspirator in the acts of mass murder.

Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community?

The charred remains of protesters killed at the House of Trade Unions building in Odessa, Ukraine. Former U.S. President Obama was proud of the $5 billion dollars the U.S. spent to bring the neo-Nazis responsible for the massacre to power in the country, toppling a democratically elected government through violence, coercion and terror.

Without delving too deep into the history of the past fifty years, let’s take a cursory look at the psychotic behavior of Uncle Sam in the opening two decades of the 21st century alone. The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and has been there ever since. Conservative estimates list total casualties in Afghanistan at approximately 147,000 people. Immediately afterward, the U.S. invaded Iraq (again). Fifteen years later, the world is still trying to accurately count the lives lost. At least 200,000 people have been killed as a result of the invasion, occupation and resulting civil strife, although this number is likely well below the actual number. This number can be added to the 100,000-200,000 civilian casualties resulting from the first Gulf War and the estimated 500,000 civilian casualties resulting from the sanctions regime imposed on the country by the United States after the war.

Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community?

Young children killed in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen. The United States is equally responsibly for these deaths, as they are the direct facilitators of the violence.

Now let us just focus on the last ten years. The U.S. bombing campaign to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and the resultant civil conflict has caused over 25,000 deaths since 2011. The CIA orchestrated, funded and armed invasion of Syria (it was never a civil war), has resulted in between 450,000 to 500,000 deaths. The Saudi led war on Yemen, fully supported by the U.S. both militarily and politically, has resulted in over 75,000 deaths, including at least 50,000 civilian deaths due to the humanitarian disaster that has resulted. The Saudi coalitions’ U.S. manufactured jets have been bombing schools, hospitals and civilian homes and apartment buildings with U.S. supplied munitions. The strikes are planned with U.S. gathered intelligence and the aircraft are refueled by U.S. aerial tankers. The port city of Hodeida is now being surrounded and increasingly targeted by the Saudi led coalition and hundreds of thousands of civilians are currently trapped in the city.

Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community?

Results of a U.S. airstrike on Raqqa, Syria. Although surely in the thousands, the world may never know how many civilians were killed in the airstrikes on the city.

Will the Saudi coalition guarantee humanitarian corridors for the civilian population to flee, or just bomb them into dust as the U.S. led coalition did to the civilians of Raqqa during the offensive to “liberate” that city last year? The U.S. led anti-ISIS coalition has officially admitted to causing some 77 civilian deaths in the Syrian city. This number is a cruel and bald-faced lie. A host of independent humanitarian organizations have come out to condemn the United States for not accepting responsibility, and even attempting to cover up the fact that thousands of civilians were killed as a result of the U.S. conducted artillery barrage and airstrikes targeting the city. More realistic estimates put the total to date at between 6,000 and 8,000 civilian deaths, but new bodies are being uncovered in the rubble every day. Only 2% of the rubble has been cleared in a city that was 85% destroyed. In true medieval fashion, the U.S. allied Kurdish majority SDF surrounded the city, cutting off all avenues of escape, and the U.S. then razed it to the ground.

Why Do Americans Struggle To Understand Mass Shootings, Yet Fail to Question the Violent Role Of Their Nation In The Greater Global Community?

U.S. Marines fired over 1,000 unguided artillery rounds into the city of Raqqa. The Department of Defense must acknowledge the civilian death toll that resulted from its “War of Annihilation” against ISIS forces in Raqqa.

As the U.S. military has wreaked havoc on the world, invading and occupying nations, overthrowing dictatorships and democratically elected governments alike, and killing or maiming thousands in the process, is it really shocking that a small amount of this cruel insanity has taken root back home? To those unfortunate civilians who have lost everything due to U.S. peace keeping, nation building and the righteous punishment of terrorists, they must be wondering why these horrible acts of violence within the United States are such a surprise at all. The American taxpayer does work a third of the year just to give Uncle Sam the funds by which to wage war across the globe. They have been doing it year after year for decades, either ignorant or indifferent to the crimes enacted in their name.

As the calls for gun control once again come to the fore, I would propose that the first party to be called on to give up its guns should be the U.S. government itself. Surely the mass murder caused by an out of control U.S. government far exceeds any act of violence on the part of one mentally disturbed individual. All of the mass shooting perpetrated in U.S. history pale in comparison This is not meant to lessen the loss suffered by those that have lost loved ones at the hands of the perpetrators of these senseless shootings, but does put them in a different perspective. A society that willingly gives hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes and hands over its sons and daughters to a government that uses them all up in an attempt to violently dominate the world, should have no expectation of peace. The American public is now experiencing another aspect of blow-back in its wars. The insanity, the immorality and the evil are seeping deeper and deeper into the very fabric of American society. Even after the years of America’s military adventurism and regime change wars and coups come to an end, I fear that the nation will continue to suffer as punishment for its sins. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


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The Americans are so Dumb that they think that if you Breed Genocidal, Agressive, Nationalistic, Supremacist, Psychopathic, Brainless Retards….they will become PEACEFUL LOVING HIPPIES when they Grow Up…..

Concrete Mike

Our parents were hippies….we surely are not…were too distracted by pc and neo liberalism…all ppl do is bitch about trump…i always ask why bitching at trump…who benefits from undermining trump at every corner…its the war party…the same war party that made it cool to pick on trump.

The war party has made it cool to undermine the president on everything to push their war agenda over all else. Hippies and hipsters have now flocked to the war party….if only nixon would have known how…


Washington is thoroughly Corrupted and infiltrated….well before 1776…they have had Centuries to build & accomplish their refined & eleborate System…they Gave us the Illusion of Free Will & Free Choice….but there is none….it’s a Hoax… a Fairy Tale….


“The war party” has made it cool ….”

There is no “war party”… the difference between the Republicans and democrats is superficial.

You get the same FP and the same militarism regardless of who is in power or what these politicians promise during their election campaigns. Everyone else in the world can see that ….. it’s only Americans who believe they still have a choice and that that choice means something.

That political choice you think you have is just there to keep you distracted while you’re being fleeced. Politics in the USA is just a con game ….. it’s 3 card Monty played with 2 cards and no pea but the average American is too stupid to recognize what’s right in front of them while their pockets are being picked.


He didn’t say anything about D or R.




Merjin, you write great stuff but give the genocide, horrid nationalism nonsense a rest, man. I’m beggin’ you.

Rodney Loder

Simply put the situational analysis every honest man can comprehend is that Catholic Talmudists and Western Evangelists has reversed the cognitive development of our species that had been going strong for about 3 million years, ask yourself how would it be possible for Christians to suddenly be willing to lay it all on the line for Pharisees jews, even if they were that, which their not, Pharisee Jews rejected the Prophet King Theology of the Saudisee Jews by proposing a Jewish Messiah Event.

Israel has no such Redeemed, I actually have been tormented and tortured all my life to fulfil the role.

Suck :;:; Christian swine be your own God damned Messiah.


Time to isolate them…. nothing good has come forth from their Treacherous Believes…


The last two pics are creepy.


But the etchings are the Truth too….they didn’t have cameras at the time…..


And Satan in the Vatican is right on the money. If these aren’t the End Times or a reasonable facsimile, I don’t understand the meaning of “terminal decline.” Actually, there’s a lot I don’t understand but let’s not go there.


If we go Down I prefer to go down fighting….no backing down…. I do not fear Evil….talking about Holy… It is a good man’s Holy Duty to stand up an fight against it….

“All that is necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men do nothing.”

Concrete Mike

The first part of your comment is chillingly true. We have gone backwards…just look at how we treat homless people…do we give em a sandwich buy them a coffee?? .no we ignore them.

Insividualism has gone too far…


And if someone is Bleeding to Death after a Car-Accident you better let him Bleed to Death because otherwise you might get Sued by their Next of Kin….so better Grab your iPhone and start Filming it for your Fecesbook-Page…for some extra likes….

Concrete Mike

Cant sue me…i am certified first aid responder. I actually had to use those skills twice…both for employees of mine. One of the times was quite chilling.



Rodney Loder

I’m an existentialist so I’m not in agreement there, my take is that the individual can only ever assume to know and so believe what his senses dictate to him in the first place and after that addiction sets in.

I not judgmental, but probably selfish people have a limited life, in philosophy almost everyone that is capable of expressing purpose and causation are Idealistic thinkers.

Although there definitely is a concrete aspect to particle physics, “neutrinos” are now though to have some very small mass, and there is also a nanopart disintegration of I think “quarks” but that might be a metaphysical short-circuiting of existential reality, which nearly all philosophers now believe is caused by purpose.

Alas, !!! being selfish is a confession of individual cause having no purpose, and so becomes inconsistent with Idealistic understanding.

Idealistic purpose is like muscle, use it or lose it, causing or not causing a maintenance at worst or a development of existential reality at best, this is depending on individual capacity, “from each according to ability to each according to need”.

Idealism places selfishness in the context of individual destiny, heaven and hell.

So empathetic motivation really works to support the individual helping homeless people and so should be voluntary, otherwise your pushing people on to Allah that He might not want.

Except for social welfare of course.

Mostly though empathetic promotions doesn’t work, social welfare came from the threat of Communism, and now there is no Communist threat, but welfare is considered a normal part of the system so it has to be maintained until there is a big dislocation when it will be considered again.


The Communist Threat was a Created one…The Bolsheviks, Khazarian Banksters & Wall Street just created a 5 Trillion-Dollar-Cold-War-Hoax… so that the Elites could Sit & Eat….by Creating Fear & an Imaginary Foe..Ruling & Controlling the Scum becomes much easier….

Rodney Loder

My thesis is oppose to the common approach that you outlined.

God had a wish that civilization would continue for another billion years or so, now, for that to happen our genetic pool would be better compartmentalized to allow humans to be more disease resilient, as it was as it was 69 years ago, so racism and segregation was sort of mandatory.

This is no longer the case because the population will be decimated by what Malthus predicted, what cause this to happen ?, – and Allah knew full well that it would, – was the fact that the world was deceived about if Jesus really knew his own mind, of course I always did and the World Perceived that obvious fact, but Satan was offering perverted sex and the world grabbed it and opted for hedonism thereby offsetting me.

So Communism was anti consumerism pro UN and population control I was always a Commie offering lip service to Christianity, now that would have worked, but I was shafted on the off-chance that the Christians could have eternal life and hedonism, probably they will end up with neither.

And Communism is a dead letter.


Humans in General could have built a Paradise upon Earth….for ALL living things no matter what their Beliefs or Religion are…they have the skills, the technology….But their Endless Greed is what Satan used to Deceive them… and thus we ended up in the present… Nature will have its course on the long term..or not so long term…its all in the choices one makes

Rodney Loder

I think all the choices have already been made for our generations. Carbon is already over 400 ppm. that was 5 years ago.

But it’s not about the planet or the species it’s about the individual being worthy of God’s trust, so when we go to Heaven we don’t stay there for ever, and even Heaven moves on into the next Universe, we remember what we were only when we’re dead, remarkable as it may see but even Allah dies and starts again as a biological human being.

But this planet will probably get a new start then if we could have the family institution without private property it really would be the best of both worlds, this one and the next for the individual.

Actually what I always say is when I die greed will die with me, I’m actually a keen motorcycle MX racing track enthusiast, greed in that context is what it’s all about, if you watch wild birds on a good day you can see they feel it too.


CO2 is not the issue… in the time when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth it was 2280ppm (vulcanic activity)… the Trees Grew into the Skies…Bio-Diversity & Wildlife dwindled 70% in the last 50 years… now that is a Problem… and no one is talkin’ about that…probably because you cannot TAX it…. I have been on the other side…. it is pretty peaceful up there… We have created a Garbage Dump Ruled by Psychopaths on Earth… that wasn’t necessary….and Humans themselves are to blame… When you travel from A to B it is not about the Finish but what happens in between…

Rodney Loder

Don’t forget that vthe oxygen content of the atmospheric gases 250 million years ago was 30% this dropped to 20% for a number of reasons dinosaurs eating the plants and forest fires that would burn out vast areas at 30%, I’m no expert do some research an let me know if I’m right. That’s using deep core analysis which I’ve read is consistent with fissile remains.

I think it’s true because oxygen is lethal to humans that’s why we age the way we do, not so dinosaurs, and remember dinosaurs could fly but in today’s atmosphere the wouldn’t be able to that points to a beginning of the dinosaur era at a super high oxygen level.

Other scientists say that todays oxygen at 20% is 10 higher than the period 250 million y.a.g. when it was only 10%.

So that’s 10% lower not higher but the same researchers agree that in the Cretaceous period that’s 65 to 145 million y.a.g. the atmospheric content was 30%, I think that sounds wrong because it would be going in opposite direction to dinosaur evolution.

What they agree on is that low and high oxygen levels are consistent with intervals of elevated global temperature and movement to a higher carbon dioxide content is only consistent with elevated global temperatures.

I think everything points to oxygen levels being a catalyst of carbon content moving to change the mix but it’s still only an indirect cause of temperature movements compared to carbon moving an established environmental equilibrium because all the ecosystems at a specific time are coexisting together and interdependent.


Climate change is a Natural Occurring phenomenon through the ages… The Sun changes position…the poles can shift… More gasses, less gasses… these days we burn a lot of Fossil fuels…it is like turning up the thermostat in your home…same effect, the ocean water warms up and Methane is released because of that… the Methane rises up from the Oceans and adds some more to the Greenhouse-Effect…Ice melts oceans rise, Humans live for the most part along the Shorelines… Result: Humans have to move and live a little bit more inland… their cities will turn into Atlantis… 40.000 to 50.000ppm CO2 is Deadly… What is a real problem these Days is Particulate Matter…. 93 Percent of the Kids in this World are breathing in Toxic substances: Industry, Cars, Airplanes….Respiratory Diseases & Lungcancer are rising these days…another danger are the harmful effects of RF-EMF exposure… for Humans & Animals alike:

And this is all the effect of Greed… if the Human Species had been Smarter we could have used All Side-Effects to our benefit…. We would make fuel from CO2….or use it to grow our crops Bigger inside Greenhouses…Vertical Growing…we would have Built Big Machines To Clean the Air in this World and adjust it to a perfect Quality…Everyone could be Living in a Home with Streaming water….for the 500 Trillion Dollar That Mister Rothschild owns….the Wealth and the Knowledge is there…it’s all about intention….I do not think Humans are capable to let go of their Selfish Narcissistic lifestyles & really start working together on a Global Scale….. which is a bare necessity for our Survival on the longer term….

Rodney Loder

Great cloud machine, never seen that one before, but I disagree with the 40k to 50k ppm CO2 was that is in an ancient atmosphere, most scientists only take it back 800k years at most because we humans are only 200k years old so going back further doesn’t really apply.

If the CO2 which is now 411 ppm went up a 100 times where would the oxygen come from to stop earth becoming another Venus whose temperature is 864 degrees Fahrenheit.

With no modulating offsets temperature can rise and at a certain level just keep going, that’s what happened to Venus, the polar temperatures of Venus are now still colder than our Polar areas, -251°F Venus was once like Earth.

Mammals were alive on Earth 250 million y.a.g. but were very small, I remember in class we were taught the earliest human ancestor was the tree shrew, still alive today and only two animals like spicy food, humans and tree shrews.

Because of genetic mutation tree shrews and humans don’t feel much pain from spicy peppers.

In ancient atmospheres large animals would soak up oxygen through their skin tree shrews were different and were always small because poison to others was food for them, I don’t know but maybe plants in the old days soaked up nitrogen that has always been 78% of the atmospheric gases in the post ice ages, I’ve actually got a plant in my garden that grows only on the nitrogen in the air.

Also I’m not on mains electricity and have stands alone solar panels 240v system and 12 v system, I’m really into lifestyle stuff, but the answers are not available to most people, the biggest problem is that interest is only skin deep, and doesn’t last, even me now I hardly spend any time gardening as I have to practice on the motorbikes, if I didn’t do that I would for sure crash and get hurt badly.

I don’t see any answers out there.

In ancient times when volcanoes were much more active I’m not sure but I think that nitrogen levels in the atmosphere were considerably less so when plants were gigantic as you say made so by sucking up carbon from volcanoes and producing oxygen to 35% of the ancient atmosphere when carbon was 45k ppm, then maybe plants were absorbing nitrogen too and my sole atmospheric nitrogen feeding plant is a descendant which went from big to little opposite to mammals who went little to big.

More work need to be done on this stuff.


What I meant was 40.000 to 50.000ppm is deadly for humans… the measurement of CO2 levels in different eras reached 2280ppm in the time of the Dinosaurs… a lot of plants flourish by 1280ppm when Flowering…a Sprout doesn’t need any CO2… Technology, Problemsolving, Innovation & Truly thinkin’ outside the Box without the main objective of getting Filthy Rich would be good for starters…

Rodney Loder

10 years ago Spain was giving incentives to renewable energy producers, wind and solar $0•39/kWh in 2010. So Spain ended up with extremely expensive electricity twice as expensive as the US.
Spain never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis.

Subsidies were cancelled 2013 and renewable producers were then compensated on installation costs, big installations would still receive high subsidy, not private residential installation who would only get a meager amount, but solar panels became very cheap.

Same in Australia a 2v battery bank I priced in 2005 for $16k cost me less than $2k in 2015, panels didn’t go that cheap here.

Spanish private residential homeowners kept installing because Spain is very sunny and too many people began departing the grid using stand alone like mine.

Spain imposed a tax on residential stand alone and all private feed back PV (photovoltaic) installations in 2015 this money is donated to the grid free of charges.

It was going to be in Spain that people with stand alone could get electricity and them without their own PV system would have to buy a petrol generator.


Can I get some of what you’re smoking?


That first reference was a humdinger. I read it all. Thanks.

Henry is good people.


They are helped but it’s basically wasted. The mental issues cancel out all do-gooder efforts. They are homeless for a reason. Don’t make them what they are not.


I know it is common for Americans to blame Jews, Catholics, Masons(Protestants), drugs and many other things for the perverted society that is America, but all those things exist in other countries, but only Americans run amok killing in large numbers.


Have you heard of ISIS, the French, the Saudis, and the Taliban? The Soviets? Chicoms? Every visit religionofpeace.com? GMAFB.


Say whuh? You left’ out the Rosicrucians and Pelagians.

You can call me Al

I get where you are going with the article, but concentrating on the mass shootings is not enough – in my view.

This is a list of all mass shooting to date plus further info (just play around with the site) – https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/

No of suicides in the US is about 45,000 / year or 123 / day – https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/
the above includes 20 vets a day committing suicide.

This is the running log of the murders in Chicago only (if anyone has any other city, please post it / them.). Forget the name, that is aimed at the shooters – https://heyjackass.com/home/

and then the drug deaths – “Drug overdoses killed 63,632 Americans in 2016. Nearly two-thirds of these deaths (66%) involved a prescription or illicit opioid. Overdose deaths increased in all categories of drugs examined for men and women, people ages 15 and older, all races and ethnicities, and across all levels of urbaniz” – https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2018/p0329-drug-overdose-deaths.html

……. and so on and so on.

Where I have been in the US, everyone thinks they are the King pin; loud, obnoxious and totally bloody brainwashed to think they are exceptional, as is the Country. Guns exposed or not, in Houston there was a US stars and stripes flag on EVERY house, every shop, topped off with US stickers on their cars – it drove me mad………. Sorry I digress, my point is; if the whole of the US is crammed with people like this who actually believe they are exceptional and the king of the jungle, doing it the American way – with the economic and social environment as it is today, it only will take that short push for their to be a serious civil war. As Trump would say, a sick nation, a very sick nation ready to explode.


You are right about the drum beat of exceptionalism but not loud and obnoxious. Americans are friendly and polite and we don’t have a monopoly on loutish behavior.

The flags are a reaction to leftist scum, a lying media, and a treasonous elite whose every waking minute is spent denigrating what is decent and valuable about America. The author’s point is still excellent but it’s the result of politicians and moneyed filth ruling because of corrupt elections and a diseased media. They take advantage of incredible citizen ignorance and apathy.

Pardon the language but Americans are subjected to utter bullshit 24/7 (“Putin the thug” and “animal Assad”) and constant chipping away at our free speech and access to the Internet and funding. Our elites are deliberately destroying the land we live and we are astonished when individuals can’t find a foothold to live a normal life not surrounded by foreigners stealing welfare and our jobs.


You can call me Al

Nice comment, thanks.

I am not sure if I can agree with the flag bit, as this has been going on for decades, especially in certain states.

The rest is spot on.

PS is a close second in many respects.

You can call me Al

I did send a response to you, but it hasn’t seemed to post. I leave it a while and then maybe get back to you, if time permits. Cheers.


“Americans are friendly and polite”
“The flags are a reaction to leftist scum”

You can’t see the opposite values in those two statements can you?


AND to put it another way, Al, Does latent (from European Zealot ancestors) Religious and ZIONIST Supremacist BIGOTRY come to mind ?

You can call me Al

I do want to laugh, but when I go out our front door, the tears are not from laughter.

Anyway, I used to love the Red Indians in the films.


As a kid I can still remember my brother laughing in movies when an Indian would but an arrow in the cowboy and exclaiming, I bet he’s got a back ache.
Little things like the Indians shot the white man in the back, is all part of the conditioning to promote the idea of white superiority.

You can call me Al

Well, I was thinking about things like that and if the films were to promote white supremacy, it didn’t work with me; that came much later in my life…lol


Those European zealots you talk about were Puritans, the Protestant version of Wahhabism.
The US was one of the last countries in the western world to charge people with witchcraft. The USA was one of the last places in the world to adopt the Gregorian calendar, preferring the pagan Roman calendar, because they thought the Gregorian was a catholic plot.
So America has always been a backward nation that thrives on savagery.

Watch the movie “Gangs of New York” it’s an allegory of modern American society.


So true,Sinbad


I’m aware but thanks anyway


When we hear successive US presidents refer to their people and country as exceptional, and then witness the almost endless gun massacres, when we witness the US playing at “Sherrif” of the World – trying to change every country into a mirror of the US, pulling out of agreements and UN resolutions, getting involved militarily anywhere it wishes, and using the excuse – a threat to US security, effecting regime change when they wish, then it is patently obvious to anyone with a working braincell, that the US doesn’t care, that it is so far up itself that it believes it can do no wrong.


Indeed. Mass shootings in America happen either because feral subhumans have been allowed in, or because actual Americans have been alienated from society by the teeming mass of racial aliens.

Both problems can be ascribed either to the Jews who control America, or the ‘refugees’ from the wars the Jews create.


Mass shootings are uniquely American, it has only ever happened once here in Australia, but in America it’s more common than christmas.
Those feral subhumans you talk about, are the American people.


African-Americans, aren’t.


Agreed, I had some good nights with African American sailors when I was a sailor, but the white American sailors were such anal pussies.


Killing is what America does, they have been bred to be callous killers.

Rodney Loder

I think that is because their culture particularly the 2 nd. Amendment which is about a demand that settlers were legally forced to have guns always at hand considered to be necessary in order to eradicate the Native population, so as to dispose of them and steal their lands without entering into treaties which were few and far between, so the penchant to murder is ingrained deep into the US mind set.

But closer to home, the extream Western dogma the US embraces to justify their incredible wealth excludes any precepts that surpassed the barbaric stage of human history.

Most Americans north of Mexico believe that if we don’t control
everybody someone else will, most see joining the UN, – even though they started it, – as a recognition of an outside force for no good reason, even progressives like Ron Paul (Liberty Report) say the UN is not for us.

H Eccles

“Why do Americans struggle to understand mass shootings..”

because they are too busy jerking off to Selena Gomez vids…


Unlike you jerking off to pictures of your father.

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