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Why Crypto Is The Only Way To Support SouthFront

Support SouthFront

Dear Friends,

We receive a lot of letters from you with words of support and with the question of how to send donations for SouthFront.

Unfortunately, we now have the opportunity to accept donations only through CRYPTOCURRENCIES. We are blocked on all payment services that are within the USA, EU and Russia jurisdictions. Neither the White House nor the Kremlin is satisfied with our editorial policy.

MONERO (XMR): 84eCJf22Yz39rHwoz6vf3hdcWmbCY336eAUoLXpSj1Q3boP8crzKdDq3R5f72RjFmTJBctSH6DFRuPmEaWiQP59mBzoG2sN

Why Crypto Is The Only Way To Support SouthFront

BITCOIN (BTC)bc1qctv99yh0ewg6x5r9fy5e7lqm28t9rza4h4cy4k
Why Crypto Is The Only Way To Support SouthFront
BITCOIN CASH (BCH): qpayzr89x3yul8924uqf6fjx6jcjklfcw5vm2dxp7r

Why Crypto Is The Only Way To Support SouthFront

or write to info@southfront.org southfront@list.ru

We would like to draw your attention that a completely safe way to donate is to transfer cryptocurrency from your COLD WALLET to the SF COLD WALLET.

Cold wallets are set up on your devices (PC or mobile devices) only. Transactions are made directly from a device to device, without any intermediate service. Transfers from cold wallet to cold wallet are made through blockchain procedures only.

We recommend the following most famous ‘cold wallets’:

Please pay your attention that letters to info@southfront.org may be blocked by your mail services. In this case, consider to send a copy of your letter to southfront@list.ru  and through the feedback form on the website: LINK.

Support SouthFront


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Elohim Kosher Bar

If Southfront wants to appeal for more donations, then I suggest Southfront clean up its comment section. It seems there has been a long policy of allowing trolls of ALL sides to run wild. Free speech should be allowed and posts should not be deleted. I suggest a limit of three posts per commentor per day. A normal person should not need to comment more than this. I hope all would agree that this is a reasonable request for the benefit of all. Further, should abusers from certain IPs or localities continue to violate such common good then those IPs or localities should be banned.

Dear trolls,

What pitiful lives you must lead that you should need to spew misery all day. Getting paid per posts is just sad. Why don’t you do something more worthwhile and productive with your lives?

Elohim Kosher Bar

If Southfront should choose to not clean up its comment section, then dear audience BDS Southfront. Don’t feed the trolls. They get paid per posts.

Tommy Jensen

Sad development. Hopefully there will be constant opportunities forward. I know Russia had/have a hidden browser on the internet where open discussions toke/take place, that Russian authorities didnt like. Dont recall the name. Its a balance. Off course in some occasions some war info could jeopardize a situation. But in general its difficult to see why civilian information exchange could ever outperform military performance. We cant live with constant lies and military propaganda when our families are engaged.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tommy Jensen
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